Chapter 143: Surprised Shui Ruoyan

When the attacks nearly reached him, Long Yi abruptly stopped, and waving his big hands, he caught two ice arrows flying towards him. After that kneaded them into ice powders.

Heh heh, Long Yi laughed and rapidly dashed into the crowd of female students, and poured those ice powders into the neckline of these female students. Instantly, female students’ screaming sound resounded all over the training ground. All of them raise their clothing and stamped their feet, immediately the training ground became chaotic.

All the girls became angry and no longer caring about forming groups, each of them individually chased after Long Yi while casting magic. As for Long Yi, he would dodge left and right. And unknowingly, he had actually arrived beside Shui Ruoyan. After that, he hid behind Shui Ruoyan, and the magic of female students also accordingly flew towards Shui Ruoyan.

I already know your scheme, boy. Shui Ruoyan thought inwardly, and a light blue barrier appeared in front of her. And after all these water magic attacks hit this barrier, ice mist curled up and all the attacks became fuzzy.

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Just then, Shui Ruoyan suddenly felt danger, but there was no time to react. She felt cold in her neck, as a pile of fine ice powders had slipped down from her neckline, directly entering into her thin silk underwear. After that, she couldn’t help but shiver in cold, and her plumps stood up under the stimulation of ice cubes, and especially that hot red dots on the summit, they angrily protruded under the stimulation.

Shui Ruoyan complexion became white and angrily turned around. However, she saw that Long Yi was still dodging magic attacks while laughing merrily and teasing female students.

“Stop, stop, time’s up.” Long Yi yelled.

Female students stopped attacking, and looked at each other. Then immediately hugging their chests, their face became red. Those ice powders that Long Yi had sprinkled inside their neckline had melted under their body temperature, and now a large part of their chest was moist, furthermore, their clothing was stuck close to their chest, clearly outlining their beautiful and fine form.

Seeing such appearance of female students, Shui Ruoyan couldn’t help but lowered her head to look at herself, and she immediately discovered that now just like female students, a large portion of her chest was wet, and Long Yi was staring at her breasts with shining eyes.

Shui Ruoyan got angry from shame and using Float Magic to fly, as she angrily said: “Long Yi, go to my office and wait for me. If you dare to run, then see how I will punish you.” Finished speaking, she flew towards her dormitory.

“I just saw our teacher’s chest was also wet like ours, don’t tell me that she was also played with by Long Yi, this bad boy?” A sharped eyed female student softly said to her companion.

“I saw it too.” Another female student chipped in.

“It’s not possible, our teacher is Archmage, how can Long Yi contend with her?” Another female student said.

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“It’s absolutely true, I swear I am definitely right.” First female student pledge in all sincerity.

In this moment, all 20 female students were whispering among themselves, completely neglecting Long Yi to one side.

“I say beauties, the teacher is already gone, so shouldn’t you all also return back to change your clothing, look out for a cold ah.” Long Yi was unwilling to be neglected, so he yelled.

The beautiful face of female students instantly reddened, then cursing Long Yi as a hoodlum, pervert and so on one after another, they ran towards girls’ dormitory while hugging their chest.

So this day, an erotic scene appeared in the Holy Magic Academy making many male students have a nosebleed. 20 female students with both hands hugging their wet chest run like a mad around the school, many students witnessed this scene. And not even a few minutes later, different kinds of rumor spread all around the academy. And in the second day, a certain big-mouthed female student of Water Magic Class A told about this incident to her best friend, and her best friend’s mouth was also not firm, so the truth of this incident spread out, becoming increasingly outrageous as this was being passed through the mouth to mouth. Someone simply said that, in the practice class, Long Yi defeated all 20 female students including teacher Shui Ruoyan. And other rumor stated that all the 20 students including teacher Shui Ruoyan of class A were sullied by the sole male student, Long Yi. Moreover, there were still various kinds of rumors that would make people not know whether to laugh or cry.

Of course, all of these were the matters of a few days later. Now Long Yi was in the process of leisurely drinking tea without any care inside the office of Shui Ruoyan by himself.

Shui Ruoyan didn’t make Long Yi wait for too long. She immediately came here after she changed her clothing. And seeing that Long Yi could come and go like a shadow with his skill, Shui Ruoyan especially carried few items with magic barrier sealed within it. These items were special kinds, as long as she was attacked, it would automatically release those sealed magic.

Walking into her office, Shui Ruoyan saw Long Yi was leisurely drinking tea while sitting on her chair with his one leg over other. Fortunately, she had prepared herself to some extent towards this extremely unpleasant to the eye student, so she didn’t lose her consciousness due to extreme anger.

“Who the hell are you?”  Coldly looking at Long Yi, Shui Ruoyan emitted cold qi. From his ghost-like physical skill, she knew that this student of hers was absolutely not a magician.

“I am me, surname Long given name Yi, man, this year I am just over 19, unmarried.” Long Yi said while grinning.

Cold light flashed on the body of Shui Ruoyan, then she coldly said: “Come with me.” Finished speaking, she turned around and walked out.

Long Yi unconcernedly followed behind Shui Ruoyan, and discovered that Shui Ruoyan was leading him towards the mountain behind Holy Magic Academy. He had heard that that place was a training ground with a strong barrier surrounding it. And all of the annual Turmoil Struggle for Hegemony Competition of the academy was held there. Is this woman thinking of taking me there to beat the crap out of me right?

Just as expected, Shui Ruoyan directly opened the magic gate of this training ground, then coldly said: “Come in.”

Long Yi frowned, he was very dissatisfied with the commanding tone of Shui Ruoyan. Only he would always command other people, but how come someone was commanding him now. But he endured, as he wanted to see what exactly this Shui Ruoyan wanted to do.

This training ground was very large, fully was 100 meters wide, and was surrounded by a layer upon layer of thickly dotted seats. This training ground was same as the stadium of his previous incarnation.

Shui Ruoyan walked to the center of this training ground, and slowly turned around, then with the flashing of water blue light, a light blue water magic wand appeared on her hand. Looking at her that ‘brilliant lights and vibrant colors’ ring on her long and slender jade finger, it appears all were extraordinary things.

“What are you thinking of doing? Giving only me a special attention? How can this be proper? I and all other students are equal, so you shouldn’t pay special attention to only me.” Long Yi righteously said sternly, but his eyes were smiling.

Shui Ruoyan coldly snorted and said: “It’d be best for you to use all your skills, I will not be lenient.”

Long Yi said while smiling mischievously: “What I fear instead is teacher will be lenient, just give me all you got, afterwards when I spank your buttocks, don’t cry miserably ah.”

“You……” Shui Ruoyan was so angry that her beautiful face reddened. Then waving her hand, she instantly released sealed rank 10 magic ‘The World of Ice and Snow’ instantly.

Dense milky white cold qi suddenly covered the entire training ground, ice crystals as if snowflakes fluttered about in the air, and temperature instantly fell below zero. After casting this ‘The World of Ice and Snow’, Shui Ruoyan began to silently chant an incantation, and with her magic wand emitting faint blue light, powerful magic fluctuation filled the sky.

The World of Ice and Snow was a large area attack magic. Within its range, all living things would receive the attack of bitter cold, and that instant reduction of temperature was sufficiently cold enough to instantly freeze the blood of human into an icicle. But this kind of cold was completely ineffective against Long Yi who was about to break through the second layer of AoTianJue.  His internal force had created a vacuum in front of him, completely cutting off the cold qi.

“Black Yin Ice Thorn!” Shui Ruoyan shouted in her charming voice, and a blue light burst out of her magic wand, then ten thin as if transparent ice thorn suddenly appeared in the air, and all of them flew towards Long Yi from different angles. This however was a rank 10 water attack magic, where powerful magic power assembled together to form black yin ice thorn. This ice thorn could impale saint grade armor, and merely a little scratch on the skin by this black yin cold qi, which could freeze even the magma, could completely freeze a person into ice shards.

Long Yi’s expression became solemn, and his figure suddenly flashed and rose, as he gloomily said: “Flame Coiled Autumn Wind.”

A flame tornado instantly appeared, and those 10 Black Yin Ice Thorns were instantly engulfed by this raging flame tornado, but in the blink of an eye, that burning flame tornado unexpectedly changed into ice flame instantly, because it was frozen solid.

This was a new compound magic of Long Yi, with the combination of fire and wind magic. In this magic, the wind would help flame, and the flame would borrow the power of wind, thus forming a powerful offensive flame tornado. Although this was compound magic named Flame Coiled Autumn Wind existed only for a little while and was frozen into an ice sculpture, but Long Yi however was very excited in his heart. This was the first time he had confronted against rank 10 magic with pure magic, moreover, he succeeded. One should know that the might of his wind magic Tornado was at best only rank 8, and his Raging Flame Magic was only Rank 6 fire magic, if only at this level they could already resist rank 10 water magic ‘Black Yin Ice Thorn’, then what kind of effect would born when both of them were higher ranked? This motivated Long Yi to firmly research the path of combined magic.

Shui Ruoyan expression changed greatly looking at Long Yi. She had never seen such peculiar magic, moreover, from the magic fluctuation she had sensed, she knew that this wasn’t high ranked magic, shouldn’t exceed rank 8, but it was able to resist her rank 10 magic which was furthermore amplified by 30%, this truly was too amazing. Obviously, all these magic were newly created, if all of these were created by this 19-year-old youth before her eyes, then that would be really too universally shocking, and she feared the worth of this boy would be immeasurable, furthermore he would have made great contribution to the magic system of entire Blue Waves Continent.

Although Shui Ruoyan didn’t have any good impression of Long Yi, but she clearly knows what was more important. She stood still, and ceased her attacks. Then staring at Long Yi for a good while, she said: “That magic ‘Flame Coiled Autumn Wind’ of just now, who taught you?”

“One day Light God came to my dream and taught me.” Long Yi smiled and said nonsense. Looking at the solemn complexion of Shui Ruoyan, he knew that she cared about his this compound magic very much.

Shui Ruoyan was stunned, but she was also helpless to apprehend this rouge-like Long Yi. Because her first impression of Long Yi was bad, she believed that with Long Yi’s this kind of temperament and age, he absolutely wasn’t the creator of that magic, and was definitely taught by a hidden expert. In her opinion, a person who could create a new type of magic was definitely a person without any worldly temptation, so how could Long Yi, this frivolous silkpants noble son, create such magic?

Now Shui Ruoyan no longer had any mood to continue fighting with Long Yi. What she wanted to do the most right now was, tell about this matter to her grandma Shui Linglong and dean Puxiushi. This kind of never heard magic could definitely start a completely new magic era.

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