Chapter 218: Emperor Long Zhan

Nangong Xiangyun struggled with great effort for several times, but she wasn’t able to free her leg that was clamped between the legs of Long Yi. So she glared at Long Yi in both anger and embarrassment, but seeing that lewd smile on his face as well as the somewhat intoxicated expression on his eyes, she suddenly woke up with a start and realized the identity of that the foreign thing her tiptoe was touching. Although she was very wild in nature, but she was also a virgin girl, so such battle made her unable to breathe properly, nearly losing her consciousness.

“Damned pervert, I will kill you.” Nangong Xiangyun stabbed her sword towards the neck of Long Yi. Under desperation, she unexpectedly left no leeway

Long Yi has to say, it was simply not worth seeing what this Nangong Xiangyun was capable, as she was not even slightly threatening to him. He simply made a single move and lightly grasped her wrist, as if Nangong Xiangyun had intentionally delivered herself in his clutch.

“Girls shouldn’t shout fight or kill every day, they should obediently stay at home as a good wife and loving mother.” Long Yi let go of her leg, and pulled, causing Nangong Xiangyun fall into his bosom. Now the distance between their eyes was not even 2 inches.

And only after being dazed for ten seconds, Nangong Xiangyun woke up with a start, then she began to struggle vigorously in the bosom of Long Yi.

Long Yi however let out strange sounds from his throat. He naturally was helpless. He was a man, and with Nangong Xiangyun, such curvy beauty twisting around in his bosom, not having a reaction was a problem.

Suddenly, Nangong Xiangyun stiffened and became motionless, and her beautiful face began to slowly become red. God, what was this hard thing poking her lower abdomen? Nangong Xiangyun wasn’t a little girl that knew nothing, she clearly knew the uses of this lethal weapon.

“Let me go.” Nangong Xiangyun lowered her head, and biting her lower lip, she softly said. She finally surrendered, as she feared that this pervert might carry out a brutal task on the spot.

Seeing the arrogance of Nangong Xiangyun had disappeared, Long Yi smiled complacently. Then he loosened his hand, giving Nangong Xiangyun her freedom.

But before Long Yi could smile complacently for a long time, he hurriedly retreated two steps. After that, the foot of Nangong Xiangyun ferociously stamped on the ground where his foot was just a moment ago.

Seeing her sneak attack had failed, Nangong Xiangyun was somewhat disappointed, then glaring at Long Yi, she said: “Smelly pervert, don’t give me a chance, otherwise I will trample you to death.”

Long Yi was stunned, and soon afterwards, he stretched out his leg and said: “Then trample.”

Nangong Xiangyun really wasn’t polite, she raised her foot then ferociously stamped several times on the big leg of Long Yi. And not being satisfied with only this, she even jumped and stamped several times on the leg of Long Yi with both of her legs.

“Satisfied?” Long Yi smiled and said, while his eyes were sizing up the curvy body of Nangong Xiangyun. Her outer skirt was made of silk, and after it got drenched, he could clearly see her pink underwear inside.

Nangong Xiangyun nodded her head, but suddenly sensing the gaze of Long Yi was not too normal, she lowered her head and looked at herself, only to see that she was showing her spring scenery. She immediately covered her chest with her hands. Then she again let go of her hand all of a sudden, and proudly stood in front of Long Yi. Humph, you actually dared to say that I don’t have breast and buttocks, now look whether I have breast and buttocks or not, you damned pervert. Nangong Xiangyun thought in her heart.

This move of Nangong Xiangyun which was different from normal dumbfounded Long Yi, then couldn’t help laughing while shaking his head. This girl truly has a different character.

“Hey, aren’t you cold?” Long Yi smirked and said.

A burst of cold breeze blew, and Nangong Xiangyun shivered, beginning to feel very cold as well as very uncomfortable.

“Damned pervert, quickly go and help this Miss to look for a clothing to change.” Nangong Xiangyun directly ordered Long Yi as if she was not an outsider.

Long Yi shrugged his shoulder and said with a smile: “Since you know I am a pervert, then you should know what perverts desire the most is for girls to wear nothing, so if you are feeling unwell then just take off your clothing.”

Nangong Xiangyun ferociously glared at Long Yi, now if she runs out like this then wouldn’t other people make a joke out of her. But, this was backyard where womenfolk resides, so she might be able to easily find clothing to change.

And just at that time, suddenly a loud yelling voice came from far away: “His Majesty has arrived.”

Long Yi and Nangong Xingyun were startled, did this old man Long Zhan came here to join the fun?

The first thought of Long Yi was, since Long Zhan knew that he had returned, he had come to criticize violently. But thinking for a bit again, Long Zhan should already know about the matter of him and Long Ling’er in Holy Magic Academy, after all the emperor’s intelligence department was also not to be trifled with. He feared that his every action in Holy Magic Academy was already known perfectly clear by Long Zhan.

Long Yi as if lightning thought in an instant, then stepping forward, he pulled Nangong Xiangyun, then used his true qi. After that, the water vapor rose, instantly covering Nangong Xiangyun.

And in a moment, the water on the clothing and hair of Nangong Xiangyun completely evaporated, becoming incomparably dry and clean.

Nangong Xiangyun blankly looked at Long Yi, this fellow gave her one surprise after another, and she honestly was greatly surprised. Now, other than his gaze and that inherent noble aura, she could no longer find even a little trace of similarities with her memories’ that ignorant and incompetent profligate son of rich parents. Now, not only his strength was unfathomable, even his speaking manner and expression were different. Could it be that the experience of outside can make a person change so much?

“Why are you in a daze? Emperor has arrived, shouldn’t we go out and greet him?” Long Yi pulled Nangong Xiangyun’s hand and went towards the hall.

Only after Long Yi had already dragged Nangong Xiangyun halfway, she came back to her senses, then freeing her hand, she followed behind him.

Long Yi entered the hall and saw Long Zhan wearing bright yellow emperor clothing sitting on the seat where Ximen Nu was sitting originally, and his father was sitting on the chair on the left side of Long Zhan.

Long Yi didn’t immediately greet the emperor, rather sized up Long Zhan with keen, sparkling eyes, and Long Zhan also happens to similarly size up Long Yi.

Although he had a vague outline of Long Zhan in his memory, but seeing him in person, Long Yi still couldn’t help being surprised. He didn’t know how he should describe this seemingly haggard middle-aged man. He looked roughly 50 years old, and his forehead was engraved with the traces of the time he had experienced, but that powerful aura on his body however pressured him so much that he was gasping to breathe. Moreover, although his eyes were not big, and appeared too cloudy, but his eyes would shine once in a while, which made Long Yi feel ice-cold in his back.

Long Zhan was really worthy of his name Long Zhan and was also worthy of being emperor of this dynasty. Long Yi thought in his heart. And he didn’t dare to look down upon him, whoever thinks Long Zhan was merely an old tiger that couldn’t move much, that person surely wouldn’t have time to even regret.

Meanwhile, the heart of Long Zhan was also similarly restless, although he had already read the description about Long Yi in secret letters, he was still shocked seeing him in person. He, who was only a small time Intermediate Fighter two years ago, now even he himself wasn’t able to reckon his strength. According to the assessment of spies, he was already Great Swords Master in strength, moreover, a Water Master Magician as well as knew space magic which they weren’t able to ascertain. At that time, he was still skeptical, but now, facing him in person, only this calm and collected bearing was enough to endlessly surprise him, and at the same time, a strong sense of crisis appeared in his heart. With such powerful helping hand, wouldn’t Ximen clan be just like a tiger that has grown wings?

When two people were assessing each other, Nangong Xianyun paid respect towards Long Zhan. This woke up two people with a start.

“This little dirty swine, still not quickly greeting His Majesty.” Ximen Nu lowered his voice and said.

Long Yi raised his eyebrows, then without the least bit of sincerity, he bowed and said: “Ximen Yu pays respect to His Majesty.”

“Ximen Yu, don’t you know your sin?” The pupils of Long Zhan suddenly enlarged and he shouted loudly, causing the air flow of entire hall to solidify. No one had expected that he would attack at this time. Moreover, more than ten experts guarding beside emperor suddenly released their aura at the same time, straightly aiming towards Long Yi.

Cold sweats immediately appeared on his forehead, then using spirit power and internal force, he created a barrier to protect himself. Each and every one of those experts beside emperor was really not gas-saving lamps, and especially emperor himself, Long Yi felt his strength as unfathomable. Although everyone knew that he was merely a Great Swords Master, but who knows whether he was hiding his strength or not?

“I don’t know, please enlighten me, Your Majesty.” Despite being suppressed by this aura, he leisurely said as before.

“Don’t you remember the savage act you have done to my daughter Long Ling’er, in any case, I, her father emperor will give her a justice.” Long Zhan said in a deep voice.

“Is Your Majesty mistaken, I and Long Ling’er are each other’s sunshine, where is the savage act?” Long Yi carelessly smiled and said.

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Seeing Long Yi was calm in the presence of volatile situation, killing intent flashed for an instant in the eyes of Long Zhan, then turning towards Ximen Nu on his left side, he said: “Minister Ximen, two years ago, your son escaped from Forbidden Heaven Prison, so now I want to seize him again, do you have opinion.”

“This minister doesn’t dare, but as far as this minister knows, my this unfilial son and princess Long Ling’er indeed are in love with each other. There are numerous teachers and students in Mea Holy Magic Academy to prove this.” Ximen Nu stood up and bowed, then said.

The expression of Long Zhan changed, and he laughed suddenly, then said: “Good, good, actually I already knew it was only a misunderstanding at that time, today I merely wanted to test Yu’er, that’s all. Minister Ximen really had a good fortune, the achievements of your two sons really make me jealous. Luckily, we will become relatives by marriage very soon, and Yu’er has to call me father-in-law.”

Ximen Nu also laughed and said: “That’s natural, merely Ximen Yu is already engaged with Nangong family’s third daughter since childhood, thus, we unavoidably wronged princess Long Ling’er.”

“Of course, I know this matter, so Princess Ling’er and the girl of Nangong clan will jointly be his main wife. If this wronged her, then that’s her own doing.” Long Zhan said putting on a false smile, and he lightly snorted, don’t know whether he was scolding Long Ling’er, this worthless daughter in his heart or not.

“Since that is the case, then this Minister request Your Majesty to fix the date for the marriage of my son and the girl of Nangong family.” Ximen Nu took the advantage of the occasion and said.

Long Zhan pondered for a long time, he didn’t know what Ximen Nu was thinking, but the wild ambition of Ximen Nu was getting more and more obvious, and his wings were developing with each passing day. He had already formed an alliance with Nangong and Dongfang clan, and as for Beitang clan, they always showed neutral attitude. Now the four major clans actually didn’t have any use for him, they truly were bastards.

“Well, then its fixed on the eighth of next month, that day is our Violent Dragon Empire’s Abundant Harvest Festival, so adding a happy event in another happy event can’t be better.” Long Zhan indifferently said. Since he couldn’t prevent the alliance between Ximen and Nangong clan, he could only stall for the time being like this.

Nangong Xiangyun held her breath, and listing the words of the emperor which stated that she was going to marry Ximen Yu next month, her mind blacked out. Giving her only one month of time, she was unable to accept this. And finally, after she came back to her senses with great difficulty, just when she wanted to refute, Long Zhan had already stood up, declaring his return to the imperial palace.

And only after Long Zhan walked away, Long Yi was finally able to relax. The pressure of that old man was too big, and with the addition of those more than 10 experts behind him, he was nearly out of his breath.

“Lady Nangong, please stay over to eat a simple home cooking, I am personally cooking few dishes.” Dongfang Wan said with a smile, but her eyes were looking at Nangong Xiangyun, this girl that would soon become her daughter-in-law.

“Since that is the case, I will not decline. How about this, I will also go to the kitchen to observe and steal some of your cooking styles to coax my family’s old man.” Lady Nangong said and chuckled, causing her towering breasts to shake, which in turn dazzled Long Yi. Truly heavy swell ah, I wonder if the breasts of Nangong Xiangyun will also become this big like her mother in the future? Long Yi let his imagination run wild.

After that, Ximen Nu went out to deal with official business, and Lady Nangong and Dongfang Wan went to the kitchen to learn from each other, leaving behind only angry Nangong Xiangyun and Long Yi with a bad smile inside the hall.

“I said that I will not marry you.” Nangong Xingyun gnashed her teeth and said.

“Heh heh, even if you don’t want to marry, it’s impossible now, the emperor has already fixed the date, do you think you can defy? Moreover, even if don’t care about yourself, do you want to attract a disaster to your Nangong clan by resisting this marriage?” Long Yi smirked and said. Then placing his one leg above other, he hummed. Just a moment ago, his nerves were extremely tense, so now he was relaxing.

The complexion of Nangong Xiangyun became deathly pale, even if she didn’t care about herself, she absolutely couldn’t not care about her clan, so she had to marry this bastard. But marring this bastard would completely destroy her happiness, and her dream of Prince Charming would really change into a soap bubble.

Now Long Yi was too lazy to talk with her again, and he didn’t care about whether she married him or not? He just opened his mouth and shouted loudly: “Xiao Yi, Barbarian Bull, where have you both died?”

Xiao Yi and Barbarian Bull who was outside the door immediately rushed in. and Barbarian Bull droned: “Boss, is there any matter?”

“No, you go to train your skill, Xiao Yi, come here and help me to massage.” Long Yi instructed.

Xiao Yi obediently came behind Long Yi, then began to gently massage him. Now she was already accustomed to the role of a maid, and also was accustomed to serve Long Yi.

Long Yi moaned feeling comfortable, and that moaning sound of Long Yi made Nangong Xiangyun, who was trapped inside the thoughts of her miserable situation, came back to her senses. And seeing Long Yi closing his eyes and moaning comfortably, she truly wanted to fill his mouth with mud.

After that, she began to size up Xiao Yi, and she became very curious about those transparent pupils. And just at that time, Xiao Yi happens to raise her head, accidentally meeting their eyes. Immediately, Nangong Xiangyun stagnated, and as if she was just scooped out from ice-cold water, her heart became ice-cold, and she felt as if she was stripped naked in front of this girl who was unimposing in appearance.

Nangong Xiangyun hurriedly turned her head and didn’t dare to look again. Those eyes unexpectedly seemed to be able to see through her and she felt as if she wouldn’t be able to conceal anything from her, making her feel suffocated.

“This bastard, what sort of person is he? How come even his maid is such freak?” Nangong Xiangyun thought, and thoughts of knowing more about Long Yi appeared in her mind.

First Xiao Yi massaged the shoulders of Long Yi and then began to massage his thigh. And feeling the warmth coming from those sturdy muscles, the heartbeat of Xiao Yi quickened, but her face didn’t show any expression.

“Up, a little bit up.” Long Yi moaned, and this passionate voice of Long Yi made the heartbeat of both girls quicken and their face turned red.

Xiao Yi little hand arrived the inner thigh, and no longer dared to move up, and don’t know why her attention was always attracted by that bulge between the legs of Long Yi. And because her heart was in panic and chaos, her massaging hand was also not smooth, touching the little brother of Long Yi quite a few times with her trembling hand.

As for Nangong Xiangyun, being unable to watch this anymore, she got up and left the hall. If she continued to look, then she feared she would be blind.

After Nangong Xiangyun left, Long Yi also stopped moaning, and revealed his true colors, no longer pretending to be a big pervert.

“Xiao Yi, you saw Long Zhang, right? What’s your impression?” Long Yi got up and asked indifferently.

Xiao Yi nodded her head, then muttered: “Unfathomable, my prediction is very obscure, only know that his life force is extremely strong, and golden light circulates in endless cycles within him. But if I can use the power of constellation to calculate on the yin day, when his aura is weakest, then I should be able to foresee one or two things.”

Long Yi nodded his head, then standing up, he said: “There is still some time, accompany me to stroll around.”

After that, Long Yi led Xiao Yi and Barbarian Bull, leaving the Ximen residence. Soaring Dragon City was one of the most flourishing cities of entire Blue Waves Continent. Its streets and buildings had a magnificent atmosphere, pedestrians were closely woven and it was the most densely populated city in entire Blue Waves Continent.

Long Yi and his group appeared very eye-catching, although it had already been more than two years since he left Soaring Dragon City, but the common people of Soaring Dragon City were very familiar with the appearance of Ximen Yu and he had also left a deep impression on them, so all the passer-by avoided them, as the little overlord of that time had returned.

As for Long Yi, he completely ignored the attitude of other people, wandering around everywhere. There were not any big changes in Soaring Dragon City and was basically the same as in his memory.

Now, Long Yi was feeling intimate as well as a kind of indescribable sense of belonging. Each brick and each tile of Soaring Dragon City gave him a peculiar feeling. Along the way, Long Yi ate snacks from the roadside vendors, which was the big distinguishing feature of this city. In his memory, Ximen Yu, that brat would also come here to eat, but he never paid them money unlike Long Yi, who paid for every dishes. It was not easy to do small business, so how could he exploit blood and sweat money of common people?

But to the surprise of Long Yi, whenever Long Yi gave money, the people didn’t dare to accept it, and would even kneel down to beg Long Yi to take back the money. And seeing that panic-stricken appearance of people made Long Yi sigh endlessly. Ximen Yu, that fellow was truly well qualified to be a little overlord. Even after more than two years, his influence still remained.

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And the matter what made Long Yi not know whether to laugh or cry the most was, seeing him, a number of young married women and little girls would directly enter the shop nearby to hide, or would turn around and run, afraid of him defiling them.

Nowadays it’s hard for good people to do something. Long Yi thought, or he simply was a bad person. Long Yi leisurely walked through the busy street, and after taking or using something from the roadside shops, he didn’t bother to pay again, like that those shopkeepers didn’t get paranoid, moreover, they had relieved expression, this clearly showed they were already accustomed to Ximen Yu’s maltreatment.

Just when Long Yi was shuttling back and forth reminiscing in the streets and lanes of Soaring Dragon City, not far away in the front, many people had surrounded a restaurant, and quarreling and fighting with screaming sounds were coming from there.

“Let’s go and see.” Long Yi said in interest, then led Barbarian Bull and Xiao Yi towards that place.

Someone noticed Long Yi and his group coming over, then he immediately notified to the person beside him and that person notified to other and so on. After that, a spacious path was suddenly opened up.

Just when Long Yi wanted to walk in, he saw a shadow flying out from the restaurant towards him. But Long Yi did nothing, and Barbarian Bull behind him kicked the shadow, sending that shadow flying back again. Then the shadow slammed on the walls of the restaurant with a bang and fell down. Looking at this shadow, he was dressed up as a servant of a big family.

And just then, unceasing screaming sounds came again, and the people that appeared to be servants of a big family were thrown out, and they just groaned on the ground, no longer being able to stand up.

Long Yi looked towards the golden signboard of this restaurant, and read the big characters written on it: Wangjiang Building. From the memory of Long Yi, he knew that this was a relatively high-classed restaurant in Soaring Dragon City. Originally Ximen Yi often came here to meet his gang of scoundrels.

And before long, two aristocratic noble sons wearing brocade clothing and jade robe were thrown out with a bloody nose and swollen face, and even after a long time, they weren’t able to crawl up.

“Still not rolling out, don’t let me see you again, I will attack you in sight.” A tall and straight figure appeared at the entrance of Wangjiang Building.

Long Yi was surprised seeing this man. The facial lines of this person were cold and hard as if a marble sculptor, had a very straight bridge of the nose, and had extremely thin lips. Moreover, his aura was ice cold, but what made Long Yi shocked was, he had dark green hair, which was clearly the distinctive characteristic of Moxi clansmen. Could it be that all the clansmen of Moxi clan were really highly-talented individuals? Long Yi thought. After arriving in this world, he had encountered three clansmen of Moxi clan, and this was the fourth one.

The first one was naturally Si Bi, and despite being young in age, she was already Master Magician, but he didn’t know what realm she had reached now. After that, when returning from Huangmang plain, in the border of Proud Moon Empire, he met the cousin and brother-in-law of Si Bi, and their strength was also first-rate. Now he met this man of Moxi clan, and he was even more surprised, because, from the body of this man, he could not only sense the douqi fluctuation, he could sense magic elements fluctuation too, unexpectedly was a seldom seen cultivator of both magic and douqi.

“You…if you have guts then don’t leave.” Those two bloody nose and swollen-faced aristocrat noble sons were helped to get up by their retainers, and they wanted to return back and call the reinforcement.

And as soon as they turned around, they saw Long Yi, and their body suddenly trembled, revealing ecstatic expression.

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