Chapter 15: Frank and sincere with each other

A little while later, Si Bi suddenly asked, “If you marry me, then what will you do about your fiancée?”

“Fiancée? What Fiancée.” For a while, Long Yi didn’t understand why she was asking this, but immediately afterward, he remembered the words he had said before, but he was not anxious to remedy the words he had said before.

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“Yes……….oh, I got it, all along you were lying to me, and you also have already heard my name.” Si Bi stood up with anger, and she suddenly had the feeling of being cheated inside her heart.

“Who doesn’t know the name of the saintess of Light church ah. Yesterday, I merely couldn’t bear the sight of your overbearing appearance of setting yourself high above the masses, and couldn’t help but to think to play with you.” Long Yi pulled the hand of Si Bi and stopped her. He was afraid of her uncontrollable bad temper, as she might suddenly throw off some light magic at him.

“I had the overbearing appearance of setting myself high above the masses ah, yesterday I merely thought to ask you some question.” Si Bi remembered the circumstances of yesterday, then her voice became smaller and smaller, even she herself thought that yesterday her speaking tone really seemed to be a little overbearing.

Heh heh, I see, I see. Ah, the sun is already this high, shouldn’t we hurry on with our journey?” Long Yi smiled and seeing Si Bi was somewhat embarrassed, he changed the subject to talk.

“Wait a minute.” Si Bi cried to stop Long Yi.

Long Yi moved his eyebrows questioningly at her, didn’t know what she wanted again.

“I……..I want you to tell me honestly, in the end, do you have a fiancée or not?” Si Bi asked bashfully.

Fiancée ah, Long Yi recalled, it seemed like he truly had someone like that who was arranged for betrothal from his childhood. She was the third miss of Nangong clan, Nangong Xiangyun. Long Yi was unable to remember her appearance, the only thing he vaguely remembered was that as a lovely little girl, she used to have two pigtails. And he also remembered that this Nangong Xiangyun used to hate him extremely, and several times she wanted to dissolve the engagement. But the clan head Nangong Zhangfeng, this old friend naturally did not approve of that. Although Nangong clan was one of the four major clans like Ximen clan, nevertheless their power had diminished long ago, and how could they miss this opportunity to get the connection with Ximen clan?

“Actually I have a formal fiancée, however, she doesn’t like me, and wanted to dissolve the engagement with me. I think it’s quite unlikely for us to get married.” Long Yi spoke frankly. From the present circumstances, it was quite unlikely for him and Nangong Xiangyun to get married, as currently he was an escaped criminal, and was bitterly hated by the whole nation as a prevented crook.

“Do you like her?” Si Bi questioned closely. This manner of hers was just like a wife inquiring the husband.

“I can’t even remember her appearance, how can I talk about love ah, could it be you are jealous?” Long Yi made a shady smile.

“I am not jealous.” Si Bi lightly grunted, nevertheless her tone actually contained a hint of joy.

“Well, if your questions are over, we should go.” Long Yi said.

“Wait a minute.” Si Bi again cried to stop Long Yi.

“Now what? Honorable Her Excellency the Saintess.” Long Yi helplessly asked.

Si Bi stood at the original place, her pair of autumn eyes directly stared at Long Yi, and seemed to be hesitating. Upon seeing this, Long Yi also became patient, then accompanied at her staring game by staring back at her small eyes.

Finally, Si Bi faintly said, “Long Yi, since you know me, that also meant you should know the rumor about my appearance.”

Long Yi was dazed, then he slowly nodded his head. He couldn’t conceal a pity in his eyes.

The little hand of Si Bi slowly extended towards the hood on her head, and it looked like she wanted to take it off. The heart of Long Yi tightened, he wanted to speak something but in the end, he didn’t speak anything, merely he was somewhat tense looking at Si Bi, and inside his heart, he was feeling rather grieved.

Just like a slow motion movie, the little hand of Si Bi slowly grabbed the edge of the hood, then slowly lifted it. At the same time, dark green colored long hair swung and softly fell on her shoulder.

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Long Yi just numbly watched Si Bi, but was unable to shake off the pity in his heart. He thought that at this moment no matter who, no matter if it was male, female, old or young, all of them would have the same feeling as him. Si Bi was perfect on the right side of her face, her long straight hair hang down to her waist, that face which could make any living creatures crazy, that brilliant lights and vibrant colored stars like eyes, and along with that holy and pure preist robe, she really was a female celestial from highest heavens who had descended to this world.

But this kind of thought of Long Yi was very quickly shattered because Si Bi had already shown her complete face to him. That left side of her face had a blood-red colored birthmark which was unsightly and weird.

Si Bi step by step advanced towards Long Yi while looking at him without any emotion on her face. She came closer and closer towards Long Yi, and that blood-red colored birthmark also became bigger and bigger in the eyes of Long Yi. He could clearly see the birthmark was full of very small bumps and holes.

At this moment, Long Yi nearly turned around instinctively, nevertheless, he was not that surprised at that disgusted feeling born from the bottom of his heart towards Si Bi. But seeing the wounded expression in the eyes of Si Bi, Long Yi wanted to resolutely slap himself.

“Long Yi, how could you think that you have the qualification to get disgusted at other peoples? Just think, what kind of appearance you had in your previous incarnation? It was hardly any better than Si Bi, but did little Qi dislike and avoided you? Also, did any brothers dislike and avoid you?” Long Yi resolutely scold himself inside his heart. In the previous incarnation, the appearance of Long Yi was also unsightly, in addition, his face had a long scar, truly was not any better than Si Bi. At least from the right side, Si Bi looked like a beautiful goddess, but in the previous incarnation, regardless of any side or angles, Long Yi would fall under the category of an ugly toad.

After self-reflection, the state of mind of Long Yi slowly changed, and he felt that the current appearance of Si Bi was not that ugly, and especially those charming two starry eyes, just like………..Long Yi suddenly shook, as he remembered those lustrous two starry eyes of Long Ling’er who he had raped before.

Seeing the sudden painful expression on the face of Long Yi, Si Bi couldn’t help but become somewhat puzzled. Just now when she had turned her left side of her face towards Long Yi, she had clearly seen a disgusted expression had flashed in his eyes, but very quickly this disgusted expression had disappeared, and was replaced by regret and pity, in addition there a little unknown sadness, as if he had aged more than 10 years, and that bleak expression in his eyes actually made her heart palpitated.

He is also the man with his own story, Si Bi thought so.

The state of mind of Long Yi very quickly woke up from that nightmarish memory, then he lightly sighed with worry inside his heart. After that smiling, he said to Si Bi, “You cried to stop me just to show your birthmark? Don’t show it off to me, it is nothing special.”

“Aren’t you afraid?” Si Bi asked, and started to get curious about this man.

“Afraid? Why should I be afraid, do you think you looked very terrifying? Don’t show off shamelessly, lets hit the road.” With a disdain, Long Yi extended his hand and patted her left side of the face, then turned around and started to walk.

“This bastard.” Si Bi bit her lower lip and silently touched the left side of her face where Long Yi had just patted. And an inexplicably sweet feeling rose from the bottom of her heart.

Spring sunshine emerges to bring the world alive

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