Chapter 221: Ximen clan’s secret teachings of ancestors

Long Yi followed Ximen Nu inside the study, then sat down opposite to him.

Ximen Nu fixedly stared at the handsome face of Long Yi which was the very image of himself. In those more than two years, he didn’t know what Long Yi experienced and how many fortuitous encounters he encountered for today’s achievement. After looking for a while, the eyes of Ximen Nu flashed with a hint of happiness and relief, his son had finally grown up. In those two years, when he read every little detail of those intelligence reports, he would feel relieved in his heart, as he had finally obtained the much need helping hand for the important matters of Ximen clan, as well as also a successor of Ximen clan.

Ximen Nu was lost in thought for some time, then looking at Long Yi reclining on the chair waiting for him to open his mouth, he slowly said: “All the matters you’ve experienced in these past two years, tell me in detail.”

Long Yi shrugged his shoulder, and said with a smile: “Father, is your intelligence department vegetarian? Don’t you already know all of my situations?”

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“Dumb idiot, although intelligence department is powerful, they inevitably let some place slip by, for example, what happened in Huangmang Plains, why do you possess magic physique? Moreover not limited to one magic physique.” Ximen Nu angrily said.

“This, it’s very long, it wouldn’t complete even if I speak until tomorrow.” Long Yi said with a smile.

“Why are you being so long-winded?” Ximen Nu said.

“Father, I am doing this for your sake, if mother knew that you trapped me in the study, forbidding me to sleep, then I fear mother will not allow you to get into bed hereafter.” Long Yi smirked and said.

“Smelly brat.” Ximen Nu wanted to curse, but couldn’t help laughing. And with his eyes flashing with affection, he suddenly recalled the days when he got along with his father i.e. Ximen Yu’s grandfather. He was also a smelly brat in front of his father, only caring about laughing and joking without proper behavior.

“Father, you are quite handsome when you smile, you must have charmed quite a lot of girls before.” Long Yi smirked and said.

A trace of complacent smiled appeared on the face of Ximen Nu, then standing up, he violently knocked the head of Long Yi and cursed: “Stupid brat, what nonsense are you speaking, quickly tell your matters.”

Long Yi rubbed his head, as warmness began to seep into his heart, making him feel a real family warmth. He then no longer tried to change the topic and began to briefly explain the number of matters. He talked about the Lost City of Huangmang Plain, and also talked about the feud of Ice Palace and Raging Flame Villa. And as for the improvement of his strength as well as the change in his physique, he didn’t tell the truth, rather gave the same explanation he had used as an excuse to his women. He said a man that came from a mysterious continent called Asia took him as a disciple and taught him various kind of techniques as well as changed his physique.

Although he explained briefly, but it still took three hours. While explaining, he was so thirsty that he alone drank several kettles of tea.

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“I have never thought that Yu’er, you unexpectedly got such chance, it seems Heaven is still blessing our Ximen clan. For you to be able to reach this realm, your father is truly gratified.” Ximen Nu patted the shoulder of Long Yi and said in satisfaction with a smile.

The eyes of Long Yi flashed, as he naturally understood the meaning of Ximen Nu’s that sentence ‘Heaven is still blessing our Ximen clan’. Merely he was somewhat down in his heart. Long clan had been in charge of Violent Dragon Empire for more than 500 years and didn’t appear to be that chaotic. And although Long Zhan, who was the emperor of this generation, was not praised as clear-sighted monarch, but also could be regarded as a great schemer, so in this state, wishing to overthrow Long clan was very difficult, as Long Zhan still hadn’t lost the support of people.

At this moment, Ximen Nu stood up and began walking back and forth inside the room. Then stopping in front of Ximen Yu, he said solemnly: “Yu’er, you must have already heard some rumors about our Ximen clan and Long clan having open strife and veiled struggle, right?”

“Yes, father, are you really intending to overthrow Long clan and become the emperor?” Long Yi’s complexion also got serious and asked.

“Humph, Violent Dragon Empire should basically belong to our Ximen clan, merely that despicable Long clan usurped the throne that belongs to our clan. Now your father is merely trying to recapture our things.” Ximen Nu coldly snorted and said.

Long Yi was surprised in his heart and said: “What’s going on here?”

Ximen Nu leaned over and slowly said: “More than 500 years ago, the patriarch of Long clan and the patriarch of our Ximen clan rebelled against the emperor of that time. The patriarch of Ximen clan of that generation was a man of great talent and bold vision, merely in an extremely short period of 10 years, he shook the entire country. At that time, Long clan was merely following behind our Ximen clan. Our ancestor and the patriarch of Long clan were brothers who had gone through thick and thin, but who would have thought that this brother of his would resort to treachery. At that time, just before our ancestor was about to ascend the throne, he suddenly died, and seizing this chance when our Ximen clan was in a panic, the patriarch of Long clan took control of the entire armed forces catching us off guard, then obtained the country that should belong to our Ximen clan. After that, seizing back our country has always been our Ximen clan’s secret instruction of ancestors.” Ximen Nu solemnly said as his eyes emitted blazing hatred.

Long Yi was startled, he had never thought that Ximen clan and Long clan unexpectedly had such origin.

“Father, but now is not the right time at all, only when we are in conformity with the common aspirations of the people, the will of heaven will be with us. Although our Ximen clan is big and powerful, if we cannot obtain the common aspiration of the people, everything is just indulging in an empty talk.” Long Yi said.

Ximen Nu looked at Long Yi and said after laughing: “Yu’er, you are really worthy of being the son of I, Ximen Nu. You directly pointed out the crux of the problem. Compared to your elder brother, you are much better. Correct, Long Zhan has not lost the common aspiration of the people, but when the entire continent is chaotic, your father will pour some oil and add timber in the fire, making some more disturbance. And as the common people are very sensitive in the chaos of war, an opportunity will absolutely appear.”

“Besides, Long Zhan has already begun to make moves to deal with our Ximen clan, so we basically don’t have any choice at all, otherwise that old fox Long Zhan would absolutely gnaw us until not even our bones are left.” Ximen Nu added.

Long Yi nodded his head, a mountain cannot tolerate two tigers, and especially since Ximen clan and Long Yi had such origin. So thinking for a bit, it was obvious that the ancestor teachings of Long clan were to eradicate Ximen clan, after all, there was a tiger right beside them that could rise and attack suddenly at any time, as a result, they were unable to securely stay on the throne.

“Yu’er, in few days, father will give you an official position in the army, then you can go and practice with the subordinates you have brought. All of them are experts, and they are being trained from the lowest level. As long as the army is in our hands, everything will be possible.” Ximen Nu said.

“Got it, father.” Long Yi smiled strongly. Lead army? With his family background, using the back door to hold the leadership position was the matter of great satisfaction.

At this time, Ximen Nu waved his hand in the empty air, then Long Yi sensed slight fluctuation beside him, and a shadow slowly appeared in the study.

“Skynet One pays respect to the patriarch and Young Master.” The figure of this shadow was unclear as if he was enveloped with a layer of black smoke, and the voice was also neither masculine nor feminine.

“One, assign second team and third team of Skynet to Yu’er, they will be responsible for gathering intelligence that Yu’er desires.” Ximen Nu commanded.

“One heeds the command of the patriarch.” The shadow answered, then began to dissipate until this shadow disappeared.

Long Yi was endlessly amazed in his heart. The skill of this Skynet One was truly unfathomable, he unexpectedly was unable to track the aura of this Skynet One.

“Skynet is the underground intelligence department of our Ximen clan, only patriarch and the successor of patriarch have the authority to know their existence. Yu’er, do you understand your father’s expectation?” Ximen Nu looked at Long Yi with affection.

Long Yi made a wry smile and said: “Father, I am not interested in this patriarch seat.” He had returned only because he was too bored. But if this goes on like this, then wouldn’t he be forced to become the emperor, if Ximen clan really overthrow Long clan? But he truly didn’t want to be one.

Ximen Nu coldly snorted and scolded: “You good for nothing son, could it be that you want your father to pass down the patriarch seat to your big brother? Although your big brother is talented and is also quite a schemer, however he always lacked a thing that someone of high position should have, that is the domineering air, the domineering air that looks down upon all the living creatures under the heaven.”

Long Yi rolled his eyes, then smirking, he said: “Father, I will be the successor for the time being, in any case, you are not that old to retire early, and when you retire, I guess your grandson will be sufficiently old enough, and at that time, you can let your grandson inherit, wouldn’t that be better?”

Ximen Nu looked at his son and sighed, he was very satisfied with his this son, merely one dissatisfaction was, this son of his didn’t crave for power, instead, yearn for free and unfettered life just like drifting clouds and wild storks.

“You, this……stupid brat, your big brother is plotting actively to have the patriarch seat, but here you are disdaining it as beneath contempt, I truly don’t know what to say.” Ximen Nu helplessly said.

“Father, you are not that old, at that time, letting your great-grandson inherit your seat also shouldn’t be a big problem.” Long Yi said with a smile.

“Less nonsense, tomorrow, there is a banquet held by the emperor in the imperial palace, so there will be many personages present there, father will introduce them to you.” Ximen Nu said.

Long Yi nodded his head and said: “Got it, if there is nothing else, then I am leaving first to sleep.”

Ximen Nu waved his hand, and sitting down in the chair, he began to look over the official documents on the desk.

Long Yi pushed open the door and walked outside. There Barbarian Bull, Xiao Yi as well as Li Qing were waiting for him. And seeing he had returned, they revealed a smile.

“Boss, this kid, Li Qing said that each and every one of the women of their Moxi clan is as beautiful as an angel. No wonder he didn’t even look at that little girl outside.” Barbarian Bull said to Long Yi, while spitting saliva.

Long Yi used his sleeve to block his face, and scolded in jest: “Be careful while speaking, you are actually spitting out your saliva, moreover, does your bullhead understand beauty? Besides, did Li Qing really said that?”

Barbarian Bull scratched his head and said smiling stupidly: “It’s the truth, if you don’t believe, then you can ask little sister Xiao Yi.”

“But I didn’t hear.” Xiao Yi said with a smile.

“How come you didn’t hear that? When I asked Li Qing whether he was dissatisfied with that girl, he nodded his head. And when I asked whether the women of his clan were very beautiful or not, he nodded his head again. After that, I asked him whether he has someone he liked or not, but he didn’t answer, isn’t that agreeing by default? Boss, I, this old bull didn’t lie to you.” Barbarian Bull said while spraying a mouthful of saliva.

Long Yi just kicked Barbarian Bull and scolded in jest: “Barbarian Bull, when did you become so meddlesome, return back to sleep.”

At that time, Long Yi noticed the expression of Li Qing was somewhat not right, and his ice-cold expression had unexpectedly become gentle. Moreover, with a complex look, his eyes unintentionally revealed a little bit of struggle, yearning and trace of pain.

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