Chapter 140: One green speck among innumerable cluster of flowers

The time was still early in the morning, and both Long Yi and Ling Feng went to the dining hall of Holy Magic Academy to eat breakfast. Since both of them were men of the hour in Holy Magic Academy, all along the road, other people pointing them out was naturally inevitable.

Serving oneself a portion of fine breakfast, both of them went to sit on a corner and began eating and chatting, but both of them didn’t ask any question with regarding both sides’ past history and so on in tactic understanding.

“Ling Feng, is there anything particular about Advanced Magic Department’s Water Magic Class A, I’m seeing other people are looking at me with ‘so jealous that they are itching to eat me’ appearance.” Long Yi curiously asked.

Lin Feng looked at Long Yi in amazement for a while, then asked: “Are you saying that you are assigned to Advance Magic Department’s Water Magic Class A?”

“Yeah, is there a problem?” Long Yi asked.

“Of course there are problems, moreover very big problems.” Ling Feng bombastically shouted.

“What are the problems?” Long Yi engrossingly asked. Right now he feared that his life would be too insipid, so not having a little trouble won’t do.

“I fear you will not have peaceful student life hereafter, and the saliva of all the male students of Holy Magic Academy will drown you to death.” Ling Feng sighed, then sympathetically looked at Long Yi.

Long Yi smirked and said: “Can it be that my guess is true? Still, although Water Magic Class A have a lot of beauties, but it is still unlikely to be extremely bad like this. Since other male students studying there will also bear a portion of the hatred.”

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“Only there is no male student in Water Magic Class A, you will be the first male student there, hereafter, you are one green speck among the innumerable cluster of flowers, truly too unprincipled, why didn’t this kind of good deed turn to me ah.” Ling Feng loudly shouted, attracting the sidelong glaze of the other students.

“All are women? But there is no need for such jealousy, as they might not necessarily look beautiful ah. Don’t tell me that they are comparable to Long Ling’er and Ximen Wuhen? Long Yi asked with a smile.

Ling Feng pondered for a while, then shaking his head, he said: “From looks alone, no one can truly compare with them, but sometimes the standard of beauty is not only outward appearance, you should consider other numerous factors too, such as character, temperament, qualities and so on. You say it yourself, are you willing to associate with an arrogant girl with exceptional looks, or willing to associate with a gentle and quiet natured girl with beautiful looks?”

“If I have to choose among these two, then I will definitely choose the latter.” Long Yi said without slightest hesitation, and he believed that great majority of men would also choose latter, naturally with the exception of those who have masochistic tendencies.

“That’s right, and all the girl students in this Water Magic Class A are gentle and pleasant. Their temperament mild as if gurgling brook water, and although their looks are not comparable to the three great beauties of the academy, but they are not very far away. Furthermore, the most important thing, do you want to know?” Ling Feng blinked at Long Yi.

“You brat, don’t keep people guessing, quickly speak.” Long Yi questioned closely.

Ling Feng bend forward, the whispered with a smile: “Although the student of Water Magic Class A cannot reach the exceedingly beautiful level, but the teacher however is an unparalleled beauty ah. How many flavors do Lin Na and other this kind of little girl have, but that teacher’s figure, that temperament, tsk tsk, just thinking made me drool ah.”

Long Yi sniffed, then doubtfully asked: “You brat, did you spray perfume, how come you are so sweet-smelling ah?”

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Ling Feng’s face reddened, then retracting back her body, she said: “What nonsense are you talking? Do you want to listen or not?”

Long Yi mischievously smiled and said: “Listen, of course, listen, you can carry on speaking.”

“Do you know Water Master Archmage, Shui Linglong?” Ling Feng asked.

“Yes, don’t tell me that the teacher of this Water Magic Class A is her ah? Although I don’t know how old Shui Linglong is, but she is definitely more than sufficient to be my mother.” Long Yi frowned.

“Of course it’s not Shui Linglong, rather her granddaughter Shui Ruoyan. This year she is 26 years old, but still unmarried flower. Many princes and dukes wanted to get on intimate terms with her but they cannot even see her properly ah. And here you actually become her student, so wouldn’t the pavilion closest to the water enjoys moonlight first? Now you say yourself, wouldn’t the entire courtyard drown by the saliva of male students?” Ling Feng said with jealousy.

“Is that so? Don’t be jealous, since you like Shui Ruoyan so much, how about I give up on her for you? And how about I become a mediator to create a chance for you? Is this enough, brother?” Long Yi said with a smile.

Ling Feng shook his head as if rattle-drum, then he said: “I’m still young, and I don’t want to die an untimely death. No need to talk about Shui Ruoyan herself is Archmage, her grandmother Shui Linglong is Master Archmage, and tiny little me can’t bear the consequences.”

“This coward, I truly don’t know how you were able to court girls before.” Long Yi said with a smile.

“Courting girls also gave me a knowledge, now which girl can be courted and which girls can’t, I am very clear.” Ling Feng said without caring the slightest.

Just then, the magic bell of Holy Magic Academy rang, indicating it was almost time to attend the class. All the students inside the dining hall got up and walked out without exception. Soon, only Long Yi and Ling Feng were left there leisurely chewing and swallowing food.

“Long Yi, isn’t today your first day to attend the class? But why aren’t you hurrying over?” Ling Feng asked with a smile.

“Don’t you see I am still eating? Besides, why are you also not leaving?” Long Yi asked.

“I have a nickname in our Earth Magic Class called ‘Gods appear and Devils vanish [1]’, so arriving late is naturally a common occurrence. Besides, those girls in our class are all dinosaur class, so there is no reason to go early.” Ling Feng said with a pained look.

Half an hour later, two people appeared in front of the large building of Advance Magic Department. And Ling Feng said while pointing upstairs: “Your class is the third floor’s most right classroom. By the way, there is one thing I have to tell you, although the temperament of Shui Ruoyan is very nice usually, but when angry, she is quite scary, I hope for your good fortune, goodbye.”

With an earthen yellow radiance flashing around the body of Ling Feng’s, he used Earth Magic, to disappear from there. Seeing this, Long Yi couldn’t help but rain curses, this fellow didn’t value loyalty at all.

Third floor, most right side, while muttering, Long Yi raised his head to find that position. Should I just fly up? But wouldn’t that be too shocking, a man should be a low-key person.

Long Yi took out a rope from the space ring, and making a loop, he waved it over the sky and threw it towards protruding decorative rock of third floor’s window. His rope stuck right in the target, after that Long Yi climbed up the rope, rising steeply.

When Long Yi had thrown his rope, over 20 schoolgirls of Water Magic Class A, and Shui Ruoyan who was giving lecture noticed this.

Shui Ruoyan frowned, and walking down the platform, she came to the window. But, who would have thought that, just when she tried to look out of the window, a shadow directly entered the classroom from the window. Immediately turning pale with fright, Sui Ruoyan instantly retreated two steps and cast rank 8 Freeze Over Magic. For an Archmage, time required to cast rank 8 magic spell was very short.

The shadow that had rushed in was naturally Long Yi. And now he was frozen into ice sculpture in the mid-air by Shui Ruoyan’s Freeze Over Magic, moreover, the surplus power of her magic still rushed to the windowsill. And with a bang sound, the powerful impact directly landed on the two desks.

The ice sculpture began to shook, then with a cracking sounds, the ice chunk began to crack. Shortly afterwards, with a ‘peng’ sound, the ice chunk shattered, and Long Yi showily fling the ice bits from his pitch black hair.

Long Yi looked all around, and sizing up all the girls around who were either surprise or curious, he mistakenly had the feeling of entering into the cluster of flowers. Ling Feng words were truly not empty ah, this is definitely a man’s paradise, every day, smelling the girls’ fragrance in room, and hearing their oriole trilling, wouldn’t that be the greatest joy in the life?

At that time, Long Yi looked towards Shui Ruoyan, her deposition and charm looked like a crane in a flock of chicken in the middle of these numerous girls. As for her looks, it was also refined, lucid and elegant. And as for her figure, he couldn’t see much, as she wore baggy water magic robe that covered her everything. And in this magic robe, there was a dazzling golden colored embroidery which was the symbol of becoming Archmage.

“Teacher Shui Ruoyan, do you know, your Freeze Over Magic nearly took the life of this generation’s most excellent youth? If a genius of water magic falls here, then wouldn’t it be a great loss of Blue Waves Continent?” Long Yi said with a smirk, and his gaze was unscrupulously looking at Shui Ruoyan. For him, a beauty should be admired, and not looking was a great waste of resources.

The girls in the classroom booed and hissed, they had seen shameless people but never seen so shameless person.

“Aren’t you new student Long Yi? Why did you come through the window instead of normally coming through the door?” Shui Ruoyan turned a blind eye to Long Yi’s burning gaze and asked indifferently.

“That is because for you, teacher, I was too impatient to wait to see teacher’s elegant demeanor ah, so I directly came through the window.” Long Yi said with a smile, and his eyes began to size up beautiful girls all around.

“Ah, I know him, he is that person courting Long Ling’er that day in front of girls’ dormitory.” One of the girls among them suddenly cried out in alarm.

“That’s right, he is, and he looks very handsome ah.”

“He is very romantic too ah.”

“His eyes are so charming oh.”


Long Yi was speechless, generally a girl is very bashful facing a boy, but when a group of girls faces a boy, they however fully displays the meaning of this phrase ‘many people make for a great strength’, usually resulting in opposite, and flirting changes into teasing, but this instead made thick-skinned Long Yi very unaccustomed.

“Okay, everyone, go back to your seat and sit properly, now it’s still time for the class.” Shui Ruoyan indifferently said, and her soft voice however possessed irresistible majesty.

The girls surrounding Long Yi quickly returned back to their seat and sat properly, leaving behind only Long Yi standing in the same place. He looked around, then asked with a smile: “Teacher, then where should I seat?”

Shui Ruoyan frowned, I don’t know why academy assigned a male student in my class, but it seems I should deal with him quickly, otherwise, I don’t know what kind of trouble he would stir up later.

Shui Ruoyan pointed towards the empty seat on the very back of the classroom, then said: “Hereafter you will sit there, listen carefully in the class hour, and if you are unable to pass the magic theory and practice joint assessment, then don’t blame teacher for not showing mercy.”

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