Chapter 223: 18 Successive Slashes

Long Yi laid on the lawn of his courtyard with a long green grass on his mouth. On one side, he was humming a popular tune without a name, and on the other side, he was swinging his leg, letting that warm sunlight warm up his body. Xiao Yi was quietly sitting beside him, holding her head, unknowingly thinking something. And Barbarian Bull was sitting a little farther away, repeatedly wiping his Greenstone Rule, and as for Li Qing, he seemed to have some kind of stimulation yesterday, so he unexpectedly was in seclusion cultivation today.

Ah, Long Yi suddenly shouted, breaking this quiet atmosphere, then suddenly sitting up, he stretched out his body.

“Let’s go to look at the training ground.” Long Yi stood up and walked out of the courtyard.

Training ground was at the most west side of Soaring Dragon City, and Violent Dragon Legion was stationed there for training. And Tyrant Bear’s Tyrannical Bear Mercenary Group was also arranged to stay there for the time being.

Long Yi arrived at the entrance of the military camp, then looking around, he nodded his head in satisfaction. The defense of this military camp was very strict, sentry posts and hidden lookouts were arranged very ingeniously and rationally, moreover, those dazzling weapons of the guards were emitting a burst of stern air.

Long Yi without demur, led Barbarian Bull and Xiao Yi towards inside. But seeing this, those guards pulled out their weapons, and a leader of guards ran over and said: “Second Young Master Ximen, let me go and inform first, please wait a moment here.”

“Inform the fart, since you know who I am, you still dare to stop me, are you fed up with your life?” Long Yi frowned, then glaring, he pushed away this guard leader.

This guard leader gritted his teeth, obviously was very angry, but he endured, then spreading open his arms, he again stopped Long Yi and said: “Second Young Master Ximen, don’t make it hard for this little one to do the job, this is an important military camp, without permission, this little one absolutely doesn’t dare to let anyone enter.”

“Do you know what are the consequences of offending me?” Long Yi smiled wickedly and said.

“Military orders are as unmovable as mountains, even in death, this little absolutely cannot defy military orders.” This guard leader knew the means of the Second Young Master Ximen. Offend him and death was simply a petty thing, but only his death might not calm down Second Young Master Ximen and might implicate his family. But he was an orphan from childhood, so he didn’t fear the retaliation of Second Young Master Ximen. As a result, he just proudly raised his head and look Long Yi face to face.

Long Yi took out a huge sword from his space ring, then placed it on the neck of this guard leader. Seeing this, the guards behind suddenly became somewhat chaotic and everyone angrily glared at Long Yi, but all didn’t dare to speak their mind.

This guard leader was strong-willed, although he was rather scared, but he didn’t utter a word, just raised his head and closed his eyes.

“Hahaha, good, you have guts, what is your name?” Long Yi retracted his sword and laughed. Then patting the shoulder of this guard leader, he asked.

This guard leader opened his eyes, and seeing the expression of Long Yi, he knew that he had escaped the disaster today, and he hurriedly said: “This little one is the squad leader of the second squadron of Violent Dragon Legion’s third battalion, Nie Xiaoshan.”

“Nie Xiaoshan. Good, I remember you, now go and inform.” Long Yi smiled and said. Violent Dragon Legion really had the well-deserved reputation, its military disciple is so strict and its combat capability is also not weak. This squad leader called Nie Xiaoshan isn’t bad, from where did they dig him out?

A little while later, Nie Xiaoshan returned and commanded other guards to let Long Yi and others pass through.

Long Yi and others went in. After entering, they saw a row of stone houses, and frequently patrolling fully armed group of soldiers. And they could hear the sounds of soldiers training coming from a distant point. This mighty and majestic voices made Long Yi excited in his heart.

Long Yi caught a group of soldiers and asked about the location of Tyrannical Bear Mercenary Group, then walked away.

From far away, Long Yi saw the campsite of Tyrannical Bear Mercenary Group was surrounded by soldiers and a bustling sound of coming from that location. The heart of Long Yi throbbed and he thought that Tyrant Bear and others had a conflict with the soldiers here.

And after approaching a little, Long Yi discovered that the fact was not like he had thought. The eyes of these on-looking soldiers were emitting green light, and while drooling, they had a lewd expression on their face.

Long Yi looked over and discovered that Tyrant Bear was leading Tyrannical Bear Mercenary Group to train in a formation. And at that time, Long Yi knew why the training ground of Tyrannical Bear Mercenary Group had so many on-looking soldiers. That was naturally because of women ah, there were women fighters and also women magicians, moreover, their looks were somewhat not bad. These young kids that were being held inside the military camp to train every day naturally had excessive yang qi, and looking at them now, all of them looked just like male animals. And to see these women training inside the military camp, immediately upon finishing their training, they ran over with a brazen-face.

It seems he needs to find a way to settle the physical needs of these soldiers ah. Long Yi laughed up his sleeves as he thought in his heart.

“All of these damnable kids, why are you all standing here? Quickly roll out.” A violent shout suddenly resounded, then these known as Violent Dragon Empire’s most elite soldiers immediately dispersed.

Long Yi slightly turned and saw a group of soldiers in a suit of armor from head to toe. He knew they were the pickets inside the army and their strength was very strong. From general to lower level soldiers, whoever saw them, they wouldn’t dare to show temper in front of them.

Just then, the leader of that group was also looking towards Long Yi with a familiar disdain gaze. Suddenly, the pupils of Long Yi shrunk, he recalled that this person was the same person who had freed him from Forbidden Heaven Prison at that time. And that disdain gaze of him at that time was something he could never forget.

Tyrant Bear also saw Long Yi, then giving the order to stop training, he led several hundred people, walking over to Long Yi.

“Subordinate Tyrant Bear greets Young Master.” Tyrant Bear bowed and said.

“We greet Young Master.” Several hundred people behind him also greeted him with respect.

Long Yi waved his hand and then said with a smile: “You all can continue, I came here to greet my old friend.”

After saying that, Long Yi walked over to those pickets, then standing in front of that leader, he said with a smile: “We can count as old friends, right?”

The eyes of that leader flashed with a hint of surprise, then coldly snorting, he turned around and walked away, clearly didn’t want or he disdained to speak even a word with Long Yi.

Long Yi frowned, then walking forward, he reached out his hand to pat his shoulder.

That leader was dressed in heavy armor, but he was quite agile. He instantly dodged the hand of Long Yi, then he slashed with a blade flashing with pallid light towards the hand of Long Yi. His speed was incomparably fast, and his attack wasn’t sloppy. If this was a battlefield, then this person could be a highly efficient killing machine.

But Long Yi didn’t retract his hand, rather move his finger forward as fast as lightning towards the blade. Then with a clang sound, the slashing blade collided with the hand of Long Yi.

The body of this pricket leader shook, and he was forced to take two steps back, feeling his blade holding hand endlessly numb, and his hand also began trembling slightly. Only at this moment, he squarely faced this youth before him. This good-for-nothing silkpants of two years ago now unexpectedly was able to force him to retreat with one move of his bare hand. Although when attacking he didn’t use all of his strength, but this still utterly shocked him.

“Surprised? How about a match?” Long Yi said with a smile.

The eyes of pricket leader turned solemn, then with the blade in his hand, he assumed a fighting stance. This action of his showed his answer.

The rest of prickets and soldiers quickly dispersed, and paid attention to the circumstance here. Seeing Second Young Master Ximen challenging this pricket leader, they got excited to watch the battle. Although the martial arts competition was a common sight in the army, but this level of confrontation was very rare.

Under the close attention of everyone, Long Yi and pricket leader stayed still for few seconds, then with a low roar, leader pricket launched the attack. His blade emitted a trace of faint blue douqi with a smear of blood red. And the bloody killing intent suddenly caused people to feel cold to their bones spread out.

“Phoenix Douqi?” Long Yi was startled in his heart. The douqi used by this pricket leader and Phoenix Douqi was very similar, but it appeared a level higher than Phoenix Douqi, and especially that bloody qi, it was so dense that it almost suffocate people.

Long Yi dodged as if wind, dazzling people. All the attacks of pricket leader failed to land on Long Yi, and was not even able to touch the cloth of Long Yi.

But the attacks of that pricket leader became more and more vigorous, and Long Yi however became more and more surprised. The adaptability of this fellow was truly amazing, he was unexpectedly able to pick out the regular pattern of the footwork of Long Yi, and quite a few time nearly landed a hit on Long Yi.

After observing for a little while, Long Yi was sure that the douqi of this pricket leader and Phoenix Douqi possessed some kind of relation. He recalled that Phoenix Douqi was originated thousands of years ago in Flame Mountain Villa, so could it be that this pricket leader was also the descendant of Flame Mountain Villa?

Long Yi also began to counterattack, he took out a huge sword, then used Violent Dragon Douqi. Violent Dragon against Phoenix, who was strong and who was weak?

The result was already destined, Long Yi didn’t even need to use other skill, only relying on his Great Swords Master strength, pricket leader who was only Swords Master was absolutely not his opponent.

The deep blue dragon-shaped sword qi roared towards the pricket leader. Then the violent qi forced onlookers to repeatedly retreat.

But to the surprise of Long Yi, this pricket leader wasn’t blown away like he had thought. Although was somewhat in tough straits, but still survived.

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Long Yi raised his eyebrows, then a smiled which seemed to have profound meaning. Then with dark blue sword light, he said: “Look at my Violent Dragon 18 Successive Slashes.”

Long Yi began to brandish his huge sword and slashed 18 times in the empty air in the different postures, then a deep blue dragon suddenly formed in the air. After that, as fast as lightning, it charged towards pricket leader. All the onlookers were shocked simultaneously, this was the legendary Violent Dragon 18 Successive Slashes. The move that terror-stricken enemies in those years unexpectedly appeared once again. Violent Dragon 18 Successive Slashes was not a move that could be used by all Great Swords Master, they had to have extreme control over their douqi to use this move. And in Ximen clan, only the previous patriarch i.e. grandfather of Ximen Yu was able to use this move.

With a bang sound, picket leader was send flying and again fell to the ground with a bang. And only after a good while, he struggled to stand up. And after he had just stood up, that helmet that revealed only his eyes suddenly cracked, then disintegrated. This moment, everyone was silent, and it seemed even wind stopped its movement.

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