Chapter 225: Intruder, Liu Qing’s love injury

Long Yi stayed inside the military camp from morning to dusk and was able to personally experience the taste of the food prepared in a large canteen cauldron. Because the training of soldiers in Violent Dragon Legion was very strenuous, the meal was also pretty good with the right proportion of meat and vegetable. And after the meal, there furthermore were fruits to gnaw. Of course, Long Yi wasn’t a picky eater, so he enjoyed these the meal and felt that they were delicious.

Dusk was thickening, and the glittering sun was struggling on the western horizon as if it was unwilling to sink in. At this time, Long Yi walked out of the military camp. Now he had a general understanding of Violent Dragon Legion. Although Violent Dragon Legion was known as the most elite legion of Violent Dragon Empire, he had some reservation in his heart before, but now he couldn’t help but admit that this legion was absolutely strong and tough elite legion, and especially its Bloody Cavalry Regiment, it fully deserves to be called elites among the elites.

In the previous life, Long Yi had some basic understanding of cavalry, but in reality, he however had never come into contact with cavalry, because at that time, cavalries had already died out long ago. But this afternoon, in the military camp, he was able to see the battle drill of Bloody Cavalry Regiment. That bloody aura filling the entire sky and covering the land, earth-shaking momentum when they attacked, and that earth-shaking roar, seeing all these, the appearance of Long Yi could be described with two words, that was too shocking.

Cavalry, in this kind of cold weapon era, was absolutely irreplaceable existences. They could easily tear apart the defense of enemy, and these thousands upon thousands of men and horses would go to and fro as if wind. Naturally, when the two armies fought, there definitely should be a defensive measure to deal with cavalry, such as the long-range attack of magicians.

Long Yi was thinking while walking and unconsciously had already reached Ximen residence.

Just when he stepped into the hall, Long Yi saw Dongfang Wan was chatting with a familiar spirited old man with grey hair.

“Yu’er, still not paying respect to your grandfather.” Seeing Long Yi come, Dongfang Wan said with a smile.

Long Yi instantly recalled who this person was, he was the current patriarch of Dongfang clan, Dongfang Qimeng, i.e. maternal grandfather of Ximen Yu, and of course, he had already changed into his maternal grandfather now.

“Yu’er greets grandfather. Grandfather is getting younger and younger.” Long Yi walked over to the front of Dongfang Qiming and said with a smile. There wasn’t the slightest bit of unnaturalness on his appearance. In the memory of Long Yi, Ximen Yu was extremely doted by Dongfang Qiming, but Ximen Yu however had never shown any respect towards him.

“Is that so? This dumb idiot, he is becoming a sweet talker.” Dongfang Qiming laughed out loud and stood up, then patted the shoulders of Long Yi with his big hands. And the strength behind this patting entered inside the body of Long Yi.

Long Yi just smiled, and AoTianJue that was protecting his body instinctively countered this power.

Dongfang Qiming hands became numb due to this counter of Long Yi, but he wasn’t angry, instead became very happy. He smiled and said: “Good, good, when your mother told me that you have progressed greatly, I didn’t believe it. But now, I can’t not believe. Tell me honestly, which realm are you now?”

Long Yi waved his hand in the empty air, and few dark blue douqi appeared in the air and immediately disappeared without a trace again. But the fruit placed on the table however was neatly sliced into four pieces.

Dongfang Qiming blankly looked at Long Yi for a long time, then muttered: “You are actually Great Swords Master. You dumb idiot, how old are you?”

“Grandfather, are you satisfied with my realm?” Long Yi smirked and said. Great Swords Master could be regarded as nothing, if he told him that he still was Mage of several elements, then will he lose consciousness?

“Satisfied, very satisfied, I say, how could I, Dongfang Qiming’s grandson be a big good-for-nothing?” Dongfang Qiming said being very excited.

Long Yi just smiled hollowly while muttering in his heart. Your that grandson is truly an uncompromisingly big good-for-nothing, and now, he has already vanished in a puff of smoke.

“Yu’er, come to your grandfather house, your cousin has just returned, and she is always talking about you.” Dongfang Qiming rubbed his white beard on his lower jaw and said with a smile.

“Cousin? Who is it?” Long Yi was dumbfounded, he truly was unable to recall who this cousin was.

“Kexin, daughter of your uncle. When you were small, you heroically saved her once, and from that time, Kexin always says that if it isn’t you then she will not marry.” Dongfang Wan said with a smile.

“Dongfang Kexin, Saintess of Light Church? Didn’t she go with the Pope of Light Church from her childhood? When did I see her?” Long Yi asked in surprise. There was no such story in his memory.

“That had happened when you two were very young, so you might have forgotten about it. At that time, Kexin had yet to go away with the Pope of Light Church.” Dongfang Wan said.

Long Yi crooked his head and tried to recall. After listening to Dongfang Wan, he seemed to recall vaguely, but he was unable to make out anything.

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“It’s okay even if you are unable to recall, wait until you see Kexin, perhaps you might recall at that time. Now Kexin has become as beautiful as an angel, I’m afraid you stupid boy will instantly be infatuated with her.” Dongfang Wan smiled and said.

I will be infatuated, what a joke! Which one among the women beside me isn’t devastatingly beautiful? Moreover, beauty isn’t the most important thing. Long Yi thought in his heart, but on the surface, he just smiled without uttering a single word.

The sky quickly darkened, and after eating the meal, Dongfang Qiming left. But before leaving, he repeatedly instructed Long Yi to come over to Dongfang residence.

Long Yi returned to his courtyard and saw Li Qing was standing in the courtyard as if a statue, looking up towards the sky.

“Barbarian Bull, Xiao Yi, go to rest.” Long Yi instructed the two who were closing following after him.

“Yes, Young Master.” Both of them answered, then went to their respective room.

As for Long Yi, he jumped to the roof, then pointing beside him, he said to Li Qing: “Li Qing, come and sit here. This place was comfortable to see the stars.”

Li Qing also jumped onto the roof and sat beside Long Yi.

“Is there something weighing your mind?” Long Yi faintly asked.

Li Qing was startled but answered: “Yes, Young Master.”

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“Is it bitterness of love?” Long Yi raised his eyebrows and asked. In the eyes of Li Qing, he could see grief.

Li Qing silently nodded his head.

Looking at the Lin Qing’s that grim appearance watching the silver moon hanging in the sky, and also sensing that infatuated aura hanging on his body, Long Yi could understand what was going on even using his belly button. And after a while, he said: “You don’t have to say, let me guess, it should be like this. There was a cool man who dearly loved a woman. He was not good at expressing his feeling, so he chose to stay beside her and silently protect her, dreaming one day she will understand his feelings. But things turned out contrary to his wishes, he basically wasn’t in her heart, moreover one day, that cool man discovered that there was another man in the heart of the girl he had loved dearly. So feeling pain and heartbroken, he ran far away from there.”

Li Qing looked at Long Yi with wide eyes, and with a shocked expression, he hesitatingly said: “Young Master, how do you know?”

Long Yi smirked and said: “It is written in your eyes, I merely read it out.”

Li Qing naturally knew that Long Yi was joking. He thought that Long Yi seemed to have guessed seeing the expression that showed unintentionally in his eyes. Even so, he greatly admired Long Yi.

“Tell me, is that girl very beautiful?” Long Yi hit Li Qing and asked with a smile.

The grim handsome face of Li Qing became red and he said: “Yes, very beautiful, there is no girl in the world that could compare to her.”

Long Yi placed his arm on the shoulder of Li Qing and said with a smile: “A devoted man like you is so rare, that girl truly cannot tell good from bad, unexpectedly she didn’t see you.”

Li Qing shook his head and sighed: “I am not good enough to be worthy of her.”

“Who says you aren’t worthy of her, I will say now, You, Li Qing is worthy of any woman in this world. The only crucial point is the fate which brings people together, nothing else. Encountering is predetermined by fate, but letting it slip by is a different matter, as long as you make great effort to win over, what is there to regret?” Long Yi loudly said. He never thought that, in this world, there was anyone unworthy of someone, in front of love, everyone was equal.

The eyes of Li Qing shone, immediately afterwards, they dimmed, and he said in a low voice: “It’s too late, at the very beginning, if I had…… Now she had already fallen in love with someone else, it’s already too late.”

Long Yi patted the shoulder of Li Qing and said with a smile: “As long as the person whom you love is happy, that’s enough. Wasn’t your original intention was also to make the girl you love happy? Now that someone else is able to give her happiness, you can just silently bless her.”

Li Qing became silent in surprise, and after a long time, he raised his head, and with a relaxed expression, he said feeling grateful: “Thank you, Young Master, yes, as long as she is happy, isn’t that enough? Is there any reason for only me to be the person beside her if she is happy?”

Long Yi smiled, he somewhat admired Li Qing. Those words were merely hot air, if the woman he loved was with another man, then he feared he might go insane.

Just then, a trace of faint dark energy fluctuation streak across them, and Long Yi alertly raised his head. Believing in his sharp senses comparable to the wild beast, he knew that that dark energy fluctuation of just now was absolutely not his misconception.

Could it be that it is the people of Dark Church? I fear they have some hidden motives to move like this.

“Is there something wrong, Young Master?” Seeing Long Yi suddenly got alert, Li Qing asked.

“Perhaps, you stay here, I will look around.” After speaking, Long Yi jumped and disappeared into the thin air.

Long Yi continuously flashed in the sky of Ximen residence. He spread open his left palm and used that blood colored skull mark to detect that faint dark aura. He absolutely didn’t think that this intruder was a commonplace expert. This intruder was able to avoid nets above and snares blew of Ximen residence without alerting anyone, form this he could see that his strength has definitely reached the acme of perfection.

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