Chapter 144: Spanking teacher

Shui Ruoyan coldly looked at Long Yi and coldly snorted: “Today I will temporarily let you off, get out.” Finished speaking, she took the lead to walk towards the exit.

Long Yi however laughed mischievously, then leaving behind afterimage, he instantly appeared in front of Shui Ruoyan, blocking her path. After that, he said with a mocking smile: “Let me off? But I don’t want to let you off ah.”

The complexion of Shui Ruoyan ashen looking at this grinning cheekily boy, then with her eyes emitting chill, she coldly said: “Do you think just because you are able to withstand my Rank 10 magic, you are better than me? Unable to differentiate good from bad.”

“You are the one who is unable to differentiate good from bad, teacher Shui Ruoyan, I, Long Yi and you don’t have any past enmities nor we are enemies, moreover today is the first day I attended the class at Holy Magic Academy, but you as a teacher, no need to mention about your narrow and small tolerance, your heart is even more vicious. Furthermore no need to mention about the magic practice of this afternoon, now you take me to this training ground and raised your hands releasing a killing blow. If it was now for me having some skills, then I fear I would have already died in your hand at an earlier time.” Long Yi’s smiling face began to freeze, and his body began to emit dense anger and killing intent.

“Facts proved I was right, isn’t that so? With your skill level, you still came to Holy Magic Academy to attend the class, if this is without hidden intention, then what is this?” Shui Ruoyan coldly said.

Long Yi burst into loud laughter, then mockingly said: “Holy Magic Academy doesn’t seem to have any rule against people with good skills entering the academy. And you say I have hidden intention, may I ask, which eyes saw that?”

Shui Ruoyan tightly closed her mouth speaking nothing. As a matter of fact, she also felt that her own way of doing things was a little excessive, but how could she throw her face and make an apology? Besides, she never had any thoughts to kill Long Yi, she merely wanted to teach him a little lesson, and if he really couldn’t resist, then she was completely confident that she would be able to rescue him.

Seeing Shui Ruoyan wasn’t speaking, a fire of anger burned even more violently in the heart of Long Yi. What he hated the most was this kind of women who always consider themselves in the right and who wanted other people’s life so easily, and here this kind of person was a teacher. This simply was leading the young people astray.

“I have already stated that I was going to spank you, now come.” The smile of Long Yi became more brilliant, but his eyes were filled with fury as before.

“You……” Shui Ryoyan was flustered, but didn’t know what to say and she was already feeling guilty in her heart. But such words of Long Yi stimulated anger on her heart.

“Are you ready? I’m coming.” Long Yi said while using Great Cosmos Shift, and instantly disappeared from that place.

Shui Ruoyan was startled in her heart, and she instantly released all three sealed barrier magic, then alertly looked all around her.

The figure of Long Yi suddenly appeared out of thin air behind her. And with internal force circulating in his hand, he effortlessly broke through the barriers of Shui Ruoyan, and lightly patted her shoulder.

The charming body of Shui Ruoyan quivered, and as if she got an electric shock, she jumped two steps ahead, then turning around, she saw Long Yi was looking at her with a mocking smile. Now she looked at Long Yi with terror, and wondered how he could easily break through her barriers.

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As if he had seen through the doubts of Shui Ruoyan, Long Yi laughed and said: “As far as I’m concerned, your barriers are no different from paper to me, it’d be better if you obediently stick up and let me spank you, so as to avoid wasting my time.”

Shui Ruoyan glared at Long Yi, and just when she thought to open her mouth to curse, her vision blurred. And all of her three barriers were completely shattered by a strange power.

Long Yi easily smashed all three barriers into pieces, and his big hand as if iron pincers caught the wrist of Shui Ruoyan, then just when he thought to pull her over, a change occurred. One of the rings on her jade finger flashed with radiance, and a burst of fiery aura instantly surrounded him, then two fiery radiance instantly hit his chest.

After Long Yi was directly hit by these two sealed magic of Shui Ruoyan, he fell back two steps and lowed his head to look. He saw more than the half of the clothes of his chest had already melted, revealing his silver-white armor. Seeing this, he couldn’t help but was startled and his whole body was covered with cold sweat. The magic of just now was the contact nature sealed magic in the ring of Shui Ruoyan which would automatically attack upon contact, moreover both of them were rank 8 fire magic ‘Melting Smelt Flame’. Today if it was not for the armor, then he would have eaten a big loss.

After that Long Yi again rushed towards Shui Ruoyan with a displeased expression. And learning from experience, this time he used spirit power to bind her completely and took all of her accessories on her fingers and wrists. He didn’t even let her neck’s necklace and ears’ earrings slip by.

“You…what do you want to do?” Shui Ruoyan said in a panic.

“What I want to do? Naturally, spank you.” Long Yi raised the chin of Shui Ruoyan, then said with an evil smile on his face.

“You dare, if you dare to touch me, I’ll kill you.” Shui Ruoyan showed strength while weak inside.

As for Long Yi, without saying anything further, he raised Shui Rouyan and made her bend down leaning on his legs, sticking up her round as pearls and smooth as jade small buttocks.

“No, don’t.” Shui Rouyan was so anxious that she was nearly crying.

And looking at this perfectly round buttocks outline, Long Yi couldn’t help but get excited in his heart. After that, he raised his hand and spanked it. And along with ‘pa’ sound, that soft and also elastic feeling in his hand made him difficult to restrain himself. Shortly afterwards, he again spanked several times. And with ‘pa pa pa’ sound, the buttocks’ flesh of Shui Ruoyan as if waves shook. Seeing this Long Yi’s mouth and tongue became dry, and emitting evil fire, his little brother stood erect failing to live up to expectation, and it just happens to poke Shui Ruoyan’s that well-developed chest.

Long Yi took a deep breath, and gently put down his big hand on the buttocks of Shui Ruoyan, then couldn’t help but caressed, groped and lightly pinched. This tender and creamy feeling truly made him comfortable.

Merely it too bad, Long Yi was not able to maintain this comfortable feeling for a long time, as he was awakened by the sobbing sound of Shui Ruoyan. His behavior of just now was truly the behavior of sex fiend, so Long Yi felt somewhat ashamed. As a matter of fact, aside from her character, no matter the appearance or figure, Shui Ruoyan could be rated as a stunning beauty. Compared to Long Ling’er and others 10+ something years old girls, she had a more mature feminine taste.

Long Yi released Shui Ruoyan and removed her binding. But she still sat on the training ground and sobbed with tears continuously flowing out from her eyes.

Long Yi was startled, and made a wry smile. How come this woman is crying so miserably? This is making me feel that I did something very grave. Moreover this matter is obviously her fault, but still, it seems that punishment was a little too much for an unmarried girl. But again recalling Shui Ruoyan’s fatal attacks as well as her unreasonable attitude of regarding herself as infallible, he immediately got rid of that small sympathy born in his heart. This was her reaping what she had sown, everyone should be responsible for what they had done, and beautiful women are also no exception.

But standing in front of crying Shui Ruoyan for a long time, he heart somewhat softened. He took out a beautiful brocade handkerchief and placed it in her hand that was covering her face. But who would have thought that Shui Ruoyan would roll the brocade handkerchief into a ball and threw it back to Long Yi with all her strength, then shouted while crying: “I don’t want you false kindness, you bastard, damn sex fiend, I don’t want to see you.”

Long Yi merely shrugged his shoulders, never mind, this matter end here. He put down all the magic items he had seized from Shui Ruoyan, then placing it on the ground in front of her, he strode out from this training ground.

This moment, the sky was already dim, and a cold breeze was blowing gently, making people feeling cool and refreshing which was very comfortable. At this time, Long Yi touched his belly, and found it was empty. He had not eaten dinner yet, but he had no mood to eat alone, so he returned back to dormitory thinking to call Ling Feng, and go together to drink wine, so that he could quell his gloomy heart.

But returning back to the dormitory, Long Yi was astounded to find that Ling Feng was sitting on the sofa while drinking alcohol to drown his sorrows by himself. And the table was full of cooked dishes too.

Long Yi sat beside Ling Feng, and seize a half-drunk cup of wine from her hand, then muttering few words, he gulped it down.

“Hey, damn Long Yi.” Ling Feng cursed, and this moment, her demeanor unexpectedly looked somewhat like a demeanor of little girl.

“Ling Feng, how come your cursing sounds just like a woman? Don’t tell me that you were infected by that girl called Yinyin?” Long Yi chuckled, and subconsciously placed his big hand on the shoulders of Ling Feng.

Ling Feng shook off the big hand of Long Yi, then said with somewhat gloomy complexion: “Don’t bring it up, mentioning her makes me vexed.”

Long Yi poured himself a cup of wine, then he said: “Ling Feng, no, brother, I say you got the heart of other girls then abandon them without any pity, this matter is something you shouldn’t do. We are great lords, so how could we do such irresponsible things?” Finished speaking, Long Yi gulp down that cup of wine in one breathe. Right now his heart was also unusually gloomy.

Ling Feng looked at Long Yi, and made a wry smile. He would have thought that the person he was speaking to was a girl ah. When she had just came to Holy Magic Academy, she had courted many girls everywhere only for her amusement, and she didn’t know how many girls’ heart she had broken like this.

“I know I have done wrong, but what can I do again? What’s done cannot be undone.” Ling Feng sighed.

“What is what’s done cannot be undone ah, I see that Yinyin girl still loves you deeply, so wouldn’t just accepting her be the end of it.” Long Yi said, while his big hand twisted out the leg of fire rabbit and chewed it.

“…You don’t understand, it’s impossible for me and her to be together, let’s not talk about this matter anymore. Let’s just drink.” Ling Feng shook her head. All other girls of one year ago had already left her long ago, but only this girl called Yinyin was still strongly attached to her.

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Long Yi poured another cup of wine, and began to drink with Ling Feng. Seriously, Long Yi felt that this pretty boy, Ling Feng was a kindred spirit, and had a feeling of familiarity at first sight.

“Oh, that’s right, Long Yi, a moment ago, Ximen Clan’s Miss Ximen Wuhen had come to look for you. You brat, tell he honestly, aren’t you having affair behind Long Ling’er with her best friend ah?” Ling Feng mischievously smiled and said to Long Yi, while his eyes were filled with ambiguous looks.

“Telling you the truth, she is my younger sister.” Long Yi said with a smile. He thought to make friends with him, so he didn’t plan to conceal this.

“Passion sister, hehe.” Ling Feng chuckled.

“Biological sister, and I’m speaking seriously.” Long Yi stopped his smile and said with a stern countenance.

“As far as I know, Ximen Wuhen only has two elder brother, one is named Ximen Tian and other is Ximen Yu, but both of them don’t have surname Long. If you say you are the brother of Long Ling’er, then perhaps I might have believed you.” Ling Feng put down the wine cup and said with a smile while staring at Long Yi.

“That’s right, actually I also have a name called Ximen Yu.” Long Yi said while straightly looking at Ling Feng.

Ling Feng was astounded, and blankly looking at Long Yi, she was speechless for a long time.

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