Chapter 146: Mea Empress’s request

Looking at this blue necklace, Long Yi suddenly recalled that this was the necklace he had torn out from Mea Empress last time in Intoxicated Fragrant Building. This ought to be warning magic necklace, so how come this necklace is suddenly glowing now?

Long Yi took out this necklace from his space ring and fiddled with it while looking left and right, but he didn’t see any tricks, merely dim light was still continuously flashing seemingly receiving a signal.

And just at this time, Long Yi suddenly felt something was not right, his wild beast kind of intuition let him instinctively feel that someone was approaching, although there was not even a bit of unusual fluctuation in the air.

Long Yi alertly looked all around, then suddenly recalled how last time in Barbarian Bull clan’s Martial Arts Competition, Bertha had used Fox clan’s Invisibility Magic, and again looking at the blue necklace in his hand which had stopped flashing now, he laughed. Since he was able to find the location of Bertha using his spirit power search last time, he could do the same this time too.

The spirit power of Long Yi enveloped a radius of fifty meters with him as a center. Long Yi believed that Bertha was here, next he began to draw in his spirit power. Sure enough, twenty meters away on his right side, he sensed a humanoid object slowly coming towards him.

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Long Yi smirked, then breaking some twigs, he used his internal force to throw them. After that, making several howling sounds, they shot to his right side and perfectly stuck on the ground in front of Bertha where she was just about to step.

“Bertha, show yourself, as far as I’m concerned your Invisibility Magic is useless.” Long Yi said with a smile.

Just then, a charming laughter came through the air, which could directly enter to the bone marrow of a person. Obviously, this was not the voice of Bertha, rather was very similar to the voice of Mea Empress.

After that, a vague shadow appeared in the front out of the thin air, which slowly became clear. Sure enough, it was Mea Empress, this fox demon that could derange all living creatures. As before she was wearing gorgeous Mea palace attire, exposing her snow-white jade neck as well as her exquisite collarbone. Her face had thin cosmetics, and her eyes had a kind of hazy look, moreover with her pink lips slightly raised, this faint smile had stifling allure.

“When Bertha said that you can break our Fox clan’s Invisibility Magic, I didn’t believe it, but now I have no choice but to believe ah.” Mea Empress looked at the twigs in front of her legs and softly laughed.

And seeing Mea Empress, Long Yi smirked and said: “Empress, your status is noble, but what affairs made you run to this barren hill in the dead of the night ah?”

“Naturally looking for you.” Mea Empress lightly smiled and said. She also trembled slightly seeing Long Yi was dazzled and stunned.

Long Yi used great willpower to shift his gaze, and said with a smile: “Looking for me? This is not too good, although our relationship is purer than snow, but like this single man and a single woman in the dead of the night, it is hard to avoid suspicion ah. And if any people see this, then wouldn’t that destroy Empress’s reputation?”

“If people see, then just killing them is enough.” Mea Empress restrained her charm and indifferently said. That ice-cold tone seemed she basically didn’t care about the life or death of others.

Long Yi pricked his brows, this fox lady is very ruthless in her heart ah.

The coldness of Mea Empress didn’t last for long, she again giggled charmingly, and said: “Long Yi, are you thinking this empress is so cruel to other people?”

Long Yi didn’t express his opinion, this fox lady was far more difficult to handle than Bertha, if he was not careful, then he wouldn’t even know he was counting the money for her which she had obtained after selling him. He just dangled the blue necklace in front of her, and said with a smile: “You find me relying on this, isn’t that so?”

“Yes, at that time you took my thing, but you didn’t return it, moreover ordinarily I cannot show my face, so I had to choose this late at night to ask it back.” Mea Empress bashfully and timidly raised her head, and her misty eyes seemed to want to shed water.

The expression of Long Yi changed, suddenly becoming incomparably ice-cold, and with his eyes also seemingly frozen, he coldly mocked: “Empress, you are a clever person, but why must you persistently do such stupid things? Cut out your disgusting Charming Magic, otherwise don’t blame me, Long Yi, for not understanding show pity and tenderness to women.”

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Mea Empress trembled from head to toe, and her charming intent that could cause people to have an unbearable fire of lust instantly disappeared without a trance. Now looking at Long Yi, her expression was somewhat dejected, although she knew that Long Yi was someone that was not so easy to seduce, but she still couldn’t help but want to try, because she wanted to have Long Yi for her personal use, and make Long Yi obediently take orders from her hereafter, but unfortunately, this person was truly unfathomable, she wasn’t able to control him.

Long Yi threw the necklace in his hand towards Mea Empress, then coldly said: “Put away your junk, you can go now.”

The complexion of Mea Empress became blank, then lightly sighing, she said to Long Yi: “Please forgive Lian Xin, Lian Xin swears, hereafter I will never use Charming Magic in front of you.”

Lian Xin [1]? Long Yi was dumbfounded, it turned out the name of this Mea Empress was Lian Xin, that tasting bitter but ability to clean liver, reducing internal heat and so on lotus seed’s heart.

“You are a noble Empress, but now you are being humble to me, a nameless person, why? Don’t tell me that you were attracted by my body’s tyrant king aura?” Long Yi stared at Mea Empress with a subtle smile.

“What if I say yes?” Mea Empress softly said.

Long Yi smirked and said: “Although I know my charm is extraordinary, but the conclusion I’ve reached after weighing a matter, I know that your kind of scheming deeply woman cares nothing but utility, and pursuing benefit is your natural instinct. Just like the prosperous world is for the benefit, and the chaotic world is also for the benefit, if you want my help, then you should pay at least the appropriate price ah.”

Mea Empress was dumbfounded, and her eyes flashed with surprise. This youngster nevertheless had seen through worldly affairs. Everything in the world was simply for ones benefit. After that, she said: “What do you want as a price?”

“First let me know what you want me to help with.” Long Yi softly smiled and said.

“I want you to help us, Fox clan, to reproduce the prestige of thousand years ago. In those days, we, Silver Fox clan had Invisibility Magic as well as Thousand Extreme Illusions, these two unique Magic, and our standing was only second to Beast clan emperor’s clan. But afterwards, don’t know why, in our clan, the inheritors of Silver Fox bloodline became increasingly scarce. And it became hard to find even one among ten thousand people that possess Silver Fox bloodline. After that Invisibility Magic and Thousand Extreme Illusions fell into oblivion, and our Fox clan also fell low to the most inferior race among beast clans. Then with no other choice, we could only rely upon our Charming Magic to attach ourselves to the powerful Beast-men Clan to survive till today.” The more Mea Empress spoke, the more agitated she became, and her eyes were already glistening with teardrops.

“Now there are only me and Bertha that inherit Silver Fox bloodline in our Fox clan. And because my bloodline isn’t pure, I’m unable to cultivate Thousand Extreme Illusions, but Bertha possess purest Silver Fox bloodline in these thousand years, and as long as she cultivates Thousand Extreme Illusions, she will be able to unify entire Fox Clan, and will be able to find more clansmen with Silver Fox bloodline, thus leading the Fox clan towards prosperity.” After pausing for a bit, Mea Empress continued.

Long Yi thought for a while and said: “I can’t seem to help you in these matters. No need to mention about the probability of Bertha being unsuccessful in cultivating Thousand Extreme Illusions, I cannot change your Fox clan’s physique.”

“I only need you to help Bertha, her experience is too shallow, and have stubborn personality. Although after managing Charming Love Residence, her behavior towards others has somewhat progressed, but if there is no one beside her to help when she is unifying entire Fox clan, with only her, she basically will not be the opponent of those old foxes of Fox clan’s other branches.” Mea Empress sighed.

“Doesn’t she have you, her aunt? With your ability, it’s possible to play around with those old fellows of Fox clan.” Long Yi said with a smile.

Mea Empress blanked, then bitterly smiling, she lowered her voice: “I can’t help her for long.”

“Why?” Long Yi curiously asked.

Mea Empress didn’t speak, merely she deeply looked at the starry sky. After a good while, she said: “You don’t need to know so much, now tell me what do you want to help me?”

Long Yi suddenly felt thick sadness coming from the Mea Empress, although her expression was no different from before. He replied: “I also don’t know what I want? So tell me what you can offer me first.”

“All the men living in the world, throughout their life, pursuit nothing but money, beauty and power. As long as you help, I can give you a lot of money, more than you can spend in your whole life, also can send you a lot of beauties, I don’t need to mention how well known we Fox clan are in beauties, and even if you want to obtain the body of Bertha, there will be no problem. And as for power, I can make you assume the position of the Emperor of Mea Principality, I wonder if these are enough?” Mea Empress looked at Long Yi, she believed that everyone in the word had an underline price, and all these she had offered was enough to make any man in the world crazy.

Long Yi shook his head and laughed. Money, is there anyone in this world who is richer than him? Beauties, which woman around him can’t be rated as unrivaled beauty? As for power, power was dogass for him, his dream is to wander around the entire Blue Waves Continent without any care in the world, so why would he want to fall into the fight against each other, and among the crafty plots and mechanism for power.

“Money, beauties, I already have these. And as for power, I, Long Yi don’t care. Power can make you attain many objectives, but isn’t having strength also the same? Moreover, Mea Principality is too small, if you are able to provide the power to control the entire Blue Waves Continent, then I can still consider.” Long Yi said with a smile.

Mea Empress fixedly stared at Long Yi, and she could see that he was not lying, but if she could give him the power to control entire Blue Waves Continent, then why would she humbly beg him.

“Your demand is truly difficult to accomplish, how about we exchange our demand?” Mea Empress sighed.

“Say it.” Long Yi asked in interest.

“As long as you help Bertha to unify the entire Fox clan, then you will be my Fox clan’s great benefactor. Afterwards, if you have any command, no matter what we, Fox clan will obey.” Mea Empress gritted her teeth and said. She knew that doing this was equivalent to handing over Fox clan to this man, and if he wanted to intentionally destroy Fox clan, then that would be an easy matter, but on another aspect, Fox clan might also be brought forward to brilliance by this man. She was betting, betting on her foresight.

[1] Lian Xin: the heart of a lotus seed.

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