Chapter 134: Pornographic Book

Long Yi shrugged his shoulders and smiled paying no attention to her. Now he instead was having a headache thinking what to do next. If those girls outside didn’t go away, then wouldn’t he have to continuously coop inside here.

“Princess Ruyue, quickly go out and think of a way to take them away, otherwise……it doesn’t matter to me, if you agree, then I can walk out now.” Long Yi said with a smile. His tone of speaking gave somewhat acting shamelessly feeling.

Nalan Ruyue hurriedly blocked up in front of Long Yi, greatly feared that this thick-skinned fellow would really go out. She believed that Long Yi would do what he had spoken. That courting event of yesterday that caused a sensation throughout the academy was an example.

Nalan Ruyue gritted her teeth, took a deep breath, then seeing her complexion had restored to some extent in the mirror, she pulled open the door and stepped outside.

“Princess Ruyue is truly sexy, but weren’t you afraid that my second brother would suddenly burst in?” Seeing Nalan Ruyue coming out with only a bath towel wrapped around, Ximen Wuhen couldn’t help but lightly laughed.

Nalan Ruyue forced herself to laugh, how would they know that that stinking fellow had already burst in, and furthermore also had taken advantage of her sufficiently.

“If Ximen Yu truly burst in then I will gouge out his eyes.” Nalan Ruyue hatefully said.

“Then Ling’er will die out of distress. Oh, that’s right, Princess Ruyue, I see your breast size is similar to us, and by coincident we just bought a lot of underwear, you can pick a set to wear.” Ximen Wuhen chuckled.

“No need, I have brought them myself.” Nalan Ruyue said. Then she took out a set of clothing from inside her space ring, and taking off the bath towel, she began to wear clothes. Her that extreme beauty made even Ximen Wuhen and Long Ling’er who were also girl couldn’t take off their eyes from her.

Sorting out her hair, Nalan Ruyue suddenly covered her stomach and said: “Now it’s already noon, and I’m somewhat hungry. How about we go and have a meal first. I think Ximen Yu will also not be back in a short time.”

After Nalan Ruyue spoke this, all girls also felt somewhat hungry, so all of them agreed to go downstairs to the restaurant to eat a meal.

Just when they were preparing to go out, Ximen Wuhen suddenly paused, then said with an ashamed smile: “Wait for me, I will go to the washroom first.” Finished speaking, she turned around and walked over to the bathroom. But the toilet was inside the bathroom, merely separated by a magic mirror.

Nalan Ruyue panicked, and she couldn’t think of a good excuse to stop Ximen Wuhen, after all, she had to allow others to go to the washroom. While she was hesitating like this, Ximen Wuhen had already rushed into the bathroom. Nalan Ruyue hopelessly closed her eyes, waiting for Ximen Wuhen to scream, but even after a long time, there was no movement in the bathroom. And after a while, Ximen Wuhen walked out without any unusualness. This made Nalan Ruyue sigh in relief, and simultaneously she also felt surprised. Where did that fellow Ximen Yu hide, making Ximen Wuhen unable to notice him even a bit? If Ximen Wuhen was to know that she had just went to the toilet before her second brother, then what kind of reaction she would have? Nalan Ruyue thought inwardly.

Hearing ‘peng’ door shutting sound, from the bath towel hung in the bathroom, suddenly two hands and two legs extended, and Long Yi with red face walked out from behind. How big space would he get behind the bath towel to hide himself? At most only one-fourth of his body would be hidden, but such small piece of cloth let Long Yi avoid a disaster.

Long Yi took two deep breath and washed his somewhat burning handsome face with fresh water. He really had never expected that his younger sister Ximen Wuhen would suddenly enter here. When he heard her saying she wanted to go to the washroom, at first he intended to catch her when least expected and explain to her. But like this, after all, was not too safe, and at the same time, he recalled Bone Contracting Skill which he had never used after he had arrived this world, so he used this skill to shrink into a ball and hid behind a small bath towel.

Long Yi shook her head to throw off water drops from his face, then recalled the event of just now. He didn’t see Ximen Wuhen going to the toilet, merely heard that urinating sound, and coupled with his thought of her going to the toilet in front of him, that thrill of ** stimulated him endlessly, but he swears that he truly didn’t see anything.

“She is your little sister, shouldn’t let my imagination run wild.” Long Yi shook his head and muttered. Although the soul was different, but his body’s blood relationship nevertheless was unable to change.

Walking outside the bathroom, Long Yi was stunned to see a pile of colorful underwear on the table. These girls, not taking away their things when going out. Long Yi stepped forward, picked up small panty, then couldn’t help but click his tongue in admiration. The thought of the designer of that underwear was sufficiently avant-grade, this panty was not only very lacking in cloth compared to general panties, furthermore unexpectedly was semitransparent, as it turns out this world’s sexy underwear have already begun to develop slowly.

Ximen Wuhen, Long Ling’er and Nalan Ruyue master and servant arrived at a luxurious restaurant opposite to the inn, then went to the private room of the second floor.

“Princess, what’s wrong with you?” Seeing Nalan Ruyue’s restless appearance, Xiao Cui couldn’t help but ask.

“Nothing.” Nalan Ruyue shook her head and answered.

“Princess Ruyue, next time we will take you to Charming Love Residence. Even Intoxicated Fragrant Building can’t compare with the things of that place.” Ximen Wuhen said. Since the last time, she has been continuously missing the pure natural delicacies of that place.

“Charming Love Residence?” Nalan Ruyue said with hesitation, obviously, she also misunderstood by the name.

Ximen Wuhen explained with a smile: “Charming Love Residence is not the kind of place you are thinking, it is a restaurant opened by the girls of Fox Clan which only entertain female guests.”

“There is such a place, then I want to go to widen my knowledge.” Nalan Ruyue said feeling surprise. She knew that the women of Fox clan were good at charming, so generally speaking, entertaining male guests would definitely thrive their business, but only entertaining female guests, this instead made her rather unable to comprehend.

Long Ling’er appeared somewhat uncommunicative, merely answering a sentence once in a while, and most of the time, she was in an absent-minded state. Only Ximen Wuhen knew that the current Long Ling’er was much better than before. Before, every day she was expressionless, sometimes she would not utter a single word entire day, and other than herself (Ximen Wuhen), she would ignore all others without exception. At that time, she clearly was a living unrivaled beauty, but actually couldn’t sense any vitality from her.

But now Ximen Wuhen perceived that Long Ling’er had greatly changed, she no longer not speak a single word in the entire day, moreover sometimes a rare smile as well as other emotions, for instance, indignant, anger and so on would appear on her face. All these shows that a crack has appeared in the frozen heart of Long Ling’er. Other than that irritating second brother of hers, no others could accomplish this.

Four girls returned to the inn after eating, and when they pushed open the door, they saw Long Yi sitting on the sofa while reading a book with a big smile on his face.

“You all came back, why did you cast aside such colorful rags here?” Long Yi closed the book, then pointing at that pile of underwear and physiological period women items on the table, he said.

“Ah!” Ximen Wuhen and Long Ling’er screamed, then rushing to the table, they placed these latest design underwear which made them blush and palpitation into their space ring.

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Nalan Ruyue did her utmost to pretend calm, but her flashing eyes and unconsciously blushing beautiful face however revealed her current state of mind, which were embarrassment, anger and shy.

Long Yi stood up, threw the book he was reading to one side, then looking at Nalan Ruyue, he suddenly became surprised, and stepping forward, he said: “Princess Ruyue, we meet again, I already knew that Princess Ruyue possess the looks that could make fish sink and birds alight, but never thought that you furthermore had figure that would outshine the moon and put the flowers to shame.”

Nalan Ruyue firmly gritted her teeth, this fellow can really pretend, simply is a lowest of a low hypocrite. Originally because of the passion of Long Yi towards Si Bi, Nalan Ruyue had a certain level of the good impression, but this good impression completely disappeared today and was replaced with hate and a kind of unspeakable feeling, in any case, not a good feeling.

“Several days no see, young master Ximen’s glib talking skill is pretty good ah.” Originally Nalan Ruyue wanted to pretend, but seeing Long Yi’s that wicked smile, she couldn’t help but flew into a rage. This stinking fellow took great advantage of her just a short while ago.

“Why are you saying such words, Princess Ruyue? I am speaking words from the bottom of my heart, princess’s external appearance and inner thoughts coincide, soul-stirringly beautiful ah.” Long Yi mischievously laughed. And when saying ‘external appearance and inner thoughts coincide’, he specially strengthened his tone.

Ximen Wuhen coldly snorted, it’s easier to change mountains and rivers than to alter her second brother’s character, saw a beauty and not only opened his eyes wide, also did everything to please, and try his best to flatter her. Moreover, his flattering level was much higher than before, the words spoken were particularly pleasant to listen to, and any woman would be happy to listen these words. But the expression of Nalan Ruyue seemed not happy at all. Could it be that when they meet several days ago, her second brother molested her? With his current skill, isn’t molesting a girl very easy to him? Also didn’t he play hooligan with Lin Na who was also Master Magician?

Seeing Long Yi’s attentive appearance towards Nalan Ruyue, Long Ling’er felt uncomfortable in her heart without any reason. How come this b*stard never speak such words to me? Making fish sink and birds alight, outshine moon and put the flowers to shame, this analogy is really too wonderful, but the target is not me.

Long Ling’er also felt very surprise, why was her heart feeling so uncomfortable, and after thinking for a bit, she immediately reached the conclusion. Long Yi being eagerly attentive to other girls, this represents infidelity exist in his heart, and this furthermore represents her infatuated plan wouldn’t be realized, so she naturally was unhappy.

Just then, Ximen Wuhen gaze landed on the book which was tossed aside by Long Yi, then she went up and picked it up to look. Suddenly, her face became red, and as if the book in her hand was burning hot, she instantly threw it away.

“Little sister, what happened?” Long Yi curiously asked.

Ximen Wuhen’s beautiful face was so red that it seems blood would flow out at any time. And she angrily answered: “You big pervert, actually reading this kind of book.”

“This kind of book? What’s the problem? This is a good literature ah.” Long Yi was unable to make heads or tails out of the words of Ximen Wuhen. He had been flipping through this book for a long time, and it was something like a novel. The story was very good, somewhat depict, but this level was simply negligible for Long Yi who had come from 21st century Earth. In that era, this kind of depict was written by pure and innocent little boy.

Long Ling’er and Nalan Ruyue also squinted their eyes for a while to look at the name of that book on the ground. Above book, there were three large characters: Silver Bottle Plum (银瓶梅). Seeing this both of them couldn’t help but cursed in unison: “Pervert.”

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