Chapter 141: Truly petty woman

Long Yi sat on his seat while muttering in his heart, this Holy Magic Academy is also not too humane, unexpectedly singling out a person in the classroom, if I have a beauty as my desk-mate, then how wonderful that would be ah.

At this time, Shui Ruoyan again began to speak about the incantation as well as uses of rank 5 water magic ‘Chilly Ice Magic’ from the podium. Long Yi naturally was bored, so he began to size up the girls in the classroom. Few of them were very beautiful, although they couldn’t compare with Long Ling’er and others, still, they were not too far away. And the others were also very good-looking, unexpectedly were not commonplace beauties, no wonder those male students were madly jealous.

Long Yi looked at the girl sitting in front of him. She was among the few girls who had not teased him clamorously just a moment ago and was also one of the few most beautiful girls in the class.

Long Yi raised his hand, and catching the beautiful hair of this girl, he softly pulled. After that this girl turned her head back and angrily glared at him, then again turning her head back, she ignored him.

Long Yi felt very boring, and the things Shui Ruoyan was speaking about were truly not lifting up his spirit. Rank 5 small magic, he could easily cast 10-20 of them, so he lied on the desk, stared fixedly at Shui Ruoyan. She really was very beautiful and looked very tasty. After this, Long Yi slowly closed his eyes, and accidentally fell asleep.

While Shui Ruoyan was speaking, suddenly a rhythmic slight sound of snoring resounded. And looking at the source of this sound, she saw Long Yi was lying on the desk and was sleeping soundly.

Shui Ruoyan got mad in her heart, there had never been a student who would brazenly sleep like this in her class, but this brat actually dared to sleep on the first day he had attended the class. Such open antagonism simply was something she couldn’t ignore as a teacher, so Shui Ruoyan shot out a bone-piercing cold qi to the neckline of Long Yi.

This cold qi entered into the body of Long Yi from his neckline, but he didn’t jump up with a start while crying out in alarm just like everyone had expected. Nevertheless, as if he didn’t feel anything, he continued to sleep soundly.

How sensitive was the sixth sense of Long Yi, he had already sobered up the instant there was magic fluctuation in the air. And when the cold qi of Shui Ruoyan hit him, his internal force of AoTianJue had absorbed and assimilated it.

Shui Ruoyan was shocked, this brat actually had no reaction. And with everyone watching, wasn’t this embarrassing her? She coldly snorted and decided to get little ruthless. But before she began chanting the incantation, Long Yi suddenly straightened up and stretched his body.

“Eh, is the class over? Why is everyone looking at me? Are there words in my face?” Long Yi innocently said.

“Yes, there is two words ‘need spanking’ written on your face.” Shui Ruoyan coldly said, causing all the girls in the class to break into a loud laughter.

Long Yi made a miserable face. Is this Shui Ruoyan really a Water Archmage? And not a Fire Archmage? Furthermore, she is so petty. It seems that women would give birth to small as mite heart regardless of age and achievement. Isn’t it just sleeping, so is it worthwhile to get this angry?

“Long Yi, come to my office after today’s afternoon practice class ends.” After Shui Ruoyan finished speaking, all the beautiful girls in the class looked at Long Yi with sympathetic eyes.

The morning class ended very quickly, and now there was a break time before the start of another class. And this moment, Long Yi, this big celebrity was surrounded by a crowd of schoolgirls and were buzzing without any intention to stop.

And finally coming downstairs, he saw Ling Feng was already waiting there.

“Long Yi, how was the flavor? Not bad right?” Ling Feng asked while grinning.

“Yes, indeed was not bad. Just smell the cosmetic fragrance smell on my body, and you will know how good I am feeling.” Long Yi smirked and said.

Just then, they suddenly heard a charming shout from behind them: “Ling Feng, stop for me.”

Long Yi turned around, and was surprised to see that girl sitting in front of him was looking at Ling Feng with both love and hate simultaneously, and her beautiful eyes were filled with glistening teardrops.

“Yinyin……!” Ling Feng was rather at a loss and didn’t know what to say, so she looked towards Long Yi asking for help.

Long Yi deeply understood that it’d be best to not involve in the emotional problem of other people, so showing an ‘unable to help however much he would like to’ expression, he said: “I have something to do, so I am taking my leave first, you two can chat slowly.”

“Hey, Long Yi.” Ling Feng got anxious and thought to chase after Long Yi, but that girl called Yinyin had tightly caught her (Ling Feng) sleeve, while miserably looking at her (Ling Feng).

Long Yi turned his head and looking at Ling Feng, he shook his head and muttered: “This dumb idiot, simply is a bad guy.”

Going to the dining hall, Long Yi saw a crowd of people was moving about everywhere, so he turned away thinking eating outside was comparatively better.

Arriving outside the Holy Magic Academy, Long Yi heard clamor ahead and saw lots of people were stopping to watch. Long Yi curiously walked over and unexpectedly found that few noble son looking students were pestering his younger sister Ximen Wuhen.

Long Yi suddenly got very angry, how come there are so many trash without eyes here? He immediately rushed up knocking down several students and stretched his hand to pull Ximen Wuhen.

“Where did this thing come from, do you know who we are?” One of them shouted.

“Your father, I am not interested to know who you are.” Long Yi coldly said. Then his figure changed into afterimage, and Long Yi beat those several people until they were looking for their teeth all over the floor.

After that Long Yi pulled Ximen Wuhen and walked out of the crowd, and somewhat angrily said: “Little sister, look clearly, hereafter if someone annoyed you, you just need to give them few slaps like this.”

“All of them have a powerful background, and I don’t want to bring about trouble to our clan. Father basically doesn’t like me, and if I provoke any incident, then he will not even look at me thereafter.” Ximen Wuhen softly said, and her tone was somewhat lonely.

Long Yi stopped and looked at Ximen Wuhen. As a matter fact, he knew that Ximen Nu practically gave all of his paternal love to Ximen Yu, this thoughtless kid, and basically didn’t care about elder brother Ximen Tian and little sister Ximen Wuhen.

“In any case, you are a person of Ximen clan, do not let other people think that Ximen clan, we are so easy to bully, hereafter whoever you see as not pleasing to your eyes, throw two Violent Light Magic at them, your second brother, I will be your backing.” Long Yi patted the shoulder of Ximen Wuhen. He seemed more and more substituting Ximen Yu, this role.

The gaze of Ximen Wuhen wandered about, and with her eyes shining, she said with a smile: “If I see you not pleasing to my eyes, then can I throw two Violent Light Magic at you too?”

Long Yi mischievously smiled and said: “No problem, but you have to prepare for very serious consequences first.”

The beautiful face of Ximen Wuhen turn red, suddenly recalling the matter of this second big brother of hers pinching her before leaving Soaring Dragon City, and the anger and shame welled up in her heart. At that time, she however had vowed to teach him a good lesson.

Seeing Ximen Wuhen’s shyness turning into anger, and was looking at him with very angry eyes, Long Yi was somewhat surprised. What’s going on with this girl? It’s quicker for her to suddenly turn hostile than to flip a book.

“Little sister, why on earth are you using such oppressive looks to look at me, this is frightening me, don’t you know that the guts of your second brother is very small?” Long Yi said with a smile.

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Ximen Wuhen snorted coldly and said: “Did you forget what you have done to me before leaving at that time?”

Long Yi was startled, then feigning ignorance, he said: “What did I do you? I truly don’t remember.”

“That day when father rescued you, outside of Soaring Dragon City, you say, what you have done to me at that time.” Ximen Wuhen angrily looked at Long Yi and said. She also didn’t know why she didn’t mention that incident of three years ago which almost defiled her.

“Ah, today is such a nice day, where shall we go to eat?” Long Yi laughed hollowly and tried to forcibly change the topic.

“Humph, don’t try to change the topic, I must get my revenge.” Ximen Wuhen coldly snorted and said.

Long Yi was helpless, now he couldn’t shrink from this matter. This however was discarded idea returns in another guise. He just made a wry smile and said: “How do you want your revenge? Do you want to dip me into the flour and release into a deep fryer, or do you want to chop me into the stuffing of dumplings ah?”

“I…I also don’t want to cut you into eight pieces, as long as you promise me three conditions.” Ximen Wuhen said and her eyes were glimmering with sly looks.

Long Yi got alert in his heart, again conditions, this cannot be promised causally, so he said: “I cannot promise the things I cannot accomplish, besides three conditions is too much, how about one?”

“Won’t do, three. Moreover, all three conditions will be something you can accomplish.” Ximen Wuhen said with a slight smile. Now she no longer had that holy appearance of not interested in with mundane affairs but had a peculiar charm of a woman.

“In that case, how about both of us take a step back, two conditions, otherwise forget about it.” Long Yi firmly said with the appearance of refusing to bargain again.

“Two then two.” Ximen Wuhen said.

“Say, what do you want me to do?” Long Yi said with a smile.

Ximen Wuhen thought for a while, then slowly said: “First, hereafter no matter what Long Ling’er do to you, you must never harm her. And I am not speaking about only the physical body, but also her heart.”

Long Yi’s eyes lit up, and said with a smile: “Little sis, don’t you know something, just say it.”

Ximen Wuhen pricked her brows staring at Long Yi and said: “Hey, you don’t tell me that, when Long Ling’er suddenly decided to be your woman like this, you didn’t find this strange in your heart, you know that she is itching to tear you into thousands of pieces right.”

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“Of course, I find it strange. She hates me, this is a very normal thing, on the contrary, if she doesn’t hate me then that would be abnormal.” Long Yi said with a smile. It seems this girl is determined to not call me second brother again like before.


“In this world, there is nothing that can’t be changed. Moreover hate and love are only a line apart, so who says hate cannot become love?” Long Yi said with a smile and had a confidence appearance on his face.

“You’re quite confident.” Ximen Wuhen muttered.

“That’s natural, just look at you second brother’s appearance, isn’t my charm sufficiently large?” Long Yi revealed a brilliant smiled with his pure white teeth shining under the sunlight, and mouth making a perfect arch towards Ximen Wuhen.

Peng peng, peng peng. Ximen Wuhen somewhat lost her spirit, seeing this smile of Long Yi, and her heartbeat instantly quickened.

Ximen Wuhen quickly turned her head in fluster, then snorting, she said: “You charm, even pigs will not like, I am hungry, let’s go to eat.” Speaking this, she impatiently walked ahead but didn’t notice a white shadow walking out from the small alley.

Peng! Two people collided, and Ximen Wuhen fell back two steps while crying out in alarm. As for that white shadow, that shadow fell to the ground.

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