Chapter 21: Faint Scent

When Long Yi made a surprise attack on her sensitive earlobe, Si Bi felt a strong electric current flow inside her body and her whole body became limp and numb as if it were floating. After, along with hearing Long Yi spill several words filled with affection, Si Bi couldn’t even stand steady. Due to pure embarrassment, her neck and ears became a rosy red. She wanted to struggle free, but Long Yi embraced her firmly.

“Then you can only hold me, and you mustn’t grope me,” Si Bi said in an extremely small mosquito-like voice, even she herself couldn’t hear when she had spoken.

“Of course. I assure you I will not get handsy. Gentleman like me would never do those sort of things.” Seeing that Si Bi had agreed, Long Yi hastily lifted his hands and pledged.

Si Bi looked at Long Yi. If he were a gentleman, then there wouldn’t be any perverts in this world. These two days were enough for her to know his real character.

Looking for a place to stay, suddenly Long Yi said mysteriously, “Darling Si Bi, close your eyes first.”

“What are you doing being so mysterious?” Si Bi muttered and closed her eyes. She looked very beautiful under the starlight.
Long Yi stared dumbstruck Si Bi’s beauty, his attention directly ignored that red-colored frightening birthmark on the left side of her face, a probably sub-consciousness action. And if his attention was always on that birthmark, then there was no guarantee that a somewhat different emotion may appear in his eyes, and without doubt, Si Bi, with her sensitive perception, would perceive it.

“Hello, hello, are you done?” Sensing that Long Yi didn’t respond for a long period of time, Si Bi asked.

“Wait a minute, it’s almost done.” Long Yi quickly replied back, then smiled proudly. After that, he took out extremely luxurious big bed from his space ring.

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After some time, when she got the permission from Long Yi, Si Bi opened her eyes and saw what he had taken out. This bed was completely made of an expensive rosewood, and numerous decorative pattern was carved in the wood. There were curtains, and they were swaying freely, the swaying exposing the pillows inside it. This bed created a somewhat enchanting atmosphere.

Si Bi was dumbfounded. She stared at Long Yi for a while, and then, looking at the space ring on the ring finger of his left hand, her expression became somewhat strange.

“Let’s sleep.” Long Yi pulled Si Bi’s hand and discovered that her palm was moist.

“M-hm, you promised not to grope me.” Si Bi was somewhat flurried, now she was in extreme conflict because if Long Yi really insisted on wanting her body, she would be unable to refuse.

Long Yi hugged Si Bi and slowly lied down, one of his hands became a pillow for Si Bi whilst the other rested on her slender waist. Feeling her tender body was somewhat stiff, Long Yi lightly patted on her back to alleviate her tense nerves.

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Si Bi lightly heave a sigh of relief, and her body slowly relaxed. After that. With the whiff of Long Yi’s manly scent, she felt at ease in her heart. Then she adjusted her posture and made herself sleep more comfortably.

“Sleeping in his arms feels really good.” Hearing his steady heartbeat, Si Bi thought.

Deep down, Si Bi had always believed that Long Yi would absolutely make a move and take unfair advantage of her. But even after a long time, Long Yi’s hand remained peacefully rested on her waist, without any further action. She didn’t know why but, Si Bi felt faint disappointment.

Actually, it was not like Long Yi didn’t want to make a move, only right now, as Si Bi was lying in his arms, it was somewhat difficult to hold himself back. And if he further made a move secretly to take advantage of this situation, then he, himself, could not guarantee that whether or not he would turn into a beast and do something bad. Although Si Bi would probably not refuse him, Long Yi had noticed an expression she would reveal once in a while. And from this, he knew that Si Bi was not ready.

He didn’t know how long, but Long Yi heard Si Bi’s breath had become long and continuous. It seems she had already entered the dream world.

“Ai, can see but can’t touch, such torture ah.” Long Yi mumbled, and couldn’t help but have his lower private member get stiff, and almost burst from his pants. The head of his stiff member slowly rubbed the lower abdomen of his partner. Exactly at that time when the head of his lower private member was at the soft part of her legs, the pleasant sensation of ** made Long Yi extremely excited.

Even though he was touching above the clothes, Long Yi twitched twice…then he noticed that Si Bi’s breathing, who was in his bosom was becoming somewhat rapid, and her body was also becoming hot. Long Yi knew that she had already awoken. He sighed and held back the fire of lust, no longer moving his burning hot lower member at that soft place.

In a daze, Long Yi fell asleep, then he had a dream. In the dream, he saw sudden rainfall, a raindrop fell on his face and dribbled into his mouth. He discovered that it had a salty taste, and after that Long Yi felt a kind of suffocating heartache.

Because of suffocating heartache, Long Yi woke up dumbfounded, and he exposed an anguished smile, in the end, she still left him. Long Yi felt that his face and chest were wet, then he used his finger to touch wet location, and placed that finger in his mouth. It was salty, it was tears.

“If you are this heart-broken, then why leave me?” Long Yi lightly sighed, in the air, there was still the light delicate fragrance of jasmine.
Right now the sky was still not that bright, but Long Yi was not in the mood to sleep again, he threw the quilt and got out from the bed. Then he suddenly discovered a magic letter at his bedside. Naturally, this was written in a special magic paper; this was a paper mostly used by magicians and was a bit expensive.

He unfolded the letter, and the light green colored magic characters arranged in a row appeared in front of his eyes. There were not many words, only very few lines of words. It contained, “Long Yi, when you wake up, I will already be gone. I feared that you would suddenly wake up, so I had cast a soothing spell on you, forgive me. Did you know? I’m afraid; I already started to like you. If you were just an ordinary person, then I would have safely stayed by your side, but you are not, so I must leave.”

After reading this much, Long Yi couldn’t help but become somewhat puzzled. Why could she only stay by the side of an ordinary person? Which young girl didn’t want her husband to be powerful and outstanding? Contrary to expectation, Si Bi was the opposite? After that, Long Yi continued to read.

“You know the Moxi clan, then you ought to know that the Moxi clan has yet another custom. That is, once you marry a female member of Moxi clan, you cannot marry another female for all your life. If you were an ordinary person, then I could confidently marry you, and also firmly manage you. But I know you are not an ordinary person. I can predict that someday you will stand on the top of the world, and how can someone as very ugly as me stand next to you? I don’t want other people to laugh and also don’t want other people to look down upon you. You should have an even more outstanding woman or group of women companions by your side. I’m leaving, please take care of yourself properly, Si Bi”

After he finished reading the letter, Long Yi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He didn’t expect that this was actually how she felt, one husband and one wife was perhaps a little difficult for him. As for that birthmark on her face, Long Yi didn’t care about it. But from Si Bi’s tone, it seems like she actually had a very low self-esteem.

“Silly girl, I absolutely will find you, and whatever happens, I will also find a way to remove the birthmark from your face. Let’s see where you will run then.” Long Yi had never expected that this had been weighing on her mind.


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