Chapter 219: Defeating opponent in one move

“Young master Ximen, it’s truly you, you have finally returned, look how your brothers are suffering now.” Two aristocrat noble sons rushed over and hugged the legs of Long Yi, then shed tears while speaking.

Long Yi frown, then carefully recalling, he remembered these two were the footmen of Ximen Yu. Both of them were young master of big noble clans, and usually, they were arrogant and domineering. Moreover, following Ximen Yu, they had oppressed people and did bad deeds.

And at this time, a beautiful woman with somewhat messy clothing came out from Wangjiang Building, and standing beside that grim man, she looked at him in admiration, but coincidentally seeing the existence of Ximen Yu, she instantly turned pale.

And seeing Long Yi was frowning, Barbarian Bull immediately kicked those two aristocrat noble sons, who were hugging the thighs of Long Yi, flying. These two fell several meters away, then covering their chest, they screamed in pain as if slaughtered pigs.

That cool man of Moxi clan turned his head to look at Long Yi, then his pupil suddenly contracted. Immediately after he laid his eyes on Long Yi, his intuition told him that this youth with a casual smile on his face was very dangerous.

Seeing the situation, Long Yi roughly understood what had happened here. It’s definite that these two fellows forcefully try to take advantage of that woman, which resulted in that man of Moxi clan appearing as a hero, rescuing the beauty. What an outdated scenario.

“Noble son, quickly leave, he is the second Young Master of Ximen clan, you can’t afford to offend him.” That beautiful woman shrunk behind the man of Moxi clan, then lightly pulling his sleeve with her little hand, she said.

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The man of Moxi clan didn’t speak, and still looking ferociously at Long Yi, his eyes shone, then a kind of maniac and also insane fighting intent surged from his body, aiming directly towards Long Yi.

Again met a madman. Long Yi thought. Looking at the expression of this fellow, he knew that this fellow was a madman that was wandering around everywhere looking for a person to duel.

“Young Master Ximen, I want to have a competition with you.” This man of Moxi clan stared fixedly at Long Yi and said with somewhat trembling voice. He was trembling with excitement.

Barbarian Bull stepped forward, then looking at this fellow, he said: “If you want to compete with my Boss, then you have to pass me first.”

The eyes of this man of Moxi clan flashed, then with the sudden rise of his aura, a light appeared in his hand, and several strands of deep blue douqi flew towards Barbarian Bull, and as if lightning, transmitted all over the body of Barbarian Bull.

Long Yi was somewhat surprised in his heart, the douqi of this man was truly thick and heavy, and it condensed without dispersing. Moreover, although these strands were very thin douqi, but they gave heavy sensation as if a big mountain. This fellow truly has some knack.

But Barbarian Bull was no longer ordinary either, before the sudden and unexpected offensive move of this man of Moxi clan, he didn’t panic. Greenstone Rule suddenly appeared in his hand, then brandished it, drawing a circle of dark green radiance. After that with a sonorous metal colliding sound, the man of Moxi clan retreated back, and the pieces of the sleeve of his garment floated down to the ground. And as for Barbarian Bull, his armor’s shoulder part was torn, revealing his sturdy muscles, and there was a faint white mark on it. If it was not for the Golden Bell Canopy of Barbarian Bull reaching small success, then he would have bled. So it appeared Barbarian had eaten a bigger loss here, but the man of Moxi clan however had attacked all of a sudden, so this could be counted as a draw.

But towards the surprise attack of the man of Moxi clan, Long Yi wasn’t angry, as in this world, if one wished to survive, then they must always be prepared to face any sudden situation. If an enemy sneak attack you in a battlefield, then can you say that was despicable? The weak are the prey of the strong, but strength was not always decisive.

This moment, the expression of this man of Moxi clan was truly solemn, he had never expected that Barbarian Bull, this beast-man possessed such powerful attack power. Moreover, his douqi was unexpectedly unable to injure him. And that circle of green light gave him a kind of suffocating pressure, making him feel overwhelmed.

Long Yi looked at the sword in the hand of this man of Moxi clan with interest. That sword was not the kind of traditional huge sword of the fighters of Blue Waves Continent, but resembled the sword used by the knight-errant of Long Yi’s previous world. Moreover, the material used on it was also translucent as if glass, emitting ice-cold qi. And there was a trace of water magic fluctuation too.

Barbarian Bull was very unconvinced, then tightly holding Greenstone Rule with both of his hands, he droned: “Little fellow, come again, this grandfather Bull will beat you until you are looking for your teeth all over the floor.”

The sword in the hand of this man of Moxi clan dazzled, and with its blade trembling, a dragon roar like sound resounded. Then shaking his head, he said: “Although you are powerful, and even if I might not necessarily win against you, but you also absolutely cannot win against me. Besides, I am looking for Young Master Ximen.”

Hearing these words, onlookers suddenly began to discuss spiritedly. There were also knowledgeable people among them, moreover who didn’t that Second Young Master Ximen was a good-for-nothing, at least two years ago, he was like that, but hearing the words of this peak expert of Moxi clan, it seemed Ximen Yu was stronger than them.

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“There is nothing to me even if I agree, and without profit, it’s boring, so how about we have a wager?” Long Yi said with a smirk, and his eyes glimmered with cunningness.

“What wager?” The man of Moxi clan asked.

“If you lose then stay beside me as my footman.” Long Yi slowly said rubbing his chin.

The man of Moxi clan was startled, and after thinking for a long time, he said: “If you can defeat me within 10 moves, then I, Li Qing’s this life will be yours.”

“Deal.” Long Yi said with a smile.

After that, he crossed his hands, sending out several hand seal, and a white light spread outside, forcing onlookers to repeatedly fell back. Then a transparent barrier took form, making so that no one could step forward.

At that moment, with his eyes shining, the man of Moxi clan began to brandish his sword, unexpectedly giving rise to the snowflakes within the barrier, but outside the barrier, the sky was still clear.

The more the snow fell, the bigger it got, and fierce wind also whistled around, giving rise to the snowstorm. This snowstorm made people unable to open their eyes.

Long Yi quietly stood, but he was very surprised in his heart. This was another method to combine magic and douqi. This Moxi clan’s man called Li Qing was truly a genius.

Suddenly, Li Qing shouted, then made a move. After several strands of deep blue douqi covered the snowstorm, the snowstorm rolled towards Long Yi, and several ice arrows blocked all the retreating path of Long Yi.

But Long Yi didn’t move, moreover, he unexpectedly closed his eyes at the crucial moment. But when that deep blue douqi with death aura almost reached him, he lightly raised his hand, then that deep blue douqi changed into frost in an instant, and Li Qing was sent flying.

After snowflakes stopped, and everything became calm, they saw Li Qing lying on a thick layer of snow inside the barrier. Now he had an inconceivable expression as he didn’t dare to believe what had happened just now. And as for Long Yi, he had both of his hands behind his back, and his legs unexpectedly weren’t sunken inside the layer of snow. And with a slight smile on his face, he had the air of very able person.

All the onlookers were baffled. Basically, no one clearly saw what exactly had happened here. There was only white snow in front of their sight, and they saw Li Qing rushing forward, then again flew back with an expression as if he had seen a ghost.

Li Qing came back to his senses, then standing up, he slowly walked over to Long Yi. Afterwards, he knelt down, but still had a complexion as if he had no spirit. One move, in only one move he was defeated. This was something his pride was unable to accept.

“Don’t want to accept?” Long Yi indifferently said.

“Li Qing only wants to know what move you used.” Li Qing asked with trembling voice looking at Long Yi.

“Ice Douqi’s Heart Penetrating Palm.” Long Y said indifferently. And just after he spoke, from the clothing on the chest of Li Qing, ice crystal suddenly fell down, revealing a silver-white palm mark on his sturdy chest.

“Ice Douqi, Ice Douqi, but you didn’t use a sword.” Li Qing muttered.

“Who stipulated douqi must use swords?” Long Yi asked with a smile.

The eyes of Li Qing widened, then suddenly prostrating down, he said in a firm voice: “Henceforth, Li Qing’s life is yours, Young Master. If anyone wants to hurt you, then they must first tread through I, Li Qing’s corpse.”

“Very good, now rise.” Long Yi smiled. As a matter of fact, if it was not for Li Qing being too confident, believing it was impossible for him to break his Great Swords Master level douqi, and single-mindedly thinking which direction he, Long Yi would retreat, it would have been impossible for Long Yi to defeat him in a single move.

Long Yi removed the barrier, then looking towards the onlookers who had revering gaze, he felt like laughing. It was all his plan to subdue Li Qing in such a high key fashion in front of numerous people. First was to overthrow his good-for-nothing image from the mind of common people of Soaring Dragon City, after all, Blue Waves Continent was a place where strong were revered. In addition, he wanted to show his strength to other forces who were secretly thinking of opposing Ximen clan, so that they would think over again. Long Yi believed that, after this battle, the fame of Second Young Master Ximen would instantly spread all around, moreover, the more it spread, the more exaggerated it would be. And this was only the first step.

Long Yi led Xiao Yi, Barbarian Bull and Li Qing away. He had never expected himself to be this lucky, winning an expert of Moxi clan just after returning. This moment, Long Yi’s understanding of Blue Waves Continent was far better than when he had just arrived in this world. Now, he clearly knew that Moxi clan was Proud Moon Empire’s crucial force. Its clansmen were extremely united, moreover were innately talented, so there were numerous experts within this clan. This moment, Long Yi didn’t have any far-reaching plan, and he only knew that this man of Moxi clan definitely has a high position within Moxi clan, so perhaps he might have some unexpected use later.

When Long Yi and his group disappeared, several tens of people immediately went over to look at the place where Long Yi and Li Qing had fought, then the quickly disappeared. And at this time, a number of children were piling up the snow in front of the Wangjiang Building, making a snowman. And Wangjiang Building was also immediately filled with the discussion of that dazzling battle of just now as well as its protagonist Second Young Master Ximen.

While walking, Long Yi’s heart suddenly throbbed, then he looked at Xiao Yi, knowing she was using the telepathy of blood contract.

“Barbarian Bull, return first with Li Qing.” Long Yi stopped and said to Barbarian Bull.

Barbarian Bull agreed, then walked towards the residence of Ximen clan with Li Qing.

“Young Master.” Xiao Yi suddenly called out hesitantly.

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