Chapter 135: Great Aunt came

This Silver Bottle Plum belong to such category in Blue Waves Continent because there were some obscure depictions inside it.

“Do you all know this book? Could it be that you all have also read it?” Long Yi said with a mischievous smile, while ambiguously staring at them with his shifty eyes.

“Nonsense, how can we read this kind of book?” Nalan Ruyue angrily said.

“Not read, then why are you all calling me a pervert?” Long Yi said with a treacherous smile.

“We…of course only heard of it.” Ximen Wuhen said and her beautiful face became red.

“Heard? Heh heh, I understand, I clearly understand.” Long Yi nodded his head with a strange smile on his face, but his eyes were becoming even more ambiguous.

Seeing so hateful smile of Long Yi, the teeth of all women itched, but what Long Yi had said was actually true, they all had really read this book secretly. Although Silver Bottle Plum was such, but the house of which bigwigs and rich merchants of Blue Waves Continent didn’t hide a set or two inside them. Several years ago, a number of bold noble young girls began to secretly read this book. Majority of them read this book hidden in their house accompanied by their close friend inside their room. Very soon, this book became very popular among the ladies and madams of various countries of Blue Waves Continent to the point of unmanageable. And in those days the first words asked between ladies when they meet each other were: Today, did you read it?

Nalan Ruyue was the first that was unable to bear Long Yi’s this kind of unconcealed teasing eyes, and in addition, with the matter that happened in the bathroom today, she fiercely glared at Long Yi, then left with her maid Xiao Cui. And Ximen Wuhen also followed out, leaving behind only Long Yi and Long Ling’er inside the room.

The atmosphere instantly became cold, and when two people’s four eyes met, Long Ling’er somewhat unnaturally looked away.

After that Long Yi who was sitting on the sofa, called to Long Ling’er: “Come sit by my side.”

Long Ling’er lowered her head and walking over, she slowly sat down, but the distance that separated Long Yi and Long Ling’er was as long as the Nile River. Long Yi chuckled and embracing the waist of Long Ling’er, he pulled her into his bosom, hugging a warm fragrant jade.

Placing his chin on the head of Long Ling’er, he inhaled her faint fragrant with his nose. This kind of natural feeling made Long Yi to suddenly think that perhaps he and Long Ling’er originally should have been like this.

“Ximen Yu, where did you go today?” Somewhat stiff Long Ling’er in the bosom of Long Yi asked softly.

“Well, last night you were not by my side, so being lonely I had to wander all around, and carelessly fell asleep in the mountain on the outskirts of the city.” Long Yi smiled and said.

“Nonsense.” Long Ling’er grumbled in a flirtatious manner. She didn’t realize how soft her voice was at this moment.

The heart of Long Yi softened, and his big hand holding Long Ling’er began to get restless. Now he could not help but wonder what a wonderful thing it would be if Long Ling’er had really wanted to be his woman wholeheartedly. Stealing heart was far better compared to stealing a person.

Long Ling’er’s slender jade hands stopped the mischievous big hands of Long Yi, then angrily said: “Don’t move randomly.”

“I am not moving randomly ah, I am really moving in a regular pattern, is in the line with the world’s rationale.” Long Yi said with a smile.

Long Ling’er couldn’t restrain her anger, so she raised her leg and firmly stepped on the leg of Long Yi. And seeing Long Yi pretending to be hurt, she involuntarily chuckled lightly.

“Ling’er, your smile is truly beautiful. Hereafter, if you smile a little more in front of me, then I will certainly be miserable.” Long Yi sighed with feeling while fixedly staring at Long Ling’er.

“Why?” Long Ling’er asked.

“Is that still a question? I will be accustomed to your ravishingly beautiful smile, and if one day I don’t see you smile, then wouldn’t that be even more painful compared to killing me? Now you say isn’t that miserable enough?” Long Yi used his hand to support his forehead and said gloomily, but his eyes were secretly glimmering with sly radiance.

Is that so? Long Ling’er was stunned, since that was the case, wouldn’t it be better for me to smile more in front of him? And when I will leave him after he got accustomed, at that time wouldn’t he feel death is better than life?

“What are you thinking?” Seeing Long Ling’er was lost in thoughts, Long Yi asked.

Long Ling’er woke up with a start, then looking at Long Yi, she said: “I was thinking, wouldn’t it be better for you to enter Mea Holy Magic Academy to study together with me? This way we’ll be together every day, um, and you…you will also be able to see me smile daily.” Mentioning the last sentence, Long Ling’er revealed a shy smile.

Long Yi swallowed a mouthful of saliva, frankly, Long Ling’er’s smile was really too charming, and especially this shy and timid smile, this increased her unique womanly charm.

“We’ll talk about this later, now we should begin……doing that thing.” Long Yi mischievously laughed and said. And his big mouth tried to seal the little mouth of Long Ling’er.

But the jade hands of Long Ling’er quickly sealed the big mouth of Long Yi, then biting her lower lip, she said: “In the end, will you join Mea Holy Magic Academy or not?”

Long Yi stuck out his tongue and teasingly licked the sensitive palm of Long Ling’er, and after she screamed and retracted her hands, he softly said with a smile: “Do you really want to be together with me every day?”

Long Ling’er nodded her head, and she told herself that she really wanted to be together with Long Yi every day, so that Long Yi would quickly fall in love with her.

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“That’s fine, I am ready to risk everything for you, but, Holy Magic Academy might not let me enter.” Long Yi said.

“You stupid, don’t you know the rule of Holy Magic Academy that anyone who has reached Intermediate Magician level before the age of 20 can enter the academy without testing? And don’t tell me that you are still not Intermediate Magician level ah.” Seeing Long Ling’er was looking at him as if idiot, Long Yi felt gloomy in his heart. He was not interested in Holy Magic Academy, so do he have to know that? He immediately picked up endlessly screaming Long Ling’er, then throwing her onto the bed of bedroom, he threw himself onto her and pushed her down as if evil wolf.

“Wu…” The sealed little mouth of Long Ling’er uttered a whimper of protest.

Long Yi’s nimble tongue teased Long Ling’er’s fragrant tongue, while his big hand held her those firm and full mounds, and skillfully kneaded them.

Long Ling’er turned her head, and struggling free from the mouth of Long Yi, she said while breathing heavily: “No, don’t, I……”

Before she could finish speaking, Long Yi sealed her mouth again, and the omnipresent stimulation of Long Yi made her whole body feel weak, and she no longer had the heart to resist.

Long Yi was self-satisfied inwardly, then his big hand slowly slide passed smooth underbelly. And with a flick of a finger, he opened the belt of Long Ling’er. And after Long Yi’s big hand drove straight to her virgin land, Long Ling’er sober up with a start.

The beautiful face of Long Ling’er instantly became very red, wanted to say something but then hesitated, afterwards, she simply closed her eyes and turn her head to one side.

The big hand of Long Yi pressed the softest place of the girl, but his complexion suddenly became somewhat odd. This moment he felt a thick layer of soft cloth like thing inside her extremely thin panties. If his guess was not wrong, then this out to be the item to use during the physiological period of women.

Long Yi gloomily cursed inwardly, now he finally knew why Long Ling’er refused to go back the inn with him last night. As it turned out women’s great aunt had come, truly nerve-racking ah. It seems the dirty thoughts in his mind would remain unrealized.

Long Yi pulled back his big hand, then looking at Long Ling’er’s that red seemingly burning beautiful face, he softly said with a smile: “Your good friend had come but you said nothing. Causing me trouble in vain, are you happy now?”

Long Ling’er opened her eyes, she immediately knew that the good friend Long Yi was saying was referring to her that. She looked at the erect crotch of Long Yi, then gritting her teeth, she said in a mosquito-like small voice: “If you don’t dislike dirty, then you can…can do it.”

Long Yi was dumbfounded, and couldn’t bear but laugh. This girl was truly stupidly cute ah. Long Yi naturally knew that women were most susceptible to infection during physiological periods, moreover, he was not that impatient to do this matter.

And seeing Long Yi was laughing evilly, Long Ling’er thought that he was ridiculing her, so she suddenly got angry out of shame. She however had said that aloud with great resolution, but this fellow actually ridiculed her, truly was a great bastard.

“Are you laughing, are you laughing?” Long Ling’er threw herself at Long Yi and began punching and kicking.

Long Yi stopped laughing, and begged for mercy: “Well, I am not laughing, really not laughing.”

After being busy for a long while, Long Ling’er withdrew into the bosom of Long Yi. Now she had slowly begun to get accustomed to the embrace of Long Yi, merely she herself hadn’t noticed this. This way, it was hard to tell who will be unable to leave whom.

Just then, Long Ling’er subconsciously recalled those three girls beside Long Yi when he had come to Mea Principality at that time. They ought to be his women too. Moreover, he was willing to beg her for the sake of that cursed girl, so that girl out to weight very heavy in the heart of Long Yi, but was she able to compare her? Long Ling’er’s heart could not help but feel uncomfortable, because she knew that she herself definitely couldn’t compare with that girl in the heart of Long Yi.

“Hereafter, I must make this pervert whole-heartedly love me, then…dump him.” Long Ling’er said inwardly, while forcibly shaking her little head.

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“What happened? Why are you shaking her head?” Long Yi curiously asked.

Long Ling’er turned around and looked at Long Yi, and her expression was slightly strange. Just now when she thought of Long Yi wholeheartedly loving her, a scene of two people cuddling each other on the top of colorful flower mountain suddenly appeared in her mind, so she shook her head to toss away those unacceptable scenes from her brain.

Long Yi didn’t question closely again, as, during a physiological period, girls were always strange. They say it was easier to anger them, so, in this period of time, it would be better to provoke them less.

“Ximen Yu.” Long Ling’er suddenly called out.

“Mhm?” Long Yi softly responded while the figure of few girls wandered about slowly in his heart. Among them were Si Bi, Leng Youyou, Yu Feng, Wushuang and Lu Xiya. Their voice and smiling face were so clear in his mind that all different flirtatious smile made him intoxicated. He missed them and also his desires to see them got vigorous.

Seeing Long Yi’s absent-minded appearance, Long Ling’er pinched his waist and firmly turned the soft flesh while panting with rage.

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