Chapter 226: Sister-in-law has a problem?

When Long Yi tried to sense that trace of dark aura with all his strength, that aura vanished without a trace as if a stone dropped into the sea.

“Strange, can it be that it was just my misconception.” Long Yi muttered. This moment, he was inside the courtyard of his big brother Ximen Tian.

And just then, the blood-colored skull mark in his hand slightly vibrated, pointing straight towards the courtyard of Ximen Tian.

The eyes of Long Yi flashed, then retracting his aura, he quietly landed under the eaves. Sensing the dark aura appearing inside the courtyard of Ximen Tian, he was unable not let his imagination run wild. Very quickly, he bypassed the study and arrived beside Ximen Tian’s husband and wife’s bedroom, then the vibration of the blood skull mark became a little stronger. Suddenly, Long Yi bumped into a layer of obstruction, and the blood colored skull mark suddenly flashed with red light as if it was stimulated. Seeing this, Long Yi knew that this was bad, so he immediately rushed inside. But just after he opened the door, he heard a scream, then sweet-smelling tender body bumped against him.

Long Yi caught this tender body, and at the same time, saw a shadow sinking into darkness. After that, he no longer sensed that trace of dark aura.

“Mother, mother, where are you?” Little Shuxian seemed to be startled awake and began to cry loudly.

Long Yi immediately illuminate the magic lamp, and saw his sister-in-law Liu Shi in only extremely thin underwear in his bosom, moreover, in the state of utter confusion, she revealed more than half of her snow-white breast. Now her face was pale, and a trace of blood was flowing out of her mouth.

This moment, the entire Ximen residence was startled awake. The guards holding the weapons rushed into the courtyard, and Ximen Tian also appeared at the entrance of his bedroom. And seeing Long Yi, his complexion became ghastly pale, and his eyes revealed fury.

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“You beast, you covert even your sister-in-law, I will kill you today.” Ximen Tian was about to attack carrying his huge sword.

“Big brother, you are misunderstanding.” Long Yi frowned and began to suspect in his heart that this was a trap against him from the very beginning.

“I saw with my own eyes, so where’s the misunderstanding, don’t talk nonsense and give me your life.” Ximen Tian lost his mind, and as if he had gone insane, he attacked Long Yi, and a light blue sword qi cut tables, chairs and wardrobe into four-five pieces.

Long Yi tossed away sister-in-law Liu Shi towards Little Shuxian who was so afraid that she was dumbfounded, then instantly, his big hand caught the hand of Ximen Tian that was holding the sword, making him unable to move.

And as for the guards outside, seeing two brothers were fighting, they didn’t dare to enter, rather stopped inside the courtyard. And seeing Long Yi coming out from the room of his sister-in-law just now in the dead of night, they simultaneously thought that Long Yi had evil plans towards his sister-in-law, so he came here in the middle of the night to steal the fragrance, resulting in this current situation.

Just when Ximen Tian was glaring at Long Yi with extremely big eyes, Ximen Nu and Dongfang Wan rushed over. Then Ximen Nu shouted on the spot: “All of you, stop.”

Long Yi loosened his hand and retreated to one side, Ximen Tian threw the sword on the ground, then pointing towards Long Yi, he angrily said: “Father, this worse than a beast bastard actually used force towards his own sister-in-law, moreover, he also hurt her.”

Looking over to Liu Shi with a trace of blood on her mouth who was currently covered in a quilt, Ximen Nu turned his head towards Long Yi and asked in a lowered voice: “Yu’er, explain me, what the hell is going on here?”

“Father, I was just looking at the moon from the roof of my courtyard, and at that time, I saw a shadow secretly coming in, so I stealthily followed it, and the end result was, that shadow entered the room of big brother…..”

“What a nonsense, Ximen residence is tightly guarded, how could outsider secretly enter as they please?” Not waiting for Long Yi to finish speaking, Ximen Tian interrupted.

“Big brother, didn’t you arrange many hidden lookouts outside your courtyard? But I was still able to come in.” Long Yi leisurely said.

“Yu’er, continue.” Ximen Nu’s complexion changed slightly.

“That shadow had laid out a strange and hidden barrier outside the room. I ran into it and was discovered, so I rushed in, only to see sister-in-law being thrown out. Then that shadow disappeared into the thin air.” Long Yi said,

“Father, this is obviously a lie. How could a person disappear into a thin air? Clearly, second brother is lying.” Ximen Tian clearly didn’t believe the words of Long Yi.

Dongfang Wan walked over to the bedside, and ignoring Little Shuxian who didn’t dare to cry even though she was afraid, she coldly said towards Liu Shi: “You say, are the words of Yu’er true or not, if there is even half a lie, then I will not spare you.”

Liu Shi who was shedding tears with her head lowered, answer: “I also don’t know what’s going on here, at that time, when I was sleeping, I was slapped all of a sudden, then was thrown out. After that someone caught me. And after the light was illuminated, I saw the person who caught me was brother-in-law.”

“Well, that said, Yu’er is speaking the truth.” Dongfang Wan revealed a smile and said.

Ximen Tian coldly snorted and said: “If that shadow could really disappear in the thin air just like second brother had stated, then how did he sense the whereabouts of that shadow?”

Ximen Nu and Dongfang Wan looked towards Long Yi, hoping he could explain clearly.

“Very simple, because when he was moving, his body emitted a trace of faint dark aura, and unfortunately for them, I happen to be very sensitive towards dark aura, so I sensed him.” Long Yi shrugged his shoulder.

“Dark aura? Could it be that he is from Dark Church? Why did he sneak into the room of Tian’er? Could it be that he wanted to assassinate Tian’er?” The complexion of Ximen Nu changed and speak out his conjecture.

Ximen Tian nevertheless was bent on opposing Long Yi, and he said: “Second brother, you say, there are many experts within Ximen residence, but none of them sensed any dark aura, but why was it only you who sensed it?”

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Long Yi rolled his eyes, this big brother of his seemed to be intentionally making it difficult for him. His figure flashed, and suddenly disappearing into the thin air, he had silently appeared before Ximen Tian and was holding his throat in an instant, then he coldly said: “Because of my strength, is that explanation enough for you, my dear big brother?”

Then ice-cold bloody killing intent suddenly seeped into the bones of Ximen Tian, causing the fine hairs all over his body to instantly stand erect, and even his bold seemed to be frozen.

In an instant, Long Yi retracted his killing intent, then retreating, he again showed a leisurely smile.

And as for Ximen Tian, he took a deep breath, as the killing intent of Long Yi had made him unable to breathe. Because he wasn’t in the military camp, he didn’t know the matter of Long Yi using Violent Dragon 18 Successive Slashes to defeat Chou Fu. And he simply didn’t dare to believe that this Ximen Yu who was only Intermediate Fighter two years ago now had such terrifying strength. And at this moment, he felt that, in front of Long Yi, he was merely an ant, and Long Yi could crush him to pieces as easily as blowing dust.

Immediately after Long Yi returned to his courtyard, Barbarian Bull and Xiao Yi who was similarly startled awake hurriedly asked him about what had happened.

And Long Yi explained the matter that had happened just a moment ago, then asked: “Xiao Yi, Li Qing, what do you think about this matter?” As for Barbarian Bull, he couldn’t count on this blockhead.

Xiao Yi and Li Qing pondered, while Barbarian Bull was scratching his ox horn, standing at one side.

“Perhaps that shadow had come to assassinate Ximen Tian, but he was not there. And at that time, he noticed Young Master, so he threw asleep Liu Hong to escape.” Li Qing said. His words were similar to the speculation of Ximen Nu.

Xiao Yi with closed eyes shook her head and said: “That shouldn’t be the case, if his aim was assassination, then why did that shadow laid out an alerting barrier? Assassination should be done quickly, and after success, quickly retreat. For him to lay down the barrier, I have two possibilities.”

“Oh, what are those two possibilities?” Long Yi asked with a smile.

“First, the shadow covert the beauty of Liu Shi, so he wanted to soil her. Second, Liu Shi has a problem, she is colluding with the shadow to conspire something.” Xiao Yi slowly said.

Long Yi nodded his head, this analysis of Xiao Yi and his thoughts were similar.

“If I have to guess then I think the first possibility is very less likely, but the probability of latter is relatively big.” Xiao Yi continued.

Long Yi smiled and patting the head of Xiao Yi, he said: “Really smart, I also think so, merely this sister-in-law can also be counted as the offspring of a good family. I also didn’t sense any douqi or magic fluctuation from her body, moreover, if she really has a problem, then why did she come to Ximen clan?”

“Young Master, does your sister-in-law usually involve herself in the affairs of Ximen clan?” Li Qing asked.

Long Yi shook his head and said: “Ximen clan has always been patriarchal, and women are just concerned with family affairs, they cannot intervene in the matters of the clan.”

“So that means, she absolutely cannot affect the important matters of Ximen clan?” Li Qing asked again.

“That is not necessarily the case, as long as she can lead Young Master’s big brother Ximen Tian by the nose, can’t she influence in the important matters of Ximen clan? And in the future, if Ximen Tian became patriarch, then wouldn’t Ximen clan be under the control of her hand?” Xiao Yi said.

Thinking about this probability, the complexion of Long Yi couldn’t help but changed a little. Why was Ximen Tian insisting on not taking concubine? Could it be that he was really being controlled by Liu Shi? Could it be that Liu Shi was a chess piece of emperor placed inside Ximen clan, intending to control Ximen clan?

Liu Shi, don’t let me obtain the evidence, otherwise, I will make you experience death is better than life. Cold killing intent flashed in the eyes of Long Yi.

Early in the next morning, in the dining room, Liu Shi expressed her thanks to Long Yi: “Thank you for yesterday, brother-in-law, if it was not for brother-in-law rushing in, I don’t know what would have happened.”

Long Yi also maintain his composure and said few perfunctory words. When a person began to suspect another people, all the action of that another person appeared hypocritical and also appeared to be scheming. This moment, Long Yi was having this kind of feeling towards his sister-in-law Liu Shi.

After he ate the breakfast, Dongfang Wan urged him to visit Dongfang clan to see his cousin Dongfang Kexin. But at that time, they suddenly received the report that Nangong clan’s Third Miss Nangong Xiangyun had come looking for the Second Young Master Ximen.

“Mother, now you say, where should I go?” Long Yi smiled and asked Dongfang Wan.

Dongfang Wan thought for a little bit, and said: “How about you go to your grandfather house together with Nangong Xiangyun?”

“Mother, aren’t you being a little too greedy?” Long Yi made a wry smile and said.

Dongfang Wan smiled and said: “Then you decide, mother cannot control you any longer. As long as you can give me this daughter-in-law its fine, otherwise see how I will teach you a lesson.”

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