Chapter 127: Prophecy Master?

The transparent eyes of this young girl flashed strangely, then turning around, she obediently retreated.

And at that time, Tyrannical Bear mercenary group’s magicians simultaneously chanted the incantation to cast a protective barrier. As long as this barrier was not broken, that boy inside wouldn’t be able to flee.

“A bunch of ungrateful fellows.” Long Yi coldly said, then waved his right hand. Immediately five Seven Baleful Puppets shrouded completely with black robes appeared around him out of thin air.

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This startled Tyrant Bear and others. This hall was completely surrounded by a protective barrier, so how could these five people enter?

“Brother, don’t raise your hand to strike.” That young girl’s impatient yelling sound suddenly transmitted from the outside.

But she was already late, as Long Yi had already given the command to attack. What realm was Archmage and Great Swords Master, they were merely one rank away from the current highest realm of their profession. So how could these at most merely Mages, Swords Masters and such mob be comparable to three Archmages and two Great Swords Masters despite these mobs were absolute experts in the eyes of common people?

In order to not waste time, Long Yi used his internal force to break their barrier first, next five Seven Baleful Puppets jumped in. First of all, three Archmage use their magic to restrict the movement, such as Earth class’s Gravity Magic, Water class’s Freezing Magic and fire class’s Besiege Magic Flame, then two Great Swords Masters knocked out everyone. If Long Yi had issued the command to kill, then Tyrannical Bear Mercenary Group would have really been removed from the Blue Waves Continent.

Tyrant Bear was stupefied looking at his fallen brothers. After that he suddenly roared madly, his eyes suddenly become blood red, the bones of his body began to make a cracking sound, and his entire body unexpectedly began to inflate. Muscles rapidly protrude out, and tightened, making him look like a rocky mountain.

“Berserker!” Long Yi was startled. He clearly remembered the records he had read in a book about berserker, this physique. This generally appeared in Beast clan. The extreme state of anger would stimulate their body’s potential, making them berserk. After they go berserk, they won’t be afraid of pain, and their attack power would become several times powerful. As for the duration, it varies with each individual, but this had a fatal shortcoming of losing their reason. Furthermore, after the berserk disappears, their whole body would be aching, limp and powerless, and without ten to fifteen days of rest, it was impossible to recover. It had already been a long time since the last appearance of this berserker physique in human or beast clan in this Blue Waves Continent, but he had never thought that today he would meet one here.

“Brother, don’t.” That young girl exclaimed, then trotted towards Tyrant Bear who had already lost his reasons.

Long Yi was startled, doesn’t this girl fear for her life? One should know that after a person has gone berserk, they won’t recognize even one’s family, and only knows how to kill. Just when Long Yi was about to move to stop this girl, he however discovered that Tyrant Bear had suddenly stopped going berserk after hearing this young girl, and his blood red eyes glimmered.

“Brother, don’t, this is bad for your body.” That young girl’s jade hands softly touched the leg of tyrant Bear, because now her height was only as tall as her brother’s thigh.

The voice of that young girl seemed to have magical power. Tyrant Bear’s berserker phenomenon rapidly vanished, his blood-red eyes also reverted back to original, and not long after, his appearance also changed back to his original appearance.

“Don’t agitate, dude, I merely knocked out your brothers, not taken their life.” Long Yi said with a smile.

Tyrant Bear looked at Long Yi with admiration and said: “I, Tyrant Bear am convinced, you were indeed not boasting, I think even A-ranked mercenary group also wouldn’t be able to complete this mission.”

“Hehe, then will you consider my proposal now?” Long Yi asked with a smile. Until he got even with that girl Lin Na, he naturally will not reconcile.

Tyrant Bear said with a smile while looking at Long Yi: “Why don’t we sit down and discuss in detail.”

Naturally, after discussing for a while, Long Yi and Tyrant Bear soon reached the agreement. Now Long Yi knew that the younger sister of Tyrant Bear was called Xiao Yi, this year she had reached 16 years old. As for everything else, Tyrant Bear said nothing, and Long Yi also didn’t ask, after all, everybody had secrets they are unwilling to tell others. Didn’t he himself also had a heaven shaking secret buried inside his heart?

After discussing, Long Yi bade farewell to leave, and just when he came out of the door, he happened to bump into Xiao Yi in the courtyard. And Long Yi conveniently greeted her.

Xiao Yi turned around, and suddenly seeing Long Yi, a layer upon layer of ripples appeared in her transparent eyes.

Long Yi subconsciously became alert but didn’t discover any difference in his body.

Not long after, the eyes of Xiao Yi revert back to normal, merely her pretty face suddenly became red, and she angrily said: “Pervert.” Then she turned around and left.

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Just when Long Yi was unable to make head or tails, Xiao Yi again turned around, then gently said: “Today, you have a blood-light calamity.”

Blood-light calamity? Long Yi astounded, can it be that this girl was telling fortune. When Long Yi sobered up, Xiao Yi had disappeared long ago, so he shook his head and walked out of the courtyard.

“Brother Long, you’d better believe words of my younger sister.” The voice of Tyrant Bear resounded from behind Long Yi.

“Eh…is your sister really a fortune-teller?” Long Yi asked.

Tyrant Bear laughed but didn’t answer. He turned around and walked towards inner room, while muttering in confusion: “Strange, how come little sister make a prophecy of outsider today?”

With Long Yi’s power of hearing, he perfectly heard everything muttered by Tyrant Bear.

“Prophecy? Could it be that… she is the Prophecy Master?” Long Yi was shocked. Compared to the shock he felt when he knew Tyrant Bear had berserker physique, this shock was far greater. Prophecy Master ah, was heaven and earth’s darling. That Prophecy Master was the profession to predict good or ill luck and good fortune or calamity. But from the beginning years’ records of Blue Waves Continent, this profession was not recorded with definite.

Is this possible? Prophecy Master? Long Yi mumbled while walking out of the courtyard and walked towards the inn he was saying. His brain was continuously thinking about those two siblings, one was Berserker and other was possibly a legendary Prophecy Master, this was truly surprising.

Unconsciously, Long Yi returned to the inn, and he suddenly recalled that prophecy of Xiao Yi. She said that he had blood-light calamity today, furthermore, her expression was strange at that time.

“If I stay in the inn without going out today, then will her prophecy still come true?” Long Yi pushed open the door of his room in the inn, and sitting on the soft sofa, he thought. He made a decision, today he will go nowhere, and if he truly has this blood-light calamity, then Xiao Yi basically is certainly a Prophecy Master, otherwise, she is fake.

Just then, the door was suddenly knocked, waking up Long Yi with a start. Slightly using spirit power perception, Long Yi knew who was outside the door. That familiar aura only belonged to Long Ling’er.

When Long Yi opened the door, sure enough, he saw haggard Long Ling’er standing outside. She absent-mindedly looked at this man before her eyes, this man who made her fall deep into the hell, and was the man who ruined her life, but why was she suffering like this, and he however is standing perfectly well here, why did he don’t get his deserved punishment?

The heart of Long Yi shook seeing the sufferings and hatred in the eyes of Long Ling’er, and his heart couldn’t help but ached dully. He didn’t want to shrink from his responsibility, as everything was his doing, and he was the one who had ruined her.

Long Yi truly didn’t know, didn’t know how to make up for his this unintentional slip. As a matter of fact, Long Ling’er putting forward the demand of him marrying her was precisely his intention from the beginning, because he thought that the only way to dissolve this ill-fated relationship was to turn hate into love, as long as Long Ling’er fell in love with him, everything would be solved easily. But this was easier said than done ah, as after seeing him, the hatred of Long Ling’er towards him was increasingly flourishing as if it was already irredeemable. Now she would not hesitate to sacrifice her own body to get revenge, this shows how deep her hatred was.

Long Yi pulled the hands of Long Ling’er and walked into the room, and Long Ling’er mechanically followed behind him. From the beginning to the end, she was staring at Long Yi with a kind of expression that would make people tremble, however, she didn’t utter a single word.

Long Yi poured a cup of fruit juice and handed over to Long Ling’er, then he quietly sat on the sofa. Instantly, the atmosphere of the room became strangely ice-cold.

Just like this, time passed little by little, and night slowly enveloped the earth. But in the inn, Long Yi and Long Ling’er were still motionless as if two stone statues which had experienced the weathering for thousand years.

And don’t know after how long, the eyes of Long Yi which were lacking focus became focused, then he raised his head, and looking at the stars all over the sky outside the window, he muttered: “Today’s starlight is very beautiful ah.”

“Long Ling’er, you know? I am not former Ximen Yu.” Long Yi calmly looked at Long Ling’er’s hatred filled gaze and said.

Long Ling’er’s that frozen gaze flickered and again revert back to the previous state. But this was enough, at least Long Yi understood that she was listening to him.

“You might have already noticed my changes, do you know why? All of this is life, Heaven made me bear this body covered with filth when I suddenly wake up to reality, perhaps was thinking to make me make up for those wrongdoings of before.” The voice of Long Yi was somewhat erratic, and this train of thought also returned to that night. A bolt of lightning had deviated the path of his fate, making his soul to arrive at this mystical continent, however also made him bear the heavy burden of the previous owner.

“I know you asked me to marry you for revenge, but this promise has already taken effect, so regardless of what reason you become my woman, I will treat you nicely, just give me a single chance to make up with you.” Long Yi said. Only God knows how such words came out of his mouth. According to his character, he absolutely wouldn’t have said this type of words.

“Hehe, make up? The pain I suffered is something you cannot make up throughout your life, cannot make up throughout this life.” Long Ling’er laughed as if he had gone insane, then hysterically roared loudly towards Long Yi. Yes, right now she had gone insane, truly gone insane, what did this man say with feeling guilty expression, make up? He wants to make up for what he took, she only thought of biting him, biting him to death.

Long Ling’er immediately applied her thought into practice, she as if gone insane pounced onto Long Yi’s body, opened her mouth, and then firmly bit his shoulder.

Long Yi hastily withdrew internal force from his body, fearing Long Ling’er would be injured due to the recoil. Without the internal force to protect his body, although his body was stronger than many people, but he didn’t have copper skin and iron bone, so an insane person using teeth to bit him was still very painful.

With the feeling of the biting teeth of Long Ling’er entering his flesh, blood came out from his wound, dying the clothes red.

“Blood-light calamity, is this the blood-light calamity?” Long Yi suddenly recalled Xiao Yi’s words, could it be that this was her so-called blood-light calamity?

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