Chapter 16: Great Cosmos Shift

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Si Bi again drape the hood in her head, and catch up to Long Yi and said, “With the way you are walking, only God knows after how long you will reach Light City.”

Long Yi turned his head and said with a smile, “What should I do, I can’t fly like you.”

“I also cannot fly, but after reaching Master Magician rank, one can use Float Magic spell to glide about five li.” Si Bi replied, her tone of speaking was somewhat proud, after all, she was able to attain Master Magician rank at this young age and there were only very few people who had reached this rank in her age group. With the exception of the little princess Long Ling’er of Violent Dragon Empire, there was only Lin Na who was the granddaughter of one of the only five Master Archmage, fire element Master Archmage Pu Xiusi. Remaining Master Magicians were all old man or old ladies who were already in their fifties or sixties. Even the other two saintesses of Light Church, Dongfang Kexin and Nalan Ruyue were also only at the rank of Advanced Magician.

“Isn’t there any magic that can make people fly like a bird in the sky?” Long Yi muttered. It was said that after achieving the seventh layer of AoTianJue, one could go up to heaven or down to Hades, nevertheless, it was easier said than done to achieve that realm.

“Where is that kind of magic ah.” Si Bi spoke, but after she spoke she suddenly stopped for a while and again spoke, “If there really is magic like that which could make people fly, then that magic will definitely fall under the category of wind element magic.”

“Wind element magic? Is there such element magic?” Long Yi was stupefied, he remembered the arch-criminal of this morning’s flowery scene, cyan colored magic element which had created fierce wind. Was that cyan colored magic element wind attributed magic element? [1]

“Certainly there is, the patriarch of my clan said that this world not only has Wind element magic, in addition, there is also Lightning element magic. And he also said that the Wind Condor which had brought you here is also a wind element magical beast, it can use wind element magic spell called ‘Wind Blade Magic’. In addition the Violent Lightning Beast of desolate grass plain, it can use lightning element magic spell called ‘Violent Lightning Magic’. This proves that these two element magic exist too, merely we still don’t know how to use it.” Si Bi explained. For a long time her Moxi clan had devoted themselves to research these two unknown magic element, but until now they were still unable to make any progress.

After listening to Si Bi, the mind of Long Yi stirred, he had absorbed these purple colored light speck and cyan colored light speck. Now it was almost certain that these two light specks were lightning attributed and wind attributed magic element.

“Wind element magic could be used for flying, and also form a wind blade to attack, why didn’t I think about this earlier?” Long Yi thought inside his heart, he soon thought that that wind element magic could take the form of the tornado, windstorm and so on too. Thinking about these things, Long Yi grew more and more excited so much so that he didn’t even notice a crack in front of him.

Si Bi stopped and look at Long Yi who was walking straight to the crack with a foolish smile, and thought inside her heart, “Humph, you dared to ignore me, fall to your death.”

If Long Yi had known the thoughts of Si Bi, he would have certainly lamented, “Kongzi [2] really didn’t deceive me, only villain and women are difficult to support.”

Long Yi stepped his one foot on the creak, immediately lost his balance, and with an unsightly position fell on the ground.

Si Bi covered her mouth and laughed upon her sleeve, but she suddenly discovered a piece of sharp-pointed stone at the place where Long Yi was falling. If Long Yi fell on that stone, then if he didn’t die then he would be half-dead. Si Bi was frightened out of her wits, if there was enough time, she would have use Light Shield Magic under the body of Long Yi, but at this moment she didn’t have time to cast the magic. In the moment of desperation, she pressed the small jade-like stone on the ring of her left hand, inside that ring, there was ‘Holy Light Shield’ magic spell sealed by her master who was one of the two sacred ancestors named ‘Judith Fengyin’. Of course, this ultimate level protection magic of Master Archmage was only to be used for the time of critical danger to protect her life.

When Si Bi was ready to use Holy Light Shield, Long Yi forcedly stopped his falling body in midair, then his hand softly support on the ground, and pushing the ground by his hand he rose in the air. Then making a graceful posture in the air, he flipped over two times and landed on the ground. And then he clapped his hand to remove the dust from his hands.

Seeing this, the eyes of Si Bi were wide open with shock, and wondered what technique he trained on? There was not any fluctuation of douqi and there was also no fluctuation of magic, but contrary to the expectation that posture was quite graceful. The warrior profession of this world emphasis on large-scale co-operation, all of them depend on the quality of douqi skill and douqi rank to decide victory or defeat, and it could be said that only a few and far between could win from the position of weakness.

“What are you training on?” Seeing the move of Long Yi just a moment ago, which ordinary people were not capable to accomplish, Si Bi asked. How could ordinary people jump that high and moreover still somersault several times in the air, and also with such relaxed expression?

Long Yi laughed hollowly, he didn’t expect that in the moment of desperation he actually spilled the beans. So he blurted out whatever comes into his head, “It’s nothing, just usual ordinary practice for fun.”

Si Bi questioningly looked Long Yi for a while, then nodded and said, “You have time to practice this kind of showy but not practical martial arts, you might as well learn douqi. That move looked very good, but this light as a feather move absolutely cannot injure other people.”

In this age, heavy strength and heavy attack skill pattern were deep-rooted, so Si Bi was also not immune to the influence of this thought. So she actually considered that agile skill of Long Yi couldn’t injure other people. If the experts of ancient Chinese military had seen this move of Long Yi, then they would surely be greatly surprised and shout, “Oh God, Great Cosmos Shift.”

Great Cosmos Shift was king of Chinese light skill, practicing up to advance level of this skill could make it possible to move several hundred meters in a flash. This really was like coming and going like a shadow, no human could block it.

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Hearing the evaluation of Si Bi, Long Yi also didn’t argue, just laughed and said, “Yes, currently I am regretting very much about why I didn’t learn any magic or douqi at that time. Si Bi, aren’t you Master Magician? How about you teach me magic?”

Si Bi hesitated for a while and said, “Have you ever done the test of magic physique?”

Long Yi laughed and said, “I remembered taking a test before, it seems I am also light element just like you.”

“Really?” Si Bi exclaimed. It goes without saying that the people having a magic physique were very rare, and she didn’t expect that he actually had a light element physique, as this physique was even rarer compared to other magic physiques.

“But since you had a magic physique test, why didn’t you go to the institute to learn?” Si Bi asked doubtfully. Because the number of magicians was too low, and magician played the critical role in a military, each nation made a compulsion to have a magic physique test for all the child of every family when they were 10 years old. If they possessed the magic physique, then the nation will bear all the expenses for learning magic. From this, you could fully understand the status of the magician in whole Blue Waves Continent.

From the memory, Long Yi also knew the status of magicians, so he replied, “At that time I was too fond of playing so I didn’t agree to learn. You also should know that learning magic is very boring.”

“Looking at your appearance, you looked like a person with no patience. Fine, I will give you instruction on learning magic, but first, we should hurry on our journey.” Si Bi didn’t ask again.

Long Yi shrugged his shoulder, then turned around and started to walk again. Suddenly a burst of a delicate fragrance of jasmine attacked him, and jade hands softly attached to his waist. Then he sensed that his body rose high up in the air, and in the sky, he paused and then quickly flew onwards.

[1] Available elements: Fire, Water, Earth, as well as Light and Dark. And also Spirit and Necromancer.

[2] Kongzi: Chinese thinker and social philosopher, also known as Kongfuzi

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