Chapter 222: Shadow reappear

Seeing such expression of Li Qing, he understood in his heart, that this grim man, in fact, was not so grim like his outward appearance, he also has love, sorrow and probably a very torturous path of feelings.

Long Yi patted the shoulder of Li Qing in consolation, he himself had also experienced many rights and wrongs of feeling, but he was very lucky as all the women he loved also loved him. Compared to other people, Long Yi suddenly felt that he was blessed. Although there were some sorrows, but having sorrows and satisfaction every now and then, isn’t this how life moves?

Li Qing gratefully looked at Long Yi, then his expression became grim again as if that expression of just now was merely an illusion. Because the difference between those two expressions was as different as black and white, it truly was too difficult to imagine that Li Qing could also make such expression.

Long Yi returned to his luxurious courtyard, then entering into his room, he jumped onto that unusually wide bed. And at that time, Long Yi noticed that this bed unexpectedly was exactly the same as the bed inside his space ring. It seems Dongfang Wan was afraid of Long Yi being unable to sleep if she changed the bed.

After lying for a little while, he entered the luxurious bathroom on the back of his bedroom, then immersed himself in a warm bath.

While Long Yi comfortably lied on the warm pool, water vapor became dense inside the bathroom. And under the illumination of the dim light of the magic lamp, this bathroom appeared hazy, giving people a kind of unreal feeling. Every now and then, Long Yi frequently felt he was half-awake and half-asleep, and he was unable to figure out whether this was a reality or this in itself was a dream. He often felt that he was re-experiencing certain matters he had experienced before or was experiencing the entire life of people of different space and different plane over and over again. This was just like he was watching a looped movie, moreover, he was the protagonist of that movie. He kept repeating his life.

“Boy, why are you being overly sentimental like women?” Just then, a cold voice resounded inside the sea of consciousness of Long Yi.

Long Yi was startled awake, and only then he realized that the owner of this voice hadn’t appeared within his body for many days, then he said: “Brother, don’t you know eavesdropping other people’s worry is very shameless behavior?”

“Heh heh heh, who wants to know these trivial matters, it was you who forcibly shove it to me, letting me know it.” The shadow laughed and said. That laughing sound was very sharp as if two hard things were scraped with each other, making other people grind their teeth.

The entire body of Long Yi trembled and said: “Brother, stop laughing, if you laugh anymore, then I will lose consciousness.”

“You don’t know how to appreciate, it’s such a marvelous voice, but you are actually saying it’s unpleasant to hear.” The shadow also seemed to be infected by Long Yi, unconsciously, the speaking tone of this shadow was similar to the speaking tone of Long Yi.

“That’s enough, you disappeared for so long as if steam, so I thought that you have died.” Long Yi said with a smile.

“I died? If there is only last life remaining in this world, then that is definitely me.” The shadow proudly said.

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“Hehe, keep on bragging, do you think I don’t know that you were injured by that old dragon, and you recovered somewhat only after recuperating for so long.” Long Yi smiled and refuted.

The shadow instantly became silent, and spoke after a long time: “If it was not for saving you, you smelly brat, then would I have suffered such damage?”

“I know, you are amazing, you saved my life. There will come a day when I will repay you.” Long Yi knew that what shadow had said was the truth. This shadow really had saved his life, so he was grateful to him.

“Heh heh, how will you repay me?” The speaking tone of the shadow appeared happy.

“Wait until my undead magic reached Magic God realm, then I will definitely help you find the most handsome body and resurrect you.” Long Yi said with a smile. This was his true feeling. But the problem was, he didn’t know how long it would take him to reach that realm.

“In fact, if you want to repay me then that is not difficult, just shoot down Light God when you met him, then eat him after roasting.” The shadow said.

“Wow, I say, brother, you are too disgusting, actually asking me to eat a bird-men, how about this, I will shoot him down, then give him to you as a male pet?” Long Yi said with a smile.

“Male pet?” The shadow muttered, then suddenly laughed again. That laughter that could make people pass out nearly made Long Yi unable to breathe.

“Good, this however is something you have said.” The shadow stopped laughing and said.

Long Yi rolled his eyes, could it be that this shadow has a mental disorder? Light God not existing is one thing, but even if he really exists, how could I be his opponent? However, this shadow seemed to have taken my words seriously.

Long Yi muttered in his heart, then standing up, he got out from the pool. And he suddenly felt a warm feeling was moving about in his body, which finally stopped at his standing erect little brother. Thinking for a bit, he knew that this definitely was that shadow inside his sea of consciousness peeping at his body.

“How is it? Don’t I have rich asset?” Long Yi smirked and said.

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“It’s as small as an earthworm, truly embarrassing. Now I don’t feel like talking to you, bye.” After the shadow spoke, the shadow disappeared from his sea of consciousness.

“Jealous, this fellow is definitely jealous.” Long Yi thought in bad mood. He actually said his that place that was naturally endowed was like an earthworm, he is definitely jealous. And thinking about it, with him not having a substance, he was no different from a eunuch, so his heart was naturally imbalanced.

Long Yi leisurely walked out of the bathroom. This was his first night after returning, but he was not sleepy. He just opened the window, then lying on the bed, he watched the silver moon in the sky. Involuntarily, he recalled the first woman he had encountered after he left Soaring Dragon City, who naturally was Si Bi. He recalled her face with blood red birthmark and also her dazzling eyes. It had already been more than two years since they had parted, he wondered if she still remembers him? Did that woman who had run away from him at that time for the sake of love still loves him or not?

Long Yi was unable to forget this woman who was his first love since he arrived in this world. In these days, in the continent, there were too few rumors about the saintess Si Bi, this made Long Yi not have any means to obtain her news.

Just then, Long Yi suddenly recalled that Ximen Nu had just assigned the second and third team of Skynet to him. Since that was the case, couldn’t he use them to look for the whereabouts of Si Bi?

Skynet was everywhere, Long Yi was very clear about this, so looking for a girl might not be particularly difficult. Merely if Ximen Nu knew that his first command was to look for a woman, then what kind of expression would he make? It might be very splendid. Long Yi thought in his heart.

After thinking over this problem, the mood of Long Yi suddenly became relaxed, then sitting cross-legged on the bed, he began to meditate.

At the same time, Nangong Xiangyun was also having a sleepless night. On the one hand, she was greatly surprised by Long Yi. This good-for-nothing in her eyes had suddenly changed into a great expert. And she, who had the worse first impression of Long Yi, was unable to accept this change. And on the other hand, Emperor had opened his golden mouth fixing her wedding day. Now there was only a month left for her to marry a fellow whom she hated. This was something she was even more unable to accept.

Without thinking, in the mind of Nangong Xiangyun, Long Yi who was showing a bad smile appeared continuously. She also recalled that feeling of dizziness when she had touched his that disgusting thing, and she also recalled the circumstance of him holding her little hand and walking. The more she tried to control, the more those scene appeared in her mind.

“Bastard Ximen Yu, I hate you to death.” Nangong Xiangyun covered her head with the quilt and shouted.

Early in the next morning, Nangong Xiangyun with her hairs loosely hanging down, and dark circles under her eyes arrived at the dining room, making Lady Nangong flabbergasted.

“Third big sister, did you go to steal last night?”Nangong Nu exclaimed.

“Shut your mouth, nobody will regard you as a mute.” Nangong Xiangyun glared at her brother in bad mood.

Nangong Nu stuck out his tongue, and suddenly muttered: “Perhaps I should go look for the brother-in-law to control you, so as to avoid being bullied by you.”

Nangong Xiangyun jumped up as if a cat whose tail was trampled, then violently knocking the head of Nangong Nu, she ferociously said: “Don’t mention that bastard, and don’t call him brother-in-law, otherwise I will beat you.”

Nangong Nu shrunk back, and looking at his violent big sister, he rubbed his head feeling wronged, then ducked behind Lady Nangong.

“Xiangyun, what are you doing, why are you showing such big temper without cause or reason?” Lady Nangong reprimanded.

Nangong Xiangyun just picked up the chopsticks, then began eating the food from the bowl with feeling indignant expression on her face.

“Mother, I don’t want to marry that bastard Ximen Yu, you heard me right, I don’t want to marry him.” Nangong Xiangyun suddenly roared towards Lady Nangong and began to shed tears.

Lady Nangong was startled, the temper of this girl was too big, and her temperament was also as stubborn as a bull from her childhood. And since she became sensible, she had never cried. Even at that time when she was young, because she was discontented with her father’s decision of her marriage, she ran to Ximen clan and made a big scene which resulted in her father ruthlessly beating her, at that time, she simply bit her lip and didn’t even groaned, but now she was actually crying.

Lady Nangong stepped forward, then hugging her daughter, she sighed: “Mother understand your grievance, but the emperor has already opened his mouth, so we are unable to change this marriage. Could it be that you want your father to have a tough time because of defying the imperial decree.”

“But…but your daughter really don’t want to marry him.” Nangong Xiangyun took a deep breath and said. She naturally was very clear about this, merely she wanted to let it out, that’s all.

Nangong Nu peeped from behind the table and said: “Third big sister, I feel that brother-in-law is very good. He is so handsome and his skill is also high now. Before, didn’t you dislike brother-in-law because he was useless? But now he is more powerful compared to you, so why are you still dissatisfied?”

Nangong Xiangyun glared at her younger brother, but she was somewhat perplexed in her heart, yes, now he was so powerful, but why was she still resisting like this? Oh, that’s right, that was because of the moral standing of Ximen Yu, he defiled many girls, and once he was so recklessly lustful that he raped princess Long Ling’er, so even if he became so powerful, was he any different from a scum?

No, whatever happens, I will use all my strength to stop this marriage. Ximen Yu, you bastard, why on earth did you return when you were having fun outside, making me rejoice too soon. And here I was thinking, that marriage agreement was finally canceled. Why did you suddenly appear in my happy life, turning it upside down? Nangong Xiangyun hatefully shouted in her heart.

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