Chapter 145: Noodles for exchanging beautiful wife?

The complexion of Ling Feng changed irregularly, Long Yi was that rumored second young master of Ximen clan who had raped Long Ling’er? She couldn’t believe it, although she was acquainted with him for only two days, but she believed that she would never judge someone wrongly unless the rumor was wrong.

“Are you really Ximen Yu?” Ling Feng again asked with skeptical looks.

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“Is there anything worthwhile to lie? Ximen Yu, don’t you know how disgusting the reputation of this name is, ai?” Long Yi made a wry smile and said.

Ling Feng looked at Long Yi in a startled fashion for quite a while, then suddenly laughing, she poured two cups of wine, and handing one cup to Long Yi, she said with a smile: “I believe you, you were willing to speak out your identity, that alone make us brothers. Now let’s exchange the cup of wine.”

Long Yi took the wine cup, then draining it in one gulp, both of them look at each other and laughed.

“Mhm, hereafter should I call you Long Yi or Ximen Yu?” Ling Feng asked with a smile.

“Call me Long Yi, I like this name better.” Long Yi answered.

Two people happily talked with each other and quickly finished eating and drinking. This moment, it was already late at night.

Ling Feng yawned and went back to her room to sleep. As for Long Yi, he took a shower and returned to his room. But just when he had prepared to mediate, he suddenly sensed magic fluctuation next door, and it instantly disappeared.

Long Yi jumped out of bed and knocked the door of Ling Feng, but no one answered. So he used his spirit power to probe and discovered that Ling Feng was not inside the room.

Where did this fellow go this late at night? Truly mysterious. Long Yi thought inwardly. He could simply follow the trial of the aura, but all person have something they didn’t want others to know of. Since it was like that, he decided against following her.

This moment, Long Yi didn’t have any mood to meditate, and suddenly thought of Shui Ruoyan. Now she ought to have already returned back, and with her pettiness, she must hate him to death now.

While thinking about Shui Ruoyan, Long Yi felt somewhat not at ease, so he jumped out of the window, and flew towards training ground in the mountain behind academy.

This moment training ground was tightly locked, and it was pitch-black inside. It seems Shui Ruoyan had already returned back. Long Yi smiled and shook his head, my heart was groundlessly worried ah, she is already a big person, so how could she be stubborn like a child and keep on crying whole day whole night long in the training ground?

Since he was unable to sleep, Long Yi walked towards the top of the mountain. And just when he reached the top of the mountain, to the surprise of Long Yi, he saw a curled up figure on the stone of the top of the mountain.

Shui Ruoyan? How come this woman still hasn’t returned back? Seeing this figure, Long Yi couldn’t help but exclaim in his heart.

Long Yi hid his aura, and slowly approached, then began to hear Shui Ruoyan talking to herself while looking towards the sky. Long Yi pricked up his ears and heard her saying: “Mother, your daughter miss you, if this moment you were by my side, then how good it would be. You know? Today a bastard take advantage of me. He is called Long Yi, he is very rotten, not only did he oppose me everywhere, he furthermore still…still spanked me, afterwards, he caressed lewdly. This perverted crook, I hate him to death. Mother, you must curse this bastard that bullied your daughter, let him not have a good death, humph.”

Hearing this Long Yi became green in the face, this girl, she is the one who is clearly opposing me everywhere. And here she is slandering me in front of her dead mother, moreover asking her to curse him to not have a good death, truly a woman with poisonous heart ah.

Just then, the stomach of Shui Ruoyan suddenly made sounds, then covering her stomach, she said softly: “Mother, now your daughter is going to starve to death, if right now a man brought delicious foods from the sky, then I will pledge to marry him, ai, even a bowl of noodles is okay.”

At this moment, the corner of the mouth of Long Yi rose, almost was unable to hold back a loud laughter. Is she really a 27-28 years old woman, how come she is still speaking like a little girl? After that, he rolled his eyes and voicelessly smiled sinisterly, then just like a ghost he disappeared.

Not long after, Long Yi appeared outside the Holy Magic Academy. It was already late at night this time, so all the restaurants were already closed. But Long Yi shamelessly became gentleman on the beam [1], and easily entered into a noodles shop. Inside, there were ready-made noodles, as long as he used fired bean sauce and mix the ingredients according to the recipe, he would get ready to eat noodles. Moreover, when it comes to cooking, Long Yi was expert. Quickly taking out seasonings, and properly mixing them, he packed it to take it away. A bowl of noodles for a wife, this truly was worth it ah.

Before walking away, Long Yi threw a gold coin on the table. Then taking this cooked noodles, he went to the mountain behind the academy. When he reached the top of the mountain again, discovered Shui Ruoyan just happens to stand up, it seems she was intending to leave.

Long Yi made a prompt decision, his figure flashed and appeared in the sky above Shui Ruoyan, and right hand’s bowl of noodles slowly fell down the sky.

Shui Ruoyan was startled, and after seeing Long Yi, her complexion paled and she took two steps back. Then ferociously glaring at Long Yi, she coldly said: “Why on earth did you come? I don’t want to see you.”

Long Yi however acted as if he didn’t hear, and rather curiously looked all around and muttered: “Strange, just now in my dream, a beautiful girl said that as long as I give her a bowl of noodles, she would pledge to marry me, where has she gone?”

Shui Ruoyan was startled, and she suddenly smelled an appetizing fragrance of sauce, then she couldn’t help but swallow her saliva, and her stomach protest became more severe. She saw noodles on the hand of Long Yi, and also hearing what he had said just now, her beautiful face burned and at the same time she became muddleheaded. Don’t tell me that the words I have spoken just now appeared in his dream? I recall him saying that his magic was also taught to him by Light God appearing in his dream, don’t tell me that this is the truth?

“Eh, it’s you, wasn’t it you who said those words?” Long Yi asked.

Shui Ruoyan immediately turned around with red face and snorted: “It’s just your dream, I have never spoken this kind of idiotic words.”

Long Yi mischievously laughed while looking at Shui Ruoyan, wasn’t it precisely you who spoke these idiotic words just now?

“I also think it’s not you, how can our beautiful and intelligent teacher Shui Ruoyan speak out such childish words?” Long Yi said with a smile.

Hearing what was said, Shui Ruoyan face became even redder, and was about to leave in anger and shame.

“Ai, it’s too pity to throw away this noodles I made painstakingly, teacher Shui Ruoyan, how about you eat it, its taste however is first–class ah.” Just then, Long Yi gave noodles in his hand to Shui Ruoyan.

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“I will not eat your noodles.” Shui Ruoyan coldly snorted.

“Really not eating, then it’s too bad, the seasoning recipe of this noodles was something handed down from my ancestors, and the taste is so appetizing that there will be lingering aftertaste for a long time. But it seems you don’t have gourmet’s luck.” Long Yi said with a pity expression, then was about to throw away the noodles on his hand.

“You…what are you doing?” Shui Ruoyan couldn’t help but ask.

“Throwing out, I just ate until I was too full, and this noodle isn’t good to eat tomorrow, so there is no purpose to keep it without throwing out.” Long Yi smiled and said.

Shui Ruoyan bit her lower lips while watching that noodles on the hand of Long Yi. She naturally knew that, at this time, she was very unlikely to get anything outside to eat, moreover she was a beloved daughter who had led a pampered life, so although there was a kitchen in the teacher dormitory, it was completely useless for her. As a result, tonight there was nowhere she could eat.

Gugu, gugu. The stomach of Shui Ruoyan was especially loud and clear in this night sky. Her face became even redder, now she just wanted to find a hole in the ground to burrow inside.

“Eh, you still haven’t eaten yet, then eat it, don’t waste it.” Long Yi said with a smile.

Shui Ruoyan hesitated for a long time, then reached out her hand to take the bowls and chopstick from the hand of Long Yi and said: “Since you strongly requested like this, I am reluctantly eating it, but this and that matter of before is different, so the matter between us is still not written off.”

“Okay.” Long Yi shrugged his shoulders, and a strange smile appeared on his face. They say ‘when you eat food from others you will speak good words to others’, but this eating and not eating results is completely different.

Shui Ruoyan sat down facing back towards Long Yi, then began to slowly eat this bowl of appetizing noodles. In the beginning, she tried her best to not make any sound while eating, but later as she was truly too hungry, she thought, why did she need to maintain her bearing in front of this bastard ah. Whatever he thinks about her, she didn’t care, so she no longer restrained herself, and began eating one big mouth after another big mouth. Very quickly, a large bowl of noodles was eaten clean by her as she was extremely hungry.

Eating till sated made her really comfortable, and Shui Ruoyan also felt very spirited. She turned around to hand over the empty bowl to Long Yi, but discovered that he was smiling while looking at her, so she couldn’t help but angrily said: “You, why are you laughing?”

Long Yi pointed towards the corner of her mouth and said with a smile: “You just ate a bowl of noodle, but how come you sprout a beard?”

Shui Ruoyan was stunned, and her jade hand subconsciously reached her mouth, and noticed that it as stained with blackish brown sauce. Her beautiful face again became red, then snorting she again turned around, and turned her space ring upside down, but found no handkerchief inside her space ring.

Long Yi handed a piece of brocade handkerchief, and said with a smile: “Use this to wipe, you don’t want to wipe with your hands, do you?”

Shui Ruoyan took that brocade handkerchief, and heard Long Yi speaking: “You see, we actually don’t have much hatred between us, let’s forget all our former enmity okay? In any case aren’t you a teacher? So how can you fuss over minor matters with me, a student?”

Hearing Long Yi, Shui Ruoyan flew into a rage as she recalled how Long Yi had spanked her at the training ground, was that a little matter? She angrily said: “I am your teacher and you are my student? Where is the student that bullies teacher like that? This matter between me and you isn’t over yet.”

“How can I bully you, it’s clearly you bullying me.” Long Yi innocently said. Speaking about it, all of these matters were initiated by Shui Ruoyan first, and originally he was also in a fit of anger, but tonight, seeing her lamenting just like a little girl, he took the initiative to express his goodwill, but he had never thought that she would still not appreciate. But Long Yi also didn’t think that, it was not an easy matter for a girl to forget about the matter of getting spanked and stroked by a man.

“You…you spank my butt…humph, I am not finished with you, you just wait and see.” Finished speaking, Shui Rouyan used Float Magic and flew away without even looking at Long Yi.

“All says when you eat food from others you will speak good words to others, but how come this woman’s mouth is still so stiff.” Looking at the disappearing figure of Shui Ruoyan, Long Yi muttered.

Long Yi lied on the rock where Shui Ruoyan was lying just now. It seems there was still remnants of her unique faint fragrance. Just then, Long Yi suddenly felt energy fluctuation coming from inside his space ring, so he curiously sent his consciousness into his space ring, and discovered that the blue necklace was glimmering with cold radiance.

[1] gentleman on the beam: thief

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