Chapter 142: Male-female magic confrontation

Ximen Wuhen raised her head to apologize, but what she saw was a pair of transparent eyes, so she couldn’t help but fall back two steps in surprise, and happened to bump against the bosom of Long Yi.

Just then, the passerby that had fallen down to the ground exclaimed.

Long Yi helped Ximen Wuhen to stand straight, then walking two steps forward, he squatted down and helped this girl to cover her head with her loose gown, then asked in a low voice: “Xiao Yi, are you alright?”

“I’m fine, only my leg seems to be sprained.” Xiao Yi whispered softly, with a hint of pain.

“This girl was too rash, really sorry.” Long Yi apologized on the behalf of Ximen Wuhen.

“It’s okay, I also didn’t notice her, so no need to blame her.” Xiao Yi softly said.

Long Yi saw many people had already gathered here and were pointing out while whispering among themselves, so Long Yi said: “Xiao Yi, I will accompany you back.”

Xiao Yi nodded her head, then struggled to stand up, but she exclaimed ‘aiya’ in pain, apparently, her sprain seemed quite serious.

Seeing the onlookers were increasing, Long Yi hugged Xiao Yi’s waist with one hand and other hand hugged Ximen Wuhen’s waist, then lightly stamping on the ground, he soared to the sky and flew towards the courtyard Xiao Yi was living.

With the speed of Long Yi, they naturally reached the courtyard of Xiao Yi very quickly.

When Long Yi landed inside the courtyard of Xiao Yi, both Ximen Wuhen and Xiao Yi’s beautiful faces were somewhat red, clearly were extremely unaccustomed to such intimate contact with a man.

Long Yi helped Xiao Yi to sit down on the chair in the hall, and he himself also sat on the chair beside her, then pouring himself a cup of tea, he lightly sipped it, as if he wasn’t an outsider.

“I’m sorry. How is your leg?” Ximen Wuhen asked with concern and felt ashamed for her action of just a moment ago.

“I’m fine, as long as I rest for two days, it would be healed. Are you his wife?” Xiao Yi asked pointing at Long Yi.

Ximen Wuhen slightly laughed and said: “Who is his wife ah. I’m still unmarried.”

Xiao Yi took off her loose robe and placed it beside her, then said to Ximen Wuhen: “If you two are not husband and wife, then you two must be brother and sister.”

“Eh, how do you know?” Again seeing those transparent pupils of Xiao Yi, Ximen Wuhen was not afraid, instead was surprised hearing the accurate guess of Xiao Yi.

Xiao Yi softly smiled but didn’t answer.

“Hey, didn’t you quietly tell her, else why did she know we are siblings?” Ximen Wuhen looked towards Long Yi and asked.

Long Yi shrugged his shoulders, and said with a smile: “I am also not very clear about that, but Xiao Yi is an incredible character because she is omniscient.”

“Mr. Long Yi is joking, how can Xiao Yi has such big ability.” Xiao Yi lightly laughed.

Long Yi? Ximen Wuhen was somewhat dumbfounded, when did Ximen Yu change into Long Yi. Definitely, this scoundrel second brother of mine didn’t dare to speak out his real name, so he made up this name. But she still didn’t say that out loud.

“Xiao Yi, I will help you heal your leg, I am a light magician.” Ximen Wuhen said.

Xiao Yi nodded her head and said: “Really? Then I will trouble you.”

“I was the one that bumped into you, so I naturally should cure you.” Ximen Wuhen slightly felt embarrassed, then squatting down, she rolled the pants of Xiao Yi, and saw a large area of her ankle was red and swollen.

And after two Light Heal Magic of Ximen Wuhen, the red and swollen seemed to decrease a little but was not completely healed.

“It’s better for me to do it, she has sprained her bones, and your light magic can only heal wounds.” Long Yi said.

Long Yi squatted down and stretched out his hand to grab the ankle of Xiao Yi. Seeing this, the pretty face of Xiao Yi become very red, however, she didn’t oppose.

Just when the big hand of Long Yi was about to make a contact with the skin of Xiao Yi, his hand suddenly stopped. At this time, he recalled Si Bi. At that time, a string of matters had occurred after he touched her leg.

“Xiao Yi, I…I am touching your leg.” For the sake of insurance, Long Yi still asked.

Xiao Yi’s pretty face became so red that it seems smoke was already coming out, and she immediately pulled back her injured right leg.

“Idiot.” Ximen Wuhen muttered.

Long Yi made a wry smile, he indeed was very idiot. Xiao Yi agreeing to let him touch her leg shouldn’t be like Moxi clan’s girl. Thinking about it, in the entire Blue Waves Continent, only Moxi clan had such strange rule.

Thinking this, Long Yi again reach out his hand towards the retracted leg of Xiao Yi and grabbing her small leg, he pulled it back. After that placing his hand on her ankle, warm internal force slowly entered her ankle.

Ximen Wuhen curiously looked at every action of Long Yi. Can this second brother of mine really cure her, or is he intentionally seizing this chance to take cheap advantage of Xiao Yi?

Xiao Yi bit her lower lip, she only felt her small leg was surrounded by a gust of warm air current, and feeling very comfortable, her transparent pupils flashed with extraordinary splendor looking at Long Yi.

After a good while, Long Yi loosened his hand. Now the ankle of Xiao Yi had already revert back to clear and translucent, looked very fine and lovely.

“Well, now it should be fine.” Long Yi stood up and said with a smile.

Xiao Yi moved her leg and discovered that now there really wasn’t any discomfort. After that, she stood up and courteously thanked Long Yi.

“Hey, what magic did you use just now to heal Xiao Yi?” Ximen Wuhen curiously asked.

“Want to know? Call me second brother, then I will tell you.” Long Yi smirked and said.

“No, never.” Ximen Wuhen didn’t compromise.

“No then forget it, you can slowly guess yourself.” Long Yi shrugged his shoulders and patted the head of Ximen Wuhen.

This scoundrel second brother, Ximen Wuhen cursed inwardly, but she didn’t utter these words ‘Second brother’.

Looking at the sky, it was nearly the time for him to attend the afternoon class, so turning towards Xiao Yi, he said: “Xiao Yi, it’s nearly time for my class, so I am leaving first.”

“Then eat something before go, I will immediately instruct people to quickly prepare some food.” Xiao Yi urged to stay.

“Don’t, there is only a little time left before noon, so where is the time to eat properly. I will come again when your brother is at home, and at that time, I will not go home until drunk.” Long Yi said while laughing, and Ximen Wuhen also bid farewell.

Xiao Yi stood at the main entrance and looking at the disappearing figure of Long Yi and his sister Ximen Wuhen, her expression changed unpredictably, and she muttered: “Ximen Wuhen, Long Yi, second brother.”

“Can it be that Long Yi is that rumored sex fiend Ximen Yu, i.e. second brother of Ximen Wuhen, who had raped princess Long Ling’er?” Strange ripples burst out from the transparent pupils of Xiao Yi, then she impatiently rushed inside her room, and opening the magic door, she rushed into the secret chamber.


The curriculum of the afternoon was the practice course of water magic, held in the magic training ground of Holy Magic Academy. Here Long Yi was bored to death seeing a number of Ice Arrow Magic, Cold Ice Magic and so on intermediate ranked magic flying about in the sky. So he could only look at beautiful women, compare which girl’s breast was comparably bigger and comparably pert.

Seeing Long Yi’s that lecherous appearance, Sui Ruoyan couldn’t help but got angry, this student was becoming absolutely lawless, now other students were training, but here he was squatting on the edge of the training ground and was looking at beauties.

“Okay, everyone, gather here.” Shui Ruoyan clapped her jade hands and yelled.

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20 female students of her class immediately stopped what they were doing and came over. After everyone had already gathered, Long Yi leisurely walked over from the edge of training ground with listless smile hanging on his mouth.

Shui Ruoyan didn’t even look at him, and continued to speak: “Next there will be group confrontation, girls group against boys group.”

The female students suddenly caused commotion, one should know that in their class A, only Long Yi, who was as rare as S ranked magic core, was a male student, so isn’t the arrangement of Shui Ruoyan just asking them, a group of 20 people, to gang up and beat him, a single person? Isn’t this clearly punishing him?

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After hearing the arrangement of Shui Ruoyan, Long Yi was stunned. He had seen petty women, but he however had never seen so petty woman. No matter what one says, aren’t you a grand teacher ah? How can you be so unfair to one student?

Although Long Yi didn’t care much about these only Intermediate Magician level little girls, but Shui Ruoyan’s such childish retaliation somewhat annoyed him, because magic confrontation however was fighting for real, although they could wear magic resisting attire, but if he hadn’t such high strength and was really only a Water Intermediate Magician, then one could well imagine his miserable fate.

Long Yi mockingly looked at Shui Ruoyan and said with a smile: “I have no opinion.”

Shui Ruoyan coldly snorted and said: “Begin, the time limit is quarter of an hour, and losing the ability to resist count as losing, then the confrontation will also stop immediately.”

After Shui Ruoyan finished speaking, 20 female students immediately began to chant an incantation, and their body also emitted blue light. But Long Yi however calmly stood there motionlessly with both hands on his back and smile on his face.

At this time, many female students completed chanting their incantation, and Extreme Freezing Cold Qi, Ice Arrow and so on magic covered the entire sky flying towards Long Yi, then instantly drowned motionlessly standing Long Yi.

When all the magic disappeared, all the female students however discovered only completely overrun ice chunks and snowflakes, there was not even a trace of Long Yi.

“I say beauties, you all are too slow to cast magic, just now I’ve already finished a cup of tea.” The voice of Long Yi resounded from behind all female students.

Shui Ruoyan looked at Long Yi in a surprise, just now even she was unable to see how Long Yi disappeared, and how he suddenly appeared behind girls. He was truly too fast, if he had sneak attacked her just now, then under her unprepared state, even she would have definitely lost in his hand. Thinking this, Shui Ruoyan secretly became alert.

Seeing Long Yi was not defeated as they had imagined under their one attack, female students couldn’t help but got agitated, then they formally treated Long Yi as a target and chased after Long Yi casting various kind of magic.

And as for Long Yi, one moment he would slow down and another moment he would accelerate, and just when the magic attacks of female students arrive near him, he would dodge, like this, he played around with all those female students, who thought that as long as they targeted the front path of Long Yi, they would hit him.

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