Chapter 133: Extreme stimulation

A good while later, this beautiful middle-aged woman let out a long sigh, and her eyes revealed endless frustration and loneliness.

“All men of Ximen clan are licentious by nature, your grandfather was so, your father was also so, and you kid also……alas. Hereafter be nice to Long Ling’er, and don’t bully your younger sister.” Finished speaking, this middle-aged beautiful woman suddenly reached out and patted the cheek of Long Yi showing tender affection, then turning into a purple shadow, she floated away.

Long Yi became somewhat absent-minded, this beautiful woman ought to be the old lover of grandpa, merely if she was cast aside by grandpa, then she ought to hate them, the people of Ximen clan, but from her expression and attitude towards him of just now, she however loved him very much, as if she was his close relative.

“Strange, truly strange.” Long Yi mumbled while pondering. In the memory of Ximen Yu, when he searched about the memory of his grandpa, he only got that that his grandpa had disappeared after passing the position of Clan Head to his father Ximen Nu.

Long Yi took out a set of clothing from inside his space ring, then putting them on and identifying the direction, he began to go towards Mea Principality. And when he circulated internal force, Long Yi couldn’t help but became pleasantly surprised, as his internal force AoTianJue had reached the peak of the second layer with an indistinct trace of breaking through, it seems he was expected to enter the third layer within several days. This was really not an easy feat, he had taken more than one year to break through the second layer of AoTianJue, but he believed that even the ancestor of this skill had also not necessarily reached this level in such a short period of time.

With a delighted mood, Long Yi returned to the inn, then opening the door, he immediately smelled that faint fragrance inside the room, and also heard the sound of water ringing inside the bathroom. Someone was unexpectedly taking a bath, furthermore was a woman.

Long Yi mischievous smiled, he was sure that the person who was in the process of taking the bath was Long Ling’er, because other than him, only Long Ling’er had the key of this room.

Long Yi smiled and walked towards the bathroom, yesterday he had suppressed a bellyful of fire, as this girl however had insisted to return back to the dormitory to sleep, but today he caught her red-handed, so there was no reason to let her go. Originally he had thought to wait until Long Ling’er thoroughly fall in love with him, only then he would take her, but later he thought, why should he wait until that time ah, it would be better to take her now, as, if two people had the most intimate relationship, then feelings would naturally have certain subtle change.

Darling, you’re not going to get away this time. Long Yi thought inwardly. Then reaching out the door of the bathroom, he pushed it open, then pleasing to the eyes scene dazzled his eyes. And from that raised buttocks, that mysterious pink gully exposed in the middle of dense curly chestnut colored forest instantly petrified Long Yi.

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From this hair color, Long Yi instantly knew that this figure before his eyes was definitely not Long Ling’er, moreover although Long Ling’er ** were also perfectly round snow-white, but compared with this, they nevertheless were a little smaller.

“Xiao Cui, you bought the bath essence so quickly?” A crisp as if oriole voice resounded, precisely was this bent down and washing young girl calling, as she turned around.

Four eyes met, sparks flew about in all direction, and this young girl had her mouth wide open, while frozen in the same position. Her eyes were filled with frightened expression, as she forgot to immediately turn around.

Seeing this extremely beautiful woman before his eyes, although Long Yi knew it was rude to look at, but Long Yi didn’t take off his eyes, as he was not a gentleman. Furthermore with such beautiful scenery right before them to admire, even gentlemen would change into villains.

The skin of this girl was as white as milk, had slender jade neck, exquisite collarbone, and a pair of bosom, which proudly rose as if freshly peeled bamboo shoots in spring, while being covered with drops of water, looked very tempting. She had a pretty slender waist that could be hugged with one hand, smooth underbelly, and very cute and delicate navel. And what attracted Long Yi’s eyes the most nevertheless was that bright red mole right above the neat dense forest. This red mole increased her bewitching and charming power.

The suppressed fire of Long Yi was already seething with excitement. Suddenly, he felt that this girl looked very familiar, but he was unable to remember where he had seen her for the time being.

Just then, suddenly a sound came from outside the door, someone was in the process of opening the door with a key. Under great alarm, Long Yi subconsciously rushed towards the window. And just when he was about to reach the window, Long Yi suddenly halted, then he immediately rushed into the bathroom again and smoothly closed the door of the bathroom.

And just then, this young girl snapped awake, then hugging her chest with her hands, she squatted down and was about to shout loudly. Long Yi immediately stepped forward, then used his palm to cover her mouth, and his body also firmly stuck with her body.

The face of this girl was filled with terror, then powerful magic fluctuation suddenly spread out from her lovely body.

“Don’t, someone is coming.” Long Yi softly said in the ear of this girl. And after that warm breath blew into the exquisite ear of this girl, her whole body suddenly trembled.

At this time, the door opened, and the voice of Ximen Wuhen came from outside: “Long’er, why are you flying in from the window?”

“I don’t feel like climbing the stairs.” The voice of Long Ling’er sounded from the direction of the window.

“Being Master Magician is so nice ah, I wonder when I will reach that realm?” Ximen Wuhen softly said, admiring a bit.

“Wuhen, don’t get impatient, now you are already peak Advance Magician, and breaking through is only the matter of time.” Long Ling’er consoled.

“Eh, where is princess Ruyue?” Ximen Wuhen suddenly asked. Some time ago, they had come together with Nalan Ruyue as well as her maid to look for her elder brother Ximen Yu. But they didn’t find Ximen Yu here, and they also didn’t know where he went, so they decided to wait for him to return. Afterwards, she and Long Ling’er went to buy few women’s personal items. And as for Nalan Ruyue, she didn’t like the bustling place, so she stayed behind in the inn.

Just then, Nalan Ruyue’s maid Xiao Cui trotted inside, holding a bottle of bath essence. And after greeting Ximen Wuhen and Long Ling’er, she called out from outside the bathroom: “Princess, I bought back the essence.”

Nalan Ruyue immediately got anxious and angry in her heart, if they saw the current appearance of them two, then even if she plunged into the Yellow River, that wouldn’t wash this stain clean. As for Long Yi, he immediately looked around this not that small bathroom, searching for a hiding place.

Just then, the gaze of Long Yi stopped at big bathtub inside the bathroom, it seems he could only hide inside there. He released Nalan Ruyue, then entered the bathtub filled with warm water.

“Princess, I am coming in.” Xiao Cui’s voice resounded again, then opening the door of the bathroom, she entered. After that she saw thoroughly red cheeks of Nalan Ruyue, but didn’t care too much about it, because while taking a bath, the heat would raise the temperature of the skin, making them red, so it wasn’t any strange matter.

Nalan Ruyue stepped forward anxiously, then took the bath essence from the hand of Xiao Cui, and hurriedly said: “Okay, go out now.”

“Princess, let me wash your back.” Xiao Cui said, and while speaking, she unexpectedly walked towards bathtub.

Nalan Ruyue turned pale with fright, as long as Xiao Cui went to the side of the bathtub, she would be able to see Long Yi under the water. And she absolutely couldn’t let this happen. So in a moment of desperation, she dashed past Xiao Cui, jumped into the water, and sat down.

This sitting was really serious. One should know that the head of Long Yi was faced upward inside the bathtub, and Nalan Ruyue however happens to sit on the face of Long Yi, this nearly made him jump as he felt a pain in the chest while breathing.

Long Yi’s eyes were obstructed by Nalan Ruyue’s snow-white soft buttocks’ cheeks, and he could only feel softness on his face as well as fine hairs sweeping his nose and lips along with the ripples of water.

Although his eyes couldn’t see, but this kind of alluring skin to skin contact without any obstruction made Long Yi so excited that his blood vessels were about to burst. Moreover, the place where his face was having an intimate contact was unexpectedly the most private place of a girl, this kind of stimulation, which man could endure.

Hearing Xiao Cui’s address, Long Yi finally recalled that this maiden was the princess of Nalan Empire, Nalan Ruyue whom he had met before, and was also one of the saintesses of Light Church. Her identity made a kind of indescribable feeling to well up inside the heart of Long Yi, just imagine, clear as ice and clean as jade, noble saintess’s most private place was pressing against his face, this kind of stimulation and conquest of pleasure was truly joyous.

“Gang Cui, I’ll do it myself, you just go out quickly.” Nalan Ruyue forcibly calmed herself down and said. But no one knows that she was about to go insane at this very moment.

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Xiao Cui somewhat strangely looked at Nalan Ruyue, then went out. Before, every time princess took bath, I would always wash her back, but how come today I can’t, moreover, that expression seemed to earnestly wish for me to go out.

Outside, Ximen Wuhen and Long Ling’er were checking out the things they had bought just a moment ago. Those things were a lot of colorful underwear, naturally of Beauty Workshop brand. Furthermore, there was also some package like odd things. If Long Yi who had the memory of Ximen Yu had seen these things, he would have naturally know that these were the things women would use during their physiological period of every month.

“Gang Cui, why did your princess suddenly bathe here?” Ximen Wuhen asked feeling surprised.

“Oh, our princess is somewhat a neat freak, just now she accidentally dirtied her clothes, so princess simply took a bath.” Xiao Cui replied.

Inside the bathroom, after Xiao Cui went out, Nalan Ruyue hastily got up, then turned around her head, only to see Long Yi’s eyes fixedly staring at her. Seeing Long Yi’s facing upward handsome face, and again thinking about the place she was sitting just now, Nalan Ruyue as if burning hot, her face began to emit smoke. She opened her mouth, however her immediate reaction was using her hands to cover herself.

Taking a bath towel, she wrapped around her charming body. Right now her eyes were very red, and she suddenly felt wrong. The occurrence of this shameful event, she truly wanted to forget it.

Long Yi bore out from the bathtub, then long at that exposed fair and tender fragrant shoulder and well-proportioned Nalan Ruyue, he couldn’t help but swallow a mouthful of saliva, and her stark naked beautiful body involuntarily emerged in his mind. But very quickly, he noticed the difference in current Nalan Ruyue, and those thoughts inside his heart immediately dissipated.

“Princess Ruyue, I’m truly sorry, I didn’t know you were inside here.” Long Yi used Sound Condensing Technique to convey his apology.

Nalan Yurue raised her head, then ferociously glared him.

“Shameless.” Nalan Ruyue angrily spat out.

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