Chapter 132: The identity of Swords Saint

Only now Tyrant Bear cheerfully returned home. After he had just received mission reward of 1000 Amethyst coins, he immediately led his brothers to Intoxicated Fragrant Restaurant to drink and eat. This was the easiest mission they had ever done since the establishment of Tyrannical Bear Mercenary Group, just putting on a play got them so much money, this money was truly easy to earn ah.

Inadvertently, he noticed that the light of the room of his younger sister Xiao Yi was still lit up, so he couldn’t help but thought, this girl, what is she doing so late in the night without sleeping?

He knocked on the door of Xiao Yi’s room, but no one answered.

“Little sister, are you in? Brother is coming in.” After saying that, Tyrant Bear push open the door and directly went in, but found that Xiao Yi was not inside.

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After that Tyrant Bear closed the door, then lift up a painting that was hanged on the left wall, revealing a slot of the magic card. After that, he took out a magic card from his body and inserted it into that slot, and the wall noiselessly opened sliding to two opposite side. This wall unexpectedly was a disguised magic door.

Inside the magic door, there unexpectedly was a completely different world. This was a very big circular secret room. The walls of this secret room were engraved with the designs of a number of mythological birds and various kinds of constellations. There was nothing inside this secret room except a protruding stone platform in the middle. And the most surprising thing in this room was, the ceiling of this roof was unexpectedly transparent, one could easily see the vast starry sky only by raising their head.

Right now Xiao Yi, wearing a purple long robe which was filled with mysterious runes, was silently kneeling on the stone platform, and while looking towards the vast starry sky, her pink lips were silently chanting obscure incantation emotionlessly.

Tyrant Bear didn’t disturb Xiao Yi, just stood there quietly watching her. Looking at that attractive, simple yet elegant beautiful face of Xiao Yi, dense warmth welled up inside his heart. They were a pair of siblings who had depended on each other for survival up until now, and had experienced too much of hardships together. When he was just 12 years old, to support his only 6 years old younger sister, he became mercenary. But in those days, no mercenary group was willing to accept him and also no one was willing to work together with him. All of them only said, what’s the use of a person who looks weird and still a child. So he was forced to work on his own, from the sending letter, finding people and so on F ranked missions to latter’s A ranked missions. He walked in the thin line between life and death countless times.

When did Xiao Yi begin to possess the prophecy ability? Tyrant Bear began to recall, that year when he was 18 years old and Xiao Yi was 12 years old, he went on a mission. And after returning back from that mission, his found that his younger sister had changed. Her transparent eyes would often flash with wisdom, temperament also became peaceful and profound, and she would always speak without rhyme or reason, but at that time, he believed that she was talking nonsense, however later that became reality.

Moreover, Xiao Yi was the one who led him to this courtyard, at that time, she only said that this would be their home thereafter. And when he asked more about this, Xiao Yi didn’t answer at all.

When Tyrant Bear was lost in his thought, the transparent eyes of Xiao Yi began to fluctuate. Then directly getting up, she softly said: “Brother, what are you doing here?”

Tyrant Bear woke up with a start, and said with a smile: “Just now brother saw the lamp of your room was still on, so I came in to have a look.”

Xiao Yi nodded her head. Then slowly walked down from the stone platform, and standing right in front of Tyrant Bear, she keenly looked at him.

“Little sister, why on earth are you looking at me like this?” Tyrant Bear unnaturally asked.

“Brother, what is your dream?” Xiao Yi softly asked.

“My dream? My dream is to build a sole S rank mercenary group, becoming the myth of Blue Wave Continent’s mercenary world.” Tyrant Bear said.

“This is just your surface dream, I want to know your true dream.” Xiao Yi asked.

Tyrant Bear was startled, and asked: “Little sister, is this regarding the revelation you got about my prophecy?”

Xiao Yi turned around, then gently closing her eyes, she said as if sleep-talking: “Buried in a horsehide [1], crisscrossed battlefield, the star shall come to prominence, life without light.”

“Buried in a horsehide, crisscrossed battlefield.” Tyrant Bear mutter repeatedly, and couldn’t help but become fired up. Men buried in a horsehide, isn’t this lifetime merit? This was his dream all those years, yes, that’s right, he wanted to become the general of soldiers to conquer ten thousand miles of rivers and mountains.

“The balance state of Blue Waves is already broken, everyone is powerless to turn back now, and before long in the future, fire beacons in all four directions, and the entire continent will fall into the chaos caused by war.” Xiao Yi indifferently said.

Tyrant Bear breathing lagged, and with his eyes shining, he impatiently asked: “Little sister, you mean this is my chance to achieve my dream, but what should I do? Join the army?”

Xiao Yi shook her head, the lightly sighed: “I don’t know, prophecy revelation was not very clear.”


Long Yi dizzily woke up from unconsciousness, then opening his eyes, a pleasing to the eyes and as if washed and starched blue sky was reflected in his eyes, and a cool breeze gently brushed his cheek making him very comfortable.

“Where is this? Why am I here?” Long was not yet completely clear-headed, so he was unable to remember what had happened before temporarily.

Long Yi sat up, then the black robe covering his body slid down, and he found that he was completely naked without a thread all over his body. Furthermore, he was in the middle of the forest.

“Oh, God, don’t tell me that I was defiled by some dinosaur?” Long Yi muttered, while shaking his head in a funny way, and admiring his own ability to imagine.

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Just then, he finally remembered the scene of last night’s confrontation with the mysterious Sword Saint. And at that time, he was struck by the lightning he had cast himself, then lost his consciousness.

That fellow was not an abnormal pervert, right? I wonder if he groped this young master or not. Long Yi thought inwardly, and immediately had goosebumps all over.

After that Long Yi immediately stop letting his imagination run wild and became extremely excited to still be alive. After that, he closed his eyes and sunk his mind into his sea of consciousness. When he saw that silver-purple colored crystal, he was not very surprised like before, instead was somewhat pleasantly surprised, because this represents, his lightning magic had reached Mage realm. This truly was a strange world, anything might happen at any time. Now inside his sea of consciousness, there was two this kind of magic cores, I wonder if other five magic elements would also solidify like this or not in the future, Long Yi thought inwardly.

I wonder where that Sword Saint has gone, why did he bring me here? Long Yi looked around while thinking, suddenly his gaze stopped at a very graceful back view in a distant. The figure of this woman was gentle and graceful, was wearing a plain and simple light purple silk robe, and her pitch-black beautiful hair as if waterfall hanged down behind her.

“Eh, a person of Violent Dragon Empire.” Long Yi was surprised in his heart. From the pitch-black hair, he knew her identity, merely how could an ordinary girl come here in this remote mountain? So Long Yi determined that she was not an ordinary person, or perhaps she might be the companion of that Swords Saint.

“Hey, gorgeous.” Long Yi called out loudly.

This woman turned around and walked over to Long Yi. Only now did Long Yi discover that the youth of this woman possessing beautiful rear view was long gone. It seems she was roughly 40 years in age, but her skin was very well maintained. From her exquisite facial features, it can be seen that she was definitely a world famous beauty in her youth.

“Big sister, hello, I want to know how I came here.” Long Yi pulled up that black robe and firmly tied it as if he greatly feared his spring scenery would leak out.

“Big sister?” Hearing Long Yi’s form of address, the expression of this middle-aged woman became very strange.

Not long after the expression of this beautiful middle-aged woman revert back to normal, and she said: “You were brought here by me.”

“You brought me, don’t tell me that you are that Sword Saint who attacked me yesterday?” Long Yi exclaimed in surprise.

“Yes, I am.” This middle-aged woman indifferently answered.

Long Yi sized up this middle-aged woman. He had never heard that there was a female Swords Saint in Blue Waves Continent. However, this Blue Waves was too big, so inevitably there will be a number of hidden experts who are unknown to the world. This was also not surprising at all.

“Why did you attack me? Do you have a grudge against me?” Long Yi asked.

“Don’t have.” This middle-aged woman shook her head.

“Then do you have enmity against Ximen clan?” Long Yi again asked.

“Also don’t have.” This middle-aged woman indifferently answered.

“Then why? Did I ever provoke or offend you? Did you know I nearly lost my life last night?” Long Yi discontentedly shouted loudly.

“But now aren’t you still alive? Besides, if it wasn’t for me, would you have broken through in your cultivation?” This middle-aged woman suddenly showed a faint smile.

Long Yi thought for a bit, if it not for heavenly lightning accidentally entering his body, his lightning magic wouldn’t have reached Mage realm.

“Moreover, I also have a deep relationship with your Ximen Clan. And looking at your precious committing all kinds of outrages behavior, this lesson could be counted as very lenient.” Cold light flashed in the eyes of this woman causing Long Yi to tremble all over.

Long Yi shivered with cold but didn’t forget the words of this beautiful woman. She had just said that she had a deep relation with Ximen clan, so thinking for a bit, his eyes shone, then ambiguously looking at her, he said with a smile: “Big sister, can it be that you and my old man have that kind of relation?”

‘Peng’, Long Yi hissed in pain while holding his head. The fact was this middle-aged woman had flown into rage from shame and had knocked the head of Long Yi.

“You dumb kid, what kind of nonsense are you talking, with my age, I can easily be your grandmother?” This middle-aged woman angrily said.

“What? Grandmother?” Long Yi rolled his eyes, and nearly fainted again.

“Then you are with my grandfather…” Long Yi wanted to say having affair with his grandfather, but while speaking, he saw the change in the complexion of this beautiful middle-aged woman. Her complexion had anger, grief, pursuing, and happy expression alternating as if turning book. Life had all sorts of flavors, sour, sweet, bitter and spicy hot, all of them were instantly manifested out.

Seeing the expression of this middle-aged woman, it seems his guess of just now was not far away from the truth. In those years, this beautiful middle-aged woman definitely had deep affection towards his grandfather whom he had never seen before.

[1] Buried in a horsehide – die on the battlefield

[2] kong long – dinosaur, and also ugly person (slang)

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