Chapter 19: Earth Bear (3)

Si Bi frantically rushed towards Long Yi, but when she saw that the huge body of Earth Bear had pressed down on the body of Long Yi, she suddenly felt that her whole sky and earth had turned upside down.

“Long Yi.” Si Bi threw herself on the back of Earth Bear and started to hit this Earth Bear’s back using her frail hands, and was simultaneously crying out the name of Long Yi.

“Crying, why crying ah, I’m still alive, it’s not too late to wait for me to die for crying.” From underneath the body of Earth Bear, the weak voice of Long Yi came out.

Si Bi suddenly stopped crying, and thought, “There is something wrong with the current situation, this Earth Bear is lying motionlessly on the ground, and Long Yi is not dead.” Thinking this, she felt complete relief and wept even more fiercely.

“Si Bi, don’t focus solely on crying, if you cry anymore, then even if I am not dead by crushing by the body of Earth Bear, I will die drowning in your tears.” The breath of Long Yi was somewhat hurried because currently he was being crushed by the heavy body of Earth Bear and was unable to breathe.

“Annoying.” Si Bi wiped her tears and rushed to start pulling Long Yi from underneath the body of Earth Bear. Fortunately Si Bi had already restored a bit of magical power, and it only cost her a great effort to successfully pull out the pitiful Long Yi.

Right now Long Yi was in extremely sorry plight, had a trace of blood in the corner of his mouth, messy hair and dirty face, and his whole clothes were also torn here and there.

Just when Long Yi staggered from the ground, bursting with tears, Si Bi rushed into his embrace. But currently Long Yi was weak, so when Si Bi rushed to his embrace like this, both of them fell and rolled several times on the ground.

Aiyo, my weary old body is falling apart.” Long Yi cried out in pain.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to.” The tears again started to fill the big beautiful eyes of Si Bi.

Long Yi looked at the tear-stained face of the beauty Si Bi, although her left side of the face had a large piece of somewhat terrifying blood-red birthmark, nevertheless her current expression, in the eyes of Long Yi was very intimate.

“It turns out even respected saintess is also this cute, yes, truly changed into a floret cat.” Long Yi used his own method to gently comfort the left side of her face.

“You’re the floret cat!” Si Bi turned her tears into laughter and looked at Long Yi with her full-moon-like sparkling eyes. And settled her little hand on the big hand of Long Yi which was comforting her face, unwilling to let him take away his hand.

“Become my woman.” Long Yi suddenly said. He really liked her, perhaps still not to the extent of love, nevertheless, where could he find another such loyal woman.

The charming body of Si Bi shook, then stared at Long Yi with a complex emotion in her eyes for a while and again become gentle and soft. She didn’t answer to Long Yi, rather asked, “How did you kill Earth Bear? At that time I mistakenly believed………..”

“Believed I would be torn to pieces by that big guy, right? Although that big guy was cunning, nevertheless how can it be compared to human beings? At that time I………..” Long Yi interrupted Si Bi, not to again question her whether she wanted to become his woman or not, but started to describe that extremely thrilling circumstance.

It turned out when he was operating AoTianJue’s internal force for a while, he discovered that his internal force could not only absorb and assimilate the energy of barrier but also could absorb and assimilate the magical power on the Gravity Magic which was used by Earth Bear. And when Earth Bear abandoned the defense on its weak point, Long Yi had quickly made a gamble. He quickly started to absorb the magical power attached to himself, then stealthily took out a huge sword from his space ring, after that when that Earth Bear pounced on him, Long Yi had finally finished absorbing the magical power of that Gravity Magic. After that as sudden as the flash of lightning, Long Yi inserted the huge sword which was emitting light cyan colored douqi, in the completely defenseless anus of Earth Bear.

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Because of the fierce destructive power of Violent Dragon Douqi, the Earth Bear that was famous for its strong defense was defeated in one hit. Although its exterior was impervious to swords and spears, nevertheless no matter how different its interior was compared to other magical beasts, in an instant its internal organs were hacked into meat paste by Violent Dragon Douqi.

After listening to the explanation of Long Yi, although she knew that now he was alright, nevertheless she also couldn’t help but broke out in a cold sweat. She knew that currently Long Yi was speaking lightly, but it was actually extremely dangerous, as in that situation the cost of single mistake was his life. She turned her head towards the corpse of Earth Bear, and saw only a sword hilt on its buttocks, the blade part of the sword was completely inside the body.

“Long Yi, we should quickly take out the magic core of this Earth Bear. This magic core can be sold for at least 800 amethyst coins.” Si Bi excitedly crawl out from the embrace of Long Yi.

Looking at the back of Si Bi, Long Yi frown his brows, and thought, “What is weighing on her mind? What is she hiding behind that strong fake smile of hers?”

Right now the internal force of Long Yi had also restored a bit, so first he carefully peeled off the skin of this Earth Bear, this skin was the best quality material to make armor. Even after its death, the skin was still extremely hard, Long Yi had to use quite a bit of effort to peel it off. After that, he dug out one earth yellow colored magic core from its head. This could fetch a large amount of money.

Eh, Long Yi, what is that?” Si Bi pulled the sleeve of Long Yi, and pointing towards the badly mangled stomach of Earth Bear, she asked.

Long Yi took a closer look, and sure enough, he saw a sparkling thing inside the internal organ. Long Yi held the huge sword and stirred up, then an oval jade-like thing appeared before their eyes, which was emitting a soft holy light. Long Yi and Si Bi looked at each other, and saw that both of them were shocked, even a fool would know that this thing was a treasure.

“What a powerful light element magic aura, how could this treasure be at the stomach of this Earth Bear?” Si Bi spoke with shock.

Long Yi picked up that thing, he felt mild and moist in his hand, and his exhausted spirit suddenly shook, “Really a good thing.” Long Yi gave it to Si Bi and laughed, “You are light element magician, and this thing is suitable for you. So you take it.”

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Si Bi refused to take this jade-like thing and pushed it back, and said while shaking her head, “Don’t you want to learn light element magic? It will be even more useful to you, so you keep it.”

The eyes of Long Yi flashed, but also didn’t decline, then he threw the bearskin, magic core, and jade-like thing inside his space ring.

“Let go, we have to hurry, it’s going to get dark soon.” Si Bi said.

After resting for a long time, the magical power of Si Bi was also restored by more than half. Then she supported the waist of Long Yi and used Float Magic and glided in the sky. In midair, the hand of Long Yi embrace the pretty waist of Si Bi and was also touching her tender tofu, nevertheless this time Si Bi unexpectedly didn’t make a sound of protest, merely stared coldly at him and let him take advantage.

The sky was gradually getting darker, at this time a strange shadow appeared at the side of Earth Bear corpse. That shadow was wearing a black robe and also had a black hood on the head, and the whole body was emitting a dense dark aura.”

“Unexpectedly I am one step late, Humph.” This shadow coldly snorted, and he released a dense dark aura in anger, then disappeared from that place.

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