Chapter 220: “Brothers” Meet again

Long Yi raised his eyebrows, and curiously looking at Xiao Yi, he wondered why she was hesitating.

“Young Master, do you really want to keep that Li Qing beside you?” Xiao Yi asked, and some hesitation was flashing in her transparent eyes.

“What’s the matter? Did you predict something?” Hearing Xiao Yi, Long Yi asked, understanding she had definitely sensed something.

The eyes of Xiao Yi flashed, then softly said: “This person has stubborn personality, and a blood light is hidden within his body. I fear he might be detrimental to Young Master in the future.”

“How can that be? From the time I saw him for the first time, I am absolutely sure that he isn’t that kind of person, aren’t you being oversensitive?” Long Yi said with a smile. He was confident that he wouldn’t misjudge someone. Li Qing, this kind of person would die before betraying, and now that he had made up his mind, he wouldn’t go back on his words.

Xiao Yi opened her mouth, wanting to say something, but she swallowed it back. She didn’t predict Li Qing being detrimental to Long Yi, instead, later would become most faithful and true to Long Yi, but a number of unclear fragments made her mind very restless. But seeing Long Yi was so confident, she couldn’t help but thought she really was being oversensitive.

“Let’s return, I will pay attention to this hereafter.” Long Yi smiled and patted the head of Xiao Yi, then turned around, walking towards the residence of Ximen.

Xiao Yi was startled for a long while, then with her beautiful face suddenly turning red, she smiled beautifully, and then she followed after Long Yi. How long had it been since Long Yi had last touched her so familiarly? This casual gesture of Long Yi made her heart endlessly jump with joy because from this she could associate many things.

“Young Master, that girl is following us the entire time.” Xiao Yi caught up to Long Yi and said.

Long Yi just smiled. Without even turning his head, he had already sensed her.

“Ignore her, she should be looking for Li Qing. This kid is truly lucky in love.” Long Yi smirked and said.

Reaching the entrance of Ximen residence, they saw Barbarian Bull and Li Qing were standing at the entrance waiting for them. Barbarian Bull being a straightforward person had already forgotten about the conflict of just a moment ago. For Barbarian Bull, now that Li Qing had already become the subordinate of Long Yi, he was his friend, so Barbarian Bull kept on talking with Li Qing, and Li Qing also silently listen attentively. He was listening very carefully because in everything Barbarian Bull was talking about, Long Yi was the main protagonist.

“Hello, that, noble son, can you come over here?” When Long Yi was intending to enter, a voice came through from not far away.

Long Yi smiled in his heart. He truly hadn’t expected that this young girl would unexpectedly dare to call him in front of people.

Several people turned around and saw that young girl rescued by Li Qing in Wangjiang Building was courageously looking at Li Qing with a red face.

“Li Qing, she is calling you, how about you go there?” Long Yi smiled and said to Li Qing.

Having heard what was said, Li Qing, without the slightest bit of change in his expression, walked towards the young girl in large strides. Seeing this, this young girl revealed a happy smile, but her smile quickly froze, because after Li Qing walked to her front, he immediately turned around and returned.

Long Yi immediately didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry and asked: “Li Qing, what the hell are you doing.”

“Young Master ordered me to go over, so I went over there and return.” The answer of Li Qing stunned Long Yi. It seems this fellow’s heart was truly as cold as his appearance. Even such beauty was unable to arise his desire.

Long Yi waved his hand and called a guard, then pointing at that young girl with a pale face, he asked: “Do you know who that girl is?”

That guard immediately answered: “Replying to second Young Master, she is His Excellency Revenue Ministry’s Penner Kong’s only daughter, Kong Qi. She is somewhat famous in Soaring Dragon City.”

Revenue Ministry’s Penner was merely a rank four minor official. And in Soaring Dragon City, there were many big officials, so those who were not big officials were not famous here. Long Yi nodded his head understanding why he didn’t have any impression of this girl in his memory. Looking at her, she was 15 or 16 in age, so two years ago, she was merely an unripe little apple. But after these two years, she began displaying a little bit of distinctive flavor.

Long Yi didn’t pay any attention to her again, just turning around, he entered the residence, locking out that brave little girl.

“Second brother, you finally came back. These two past years, your big brother missed you to death.” Just when Long Yi entered the hall, a man dressed in golden armor walked over in large stride and said some compassionate words, but his eyes were not so friendly. This person was the big brother of Ximen Yu, Ximen Tian, was the deputy leader of Violent Dragon Empire’s most elite legion, Violent Dragon Legion.

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Long Yi smiled, and spreading out his arms, he hugged, but he unexpectedly felt the arms of Ximen Tian tightening around him as if an iron hoop.

“Second brother, don’t think that just because you have returned, you will be able to snatch the seat of patriarch from me.” Ximen Tian whispered in the ears of Long Yi.

“Before talking about snatching or not, neither you nor I have the final say in this matter, moreover, I am not interested in the seat of the patriarch, but if our father is set on passing the seat to me, then that truly will be troublesome.” Long Yi chuckled, and his body suddenly vibrated, then Ximen Tian suddenly felt tingling in both of his arms and he involuntarily loosened his hand.

Ximen Tian was surprised, and immediately afterwards, he flew into rage from shame and looking at Long Yi, his killing intent rose.

“Father, father, hug.” Just then, a child’s voice suddenly resounded.

Long Yi turned around to look and saw a tender little girl was staggering towards Ximen Tian with a beautiful young married woman walking behind her. Long Yi recognized her, she was his sister-in-law. And it seems when he was away from the home, she had given birth to a daughter.

The expression of Ximen Tian somewhat softened, and after he held this little girl in his arms, she kissed him.

“Sister-in-law, long time no see.” Long Yi smiled and greeted this beautiful married woman.

“Brother-in-law, you have returned, your big brother would frequently talk about you.” This beautiful married woman softly smiled.

Long Yi smirked, frequently talked about me? Perhaps, he was frequently cursing me to die early.

It obviously seems that the affection of Ximen Tian towards his daughter was not that deep, after holding for a bit, he again placed her down. As a matter of fact, this was not surprising, as he always wished to have a son to stabilize his position in Ximen clan, but after his wife finally got pregnant, she unexpectedly gave birth to a daughter, so he was greatly disappointed.

Then why didn’t Ximen Tian go and marry many concubines to bear his child? This point made Long Yi extremely admire him, which was, his this big brother was rare descendant among the direct descendants of Ximen clan who had a special belief, and that belief was not marrying a second wife. And perhaps this was the only good part of Ximen Tian that was not inherited by Ximen Nu and Ximen Yu. And naturally, Long Yi also suspect that this really was not the case of this special belief of Ximen Tian, rather he was under the thumb of his wife, so he could only be obedient.

At that time, that little girl’s dark and liquid big eyes curiously looked towards Long Yi.

And Long Yi being very fond of children, seeing his niece was looking at him, he made funny faces, making her giggle.

“Shuxian, quickly greet the uncle.” This beautiful married woman said to her daughter with a smile.

“Uncle.” Little Shuxian cutely called out.

Long Yi smiled and said: “Shuxian was it, come give uncle a hug.”

Little Shuxian immediately rushed over and Long Yi picked her up, then played with her left and right. Now he especially liked his niece.

At that time, Nangong Xiangyun and her brother Nangong Nu came in. And seeing Long Yi was playing with Ximen Shuxian, Nangong Xiangyun immediately stepped forward, and snatching her from the bosom of Long Yi, she said to Little Shuxian: “Don’t play with this uncle. He is a big bad fellow, come play with big sister.”

But Little Shuxian however immediately cried out, she extended her small arms towards Ximen Yu and continuously called: “Uncle, I want uncle.”

“Big sister will play with you. This uncle is a big bad fellow, how about big sister buy you a candy?” Nangong Xianyun ferociously glared at Long Yi, and began to coax Little Shuxian in her bosom.

“No, I want uncle.” Little Shuxian burst out in tears. This made Nangong Xianyun alarmed and confused.

At this time, the sister-in-law of Long Yi took her daughter, and Little Shuxian also stopped crying, merely she constantly stretched her little hands towards Long Yi, wanting to hug him.

This beautiful married woman was helpless so she handed over her daughter to Long Yi and said: “Brother-in-law, it seems Little Shuxian is very fond of you.”

“Humph, little child, I wonder if she mistakenly believed Ximen Yu is her……father.” Nangong Xianyun muttered.

This murmur however immediately caused the complexion of Ximen Tian to turn green. And just when he wanted to act, he saw Dongfang Wan and Lady Nangong coming in, so he immediately stopped.

After that, Ximen Tian and his wife Liu Shi immediately greeted them respectfully.

“I heard Little Shuxian crying from far away, what happened?” Dongfang Wan faintly said.

Then Liu Shi immediately narrated the events of just a moment ago.

Dongfang Wan smiled and said: “Since childhood, Yu’er is very popular with females, but I have never thought that even little children are also so fond of him.” It seemed she was rather proud of her son.

Lady Nangong agreed on the surface, but in her heart, she was disdainful. Your family’s brat is popular with females from childhood, what a joke. If it was not for the agreement, then how can I be willing to let my daughter fall into a fiery pit? But now that the emperor has already opened his mouth, we have no way around this matter.

Little Shuxian seemed rather afraid of Dongfang Wan. After Dongfang Wan came, she quieted down and didn’t even dare to look towards Dongfang Wan, her grandmother. She hid herself in the bosom of Long Yi in a well-behaved manner.

As a matter of fact, it was not like Dongfang Wan went out of her way to frighten this little girl every day, rather as a Miss of a traditional noble clan, her body naturally possessed powerful aura. Moreover, she was considerably partial towards her son, so she naturally was not kind towards Ximen Tian husband and wife. In her view, the wild ambition of Ximen Tian hindered her son, which was intolerable for her, so she naturally wasn’t that fond of Little Shuxian too. And with the heart of little children being very sensitive, as well as their reaction being instinctive, Little Shuxian feared Dongfang Wan.

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“Mother, is meal ready?” Long Yi asked with a smile.

“Yes, but wait until your father come to start the meal.” Dongfang Wan said with a smile.

Not long after, Ximen Nu returned, and similarly, he also seemed to be not fond of this granddaughter Little Shuxian, could it be that he also regards men as superior to women? Long Yi thought in his heart, but shouldn’t grandfather and grandchild be very close?

On the surface, it was an amiable and lovely meal, but in fact, it was not like that. Everyone was putting up a false mask.

After the meal, Lady Nangong together with her son and daughter left. Ximen Tian and his wife and daughter also returned back to their own courtyard.

“Yu’er, follow me to the study.” Ximen Nu stood up and said solemnly.

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