Chapter 17: Earth Bear (1)

Long Yi was shocked at first, but very quickly he realized that it was Si Bi using a Float Spell to glide with him. Smelling the delicate fragrance of Jasmine, and feeling the soft hand around his waist and sensation of her body, the heart of Long Yi couldn’t help but swayed, and was tempted to lean more and take advantage of Si Bi in that situation.

“Damned bastard, one false move again and I will throw you down.” Si Bi angrily said with the blushing face. She didn’t expect this guy to be this dishonest, unexpectedly he was outrageously bold enough to place his hand and then rub her towering chest. And that soft and tingling feeling made her bashful and simultaneously angry too.

Long Yi showed a mischievous smile as an answer, nevertheless he honesty withdrew his left hand. Although he was still leaning on that soft body of Si Bi, however he didn’t dare to move his hand randomly.

After flying a distance about three li, Si Bi felt somewhat less capable than desirable. If she was by herself, she could have easily covered the distance of five li while gliding. But now she was carrying an extra person with her, so the consumption of her magical power was extremely high and was exhausted this quickly.

“I’m exhausted, you pig, you are so heavy.” Si Bi complained, then began to look for the place for landing.

“Yes, I am a pig. I wonder who was the one that kept on saying that she wanted to marry me just a moment ago, weren’t that you? And doesn’t that make you a sow?” Long Yi chuckled, and felt very good to tease this saintess.

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Si Bi snorted coldly, and then she loosened her little hand from the waist of Long Yi for an instant, causing Long Yi to sway in the air.

“Don’t let go, I’ll die,” Long Yi pretend to be panic-stricken and yelled loudly. And using both of his hands, from the side he firmly hugged Si Bi. His big hands skillfully passed through her armpits, and again pressed on her soft, elastic pure **.

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“Let go your hand, quickly let go your hand form me.” Si Bi was feeling ashamed and fury simultaneously.

“No, if I let you go, then I will fall to death.” Long Yi laughed up to his sleeve and pressed her ** even tightly by hugging her even tighter.

Si Bi was already trembling all over, and her spiritual power was already in chaos. It was important to know that currently she was not wearing any underwear, and now she could sense her little cherry of her sensitive place was clipped between the two fingers of Long Yi. Si Bi was already sensing a tingling sensation all over her body, she could no longer bear this simulation and was becoming weak, so two of them staggered toward the ground.

Long Yi used his body to protect Si Bi, then with a ‘bang’ sound, they landed on the ground on his back, and then rolled twice in the ground. Fortunately, they were not very high form the ground, so Long Yi was able to use his internal energy to protect himself.

“Still not taking your claws off me, is that much touching still not enough for you?” Lying on the bosom of Long Yi, Si Bi coldly said.

Long Yi awkwardly released his hand, and innocently said, “I didn’t mean it.”

“I know it was intentional.” Si Bi coldly snorted and stood up. She didn’t know the current feeling inside her heart, it goes without saying that she ought to hate him, however unknowingly hate didn’t appear in her heart, she only felt shy and angry, and contrary to what she had expected she was mostly shy. She deeply pondered the meaning of this feeling, about thought whether she started to like him a little bit.

Long Yi mischievously laughed, that was truly intentional. He sniffed the scent in his palm, as the wonderful peerless feeling and delicate fragrance of Si Bi still lingered on it.

Si Bi saw this frivolous action of Long Yi, inside her heart she became even shyer, then waving her hand, she shot two fireball magic directly towards the intoxicated face of Long Yi.

Long Yi just laughed and ducked, and the two fireballs flew over his head towards the forest behind him.

Wow, you set fire to the forest, what are you going to do about it?” Long Yi laughed.

Si Bi just coldly snorted, and carried on shooting several more. Suddenly a huge roar came out from within the forest, which violently shook the ground, and the numerous leaves of trees started to fall in succession just like a rain. A three-meter tall earth yellow colored bear was advancing towards them by violently knocked down the trees, its vicious eyes were staring fixedly on Long Yi and Si Bi. Step by step, it was advancing towards them, the sharp eyes of Long Yi discovered that at the waist of this bear, there was burned fur. It might be assumed that the fireball of Si Bi had hit this bear.

The complexion of Si Bi changed, then said in alarm, “Not good, it is Earth Bear, we should run quickly.”

Earth Bear? From the memory, Long Yi knew that this was a B-ranked magical beast, and this beast’s whole body is covered with copper skin and had an iron bone which is impervious to sword or spear, moreover, it could use the advanced magic of earth element. Even if Si Bi was at her peak condition, she wouldn’t dare to fight it by herself, light element magic is the natural nemesis of both dark magic and necromancer, but for other element magic, its firepower was not remarkable at all.

Long Yi and Si Bi both started to run like a mad, and Long Yi had a self-mocking smile, it was quite difficult to deal with this Earth Bear, and trying to confront this Earth bear with his strength of only the First layer of AoTianJue was just courting the death.

Seeing that the two people were fleeing, yellow colored rays of light appeared on the body of that Earth Bear, then it raised its two huge bear claw high in the air, and trampled on the ground heavily while roaring.

The ground violently shook, and the pieces of the earth flew in the air just like a locust towards the two fleeing people.

“Mighty Light God, please bestow power to your loyal servant, and obstruct all evil, Holy Light Barrier.” Si Bi quickly chanted the incantation and used Holy Light Barrier to protect both of them. The pieces of earth hit the barrier ‘bang bang bang….’, and layer upon layer of ripples appeared on the barrier.

S***! This is just like raining.” Looking at the pieces of earth continuously falling from the sky, he made a wry smile and said. If he had the strength of the previous incarnation, then even if there were 10 Earth Bears, he would have easily clean them up, but currently, he was only at first layer of AoTianJue, so currently, he didn’t even have a one-tenth power of his previous incarnation.

Finally, after the last piece of earth hit the Holy Light Barrier, the Holy Light Barrier was scattered.

“Si Bi, quickly use Float Magic and flee from here.” Long Yi said.

Si Bi lightly sighed, then said faintly, “I have already consumed a lot of magical power, so now I am unable to cast Float Magic.”

Looking at the ferocious face of the Earth Bear, Long Yi secretly sighed, it seemed they need to go all out regardless of the danger to their life.

At that time, Si Bi look over to Long Yi, then raised her hand towards the hood on her head and lowered it, then looking towards Long Yi she said, “Long Yi, do you firmly remember my face?”

Long Yi didn’t know what to say, so he just nodded his head, once more seeing the face with the fusion of angel and devil, a glimmer of warmth welled up inside his heart.

“Then, quickly leave this place, I’ll hold back this Earth Bear.” Si Bi stepped in front of Long Yi, then a white light flashed on her right hand and a blackish green colored magic staff appeared on her hand. This magic staff had six roundish milky colored magic cores of light element magical beasts at its top, forming a six edged star magic formation. These magic cores were the magic core of B-ranked light element magical beasts, and could amplify the light element magic by 20%. And this magic staff was one of the well-known magic staff of Blue Waves Continent, named Light Magic Staff. This used to be the weapon of the sacred ancestor Judith who was the also master of Si Bi. Later on, this magic staff was passed down to Si Bi.

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