Chapter 20: I want to hold you to sleep

Along with the repetitive use of Float Magic, Si Bi was already extremely tired. Upon seeing this, Long Yi also couldn’t bear to let exhausted Si Bi to walk on her own. He looked towards the sky and the sky was already dark, so he softly said, “Si Bi, get on my back, it is already late, we should try to find a place with a source of water to stay.”

“Do you want to carry me?” Si Bi showed a trace of embarrassment.

“Don’t pester, quickly get on, and let me show you what is called speed.” Long Yi squatted down showing his back to Si Bi, turned his head and urged Si Bi.

The face of Si Bi became red, then biting her lower lip with her pearly white teeth, she hesitated for a while and then leaned on the broad back of Long Yi. This clearly made her feel at ease.

Long Yi carried Si Bi on his back, but just then Si Bi scream in surprise, as two big hands of Long Yi was firmly holding her mellow and full tender buttocks, but Long Yi immediately used ‘Great Cosmos Shift’ and changed into a wisp of cyan colored smoke swept forward.

Si Bi silently leaned on the back of Long Yi, feeling the burning heat coming from her buttocks, all along the redness just like a morning or evening glow on her face had not been dissipated.

“If I could forever stay on his back just like this, then how wonderful that ought to be.” Si Bi muttered inside her heart, then her two soft and fair jade arm tightly hugged the neck of Long Yi, and also buried her face in his neck.

Long Yi carrying Si Bi on his back ran wildly as swift as the wind and quick as lightning, and finally, before his internal energy was completely exhausted he arrived near a small river with clear water. This moment the sky was already dark completely. Si Bi jumped down from the back of Long Yi, and didn’t know from where, she took out a pure white handkerchief, then started to gently wipe the sweats from the forehead of Long Yi.

Smelling the light delicate fragrance of jasmine, the heart of Long Yi jumped, then his big hand caught the jade hands of Si Bi. After that, looking at Si Bi with a burning hot gaze, he slowly leaned forward. Dense aura of male surrounded Si Bi, and looking at the slowly approaching handsome face, the expression of her eyes blurred, then her lovely body slightly quivered and closed her eyes, then lifted her mouth and waited for her first kiss to arrive.

Finally, the four burning hot lips segments tightly bonded together, Long Yi sucked in, and both arms tightly embrace the back of Si Bi as if he wanted to let her enter inside his own body. The whole body of Si Bi was quivering even more violently, she felt that her whole heaven and earth was spinning, and also felt like her heart was about to jump out from her chest.

Slowly, a pair of wolf claw of Long Yi started to shift all around the back of Si Bi, then his hands slowly stroke that outstanding buttocks which was filled with elasticity. At that time Si Bi let out a moan, then the nimble tongue of Long Yi took advantage of that chance to invade, then get entangled and tease the small fragrant tongue of Si Bi. At this moment, his hand was also not idle, he was sliding his hand along the crack of buttocks, and was invading towards the direction of that mysterious soft virgin land.

The whole body of Si Bi quivered again, then her pearly white teeth put forth its strength and bit down. Long Yi who was in the middle was extreme excitement, due to the bite of Si Bi cried out in pain then covered his mouth. And a sweet taste came through the tip of his tongue, unexpectedly he was bitten on the tongue by Si Bi.

“I will bite you to death, you still dared to philander like this to me.” The face of Si Bi was completely red, and she retreated two steps back, and then took a glance at Long Yi.

“I kissed my woman, how is this philandering?” Long Yi asked without any shame.

“Who is your woman? Shameless.” An unnatural expression flashed in the face of Si Bi.

This unusual expression of Si Bi didn’t escape for the eyes of Long Yi, he didn’t understand why she who wanted him to marry her before now if he mentioned this topic, she would change the subject, and from her appearance, it’s not like she didn’t have any feelings towards him.

“Si Bi, you……..” Finally, Long Yi was unable to bear and opened his mouth to talk.

But before Long Yi could speak, Si Bi panickingly interrupted him, “Long Yi, don’t ask, I beg you please don’t ask.”

The expression in the eyes of Long Yi glimmered, then he said with a smile, “Don’t ask what, I was just about to say, our bodies are so dirty like this, and wanted to ask to take a bath together just like an affectionate couple.”

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“Go take a bath together with a ghost just like an affectionate couple, m-hm, you take a bath here, I will go upstream to take a bath.” Seeing that her body was really dirty and messy, Si Bi suddenly felt uncomfortable.

“Is it impossible to bath together? I still want you to help me wash my back.” Long Yi laughed.

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“If you want this beauty to fall, after I go up, you are not allowed to peep.” Si Bi warned.

“If you are afraid that I will peep, then setting up a barrier is enough, like this even if I wanted to peep I won’t be able to do so.” Long Yi shrugged his shoulder.

Si Bi stared at Long Yi then walked upwards, after a while suddenly turned around and said to Long Yi, “Stinking bastard, don’t think I don’t know the peeper of last time is you.”

For a moment Long Yi was dumbfounded, and now he already couldn’t see the figure of Si Bi anymore. Long Yi made a wry smile, and thought how did she manage to know that the last time’s peeper was him. With this question in his head, Long Yi took off his clothes and jumped into the water, and start washing all the dirt covering all over his body. Long Yi felt refreshed after washing, then he lied on his back and silently floated on the water, the looked towards the sky full of stars.

Suddenly Long Yi felt empty inside his heart, then looked towards upstream, and he felt his heart tightening. Eventually, he felt the expression of Si Bi was rather not quite right, also there was this kind of sensation inside his heart, which was telling him that Si Bi will leave him.

He heaved a sigh, Long Yi didn’t get up and go upstream to look over, and he knew that if she really wanted to leave him, he could not stop her constantly. If the other party was not prepared to be together with him, then why should he keep on insisting? Let nature take its course in everything.

From the space ring he took out that piece of jade-like thing which they had found inside the stomach of Earth Bear, then he started to roll it to study. He only discovered that this jade piece emitted a soft holy and pure radiance, and was completely sparkling and translucent, couldn’t find a trace of impurity. That powerful light magic aura makes people feel utterly comfortable. If this jade was mounted on the top of a magic staff, then that magic staff would be comparable to the Light magic staff of Si Bi. Long Yi faintly smiled, he decided to use this piece of jade and make a unique magic staff for himself just like that of Si Bi.

“Lazybones, you still haven’t washed? Compared to us females, you really are even more troublesome.” Si Bi standing at the distant shore, with her still wet long blackish green draped over her shoulder which reached her waist. Just after finishing her bathing, she was releasing an amazing charm, and under the starlight, she looked even more elegant, making Long Yi exhale a big breath and unable to tolerate.

Long Yi immediately took out his clothing from his space ring, then put on a magnificent clothing which was embroidered with a dragon. On this clothes, Long Yi looked even more handsome and charming, seeing this the beautiful eyes of Si Bi blurred.

“It’s already too late at night, it would be better for us to sleep.” Long Yi walked over from behind and pulled the waist to Si Bi, and lightly smelled her jasmine fragrance, which was always on the body of Si Bi.

“Sleep, sleep, what sleep, I, I want to meditate?” Si Bi softly said.

“Not tonight, as I want to hold you to sleep.” Long Yi extend his tongue and lick her earlobe.

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