Chapter 136: Entering the academy

Long Yi screamed, then helplessly looked at Long Ling’er. Women in a physiological period are truly moody ah.

“What were you thinking just now? Laughing so disgustingly.” Long Ling’er sneered. Just now when Long Yi was absent-minded, his expression was soft and somewhat blurred, clearly was reminiscing.

Long Yi made a wry smile, and without hiding, he lightly sighed: “I am thinking of few other girls, they are my women, and also will be your close sisters.”

Long Ling’er was startled, and seeing Long Yi’s longing expression, the crack in her frozen heart seemed to enlarge somewhat. She had thought that Long Yi would speak sweet words and honeyed phrases of how he was thinking about her and so on words, but to her surprise, he bluntly told her that he was missing other girls right in front of her. Hearing this, she felt somewhat stifled, and at the same time, Long Ling’er’s understanding of Long Yi deepened a step further, he really has changed, becoming affectionate and true, not fickle in his affections, seemed not so bad.

“Are you jealous?” Seeing Long Ling’er in a daze, Long Yi couldn’t help but ask with a smile.

“No, what does it have to do with me whether you’re thinking of other girls or not.” Long Ling’er refused to admit. This unhappiness in my heart is absolutely not jealousy.

“Really not? Relying on my experience, you are definitely jealous, isn’t that right?” Long Yi said with a bad smile, and his appearance looked just like a drunk toad.

“Nonsense, I don’t.” Long Ling’er pushed away Long Yi in rage, then getting off the bed, she rushed to the bathroom.

“If not then why such a big reaction, can it be that…” Long Yi muttered, and he couldn’t help but reveal a complacent smile.


Lin Na angrily told her grandfather Puxiusi about the matter of Long Yi and Tyrannical Bear mercenary groups acting in collusion with each other to swindle the mission reward from them.

“Grandpa, we can’t just let them go, and especially Ximen Yu, that bastard. They cheated you of all the money that was for buying magic materials.” Lin Na said while fanning the flame, as she was unable to swallow this anger, but she forgot that this matter, from the start to finish was something she had provoked herself.

“Ximen Yu? Are you talking about the second kid of Violent Dragon Empire’s Ximen Clan who has committed outrages?” Puxiusi asked.

“That’s him, that shameless hooligan.” Lin Na hatefully said. She will never be able to forget that night’s harassment, that bastard actually unshipped her underwear, perhaps also touched her breasts too, truly hateful.

Seeing his granddaughter was gnashing her teeth, Puxiusi couldn’t help but angrily said: “Did that bastard bully you? I will look for him to settle the accounts.”

Lin Na was startled, and hastily said: “No, not, how can that bastard bully me relying on his miserable strength, I am after all your granddaughter.”

Puxiusi’s fiery temper disappeared as fast as it had come. He nodded his head and said: “Pretty good, with your strength, that kid should not be your opponent. You not bulling him is already good enough.”

“Yes, that’s right, but he cheated your money, grandpa, so shouldn’t you teach him a lesson?” Lin Na said.

“All of this is your cause, and now we have already handed over the money, so even I want to, it won’t come back. And here you are asking Grandpa, a grand Fire Master Archmage to go and look for a trouble with a brat, isn’t this intentionally making myself a joke? Since you cannot swallow this anger, then you can go and teach him a small lesson, in any case, that kid is not your opponent.” Puxiusi said. Those 1000 amethyst coins were still causing him endless pain, so he also wanted her to properly teach him a lesson.

“This……” Lin Na was speechless at once. Because she knew that she was not his opponent, so she thought of a way to make her grandpa Puxiusi to go into action, but never thought that she was just moving a stone and smashing her leg.


In Holy Magic Academy, a special office was set up to recruit the student all year round, especially recruiting children of various countries’ nobles as well as youths who had reached Intermediate Magician before the age of 20. The reason why such special office was set up and all children of various countries’ nobles were welcomed, this was naturally because they had no other choice. Holy Magic Academy was directly under the imperial family of Mea Principality, while Mea Principality was a small country with a small military. So if they wanted to survive during the frequent wars of Blue Waves Continent, then they must fawn upon various countries’ nobles.

And recruiting the youths who had reached Intermediate Magician before the age of 20 was also a kind of self-defense mechanism. Generally, these kinds of youths have limitless future prospects, moreover, after graduating, most of them would become pillars of various countries, and in the future, if Mea Principality has difficulty, then they will definitely give a helping hand.

This special recruiting office was relatively idle throughout the year, after all, the number of people who could satisfy the condition of a special recruit was very low. And today, a youth however applied to enter the academy in this special recruiting office, and this youth caused the sensation.

Seeing the bustling crowd of people surrounding the office, Long Yi endlessly made a wry smile. As a matter of fact, a person becoming too famous was not necessarily a good thing ah. Yesterday’s incident of courting had caused a sensation throughout the academy, up until now many people still discussed this incident enthusiastically, and some clever boys had already begun to imitate it, so thick-skinned boys were becoming more and more common.

“Is your name Long Yi?” A male teacher wearing yellow earth attributed magic robe who was responsible for handling the matters of special recruits took the form handed over by Long Yi, then asked while looking at him with smiling eyes.

“Yes.” Long Yi answered.

“Wasn’t it you who created a sensation in front of girls dormitory yesterday? Your that method was actually rather modern, not bad, not bad.” This male teacher said with a smile.

………….Long Yi was speechless.

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“Are you Water Intermediate Magician?” This male teacher again asked.

Long Yi nodded his head while muttering in his heart, how come this fellow is asking such nonsense questions, isn’t that clearly written clearly on the form, but is still asking persistently.

“You don’t have the rank certificate of Magician Guild, so you have to cast an intermediate water magic now, will that be a problem?” That male teacher asked.

“No problem.” Long Yi grinned. Long Yi pretended to chant a string of incantation, then waved his right hand, and a chill immediately froze a chair to his right into an ice cube.

“Very good, very good, now you are admitted to our academy.” This male teacher excitedly said. Now the academy had recruited a good seedling, moreover was also a funny fellow, so later there will be a lot of excitement in the academy.

That male teacher turn over a book and muttered to himself for quite a while, then said: “You are assigned to Advance Magic Department’s Water Magic Class A, hope you will learn eagerly and quickly reach Water Advance Magician, and at that time your future prospect will be very bright.”

“Ah, Water Magic Class A, the luck of this fellow is too good.” A male student among the onlookers outside immediately cried out, and other male students beside him were also looking at him with jealousy.

As for Long Yi, why would he care about which class was he assigned to, with his current strength, did he still need to learn here? He came here only because he had promised Long Ling’er. Seeing the exclamation of onlookers, he couldn’t help but ask: “Teacher, what is so special about this Water Magic Class A? Why is their reaction so big?”

That male teacher laughed mischievously and said: “Go there and you will naturally know.”

Long Yi shrugged his shoulder, seeing an extremely jealous expression of these fellows, it seems that the Water Magic Class A is a good place, I wonder what is so good about this place? Is there a lot of beautiful female students? Or an utterly beautiful big sister type teacher? Merely, can they compare with Long Ling’er?

After completing the procedures to enter the academy, Long Yi just understood that it turned out specially recruited students actually didn’t need to pay even a cent to enter the academy, moreover, academy furthermore had scholarship issued. Although Long Yi didn’t care about this small money, but he was still slightly happy.

The dormitory where special recruit students would stay was also a high-grade dormitory with high-quality rooms where only two people would stay per room. The structure and condition were similar to the high-grade girls’ dormitory where Ximen Wuhen and Long Ling’er were staying. And what made Long Yi happiest was, this boys dormitory was just opposite to the girls’ dormitory where Long Ling’er was staying.

Opening the door of his dormitory, a really neat and tidy hall appeared before his eyes, presumably, his roommate was a person who was very fond of cleanness. This made Long Yi have a good impression on his yet to see roommate.

Long Yi look all around for a while and felt quite satisfied. And when he passed his roommate’s room, Long Yi noticed that the door of the room was not completely closed. He walked forward and looked inside, only to discover that the big bed inside was actually covered with pink sheets.

“Could it be that this boy is princess complex gay?” Long Yi immediately shuddered, but again thought, how could I judge the sexual orientation of a person only with the color of the bed sheet? Then he couldn’t help but smile, the thought of just now was too subjective.

Just then, the door of dormitory suddenly opened, and a brown haired brown eyed attractive boy entered. His build was not very tall, but was thin and looked frail.

“Hello, from today onwards, I will be your dormitory roommate. I’m Long Yi, hereafter please take care of me.” Long Yi stood up and walked over to the front of this boy with a smile, then enthusiastically extended his right hand.

This boy was startled, but immediately recovered, then with a smile on his face, he also stretched his right hand, lightly held onto the hand of Long Yi and immediately retracted back, then said: “I am Ling Feng, very pleased to know you.”

Long Yi put down his right hand, and doubts appeared in his heart. The hand of this Ling Feng was very soft, simply was almost like the jade hand of girls. But when Long Yi looked towards the throat of Ling Feng, he saw his throat had Adam’s apple sticking out.

At this time, Ling Feng looked at the face of Long Yi, then suddenly said: “I was thinking why you looked so familiar, but aren’t you that person who courted Long Ling’er in front of girls’ dormitory yesterday? Little brother really admires you very much, hope you will teach little brother one or two moves in future.”

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This kid looked refined but it turned out he was also jackals from the same lair ah. Now with regarding his strange thought of just now, he just felt laughable. Didn’t he just covered his bed with a pink sheet, it’s very normal, as in my previous incarnation, didn’t a lot of men wore pink clothing on the streets?

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