Chapter 14: Custom of Moxi clan

“Ai, don’t cry, I’ll help you rub it.” Seeing Si Bi was still crying, Long Yi was rather distraught with anxiety. Then without giving her any chance for the explanation, he grabbed her right leg, and somewhat roughly took off her shoes and socks. Then a snowy white sparkling and crystal clear jade-like leg appeared before the eyes of Long Yi. The five small and exquisite toes were bashfully curled, and also was still emitting a light delicate fragrance of jasmine.

“Does this girl use Jasmin flower as a foot soak daily?” Long Yi muttered to himself inside his heart.

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“You……what are you doing? Let it go, quickly let it go ah.” With tearful eyes, using her trembling hand, Si Bi tried to push Long Yi. Her complexion was completely red, she seemed to be shy, furious and nervous at the same time, but how could she push away Long Yi with her physical strength?

“What am I doing? Can’t you see, I am taking care of your leg? Don’t move randomly.” Looking at the red and swollen place at that beautiful and delicate ankle of her leg, Long Yi felt sorry. And when Si Bi pushed him, he couldn’t help but raise his head and stared at her.

“I…………..ah………” Seeing a fierce expression in the eyes of Long Yi, Si Bi jumped with a fear and was speechless. And at the moment Long Yi was holding her ankle with his both hands, a thread like warm power entered her ankle from his palm, and dispersed in her blood. Sensing this Si Bi screamed, then seeing that Long Yi was seriously trying to help her, the emotion of Si Bi became extremely complex.

After some time, the red and swollen injury completely reverted back to normal under the internal energy of Long Yi. Then Long Yi withdrew his internal energy, raised his head and said with a smile, “Well, now it won’t hurt anymore.”

Si Bi didn’t speak, just stared blankly at this smiling extremely magnificent youngster, and her heartstrings clearly shook slightly.

“Si Bi, why are you staring at me like this? You don’t need to adore me, or else I’ll be embarrassed.” Long Yi smiled broadly.

“Still staring at me, don’t tell me there is something on my face?” Long Yi used his big hand and waved it in front of the blue eyes of Si Bi, and thought inside his heart.

Si Bi slapped the hand of Long Yi, but as before her eyes were staring at him, then after a while she spoke with her smooth ice-cold voice, “Long Yi, do you know Moxi clan of Proud Moon Empire?”

“Moxi clan? Of course, I know, isn’t it Proud Moon Empire’s very strange clan with only a small number of members? I heard each and every one of them consider themselves to be very important and extraordinary beings, and they have several Archmage and Swords Master among them.” Long Yi immediately recovered the information on Moxi clan from the memory, without a doubt the memory was of Ximen Yu, so all the things Long Yi spoke were from the viewpoint of Ximen Yu.

“Eh, wait a minute.” Long Yi waved his hand and interrupt himself. From the memory, he had learned that one of the major characteristics of Moxi clan was, each and every one of them had dark green colored hair. Although right now Si Bi was wearing a cloak and her hair couldn’t be seen, nevertheless, Long Yi however had peeped her when she was bathing, and she indeed had extremely beautiful dark green colored long hair.

“Could it be, you are from Moxi clan?” Long Yi asked.

“Correct.” Si Bi answered while nodding her head.

“So?” Long Yi asked puzzled.

“Don’t you know the custom of Moxi clan?” Si Bi indifferently asked, and her two beautiful eyes were still staring at him.

“Eh………” Long Yi was stupefied, right hand pressed his temples and started to ponder. His complexion became odder and odder, as he remembered that only the husband was allowed to touch the leg of the female member of Moxi clan. If the leg of the unmarried women came into the contact with a man, then the woman had two choices, one was to marry him, and other was to kill him. If she was unable to kill, the whole Moxi clan would spare no effort to chase and kill that man.

“Oh my god, so terrifying, this feudalistic superstition is unacceptable ah.” Long Yi looked at Si Bi, just a moment ago he had touched her leg, so was she going to marry or kill him? Without a doubt, she would kill him.

“Looks like you already know, so what do you intend to do?” Si Bi still spoke indifferently, as if in a split second she had changed back to that aloof and remote saintess.

“In any case, I do not intend to die.” Long Yi made a wry smile.

“That means, do you intend to marry me?” Hearing the reply of Long Yi, the speaking tone of Si Bi fluctuated somewhat.

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“This…….” Long Yi hesitated for a long time, as he didn’t know whether he should say he would marry her? Remembering that frightening blood-red birthmark on her face, Long Yi hesitated. Which man didn’t want to marry a goddess like beautiful girl as a wife, and not marring such woman could not be justified or explained away.

“You don’t want to marry me?” Seeing that Long Yi was hesitating, the tone of her voice became very cold, and a light started to circulate on her jade-like right hand, as she started to gather magic elements.

“I have something to say, don’t get impulsive, impulsive is the devil.” In a moment of desperation, Long Yi advanced forward and tightly catch both hands of Si Bi.

Si Bi struggled to free her hands from his grip but was unsuccessful, then turned her head and coldly said, “What do you want to say? In any case, if you don’t marry me, I and my clansmen will chase to kill until you die.”

“First I would like to ask you a question, do you like me?” Long Yi asked in a serious tone. In fact, he had never expected that one day he would be forced to marry.

Si Bi was dumbfounded, after a while she said indifferently said, “I don’t dislike you.”

“You know, you only not dislike me, that’s all. In this world, there are many people who you not dislike, we……….”

Before he could finish, she interrupted, “But you are the only one to touch my leg.”

Long Yi was speechless, and after being lost in a thought for a long time, he said, “Si Bi, if you marry me now, and someday in the future, you might fall in love with another person, then what would you do? At that time, you will be in pain and I also will be in pain.”

“I…….” Si Bi became silent, which young girl doesn’t harbor the thoughts of love? And don’t want to meet their fated one? Then happily spend their life together. She didn’t dare to guarantee that she would not fall in love with another person because currently, her emotion was still blank.

“So what should we do?” Si Bi raised her head and asked.

“We can try to develop a love for the time limit of 1 year. If after that time you still don’t hate me and also don’t fall in love with another person, in that case, I will marry you.” After thinking a bit, Long Yi said.

“You still have not seen my appearance, if I am very ugly, would you still marry me?” Si Bi said with a tone which contained some expectation and some hesitation.

Long Yi laughed and said, “Of course I’ll marry. At that time, even if you look like an ugly witch, I will still marry you.”

“Just now, did you say I am an ugly witch? Take my water ball magic.” Si Bi got angry, and fired the water ball towards Long Yi.

Long Yi didn’t dodge, and was hit head-on. Then Long Yi fling back the drops if water of his hair and laughed, “Truly comfortable ah, again please.”

“Go, you are really stupid ah.” Si Bi said.

“I am stupid ah, but you are clever and also violent saintess, so it doesn’t matter even if I am stupid.” He had temporarily solved the problem, so relaxed Long Yi was again in the mood to tease.

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