Chapter 139: Ling Feng’s secret

After speaking, Long Yi changed into a wisp of smoke and flew out from the path he had entered the room, then placed that floorslab back into its original position, such that no one could see anything wrong from outside.

As for Mea Empress, she was rather startled, and her expression changed irregularly. No one knew what she was thinking at this moment.

Just then, Bertha who had finished putting on her clothes came out from inside the gauze, but discovered Long Yi had already left, leaving behind the smell of man aura inside the room.

“Did he left? That smelly fellow actually comes and go as he please, truly too hateful.” Bertha angrily said and sulked sitting on the sofa.

Mea Empress sobered up from her thought, then softly said with a smile: “Still not telling me quickly, how’d you know him?”

This time, Bertha no longer concealed, she thoroughly narrated all the matters that had happened at Barbarian Bull clan’s Martial Arts Competition, but she omitted the matter occurred in the mountain that night.

Mea Empress looked at Bertha with a smile yet not a smile and did not ask further.

Long Yi rolled into the toilet from the window, then patted out the dust from his body. And just at that time, he noticed blue necklace which he had ripped out of Mea Empress was still his hand.

Forget it, I will return it to her next time. Long Yi shook this necklace and threw it into his space ring.

Entering the private room, he saw that Ling Feng was gracefully sipping the wine from his cup, looking very satisfied.

“Long Yi, did you finally crawled out from the toilet?” Ling Feng said while watching Long Yi with a mocking smile.

“What?” Long Yi unknowingly got somewhat afraid.

“I just thought that you had lost your way to the toilet, so I asked some people to search for you, but discover that you were really missing without a trace.” Ling Feng said with a smile.

“Eh…” Long Yi awkwardly smiled and sat opposite to Ling Feng.

Ling Feng no longer kept on asking about where Long Yi had gone just now, rather began to talk about this and that with Long Yi, like talking about magic, warrior, women, the situation of the continent and so on. Now Long Yi found that this kid, Ling Feng was very knowledgeable. He could basically chat about any subject, moreover, he sounded like a professional.

In just this fashion of drinking and chatting, they finally left late at night. As for Mea Empress and Bertha, they had already left long ago. Right now on the street, only pedestrians in twos and threes were pacing back and forth, and the magic lamps of store entrance were already extinguished.

At this moment, Long Yi and Ling Feng were walking down the streets from Intoxicated Fragrant Building with drunken staggering steps, and both of them were talking very loudly. Right now they had typical drunkard appearance. Long Yi didn’t use internal force to completely disperse the alcohol within his body because Long Yi felt very good feeling this kind of half-drunk half-awake feeling. Right now he felt as if he was stepping on the cotton, and had a kind of riding the clouds and mounting the mist feeling.

Two people loudly talked nonsense, and at this time, Long Yi subconsciously put over his big hand on the slightly thin shoulder of Ling Feng, and this time, Ling Feng however didn’t dodge, instead, he also placed his hand on the back of Long Yi. After that two people, arms around each other’s shoulders, walked towards Holy Light Academy while talking nonsense.

“Ling Feng, how…how come your body smell so sweet, just like a young girl?” Long Yi lisped with a smile, as he smelled a faint elegant fragrance which wasn’t concealed by this dense smell of alcohol.

“I…I’m of course…” While speaking, Ling Feng suddenly staggered and swallowed down the remaining words. And feeling dizzy, Long Yi also no longer continued to speak.

Two people entered the dormitory, pushed open the door, then walking to the sofa of the drawing room, they collapsed down while hugging each other. In that instant, they were unable to open their heavy as if thousand jin eyelids and both of them entered into the deep sleep hugging each other.

Moonlight spilled into the room from the windowsill and gently shone upon the two people. If someone broke in this time, then they would definitely think these two people were homosexual.

In the middle of the night, Ling Feng opened his eyes in confusion. After that blinking his eyes few times, he sobered up a little. Then, he suddenly found himself lying in the arms of a man, moreover, something hard seemed to be poking on his lower abdomen. He was startled in his heart, then immediately sat up. Only after that, he discovered that the person lying beside him was Long Yi, and he also recalled both of them getting drunk, then returning to the dormitory in a drunk state. Thinking this, his face slightly turned red.

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What thing does he have on his body? Feeling peculiar on his lower abdomen, Ling Feng couldn’t help but mutter. Then moving away from the sofa, he looked towards Long Yi’s lower part of the body, but saw a large tent on his crotch area, forming an umbrella shape.

“This damned thing.” The face of Ling Feng became even redder, as he cursed. That expression was simply no different from the expression of shy and angry young girl.

Feeling his body was covered with alcohol smell, Ling Feng frowned and directly went to the bathroom.

Closing the door, Ling Feng began to undress, and surprisingly his chest area was actually tied up with a layer of a white colored band. Unshipping that band, a pair of pure white as if jade meat buns leaped out, and slightly trembled as they came loose.

“This period of time, I truly wronged you.” Ling Feng lovingly caressed her bosom and murmured softly.

After that Ling Feng took out a light green pill from her space ring and ate it. Then her delicate face distorted and became hazy as if a layer of faint mist was blocking.

After everything became clear, a pretty face appeared on the mirror. Her brown hair had changed into light blue, and her eyes had also changed into as if ocean color. Now her skin was exquisite and well proportionated without any flaw, her eyebrows as if willow leaf was perfect, beautiful fine straight nose showing her unyielding disposition, and bright red delicate lips however again displayed her womanly charm to the utmost. Yes, that’s right, this was a somewhat contradictory very beautiful face, revealing a kind of peculiar flirtatiousness and attractiveness.

Pressing the switch, the bathing device on the wall sprinkled warm water. And while this water came into contact with this flawless jade body, Ling Feng gently washed her charming body, and she naturally gave more emphasis on the fragrant grass of her private parts.

And this moment, soundly sleeping Long Yi suddenly woke up due to nature’s call, and with half-closed eyes as if sleepwalking, he walked towards the lit up bathroom, then twisting the doorknob, he instantly opened the door.

At this moment Ling Feng who was smearing bath essence on her body was so scared that she was stunned due to this sudden and unexpected visitor.

Long Yi however as if feeling nothing, entered the bathroom filled with mists, then went straight to the toilet which was separated by just a magic mirror. After that loosening his belt, he pulled out his that frightening big fellow, and unexpectedly acting as though there were nobody else present, he let out his urine. After completing this deed, he pulled up his pants, and with still half-closed eyes, he walked out over to the sofa, then collapsing on the sofa, he again slept soundly.

Only at this time, Ling Feng sobered up, and her pretty face became red as if burning. She actually let a man see her body, moreover what made her even angrier and feel ashamed was, she actually saw that man’s that ugly and hideous little brother.

“From his appearance, he didn’t look sober, so he shouldn’t have seen my body.” Ling Feng comforted herself, but she still was uncomfortable in her heart.

“If he has really seen, then I will dig out his eyes.” Ling Feng waved her little fist towards the mirror and hatefully said. But then, again recalling the circumstance with Long Yi after getting drunk, she was really happy from the bottom of her heart, and warmth unconsciously flashed in her eyes.

The next morning, Ling Feng get off from her soft and big bed. After the incident in the middle of the night, while lying on the bed, her imagination ran wild in her brain, so she had basically not slept properly.

And after walking out from her room, she discovered that the figure of Long Yi sleeping on the sofa had disappeared without a trace, but a sound of gurgling water was coming from the bathroom.

“Long Yi, hurry up, I need to go to the washroom.” Ling Feng knocked on the door of the bathroom and said somewhat tensely.

Long Yi who was bathing comfortably said: “The door is unlocked, you can come in, I haven’t finished washing.”

“You are already inside, so how can I come ah.” Ling Feng couldn’t help but recalled the incident of last night again, then getting angry and feeling ashamed, she angrily said.

“What’s the problem, both of us are big experienced men, so what is there to feel embarrassed ah.” Long Yi said with a smile from inside.

“I’m not used to it, hurry up ah.” Ling Feng said.

“Ling Feng, I know why you don’t dare to come in, aren’t you feeling inferior because you are actually very small, and aren’t you fearing that you will be unable to bear the stimulation after seeing your brother, my ample asset?” Long Yi said with a laugh, openly joking without any misgivings.

Ling Feng lightly spat, then snorting, she walked to the sofa and sat down. This fellow’s face truly was sufficiently thick, if she was a man, then she would have naturally dared to enter, but the problem was she wasn’t. Thinking about her future living with this man under the same roof, she could already foresee all sorts of inconvenience, still with him, life would definitely be extremely interesting.

Seeing Ling Feng was not answering, he quickly took a bath, then wearing only underpants, he walked out. That kid was so shy, but he also couldn’t let him get stuffed up to death.

Seeing Long Yi coming out with the bare upper body and with only an underpants on his lower part of his body, furthermore also seeing a big ball on his crotch area, her body suddenly became hot and dry, then she avoided his gaze.

“Ling Feng, admire, this is called man’s body.” Long Yi took a deep breath and showcased his well-proportioned muscles which were filled with explosive power.

Ling Feng endured her embarrassment with great difficulty, then sizing up the body of Long Yi once, she snorted in disdain, then facing upward, she proudly walked past Long Yi to enter the toilet. This time learning from past experience, she locked the door, and furthermore also set up the barrier.

Long Yi smiled and shrugged his shoulders. This kid, he is definitely jealous.

Today was Long Yi’s first day to attend the class at Holy Magic Academy, so he was a little curious and also excited in his heart. Even in his previous incarnation, he was adopted by the country and was training from his childhood, so he had never attended an academy to study. And this lifetime’s Ximen Yu had specialized teacher from his childhood, so he had also never attended an academy to study. Furthermore, recalling the jealous eyes of those onlooker students when he was assigned to Advance Magic Department’s Water Magic Class A by that male teacher, now he began to look forward to his academy life.

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