Chapter 131: Heavenly thunder entering the body

Before, during the magicians’ war in the Huangmang small town, Long Yi had experienced the magic domain of Fire Master Archmage Puxiusi. Inside that domain, there was no magic element in the air, so it was impossible to use magic. Therefore it might be assumed that this douqi domain also possessed the similar exquisite ability.

If Long Yi wants to break through this domain, then it was not hard at all. As long as he released Violent Lightning Beast from inside his dark dimension space, before the gap between their strength, this domain wouldn’t be able to withstand a single blow. What notion was SS ranked magical beast, they were the kind of existences that could cast a forbidden magic spell as easily as eating the meal. But Long Yi didn’t want to use Violent Lightning Beast in every instance, as all people have a depended nature, and once a strong dependence towards Violent Lightning Beast was born inside him, then the speed of progressing his strength would definitely slow down.

Inside the douqi domain of this mysterious Swords Saint, Long Yi was unable to use his douqi. This means that his newly developed powerful magic douqi was also useless, so now he could only rely on his spirit power and internal force, or perhaps also in magic whose might was reduced into half.

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“Admit defeat, little boy of Ximen clan.” The strange voice of this black-robed person resounded.

“Admit defeat? Heh heh, there is no ‘admit defeat’ words in my dictionary.” Long Yi laughed and those pitch-black as if night sky eyes suddenly flashed with strange radiance. His powerful spirit power divide into two portions, of which one portion took the form of sharp spirit awl and shot towards the black-robed person, and other portion however took the form of a spirit net to be used for limiting the movement of that black-robed person. Furthermore, at the same time, he also mobilized his sea of consciousness’s wind magic elements and water magic elements.

That black-robed person was first noiselessly tangled up by the spirit net of Long Yi, followed by the concentrated attack of spirit awl. But the whole body of that black robed person suddenly shook, immediately releasing purple colored douqi which took the shape of a guard shield, blocking the attack of spirit awl. But the spirit net of Long Yi however was firmly attached to the body of this black-robed person just like maggot attaching to the bone. This was one of the spiritual attacks which Long Yi was most adept at in his previous world. Once entangled, they could only wait passively to be slaughtered.

“Wind Sweeping Hailstone Magic.” Long Yi shouted loudly. This Wind Sweeping Hailstone Magic was his compound magic which was still in the experimental stage. He had started to research this magic after being inspired by Snowstorm Divine Marten. But it had never been successful before.

Wind magic elements and water magic elements began to gather madly. With two Rank 10 saint class magic fusing together, even if the might was reduced into half, its might would still be fatal.

A small-sized tornado slowly finished forming inside the douqi domain, then light blue magic elements began to integrate into it. Now countless head sized hailstones formed inside this tornado, making its might very frightening.

That’s enough, Long Yi was delighted in his heart, then pointed towards the black-robed person. After that, this tornado with hailstones in it began to advance towards that black robed person. Just when Long Yi was mad with joy, Wind Sweeping Hailstone Magic he had cast suddenly disappeared in midway, leaving behind ice bits on the ground.

Long Yi dejectedly hit his own head, just a bit, just a bit and it would have succeeded. Usually, it didn’t matter, but now at the crucial moment, it unexpectedly screwed up.

And to the surprise of Long Yi, that black robed person who was tangled in his spirit net wasn’t struggling, merely had used douqi to protect, and was looking at him with mocking smile.

Long Yi was annoyed in his heart, he didn’t believe that he could do nothing to this fellow. Among his seven attributes magic, the might of lightning magic was the strongest. So Long Yi began to mobilize his sea of consciousness’s silver-purple colored lighting magic element, after using heavenly thunder, let’s see how this fellow can still be arrogant.

The color of heaven and earth changed, black clouds condensed in the sky, and strands of lightning scatter in the sky. That nature’s great power and influence as if a huge mountain suppressed everything, making people feel stifled at heart, and their blood and qi to roll over and over.

“Lightning magic!?” This black robed person finally had a change in complexion and cried out in alarm.

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‘Crackle’. An arm sized lightning descended from heaven, and ‘hong’ directly landed at that douqi guard shield around the body of that black robed person, causing it to fluctuate violently.

That black-robed person only felt tingling pain all over the body, and turned pale with fright. The might of lightning magic was indeed formidable, basically wouldn’t be able to carry on withstanding.

And just at that time, a clap of thunder resounded throughout the sky, and several tens of lightning fell down together, targeting that black-robed Swords Saint. Seeing this, the heart of that black robed person jumped violently, if this lightning hits him, then he feared that he would definitely become burnt carbon. These lightning strikes were so fast that this black robe person didn’t have any time to think, and he subconsciously cast the magic ‘Revolving Ice Wall’ sealed inside his necklace. This was something that was handed down by Water Magic God several 100 years ago, and was rank 2 divine water defense magic which could reflect any attack magic below rank 11 as well as the douqi attack of below Sword Saint.

Faint cold mist revolved around the body of this black-robed Swords Saint, and just then, several tens of lightning came down. And when that lightning struck that weak looking cold mist, silver-purple colored lightning suddenly turned around and unexpectedly struck complacent Long Yi.

The entire body of Long Yi stiffened, his clothing instantly changed into ash, and his long black hair stood erect. The frenzied lightning magic elements charged around violently inside the body of Long Yi, making Long Yi feel tingling pain from head to toe. Now a silver-colored lightning was glimmering on the surface of his body.

Am I going to reincarnate again? Long Yi thought as his body straightly fell down. In fact, if anybody else was struck by these several tens of heavenly lightning, then they would have instantly changed into a pile of burnt carbon. But as for Long Yi, other than his clothing changing into ashes, he unexpectedly was still able to let his imagination run wild.

The purple douqi of that black robed person faded away, and along with the master losing consciousness, the spirit net also disappeared. After that this fellow flashed and arrived in front of Long Yi, and just when this fellow placed the hand on Long Yi, the hand recoiled back. This moment the whole body of Long Yi was filled with powerful electric current, so basically no one could touch him.

Lightly sighing, this black robed person removed the hood, then a beautiful pitch-black long hair slid down. This person actually was a very beautiful middle-aged woman with a graceful bearing. Right now looking at Long Yi, her beautiful eyes showed worry.

“Never thought that in a blink of an eye, you have become so big, time flies really fast ah.” Looking at frequently twitching Long Yi, this beautiful woman muttered, and her eyes unexpectedly showed affection. [1]

Long Yi didn’t know that this black-robed Swords Saint was unexpectedly a beautiful woman. Right now no matter if it was his spirit or physical body, all were suffering from torture. Although to say his body was close to lightning, but such large amount of lightning magic elements had entered into his body, giving him a kind of feeling of being swollen as if he was going to explode.

Although Long Yi was unconscious, but his instinct was still there. The silver-purple colored lightning magic elements inside his sea of consciousness began to act on its own to absorb lightning magic elements that were roaming all over inside the body of Long Yi.

Very soon, the lightning magic elements within his sea of consciousness reached an alarming level, unexpectedly was similar to last time’s matter that was born after he had eaten Icicle Fruit, merely last time was water magic elements, and this time it was lightning magic elements.

[1] Here affection is affection towards children

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