Chapter 138: Fox ladies’ spring scenery

Hearing such soul cleansing moaning sound, the mind of Long Yi heated up, and his heart also skipped few beats in confusion. And a scene of two charming bodies entangling with each other doing that business of fake male and false female began to appear in his mind.

Long Yi’s blood boiled, and he couldn’t wait for his eyeballs to fly out and pass through the wall to see how erotic that scene actually was.

“Ling Feng, I am going to the toilet, wait for me here for a while.” Long Yi said, immediately after that he went out and entered the toilet.

The toilet in this third floor was also inlaid with gold and silver, and was also so clean and shining that one could directly lie down and go to sleep on the floor. But this moment, Long didn’t have time to admire this, he was already impatient inside his heart, so directly running to the window, his figure flashed and changing into afterimage, he went out of the window, getting into the compartment of the roof.

The compartment was very narrow, the height was only enough for one person to lie down. Long Yi stretched his body, and gently pressing his palm on the floor, and as if ant, noiselessly slid forward.

Cautiously using his internal force for detection, Long Yi finally determined the location of the private room of Mea Empress.

“Bertha, how do you feel?” The crisp voice of Mea Princess came through the private room, which could paralyze the heart of any person that heard it.

“Auntie, don’t be so hard, it hurts a little.” Bertha replied while panting heavily.

The evil fire of Long Yi instantly burned hearing these voices. Heaven has no justice ah, two exceptional beauties are actually doing this kind of thing. Long Yi channeled internal force in his fingertips, then using Shaolin Diamond Finger, he poked a hole through the floor. Then only with a slight sound, the floor with multiple layers of barriers was easily impaled.

After that Long Yi impatiently moved his eyes close to this hole, but the scene he saw through this hole nearly made him spat blood and died on the spot. This private room actually had a place surrounded by a gauze, and Mea Princess and Bertha were inside this gauze. So Long Yi could only see the two silhouette, one sitting another lying, except this, he could see nothing. This made Long Yi, who believed that he could see an erotic show of grinding soya beans to make bean curd, feel utterly disappointed.

“Okay, this is it for today. Come back next month again.” At this time, Mea Empress said.

“Auntie, how long before I can practice Thousand Extreme Illusions?” Bertha asked.

“Wait another half a year, you can practice after half a year. But while practicing Thousand Extreme Illusion, before you reach hundred change clones, you absolutely can’t lose your virginity, do you understand?” Mea Empress crisp voice unexpectedly carried faint solemnness.

“I know, auntie, you can rest assured, I am also discontented with those smelly men.” Bertha said with a smile.

“You can never tell the emotional matters. Sometimes, just an extremely short meeting at one time can leave a very deep impression. Auntie can only hope that you can hold yourself back at that time. You are our Fox Clan’s sole person with silver fox bloodline, and also the only one that can practice Invisible Magic as well as Thousand Extreme Illusions, so all the flourishing hopes of Fox Clan are depending on you.” Mea Empress softly sighed, and her tone was somewhat bleak and dreary.

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“Auntie, you can rest assured, Bertha’s biggest wish in this life is to lead Fox Clan to the top level of all the beast clans again. Moreover, I don’t have the mood to discuss passion and talk of love. Besides, these smelly men don’t have even a single good person, you know, all of them use lecherous gaze to look at us.” Said Bertha.

“Auntie knows, our Bertha’s vision is very high. There are only very few men in this world who can enter your eyes.” Mea Empress lightly laughed and said.

“That’s natural.” When Bertha replied, there was a slight hesitation for an instant, as, a handsome man with a bad smile whom she had met in Barbarian Bull Clan’s Martial Arts Competition suddenly appeared in her mind. She could never forget that night.

Mea Empress noticed the expression of Bertha but she didn’t reveal it, as she believed that her niece with tenacious temperament would definitely tidy up these matters.

Hearing this, Long Yi who was in the narrow compartment was mystified and felt that they were not doing that matter of fake male and false female. What is this silver bloodline? As for Invisible Magic, last I have heard about it from the Patriarch of Barbarian Bull Clan, but Thousand Extreme Illusions, I have never heard about it, can it be that it is also one of the lost techniques of Fox Clan?

When Long Yi was thinking, the gauze suddenly lifted open, and breathe of Long Yi suddenly stopped, and pupils suddenly enlarged. As it turned out, inside the gauze, although two exceptional beauties of Fox Clan were not completely bare, but their bodies only had thin underwear. No need to mention about the greater part of their snow-white well-developed chest was revealed, even the marks of two small bumps could be seen clearly in their bra, naturally was tempting to the extreme. Especially Mea Empress, her those breasts, which were much bigger compared to Bertha, from inside a small bra was on the verge of coming out into the open. And her body’s that obscene panties was unexpectedly Beauty Workshop’s newest transparent model. And a black shadow could be seen indistinctly on it, moreover, because of being skintight, mysterious gully’s impression could be seen clearly. Furthermore adding that snow-white shaking bushy tail on her buttocks, her avent-grade attraction was already fatal.

Oh, God, I’m unable to bear. Long Yi mouth and tongue became dry, as, not only the body of this fox lady was captivating, even her every little move involuntarily exudes shocking charm. Meeting her, even an impotence man would have myriads of amorous feelings and would immediately have a pillar supporting the sky, much less Long Yi who had yet to vent off his evil fire in these past few days.

Thinking about time, he guessed that, that kid, Ling Feng ought to have already become impatient while waiting. So reluctantly looking at those charming bodies of two fox ladies below, he prepared to return back.

Just then, Mea Empress stooped to peak something, and the two soft round flesh of her breast immediately squeezed out a long and deep cleavage. Long Yi swallowed a mouthful of saliva with ‘gudong’ sound, and his little brother suddenly got even harder, nearly bursting out of his pants.

And at this time, Mea Empress’s bent waist slightly shook, then while feeling about on the floor, she inadvertently reached out her hand towards necklace in her neck.

A light flickered in the eyes of Long Yi, and he dangerously narrowed his eyes. Right now he had a kind of intuition that Mea Empress seemed to have already noticed him now. And when he saw her hand slowly reaching the necklace in her neck, he made a move, two spirit qi shot out from his finger, instantly hitting Bertha and Mea Empress, of course, he didn’t hurt their life, merely had sealed their **, nothing more.

Now, there was no need to hide, so he lifted open a piece of floorslab, then lightly flying down, he gracefully landed in front of two fox ladies.

Seeing the appearance of Long Yi, Bertha’s panic-stricken expression changed into surprise, then again change into anger.

As for Long Yi, he extended his big hand towards the breast of Mea Empress.

“Long Yi, you bastard, what do you think you are doing?” Bertha angrily said. Although she was unable to move her body, but she could still speak.

Long Yi’s finger lightly brushed passed Mea Empress’s surging forth snow-white breast, then moving up, the blue necklace on the chest of Mea Empress fell into his hand. The charming body of Mea Empress quivered, her face became red and her breathing involuntarily got somewhat rapid, but she didn’t have any fear, instead, her seductive eyes were curiously sizing Long Yi up.

Long Yi ripped down her necklace, then carefully looking it for a while, he said with a smile: “This thing to call for help is really advanced.”

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“Bertha, do you know him?” Mea Empress asked Bertha, and as if this matter was merely a common day to day matter, she didn’t show the slightest awareness, moreover, even though she was wearing merely a small bra and panties in front of a stranger, she was not shy at all.

“I don’t know this scum.” Bertha said while panting with rage.

Long Yi merely smiled, but his eyes as if a thief was sizing up the charming bodies of two women in only small bra and panties, moreover he frequently clicked his tongue in admiration.

“Ah…smelly bastard, quickly let us go.” At this moment, Bertha recalled that she was only in her underwear, and was completely exposed in front of Long Yi, so she couldn’t help but screeched, and her beautiful face instantly became very red.

Long Yi smirked, and after placing another spirit restriction around, he freed both women.

After that Bertha immediately covered her chest with her hands, and rushed inside the gauze, but Mea Empress however leisurely wore clothing right in front of Long Yi, as if standing before her was not a stranger rather her husband Mea Emperor.

This fox lady truly deserves to be the fox lady, if they said they are second in the ability to seduce a man, then I feared no-one would dare to admit themselves first. Long Yi thought inwardly, but his eyes were fixed on the body of Mea Empress with a faint smile on his face.

After finished putting on her clothing, Mea Empress naturally and at ease sat on the sofa, but she was rather surprised in her heart. Just now while wearing the clothes, she had used Charming Magic on Long Yi but she discovered that although this fellow had an expression of desiring beauty, but from the beginning to end, his eyes were always clear, basically her magic had no effect on him.

“Why did you secretly peep on us?” Mea Empress’s face reverted back to dignified appearance and asked lightly.

“Is there any other reason to peep? Naturally for seeing beauties.” Long Yi said with a mischievous smile. And he didn’t hesitate to sit opposite to Mea Empress with his legs crossed and one foot poised in the air.

“That is definitely not your reason.” Mea Empress said with certainty.

“Why?” Long Yi curiously asked.

“Intuition.” Mea Empress confidently said.

“Intuition is baseless and often wrong, so Empress shouldn’t mislead yourself by intuition.” Long Yi smiled and said.

“I believe in myself.” Mea Empress indifferently said.

Long Yi just shrugged his shoulders. The greater part of the reason to peep was because he had heard that soul-stirring moaning sound, and with dirty thoughts, he had rushed here to peep. So saying he had come here to see beauties was naturally a correct answer, but never thought that Mea Empress unexpectedly didn’t believe him. Ai, nowadays, no one believes the truth, but many took lying words seriously.

“Well, I admit that your intuition is right, I really came here on purpose.” Long Yi looked at Mea Empress and said with a smile.

“Then what is your purpose?” Mea Empress asked.

“Very simple, just now when you were walking upstairs, you mentioned that Long Ling’er and Ximen Wuhen were honored guests of Charming love Residence. And this Charming Love Residence seemed not a good place when hearing, furthermore they are my friends, and it is related to their safety, so I have no choice but to behave like this ah. But who would have thought that you two were doing that kind of matter?” Long Yi said with a mischievous smile.

The face of Mea Empress became red, then somewhat angrily said: “Charming Love Residence is merely a small restaurant that is exclusively open only for women, nothing more, it’s not the kind of place you are thinking.”

“Is it really just a small restaurant?” Long Yi’s gaze shone while staring at Mea Empress.

“I don’t care what your aim is, but be sure to not involve Long Ling’er and Ximen Wuhen, otherwise, your Fox Clan will disappear from Blue Waves Continent forever.” Long Yi half squinted his eyes, and his body suddenly emitted bone piercing cold killing intent.

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