Chapter 147: Pure body

Long Yi was somewhat surprised, although the standing of Fox clan among beast-men was low, and also didn’t have actual combat ability, but if the entire Fox clan was united just like Mea Empress had stated, then using them properly, their beauties capable of causing the downfall of a state and their Charm magic would become extremely powerful women weapons.

However, Long Yi neither had any intention of contending for supremacy nor had any intention to change the current structure of Blue Waves Continent. So Even if he own such power, what’s the use of it? He pondered for a long time and said: “I have to properly consider this matter a little.”

Mea Empress was dumbfounded looking at Long Yi, then immediately gritting her teeth, her jade hands reached out to the clothes on her chest and pulled it off. Gorgeous clothing floated in the air, and her bosom laid bare without any cover before Long Yi.

Long Yi’s pupil suddenly enlarged, and his heart suddenly skipped few beats. But soon he calmed down and even though his eyes were practically glued to Mea Empress’s that firm and as if best quality jade plump breasts, his mind was nevertheless very sober.

“What do you think of my figure?” Mea Empress asked in trembling voice.

“Beautiful to extreme, wonderful peaks too.” Long Yi answered without even blinking his eyes.

Hearing Long Yi answering so quickly, and again seeing he looked as if he was impatient but in fact had clear eyes, she took a deep breath two times, then her jade hands reached out to her belt.

Suddenly, the jade hands of Mea Empress were caught, actually was Long Yi’s big hand catching her hand. Mea Empress raised her head and saw Long Yi looking at her with a stern expression.

“Are you thinking of giving me your body?” Long Yi indifferently asked.

“Yes, although I am a married woman, but my body is still absolutely pure. Before all along I’ve used magic to let my maid replace me.” Looking at Long Yi, Mea Empress softly said and her beautiful face became bright red.

Long Yi was startled, this the fox lady has her body double? She truly can toy around that Mea Emperor round and round ah. Even after his death, he will not know that the person who had accompanied him every night in lovemaking wasn’t his loved Empress, rather the maid beside Empress, truly miserable ah.

Long Yi shook his head and seriously said: “Whether your body is pure or not has nothing to do with me. I admit that you are very beautiful and very charming, but all people must have particular principle. And also I have no interest in sexual intercourse full of exploit relationship. I have already stated, I will consider your request.”

Mea Empress softly sighed, then wore her clothes. Now she was also feeling embarrassed. She who has rolled about in the midst of crafty plots and machinations to such years, when had she ever acted like a little girl like this?

“If you don’t mind, can I know your purpose of building Charming Love Residence?” Long Yi asked. All along, he was somewhat worried about Long Ling’er and Ximen Wuhen. This fox lady had a strong goal for all of her moves, and he didn’t want them two becoming her pawns.

The eyes of Mea Empress shone, and she said with a smile: “To tell you the truth, there is absolutely no other reason for opening Charming Love Residence, I just really want to have women only breathing space.”

Long Yi smiled and asked no longer. Even if she was unwilling to tell him, it’s okay as long as she doesn’t involve both Ximen Wuhen and Long Ling’er.

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“The sky is getting brighter. Now I have to return. As for this necklace, you hold onto this, and when you have thought over that matter, just inject a little bit of your magical power in it, then I will naturally come looking for you.” Mea Empress handed over that blue necklace to Long Yi again, then her figure silently blend into the air and disappeared.

Long Yi sat on the rock in a daze. Now, that appearance of Mea Empress continuously reappeared in his mind, and he felt somewhat happy for being able to resist touching her, even when facing such extraordinarily beautiful woman. But he still had a hint of regret in his heart, it was truly too pity.

Chaotically thinking for the night was not only limited to Long Yi, at this very moment, Shui Ruoyan was also rolling about on her bed.

“Hateful, hateful, hateful.” Shui Ruoyan used quilt to cover her head but muffled charming voice was still coming from inside. After returning and lying on the bed, the scene of Long Yi spanking her continuously appeared in her mind. Thinking about it now, her entire body would become hot and dry, and especially thinking of him caressing and pinching her buttocks, she felt as if millions of ants were crawling on her body. And her beautiful face heated up as if wanting to burn the quilt.

Shui Ruoyan threw off the quilt, and jumping out of the bed, she rushed into the bathroom, then continuously sprinkled cold water on her burning hot face. This somewhat calmed her down.

Since she was unable to fall asleep, Shui Ruoyan silently sat on the windowsill and became lost in her thought. During her childhood, she had lost both her parents, and at that time she was so small that she didn’t understand this. And when she got a little bigger, she asked her grandmother Shui Linglong, but she didn’t say a word about it. All other people believed that she was very happy, as, she was the granddaughter of Water Master Archmage Shui Linglong, and also the most famous genius girl of at that time in entire Blue Waves Continent. Her talent was not inferior to Long Ling’er and Lin Na in any aspect, and only at the age of 26, she miraculously rose to Archmage realm, becoming the most promising candidate to become Law God, this supreme realm which most people could only look up to.

But, was she really happy? Shui Linglong was very strict with her from childhood, however she was very lenient while treating other people, this greatly confused her. So, during her teenage, she began to revolt. And one time her relationship with Shui Linglong had turned into water and fire, but now although their relationship was a little better, but their relationship however was not intimate like that of normal grandparent and grandchild. Now they very rarely see each other, but at that time too they wouldn’t talk much. In addition to this, she had no friends, so every day in addition to meditation, there was only reading. As a result, her life was incomparably fantod. Although she was a teacher, but in fact, she was very envious of her students, envied their freedom and also envied their friendship.

Shui Ruoyan knew that she was very beautiful. Since she was 15 years old, even she didn’t know how many noble princes and dukes had courted her, but she never was emotionally touched.

And yesterday that youth called Long Yi came in her class, his flamboyant and unrestraint tone made Shui Ruoyan very annoyed, no, in fact, her feeling couldn’t be called annoyed, could only call jealous. Jealous of his flamboyant and jealous of his unrestraint rebel, because all of these were something she once possessed but were forced to discard…youthfulness.

“Long Yi, what kind of person are you?” Shui Ruoyan looking towards the rosy dawn on the horizon muttered. That peculiar magic, as if ghost movement, and furthermore his that shocking ability to break barriers, made this merely 19 years old youth very mysterious.

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“This bad student, actually daring to hit a teacher, moreover brazenly molest too, really audacious to the extreme, too hateful.” Again thinking about that incident, indescribable urge suddenly welled up in the heart of Shui Ruoyan, and her face became bright red again, just like the rosy dawn at the horizon.

Very quickly the sky became bright, and the sun rose dying the entire world red. Now ‘dingding dangdang’ sound began to ring in both boys and girls dormitory.

Ximen Wuhen woke from her meditation. Long Ling’er didn’t return last night, and she was truly rather not too accustomed to this. Because in this period of time, Puxiusi had free time, and both Long Ling’er and Lin Na were also at the bottleneck of Master Magician, and as long as they break through this bottleneck, they would reach Mage realm, so Long Ling’er had said to her that both she and Lin Na were cultivating with great concentration in seclusion, and she will not return back for some days. As a result, she went to look for her second brother yesterday thinking to let him know this information, but who would have thought that he unexpectedly wasn’t in his dormitory room.

When Ximen Wuhen got up and was just about to go to a bathroom to wash her face, who would have thought that at that time, she heard the sound of the door opening. She was instantly startled, and hastily ran out of the bedroom, but just happened to see Long Ling’er coming in.

“Ling’er, didn’t you say that you are going to enter seclusion cultivation? Why did you suddenly come back?” Ximen Wuhen asked in surprise.

Long Ling’er softly smiled, brilliant like the horizon sun, really, her smile was very beautiful and was very infectious just like Long Yi, merely she didn’t smile frequently but Long Yi was laughing and playing everywhere attracting bees and butterflies.

“Tomorrow teacher Puxiusi wants to take me and Lin Na to a different place to cultivate, it might take up to three months before we return, so I came to see you.” Long Ling’er closed the door and said.

Ximen Wuhen also giggled and said: “Ling’er, you came to see me or see my second brother ah?”

Long Ling’er angrily glared at Ximen Wuhen and said: “Nonsense, I definitely didn’t come back to see him.”

“Okay, you don’t you don’t, where are you going to cultivate tomorrow, moreover going for three months ah.” Ximen Wuhen somewhat worriedly asked.

Long Ling’er shook her head and said: “I also don’t know, teacher Puxiusi didn’t say anything.”

“Then you must be careful.” Ximen Wuhen held the hand of Long Ling’er and said.

“Don’t worry, teacher Puxiusi is there, so will there still be any troubles?” Long Ling’er smiled and consoled.

“Then…then would you like to speak to my second brother?” Ximen Wuhen asked.

“Mhm, did you talk to him yesterday?” Long Long’er answered in low voice, then asked.

“Yesterday I went to look for him, but didn’t find him. However, I heard that he molested female students and also teacher Shui Ruoyan in practice class yesterday, so teacher called him to teach a lesson, hehe.” Recalling various kind of rumors all the way, Ximen Wuhen couldn’t help but laugh.

“This pervert, taking advantage of girls everywhere.” The smile of Long Ling’er suddenly disappeared, and she said with ominous glint flashing in her eyes.

“Ling’er, you seemed to be jealous.” Ximen Wuhen teasingly said.

“I didn’t…”

“Okay, okay, I know you are not jealous. Anyway, wait for me, we will go to have a meal together.” Ximen Wuhen immediately interrupted Long Ling’er and fled to the bathroom to cover up her worried expression. Hereafter what would happen to Long Ling’er and her second brother? Looking at the appearance of Long Ling’er, she knew that now Long Ling’er had a trace of good impression of her second brother, but what Long Ling’er herself didn’t show was her hatred that covers everything. She knew that Long Ling’er was very stubborn, so she really feared that Long Ling’er would end up doing something she would regret.

After Ximen Wuhen washed and dressed, two people went to the dining hall. Holy Magic Academy had three dining hall, and among them, one was at the mountain behind academy. This dining hall had many varieties and most delicious breakfast, so this dining hall would have comparatively many people.

The time was still relatively early, so when Ximen Wuhen and Long Ling’er came to the dining hall, there were very few people.

And at that time, from the corner of her eye, Long Ling’er suddenly saw a familiar figure. Turning her head, her eyes instantly shone and felt somewhat happy too.

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