Chapter 128: Stunning two beauties

After venting off sufficiently, Long Ling’er sobered, then she shifted her head. And looking at that bloody wound on the shoulder of Long Yi, she fell into a daze. Now her mouth was also stained with scarlet blood.

Raising her head, Long Ling’er met those clam eyes of Long Yi, currently looking at her with tenderness and pity.

“Bit enough? Are you more comfortable now, if not, then you can bite more!” Long Yi lightly laughed. Seeing Long Ling’er had vented off, he however was relieved. The appearance of her of just now really made him somewhat panic-stricken.

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Tasting the blood in her mouth, Long Ling’er coldly said: “Do you know, your blood is very disgusting?”

“I don’t know, I always thought that my blood was very appetizing, otherwise why would some people wanted to drink my blood and eat my flesh?” Long Yi mischievously smiled while looking at Long Ling’er.

Long Yi coldly snorted and remain silent. After a good while, she said: “Just now, didn’t you say that you want to make up for me?”

“Yes, but it seems you said that it’s impossible to make up.” Long Yi laughed. He knew that Long Ling’er had again devised a plan, but he didn’t mind, he believed that as long as Long Ling’er didn’t make a too drastic move, sooner or later, she will fall in love with him. With regarding his charm, Long Yi had a certain level of confidence.

“Yes, you can’t make up, but having something is better than having nothing.” Long Ling’er coldly said. She had decided that today she would meet with this person whom she hated that most, then look for a place to end her own flowery life. She was alive only for revenge and seeing it was impossible to get revenge, she had decided to commit suicide, but now she changed her mind because the attitude of Long Yi gave her a hope, perhaps he might really fall in love with her.

So at this moment, two people’s battle of love officially started, both sides wanted to do their utmost to make other side fall in love them. As far as the result is concerned, it doesn’t seem to be important matter at present.


Today Lin Na was continuously feeling somewhat ill at ease. Since Ximen Yu had found her, she continuously had ominous foreboding all day long. As a matter of fact, early in this morning she had rushed to the Mercenary Guild and issued that mission. At that time she was so angry that her mind was muddled, so she issued the reward of 1000 Amethyst coins, but how could she possess 1000 Amethyst Coins ah? Although the leaders of Magician Guild and Mea Principality paid her high salary, but a large part of this salary was spent on the purchase of magic materials as well as the research of magic. And although the allowance she got each month was also not few, but after accumulating it for several years, now she had altogether only 100 or so Amethyst coin.

But it’s not like she hadn’t considered everything, although she was not very clear of Long Yi’s strength, but she knew that he was definitely stronger than her, and she had also seen his speed personally. With his speed, even if he was unable to defeat, he should be able to flee easily. Thus this mission would remain incomplete, and after half a months, she could go to Mercenary Guild to cancel this mission. Thinking this, Lin Na was relieved.

“Grandpa, I’m back.” Lin Na pushed open the door and called out loudly. Then was startled all of a sudden, because she smelled a faint fragrance inside the room. Could it be that grandpa wants to find second spring? Lin Na couldn’t help but laugh strangely.

“Lin Na, there’s a guest, quickly come over.” The solemn voice of Puxiusi came from inside the study.

Lin Na answered and entered the study. Then she was stunned, as opposite to grandpa, two young girls were sitting. It seems they were master and servant. The young lady wore pure white priest robe, with the insignia of Nalan Empire’s Light Church, and she was Master Magician. Her appearance was truly lovely enough to cause the fall of a state with eyes as if dark green lake water, and eyebrows as if black distant mountain. Any man who saw her would lose their soul. And that maid was dressed in a jade green silk robe, and her delicate and pretty face seemed very cute.

“You are the granddaughter of Teacher Puxiusi, Lin Na right, I heard you are going to reach Mage realm very soon, I truly admire little sister very much.” Before Puxiusi introduced, that young girl stood up and smiled at Lin Na. Her sincere and amiable expression could make people have a good impression of her at the first sight.

“What admiration, where can little sister compare to you big sister ah. If little sister’s guess is correct, then big sister must be Nalan Empire’s princess, one of the three saintesses of Light Church, Nalan Ruyue, little sister however has always admire big sister for a long time.”  Lin Na enthusiastically said with a smile. Getting the complement from Nalan Ruyue made her feel very comfortable in her heart.

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Two women exchanged pleasantries, leaving behind Puxiusi to dry in the sun at one side.

“Cough cough.” Puxiusi lightly coughed two times, and seeing he had successfully drawn the attention of two women, he said: “Princess Ruyue, I will consider the matters you have mentioned. Now the day is already late, so if you don’t dislike and avoid, then you can stay in my humble adobe for the night.”

“Good good, big sister Ruyue, how about you stay together with this little sister, this little sister really want to chat with big sister.” Lin Na excitedly said.

“Just like deference is no substitute for obedience, I also want to chat with younger sister.” Nalan Ruyue said with a slight smile.

Late at night, Lin Na and Nalan Ruyue were lying on the big bed side by side. Now two rare exceedingly beautiful women under the heaven were together. This truly made the silver moon in the sky bleak.

“Big sister Ruyue, for what matter did you come to meet my grandpa this time?” Lin Na asked.

Nalan Ruyue sighed lightly and said: “Now it had already been nearly one year since us Nalan Empire and Proud Moon Empire are locked in the stalemate at the border. No need to mention about wasting a large amount of manpower, materials and financial resources, the common people are also suffering. Moreover, the situation is getting increasingly worse, an all-out war might break out at any time. If that happens, then I am afraid the entire Blue Waves Continent will be engulfed in this war, and the circumstance of the field littered with corpses, and blood flowing like rivers will be repeated. This time I am looking for Teacher Puxiusi to ask him to contact all five Master Archmages and Swords Saints, and request them to intervene in this war.”

Lin Na nodded her head, and her heart was somewhat worried. That conflict between two Magician Guilds of two empires in Huangmang small town escalated to the war between two empires. If two giants of Blue Waves Continent went on an all-out war, then all the medium size country and small country were bound to get involved in it.

“Little sister thinks that both empires should have changed this great matter of war into small, then change small matter into nothing, but both empire continuously assassinated the higher-ups of each other one after another escalating the war.” Lin Na said. Within last year, she always heard that one day Proud Moon Empire’s certain big official was stabbed to death, and another day she would again hear that certain general of Nalan Empire was stabbed to death.

Ruyue made a wry smile and shaking her head, she said: “At first we Nalan Empire truly dispatched assassins, but before they could make a move, their targets had already died. Afterwards, both sides’ important figures died in quick succession, this means someone is deliberately intensifying the conflict between the two empires.”

“Ah, you are saying that someone is playing tricks? Then both of you can come forward and clarify, like this, wouldn’t this matter stop?” Lin Na said.

“This matter is not as simple as you imagine. First, no one will believe, moreover now the morale of soldiers are boiling, and the majority of them are expecting a fight to the death, I believe Proud Moon Empire is also in this way.” Nalan Ruyue explained.

“Humph, in the end, which bastard sowed discord ah, not regarding the common people of this world, truly is damned.” Ling Na cursed.

Nalan Ruyue lightly creased her brows and said: “On the base of traces we got, there is a great possibility that Violent Dragon Empire is playing tricks. They want to take the advantage of the great chaos in Blue Waves Continent to swallow even more territory.”

“Violent Dragon Empire? The men of Violent Dragon Empire are bad people.” Lin Na suddenly recalled Long Yi, then couldn’t help but snort coldly.

“Oh, which man of Violent Dragon Empire is bullying little sister?” Nalan Ruyue didn’t want to talk about the annoying national affairs, so she jokingly asked.

Lin Na couldn’t help but recalled how Long Yi had unshipped her underwear from her body without anybody knowing it, then she buried her head inside the quilt feeling ashamed and hateful. Such childish action made Nalan Ruyue smile.

After a good while, Lin Na bore her head out from inside the quilt, then said while panting with rage: “Do you know Ximen Yu? That scum of Violent Dragon Empire’s Ximen Clan, that bastard who raped princess Long Ling’er.”

Ximen Yu? Nalan Ruyue was dumbfounded and recalled that man whom she had met inside that woods who had said that Saintess Si Bi was his wife. She clearly remembered his expression of at that time, it was full of memories and love, presumably was a very infatuated man. If he hadn’t looked exactly the same as Ximen Yu, then she would have never believed that this man was the world famous sex fiend.

“I know, what did he do to you? Don’t tell me that……” Nalan Ruyue asked with a smile.

“No……he didn’t do that to me, it’s just that, that bastard he…” Lin Na said with red cheeks.

Seeing the expression of Lin Na, Nalan Ruyue was even more curious, in the end, what did that Ximen Yu do to her? So she questioned closely: “Good little sister, tell me, what did he do?”

Lin Na looked all around as if a thief, then with a red face, she whispered in the ear of Nalan Ruyue.

“Ah, he really, really took your bra.” Nalan Ruyue also couldn’t help but blush.

Lin Na nodded her head, and said in a low voice: “Now you say whether he is bad or not, simply is number one perverted crook under the heaven.”

“He is sufficiently bad, but you also didn’t figure out what’s going on and unleashed a killer move, this was your mistake.” Nalan Ruyue fairly said.

“At that time I was anxious…but it turned out that I was right. He however was a great sex fiend who raped Long Ling’er, so you say, how can Long Ling’er stay in his bosom, he was definitely forcing her.” Lin Na said.

“But didn’t you say that Long Ling’er admitted that she was his woman? Besides Ximen Yu raping Long Ling’er is merely a hearsay, although this had caused a sensation, but concerned parties hadn’t admitted it.” Nalan Ruyue said. As a matter of a fact, she was still biased to this statement, although she was not too old, she however was confident in her judgment of people. The temperament and demeanor of Ximen Yu at that time, how could he be the same Ximen Yu she heard in rumor.

“But the expression of Long Ling’er……” Lin Na mumbled.

“In fact, I also met Ximen Yu two days ago, no need to talk about his that strange physical skill, he is already Water Mage, and coupled with his appearance and background, I believe many girls will be tempted. Perhaps, Long Ling’er really like him.” Nalan Ruyue analyzed.

Lin Na snorted, but her prejudices began to waver. Hearing Nalan Ruyue speaking like this as if she really felt like this, Lin Na looked at Nalan Ruyue and suddenly said with a smile: “Big sister Ruyue particularly put in the good word for him, could it be that you are starting to like him?”

“Nonsense, this is judging the matters as it stands, how could seeing once makes one come to like.” Nalan Ruyue beautiful face slightly become red and said.

“Oh, then are you saying seeing several times one can come to like?” Lin Na grabbed the flaw of the words of Nalan Ruyue and said with a smile.

Nalan Ruyue creased her jade nose, then confidently said: “Perhaps can, if he court me, then perhaps I might really be tempted.”

“Yes, big sister Ruyue is so beautiful, if you want then you can certainly make that lecher infatuated.” Lin Na laughed, then she suddenly held the assertive breast of Nalan Ruyue mischievously.

Nalan Ruyue exclaimed in surprise. Then she also reached out her jade hands towards the breast of Lin Na and said with a smile: “Little sister’s breasts are bigger than mine, perhaps you can even more easily make Ximen Yu infatuated.”

Two exceptional beauty noisily laughed, and slept in messy clothes in bed, revealing a large portion of snow-white skin, it’s a pity, only the moon in the sky could appreciate this enchanting spring scenery.


Early in the next morning, in the outskirts of Mea Principality, a conflict was taking place. Because in this conflict, several hundred people of Tyrannical Bear Mercenary Group were jointly attacking a person, this scene was very spectacular, with magic and douqi covering the sky. Looking at several hundred high-level mercenaries jointly attacking one person, the end fate of that single person was already doomed. But that fellow who was being jointly attacked was also hard crop, his ability was honestly not low, he unexpectedly injured more than half people of Tyrannical Bear Mercenary Group. But finally, Tyrannical Bear Mercenary Group ruthlessly beat that miserable fellow, until even his mother wouldn’t be able to recognize him if she saw him now. The officers the of the city wall and many merchants witnessed this scene.


When Lin Na and Nalan Ruyue was still sleeping soundly, a loud knocking sound came through the door of their bedroom waking up these two girls who had slept very late in the night with a start.

Two girls simultaneously stretched their body sluggishly, this was also a kind of spring scenery. Lin Na put on her clothes and while yawning, she opened the door. Then seeing the family maid, she asked: “What’s the matter this early in the morning?”

“Master is furious, he asked you to come immediately.” This maid lowed her head and said.

“Ah, do you know why?” Lin Na tensely asked.

“Don’t know, I only know that the people of Mercenary Guild came, then master got very angry.” This maid replied.

Mercenary Guild, could it be that……Lin Na creased her beautiful face. Did that fellow truly got beaten until even his mother couldn’t recognize him?

“What happened?” Nalan Ruyue asked.

Lin Na said with a sour expression: “I caused trouble, grandpa will definitely punish me.”

“Then I will go with you, and plead with you.” Nalan Ruyue said.

When Lin Na and Nalan Ruyue entered the hall, Puxiusi was sitting on the sofa with ghastly pale complexion.

“Grandpa, I came.” Lin Na timidly said.

Puxiusi threw a piece of paper at Lin Na, and said angrily: “Take a look at this mission, didn’t you issue it in Mercenary Guild, now people came to complete the mission.”

Lin Na took the paper and spread it out, then bitterly said: “Grandpa, I issued it, did they really complete the mission?”

“Do you think this is fake? Early morning today, on the outskirts, many people witnessed this. Did grandpa set you too free in this period of time, you actually issued a 1000 Amethyst coins mission of beating a person, this simply is running wild.” Pu Xiusi’s temper was so explosive that Nalan Ruyue didn’t dare to speak a word.

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