Chapter 130: Swords Saint

The clamor got increasingly louder, everywhere was full of whispers and exclaiming sound, and heads began to bore out from the windows of the dormitory. Looking at this grand sight from the distant, it looked just like the wall suddenly sprout many heads.

Long Ling’er and others also opened the window and looked out in curiosity, and discovered that the entire high-class girls’ dormitory building was surrounded by the crowd of students watching the fun. And they also saw that the source of this lively circumstance was a handsome youth wearing a magnificent dress who was holding a big bouquet of flower and standing downstairs. And what was even more exaggerated was, he had used flowers to write ‘Long Ling’er (龙灵儿)’ these three characters in big size in front of him, and below these characters was big ‘I’, then a big red heart, and again after that was a big ‘You’ character. Even a fool would realize what the meaning behind this was.

“Ximen Yu!” All four girls exclaimed simultaneously.

“Ling’er, my second brother is courting you.” Ximen Wuhen said with a smile, and her eyes flashed with surprise, as her this second brother actually adopted an original approach and had unexpectedly thought up such unprecedented way.

“Long Ling’er, I truly envy you ah, now will you go down to accept the blessing of everyone?” Looking at Long Yi, Nalan Ruyue truly envied Long Ling’er somewhat.

All girls were more or less somewhat vanity, so he came up with this marvelous means. With this means, he could express his intention clearly, as well as could also satisfy the vanity of girls, merely the prerequisite was one’s face should be thick enough.

The beautiful face of Long Ling’er slightly reddened, naturally, a trace of happiness came from the bottom of her heart, but she didn’t plan to go down, as, although he was shameless, but she still cared about her face.

“The face of this bastard is truly thick, I was worried about not finding him, but never thought that he would deliver himself to my doorstep.” Lin Na coldly snorted and said.

Long Yi waited for a long time, but he didn’t see Long Ling’er coming down, so he became somewhat nervous inwardly. In the previous incarnation, this method was standard method, but here it ought to be the first time, still, it won’t rise opposite effect, right?

Whatever, in any case, I have already risked all my face, so I will simply thicken my face a bit more. Thinking this, Long Yi enclosed his mouth with both of his hands, and circulating qi in his dantian, he yelled loudly: “Long Ling’er, I love you.”

After shouting several times, among the looking on students, someone began to hoot, and also followed to shout: “Long Ling’er, I love you.”

At first, only several people shouted, later this developed into all students shouting, regardless of male or female students. Over and over again, they shouted these six words. And the direct effect of this was attracting all the teachers and students of Holy Magic Academy to come here, and more and more people joined to shout. Now that loud and clear roar resounded throughout the entire academy, even to the extent that this sound could be heard clearly within the radius of 10 li.

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The four girls inside the dormitory were dumbstruck, this stinking fellow was too skilled in making trouble. He even instigated the people of entire academy. Looking this way, if she still doesn’t go down, then don’t know what will unfold next.

“Ling’er, go down, otherwise only God will know what’s going to happen next.” Ximen Wuhen said. The action of her second elder brother made her feel happy as well as laughable.

Long Ling’er gritted her teeth, then directly jumping out of the window, as if the fairy of heaven, she descended in front of Long Yi, and enthusiastically shouting crowds became silent all of a sudden. The fame of Long Ling’er in Holy Magic Academy was not one bit lower then Lin Na, first was because of her as if goddess looks, and second was because of that famous rape incident rumor in Blue Waves Continent. These people didn’t know what kind of person was Long Yi, they only wanted to see what Long Ling’er would do.

Seeing Long Ling’er coming down, Long Yi holding that large bouquet of fresh flower went over to welcome her and handed over that bouquet with two hands. Long Ling’er took the bouquet without any hesitation, and the surrounding crowd immediately gave a warm applause and whistle. This suddenly gave her an illusion that the man in front of her was not the man she hated, but the prince who appeared in her dream, and they together were accepting the blessing of everyone.

But this illusion merely flashed in the brain of Long Ling’er for an instant and disappeared. And looking at Long Yi’s that gentle and soft smiling face, she suddenly had a strong impulse to slap his smiling face. This fellow is obviously a sex fiend, so why is his smile so nice, giving people different impression.

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Long Yi and Long Ling’er looked at each other while thinking different things in their heart, but in the eyes of other people, this scene however resembled a pair of sweethearts looking at each other in deep love.

Suddenly, Long Yi’s temple throbbed, and he felt someone was staring him with a sharp gaze. When he slightly turned around, that feeling immediately disappeared. The origin of that gaze was the gate of girls’ dormitory. But right now a lot of beautiful young girls were gathered there, and also that ordinary yet not ordinary gatekeeper aunt.

Long Yi questioningly frowned but didn’t think much about that and left taking along Long Ling’er. After that, the crowd also gradually dispersed, but all along their topic of conversation was that scene of Long Yi courting. It seems today’s this romantic event would be enshrined in the annals of the Holy Magic Academy.

Deep in the night, Long Yi sent Long Ling’er back to the girls’ dormitory. This was done due to the strong request of Long Ling’er. This somewhat disappointed Long Yi who had believed that this night he would be able to well-reason with Long Ling’er. But hasty men don’t get to eat hot tofu, Long Yi clearly understood this principle, so he didn’t get too impatient, and thought of a number of other ways to make their feeling denser.

Long Yi was thinking and laughing while walking ahead minding his own business, but his footsteps suddenly slowed down and his lewd smile also disappeared. After that, he slowly turned around and saw a figure enveloped in black robe 10 meters behind him. He guessed that this was the most popular disguising method in Blue Waves Continent.

Long Yi was shocked inwardly, 10 meters, only when this person was 10 meters away from him, he was able to perceive this person. Long Yi immediately became solemn like never before.

Not waiting for Long Yi to open his mouth, this person raised the huge sword and pointed towards Long Yi. Then a powerful pressure that covered the sky pressured Long Yi. This pressure was so powerful that it was utterly strenuous to resist even his current internal force, this was something that had never happened before. Merely with this aura, Long Yi knew that this person before him was definitely Sword Saint level top expert.

Swords Saint ah, never thought that today I’ll finally meet one. Long Yi wasn’t frightened, instead was delighted, and had high fighting spirit, even to the extent that his blood was boiling due to the excitement.

Long Yi took out a huge sword from his space ring and released powerful spiritual power, to throw off the aura locked on of the other side. Then as if a meteor, he rushed towards this black robed person.

‘Dang’ sound resounded, and with the flashing of a purple sword light, Long Yi was sent flying back. And only after retreating back several steps, he came to stop. Now his hands holding the sword were feeling numb, and his blood and vital breath churned. As for that black robed person, that person merely retreated a small step back. In a single glance, who was high and who was low was distinguished.

Long Yi shook his hands that were feeling numb, then looking at that person who seemed to merge with the dark night, he was somewhat shocked inwardly. Great Swords Master and Swords Saint were merely one level apart, but the difference in strength was as if one was heaven and other was earth. His second layer of AoTianJue was not enough to fight recklessly with the douqi of Sword Saint.

Long Yi didn’t release five Seven Baleful Puppets to help him resist the Swords Saint because this however was a rare chance, moreover, he didn’t sense any killing intent from this mysterious Sword Saint.

Pulling out a wicked smile, Long Yi once again raised his huge sword, then shouting, he used Great Cosmos Shift. After that, he left behind afterimage in the place he was standing and disappeared, then instantly appearing behind this mysterious black robed person, he chopped down his huge sword covered with light blue sword qi and a layer of yellow radiance, which condensed a thick and heavy solid aura as if mountain.

This black robed person didn’t move, but the huge sword in the hand of this black-robed person as if grown eyes, easily parried the attack of Long Yi’s huge sword. After that with muffled sonorous sound, Long Yi fell back one step, and this black robed person fell back two steps.

Long Yi nevertheless was not a merciful person, seizing this chance, he slashed out a blue-yellow sword light towards the black robed person. Dingding dangdang metal colliding sound resounded, this time, this black robed person didn’t move from the original position, and Long Yi was also not sent flying back.

“What is this douqi?” This black robed person finally spoke, the speaking tone was filled with surprise, but this voice was somewhat strange, and one couldn’t tell whether this was the voice of male or female.

Long Yi laughed: “This is magic douqi, exclusively to kill villains who don’t dare to show their face.”

This black-robed man didn’t flare up, and said with strange voice: “Little thing of Ximen clan, let me see what you have learned.”

This black robed person raised the huge sword in the sky, then purple sword light burst out a splendid radiance. After that this black robed person made the move. The speed of this person was incomparably fast, even when compared with Long Yi’s Great Cosmos Shift, this speed was not a bit inferior. This huge sword of this black-robed person trembled, and countless purple sword light surrounded all around Long Yi.

These sword lights pierced through the body of Long Yi without any resistance, and also didn’t leave behind slightest wound. After that, that black robed person immediately turned around and saw another Long Yi floating in the sky. The former Long Yi who was just hit by the attack was merely the afterimage of Long Yi.

“Ice Douqi’s Whirlwind Chain Slash.” Long Yi shouted loudly, planning to put good use to magic douqi by mixing together ice magic element and Violent Dragon douqi.

But at that time, this black robed person rushed over, and the douqi of Long Yi unexpectedly didn’t come out, so he hastily retreated back. But the purple light flash through even faster, and the waist belt of Long Yi cracked, and his outer garment spread out to two sides, revealing the silver armor inside.

“Never thought there are so many treasures in your body, it seems if I don’t take this seriously then I will not be able to injure you.” The black-robed person strangely smiled and said.

Long Yi simply threw off his outer garment, then said with a smile: “Sword Saints are really worthy of the name Sword Saint, your douqi domain is truly not bad, unexpectedly making it so that I can’t use douqi.”

“You also know about douqi domain? Furthermore, you are saying my douqi domain is merely ‘not bad’? Inside my domain, other than myself, no one else can use douqi, moreover, the might of my douqi will be amplified by fifty percent, and my speed will be doubled. It can be said that inside my domain, I can be regarded as invincible existence.” That black-robed person proudly said.

“That is not definite, can’t use douqi, but what about magic?” Long Yi said with a smile, and suddenly cast a rank 8 Freeze Over Magic.

This black robed person easily dispersed this cold qi, then said with a smile: “Although can use magic, but their might will be lowered by half, and as far as I’m concerned, that basically can’t injure me.”

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