Chapter 129: Furious Lin Na

When Long Ling’er opened her drowsy eyes, she suddenly discovered that she was the only person in the bed, and Long Yi who had shared the bed with her yesterday was nowhere to be seen. Yesterday she had slept together with Long Yi. And sleeping while hugging Long Yi made her feel at ease and justified, and this sleep was also the most peaceful sleep she had in this past year.

Long Ling’er felt somewhat depressed in her heart not seeing Long Yi. Don’t know where that smelly bastard ran to this early in the morning.

Just after Long Ling’er had freshened up inside the bathroom, she suddenly heard the sound of door opening, so she hurriedly came out, and saw that miserable appearance of Long Yi. Right now his body was bloodstained, clothing was extremely dirty and messy, and his original handsome and leisurely face was swollen to pig head.

“Ximen Yu, what happen to you?” After being dumbfounded for a good while, Long Ling’er asked.

Long Yi gritted his snow-white teeth and smiled mischievously, merely that smiling expression was simply unsightly than crying in his pig face.

“I was ruthlessly beaten, aren’t you especially feeling happy in your heart now?” Looking at Long Ling’er, Long Yi drew in a breath and said, seemingly in great pain.

Long Ling’er lagged, seeing Long Yi’s this miserable appearance, she basically ought to be in high spirits, but don’t know why, she was not as happy as she had imagined, instead there was a kind of indescribable strange feeling, seemed angry and also seemed distressed.

“Naturally, seeing your current appearance, you can’t even guess how much happy I am, why don’t you get beaten to death?” Long Ling’er snorted coldly, then turning around, she said.

Long Yi took a deep breath, and stroking his chin with the right hand, he said: “But looking at your appearance, it seems you are not happy at all ah, tell me honestly, aren’t you distressed?”

“Distressed, what a joke, I am feeling so sorry for you that I can’t wait to give you a few punches.” Long Ling’er flew into the rage from shame, then turning around, she reached out her jade hand towards the swollen face of Long Yi and pressed it.

After Long Ling’er withdrew her hand, she noticed that a dent had appeared on the face of Long Yi where she had pressed, and it unexpectedly didn’t revert back. She was startled in her heart, and mistakenly thought that she had used too much strength in her hand, but very quickly she felt something was wrong. So she took two steps forward, then tore the face of Long Yi with her jade hand, and a large ‘flesh’ was torn down by her, as it turned out everything was fake.

“Ximen Yu, did you think that I will feel sorry for you if you disguise yourself as severely injured? I hate the way you consider yourself so clever.” Long Ling’er threw the things she had grabbed towards Long Yi, and said angrily because this bastard was disguising to be miserable to gain her sympathy. Yes, it’s definitely sympathy, not distress.

“Eh…it’s not like that, listen to my explanation……” Long Yi said.

“Who wants to hear your explanation? I am going to attend the class, keep acting inside the room by yourself.” Long Ling’er angrily interrupted Long Yi, then went out of the door and shut the door with a loud bang.

“Women……” Long Yi couldn’t help but mutter, and recalling her appearance of losing her temper, he revealed a happy smile. He didn’t have the orientation of self-abuse, merely the expression of Long Ling’er of just now made him feel that his goal was a bit closer now. So he decided that, even if he had to use his thick skin comparable to the city wall, and enthusiasm comparable to boiling hot magma, he would definitely melt Long Ling’er’s frozen heart.

Now that there was no other matter, Long Yi decided to go to the place of Tyrant Bear, as at this moment he should have already obtained 1000 Amethyst coin of mission reward. In fact, Long Yi also wanted to go there for the younger sister of Tyrant Bear, Xiao Yi, but it was not because he took a fancy upon her, merely he was truly very curious of her about whether she could really foretell everything or not? He wondered whether she could foretell his future or not?

Arriving at Tyrant Bear’s residence, he immediately discovered that Tyrant Bear was not here now. It might be assumed that they had gone to some location to divide the spoils. And just when Long Yi wanted to see whether Xiao Yi was in or not, a woman wearing loose white colored gown covering her entire body walked over. From the aura of this woman, he knew that’s she was Xiao Yi.

After that both of them entered the hall, then Xiao Yi took off the loose gown and revealed her pretty face and that strange and also beautiful transparent eyes.

“Why are you hiding these beautiful eyes?” Long Yi asked with a smile.

“Beautiful? Because of these eyes, I was called demon from my childhood.” Xiao Yi indifferently said. From the childhood, because of these uncommon eyes, she had suffered enough bullying of other people, and after her big brother Tyrant Bear caught this strange disease, their parents cruelly abandoned these siblings. In these past several years, she didn’t know how much bitterness they had eaten, and how much cold eyes of other people they had endured.

“People always fear unknown things, forgive their ignorance.” Long Yi chuckled.

Xiao Yi amazedly looked at Long Yi and said: “You are really surprising, I can’t see through you.”

“How can you not see through, yesterday, didn’t you foretell me that I would have a blood-light calamity? Never thought but it really came true, so can’t you look at what’s my future will be like?” Long Yi requested.

Xiao Yi shook her head and said: “My level is still too low, so I only see very vaguely, and especially yours, your past and future is well hidden and obscure as if you have two different paths. That one prophecy of yesterday made me dizzy for more than half a day.”

Long Yi was dumbfounded, two different paths, doesn’t this mean one is of original Ximen Yu and other is of my own, forget it, destiny, this kind of thing even if held in hand, it will still uphold its own path. In the previous incarnation, his drillmaster had once stated, everybody has thousands of kinds of destiny, but the crux point is which destiny to select, not destiny comes to select you.

And after chatting with Xiao Yi, Long Yi found that this girl understood many things, also had extensive experience, was a very smart girl, and was also a very lonely girl. If it was not for those transparent eyes which seemingly had the ability to see through the heart of people, Long Yi would have very much willing to chat with her. In fact, it was of no wonder that other people treated her as different species, with this kind of eyes, which could seemingly uncover all the secrets in other people’s heart, one can imagine how panic-stricken they would be knowing they couldn’t hide any secrets.


When Long Ling’er furiously returned to girls’ dormitory, she immediately discovered two additional people. Among them, one was Lin Na, and another was an exceptionally beautiful woman she had never seen before. And Ximen Wuhen was chatting with them.

After the introduction, Long Ling’er knew that this beauty she had never seen before was unexpectedly princess Nalan Ruyue of Nalan Empire. Two empire’s two most beautiful princess meeting here, naturally bound to size up each other.

“Ling’er, did you return back from the place of Ximen Yu?” Lin Na asked. Mentioning Ximen Yu, she hatefully gritted her teeth. No need to talk about how this fellow took liberties with her, he still made her lose 1000 Amethyst coins, made her grandfather teach her a lesson, furthermore deprived her of the pocket money for next one year.

Long Ling’er beautiful face reddened, and said: “Yes.”

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“Then how is that fellow now? Is he angry?” Lin Na asked. Thinking of the miserable condition of Ximen Yu, she was somewhat able to calm down, at least that 1000 Amethyst coins weren’t wasted for nothing ah.

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Long Ling’er confusedly looked at Lin Na, as she didn’t understand what Lin Na meant. And Ximen Wuhen also showed the same kind of expression, as just now when they were talking, Ling Na hadn’t mentioned about the matter of Long Yi getting beaten.

“Don’t you know? Early in the morning today, several hundred people of Tyrant Bear Mercenary Group jointly attacked him, I heard he was beaten until he was no longer in human shape, didn’t you just come back from his place? How come you don’t know about this matter?” Lin Na asked feeling surprised.

“Ah, is this true? Did my second brother really get into this mishap?” Ximen Wuhen exclaimed in surprise, for some unknown reason, hearing Ximen Yu had met with such mishap, she couldn’t help but felt somewhat worried in her heart.

Long Ling’er was startled, then recalling about his appearance in the morning, she said: “But all the injuries in his body were fake, I thought he……”

“What? Fake?” Lin Na jumped up as if a cat whose tail was stepped on, then her beautiful face twisted, that fellow actually conspired to deceive her, and in just this fashion, he extorted 1000 Amethyst coins from her, truly is too hateful.

“This bastard, I’ll go and look for him to get even.” Lin Na angrily stood up and said while trembling. Then she thought of looking for Long Yi.

But Nalan Ruyue pulled her and said: “Don’t agitate, even if you find him now, it’s useless. The money you have already paid will not come back.”

Long Ling’er and Ximen Wuhen looked at each other with blank dismay, then questioningly asked: “Anyway what exactly happened?”

Lin Na poured herself a glass of water, then drinking it, she calmed down her anger to a certain degree. After that just like a machine gun, she told about this matter from the beginning to the end thoroughly. The more she spoke the more she got angry, this bastard simply played with her as if she was an idiot.

“Hateful, this hatred, I will definitely get revenge, I will beat him until he had to look for his teeth all over the floor.” Lin Na furiously said this sentence to end her narration.

“Lin Na, weren’t you unable to defeat him?” Nalan Ruyue laughed.

“I……” Lin Na was speechless, then affectionately holding the arm of Nalan Ruyue, she said: “Big sister Ruyue, won’t you help me? We can teach him a lesson together, I don’t believe that even we two will be unable to defeat him.”

“I cannot help you in this, originally you were the one who stirred up this matter, and furthermore you are speaking about teaching Ximen Yu a lesson in front of sister Long Ling’er, wouldn’t this offend sister Long Ling’er?” Nalan Ruyue looked towards Long Ling’er with a smile, but discover that her face was indifferent, don’t know what she was thinking in her heart.

“Ling’er, are you and Ximen Yu, that bastard, really the sunshine of each other? Like rumor, didn’t he did that to you?” Lin Na asked, she however didn’t notice the change in the complexion of both Ximen Wuhen and Long Ling’er. This girl really seemed retarded in worldly wisdom, could these kinds of thing be asked casually like this?

Long Ling’er quickly revert back to her indifferent state, then said: “He is my husband, and I am his wife, his and my relationship is this simple.”

The atmosphere suddenly became somewhat awkward, instantly all of them remain silent and looked at each other. But just then, suddenly the bustling noises came from the downstairs of the girls’ dormitory.

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