Chapter 126: Mind Reading Technique?

Long Yi unconcernedly walked down the street, then turning left and again turning right, he got into an alley and disappeared all of a sudden.

Seeing the circumstance was wrong, those two people following behind immediately rushed out but found that ahead was a dead end, and the person they were following had disappeared without a trace.

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“Two brothers, are you looking for me?” Long Yi’s voice came from behind them.

Two of them turned around in fright and saw Long Yi was floating in the air while looking at them with a friendly smile on his face.

“Yes, ah, no.” One among them subconsciously nodded his head, but immediately tried to cover up his slip of the tongue.

“Which mercenary group do you belong?” Long Yi asked casually.

Two people looked at each other in blank dismay, then the little one among them asked other in a low voice: “Gouzi, how about we beat him up?”

That once called Gouzi was startled upon hearing his companion, and whispered back: “Do you not fear for your life, we are not even qualified to carry his shoes.” This Gouzi however was a wise man, seeing Long Yi was floating in the midair, he was certain that Long Yi was a hard crop, it seems this mission was not so easy to complete.

“We are from Tyrannical Bear Mercenary Group. And we were just obeying the orders, so I hope Your Excellency will show magnanimous and don’t make things difficult for us.” Gouzi courteously said to Long Yi.

“Make things difficult for you, why should I make things difficult for you? I have a big business deal, so I am looking for your cooperation, now take me to see your leader.” Long Yi affectionately said, merely no matter how one looked at it, those continuously moving eyeballs looked crafty.

Two people perplexedly looked at Long Yi, take him to see the leader, God knows what he wanted to do ah.

Seeing their doubts, Long Yi smiled: “You can be at ease. I am really looking for your leader to discuss business, I think your leader will be happy to cooperate with me.”

“Gouzi, what should we do now?” That Little one asked in a whisper.

“What should we do!? What can we do, our small life is already in his hand.” Gouzi angrily said as he could see that the words of Long Yi contain a hint of threat and killing intent.

“Lead the way.” Long Yi said with a smile, then got out of the way.

Two people lead Long Yi inside the city. And a short time later, they arrived at a remote courtyard, which was very large with a pretty good environment. It seems the leader of this Tyrannical Bear Mercenary Group knows how to enjoy.

“Wait a moment, we’ll go in and inform first.” They said to Long Yi and directly walked in.

No long after, that person called Gouzi came out and said their leader have invited him in.

When Long Yi first saw the leader of Tyrannical Bear Mercenary Group, he was startled. The name of Tyrannical Bear Mercenary group indeed was worthy of the name. If his guess was right, then this leader ought to be a beast-men of Bear Clan. This leader was a bit taller even compared to Barbarian Bull, and his body was covered with bushy fur and explosive muscles, which gave people a kind of strong visual impact.

Long Yi couldn’t help but found this funny, when did rough nerved beast-men understand to live an elegant life, moreover, this beautiful courtyard didn’t seem to be decorated by beast-men.

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Although this leader appeared tall and stalwart, but his eyes were very clever. It seems he was not a fool.

“I am Tyrannical Bear Mercenary Group’s leader Tyrant Bear, I heard you came to discuss a business with me.” Tyrant Bear stared at Long Yi and said. Their mission’s target actually came to their door to discuss business, this was the first time such matter had happened.

Tyrant Bear? This name is sufficiently domineering. Long Yi thought inwardly.

“Yes, didn’t you Tyrannical Bear Mercenary Group took that mission to beat a person? I think we should discuss it.” Long Yi indifferently said.

“Discuss? Why discuss? Now that we Tyrannical Bear Mercenary Group have taken this mission, we will definitely complete it.” Tyrant Bear said.

“Of course, this time I came here to let you easily complete your mission, and receive that 1000 Amethyst coins reward.” Long Yi chuckled.

Tyrant Bear was dumbfounded, and thought inwardly, can it be that this person has an illness, actually delivering himself to our doorsteps to get himself beaten. Then he said: “What do you want to do?”

“Very simple, we’ll cooperate to perform a drama. I will pretend to be beaten by you, afterwards, you go to the issuer of the mission to get mission reward.” Long Yi smiled.

A mocking expression flashed in the eyes of Tyrant Bear, then he said in disdain: “We Tyrannical Bear Mercenary Group is a trustworthy mercenary group, moreover why should we pretend, beating for real is much better.”

“Beating for real? Hehe, why do you think the issuer set up this seemingly simple mission as above B rank mission?” Long Yi smiled and released his powerful aura.

Tyrant Bear’s dark face became purplish red, and with a ‘kacha’ sound, the chair he was sitting on suddenly disintegrate, and he also staggered, nearly falling down to the ground.

“Leader Bear, now do you still think that this mission is so easy to accomplish?” Long Yi smiled.

“Even if I am unable to defeat you, several hundred brothers of our group nevertheless is more than sufficient to beat you up.” Tyrant Bear admired this youngster inwardly, but he didn’t believe that several hundred people of his group couldn’t beat him.

“Is that so? Then if your group is removed from the list of Blue Waves Continent’s Mercenary Guild in the future, then that would be your fault.” Long Yi strangely smiled, and his body emitted indifferent cold qi.

The complexion of Tyrant Bear sunk, then shouted loudly: “Such a big tone, today you don’t need to think about leaving this door.”

“Then let’s see if you have the ability or not?” Long Yi casually said, as he basically didn’t attach any importance to this mercenary group. Now he had five Seven Baleful Puppets, eighteen super skeletons, and SS ranked Violent Lightning Beast, with such strength, even if he charged into a legendary dragon’s cave, he had enough confidence to escape unscathed.

Tyrant Bear loudly roared, then a round of hurried footsteps’ sound resounded. Over hundred fighters and magicians surrounded this hall.

Tyrant Bear proudly laughed and said: “We Tyrannical Bear mercenary group is B ranked mercenary group. Now that you are surrounded, do you still think you are able to leave this place?”

At this moment, when mercenaries were creating disturbance in the hall, a soft and tender voice came over: “Brother, what’s going on?”

The surrounding mercenaries immediately got out of the way and opened a passage. Then a delicate young girl of about fifteen or sixteen years old wearing plain white clothes slowly walked in.

The heart of Long Yi quivered, not because this young girl was too beautiful, as her looks could only be counted as not bad compared to Leng Youyou, Wushuang and others’ heavenly beauty, but because she possessed a pair of transparent pupils. Furthermore, when she looked at him, Long Yi shivered and goosebumps appeared, as he felt as if she had completely seen through him.

“What a terrifying girl.” Long Yi was secretly startled.

“Little sister, why did you come here? This place is dangerous, quickly return back to your room.” Tyrant Bear impatiently rushed over to this young girl, but his eyes were alertly looking at Long Yi from the very beginning, greatly fearing that Long Yi would take his little sister as a hostage.

Hearing Tyrant Bear calling this young girl as little sister, Long Yi was greatly surprised. These two standing together was a different version of a Beauty and the beast, how could they be siblings?”

Then that young girl looked at Long Yi with her those transparent pupils and softly said: “Brother, don’t worry, he won’t hurt me.”

And hearing the words of this young girl, the tense complexion of Tyrant Bear immediately relaxed. From this point, one could see that this Tyrant Bear had a kind of blindly following mentality towards this young girl’s words, also could be said to have absolute trust.

Long Yi raised his brows, then said with a smile: “How do you know that I won’t harm you?”

The young girl lightly replied with a smile: “Your heart told me.”

“You have mind reading technique?” Long Yi asked in surprise. He knew there was such kind of extraordinary power, but they relied on spirit power to maintain. And just now, he hadn’t felt any spiritual fluctuation from this young girl.

“Mind reading technique? I don’t, but I can feel it.” That young girl replied, and her that strange transparent pair of eyes had curiosity and probing looks when looking at Long Yi.

‘This young girl’s eyes have a kind of ability to thoroughly understand the heart of people.’ Long Yi felt like all of his thought were seen through by those eyes, so he could only use his spirit power to restrict those eyes.

“Eh.” That young girl exclaimed lightly and was rather surprised looking at Long Yi because now she suddenly noticed that she was unable to see through him.

“I have a question, are you two real siblings?” Long Yi asked with a smile.

“Of course we are.” Tyrant Bear answered in his hoarse voice.

“Biological siblings?” Long Yi again asked.

“Nonsense.” Tyrant Bear discontentedly glared at Long Yi.

“But one of you is human, other is beast-men, how can you two be biological siblings? Unless……” Long Yi didn’t continue to speak. He wanted to say that they were born from a cross-breed, but these words gave a little bit different meaning, so he didn’t finish his sentence.

That young girl lightly laughed, then said: “You made a mistake, my big brother is not a beast-men, is a human just like I am.”

Long Yi sized up Tyrant Bear’s that build and that appearance in surprise, is he a human? Doesn’t a man growing into such appearance count as a great miracle, isn’t this a genetic mutation?

“In fact, my brother was not this way before, merely he caught a strange disease afterwards, so he became this way.” This young girl lightly sighed.

“Little sister, why on earth are you speaking so much with this fellow? Quickly step aside, let us beat him up first until even his mother didn’t recognize him.” Tyrant Bear said to this young girl and suddenly pulled out his large sword.

Long Yi narrowed his eyes with an indifference smile on his face, which was the usual habitual act of his anger.

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