Chapter 228: Cousin Kexin

Seeing Long Yi leaving without turning back, Nangong Xiangyun firmly stomped her foot, then chasing after him, she pulled his sleeve and said: “Ximen Yu, stop.”

Long Yi turned around, then shaking off the hand of Nangong Xiangyun, he indifferently said: “I have nothing else to say with regarding this matter except I do not agree with your condition.”

“Why are you like this, don’t you know that I don’t like you?” Nangong Xiangyun angrily said.

“I also don’t like you.” Long Yi sneered.

Nangong Xiangyun blanked out for a moment, and with anger and shame welling up in her heart, after a long time, she said in resentment: “That is just right, isn’t it? We don’t like each other, but are forced to come together, so why aren’t you agreeing my conditions?”

“Why am I not agreeing to your conditions? You know that I am a man, right? Since I am a man, I have a requirement in that aspect, heh heh……” Long Yi said and laughed strangely.

Nangong Xiangyun was startled, and her beautiful face suddenly became red, then biting her lower lip, she said: “Can’t you look for someone else for that?”

Long Yi smirked and said: “I will look for someone else too, and I also want my wife’s body.”

“You bastard.” Nangong Xiangyun kicked towards Long Yi.

Long Yi simply raised his big hand, easily grabbing the leg of Nangong Xiangyun, then suddenly tossing it back, he indifferently said: “Don’t come to bother me again, the discussion of this matter is over.” In fact, Long Yi knew that even if emperor had not opened his mouth, this marriage absolutely couldn’t be cancelled, as Ximen clan and Nangong clan truly had a common goal, so they must have a standard weight to bind them together, and an alliance by marriage was undoubtedly the best and simplest method, as the two clans would become relatives by marriage. After that, their benefit would also be tied together, thus truly reaching the state where both prospered or declined together.

Long Yi led Xiao Yi, Barbarian Bull and Li Qing, walking out of Ximen residence, then headed towards the home of his grandfather Dongfang Qiming. As a matter of fact, the residence of Dongfang clan was not that far away from the residence of Ximen clan, but currently, Dongfang Qiming didn’t live in Dongfang residence, rather lived in a holiday villa which was located on the outskirts of Soaring Dragon City. One should know that Soaring Dragon City was a very big city, if they walked at the pace of an ordinary person, then even if they walked from morning till night, they wouldn’t be able to cover the entire city.

When Long Yi and other arrived at the holiday villa of Dongfang Qimin, two hours had already passed. The existence of this villa was not in the memory of Long Yi because this villa was built less than a year ago. This holiday villa was built on a mountain with a river, and its scenery was very exquisite. This villa didn’t show off the might and luxuriousness as Dongfang residence, but it however gave people a kind of leisurely and casual feeling.

All the guards at the entrance recognized Long Yi, so seeing him coming, they immediately greeted and let him in. They basically didn’t need to inform their superiors to let him in.

After walking into the villa, Long Yi genuinely sighed with feeling. There stood a beautiful mountain in front him, and everywhere within his sight was luxuriantly green with streamlet flowing with a gurgling sound, and at the bottom of this streamlet, there were multicolored pebbles, looked very peaceful. Several unique pavilions were dimly visible among the trees. Entering here, Long Yi felt as if this was a residence of the immortal.

Long Yi took a leisurely walk, and breathing the fresh air, he felt very satisfied, as if he had again returned to Elven Forest’s that leisurely and carefree immortal like life.

On the way, Long Yi came across quite a few maids that offered to lead the way, but Long Yi just declined with a smile. Without even using his spirit power, he knew where Dongfang Qiming live. In Violent Dragon Empire, if you continuously went eastward, then you will inevitably reach the courtyard where Dongfang Qiming resides.

Long Yi walked eastwards, and after a long time, he finally saw a courtyard composed of a row of exquisite log cabins. On the entrance door of this courtyard, ‘Qiming residence’ was written in large characters.

And just after Long Yi stepped into this courtyard, the scene before his eyes changed, becoming a vast expanse of whiteness, as dense fog floated in front of his eyes. Now he could see only within five steps around him. And what’s worse was, Barbarian Bull and others who were following after him seemed to have disappeared. Long Yi called them few times, but there was no movement around him.

After that, Long Yi flew in the sky, but no matter how high he flew, it was still the vast expanse of whiteness before his eyes.

“Wondrous gates, Hidden Jia (Qi Men Dun Jia) Technique, strange thing, some people of this different world understands this kind of profound formation technique.” Long Yi exclaimed in his heart. He also knew a little about this formation technique but was really not proficient. The real formation technique he knew not only could obstruct the vision of people, they still could kill people stealthily.

This formation was simply the combination of Nine Palaces and Eight Trigrams, and just like all the formation technique, it also has a safe route. As long as one walks in a certain regular pattern, one could easily walk out of this formation.

Long Yi carefully probed this formation and discovered that this formation could merely obstruct the vision, nothing else, but it seemed to be somewhat different from his previous life’s Wondrous gates, Hidden Jia Technique.

According to what he had learned from his superficial knowledge, Long Yi took three steps to the front, then five steps to the left, then like that he took nine, nine, four, ten and one steps. After that, the scene before his eyes suddenly brightened, unexpectedly, he had walked out of that formation.

After that, Long Yi turned around and look, only to see that there was a strange magic formation placed on the door. And there were also several piles of magic cores to supply energy to the magic formation. And at this time, Barbarian Bull, Li Qing and Xiao Yi were walking round and round in different location. As for why he was able to break through this magic formation using his past life’s the Nine Palaces and Eight Trigrams, Long Yi himself was also not clear. Perhaps all the creations under the heaven have mutual enhancement and inhibition between the five elements, and the formation technique, no matter whether it was Wondrous gates, Hidden Jia or magic formation, both of them had a similar principle. But, in comparison, Wondrous gates, Hidden Jia Technique however was more protean, using few stones, this technique could trap people, and even kill them.

And when Long Yi was thinking of removing those magic cores to free Barbarian Bull and others, suddenly a charming laughing sound came from inside the not distant woods. Hearing this voice, Long Yi felt as if he was struck by lightning, and blanked out in that location. That voice was so familiar that he could never forget it throughout his life.

“Si Bi, Si Bi.” Long Yi muttered, frantically heading towards the woods.

After passing through the woods, Long Yi discovered a hot spring with dense vapor in front of him, and there was a faintly visible figure inside the hot spring, currently washing her body. This figure appeared very similar to Si Bi. And just at that time, this figure dived into the hot spring and disappeared without a trace.

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“Si Bi.” Long Yi shouted and jumped into the hot spring, then quickly swam towards the location where that figure was just a moment ago.

After that, he also dived into the water and saw an indistinct figure at the bottom of this hot spring. Long Yi immediately become extremely excited, and without any demur, he rushed to the bottom of the hot spring and then tightly hugged that figure.

That figure seemed to be startled and began to struggle violently.

Long Yi arrived at the surface of the water holding this figure, then heard alarmed and panicky shout: “Let me go, quickly let me go.”

Long Yi was dumbstruck in that instant, and his hands unconsciously loosened the hold on the charming body in his bosom. Why did her voice suddenly change? Just now, he had clearly heard the voice of Si Bi.

The girl in his bosom freed herself, then turning around, she slapped towards Long Yi. But her palm stopped in midair all of a sudden.

Long Yi came back to his senses and saw a beautiful girl who had only her head revealed on the surface of the water in front of him. Her pitch-black silky hair floated on the air, and her face had become tender and pink due to the steam. Now she looked very alluring, but her big eyes were angrily looking at him.

“It’s you, why are you here?” Long Yi exclaimed. This girl was that priest girl he had mistaken for Si Bi at that time in Mea Principality! He had never expected that, today, he would mistaken her for Si Bi again.

That girl angrily glared at Long Yi and said: “I am also asking the same question to you, why on earth are you peeping me on the bath? Moreover, you jumped in and hugged me tightly.”

Long Yi awkwardly smiled but was confused in his heart. Just now he had definitely heard the voice of Si Bi. Could it be that because he was missing her too much, he had an illusion?

Just then, a maid suddenly came over and shouted: “Miss, Miss, someone broke in.”

Seeing the maid was approaching, in a haste and embarrassment, this girl suddenly stepped forward then hugging the head of Long Yi, she went underwater with only her head above the surface of the water.

Long Yi was thoroughly stunned, as his face was buried in a soft and satiny place. With his incomparably vast experience, he was sure that this place was maiden’s chest, moreover, this absolutely belongs to the best quality. It was downright elastic and was unusually fine and smooth.

“Got it, you can return first, I will deal with this matter.” This young girl stopped the maid from entering the hot spring and said.

This maid accepted the instruction, then turning around, she left.

At this moment, this young girl seemed to realize what she had done. She screamed and firmly pushed away Long Yi, then hugging her chest with her hands, she shed tears.

Long Yi surfaced, and seeing the current appearance of this young girl, he was just about to say something but was interrupted by this young girl. She said in anger and shame: “Why are you still here? Still not leaving quickly.”

Long Yi laughed hollowly, then jumped out from the water, and somersaulting few times in the air, he lightly landed on the ground. Then using true qi, his thoroughly drenched clothing quickly dried.

“Turn away your head.” The voice of young girl resounded again.

Long Yi turned around and frowned. Now he was sure that this girl was his cousin Dongfang Kexin. Merely, why did he mistook her as Si Bi two times? First time, it was because she had the same kind of body build and was wearing the same kind of attire, but this time, it was because of that as if illusion voice, could there truly be such coincidence?

When Long Yi was thinking, he heard sounds of wearing cloth behind him.

“Okay, now you can turn around.” Dongfang Kexin said in her crisp voice.

Long Yi turned around, and watching this great beauty who had just got out of the bath, he truly felt her reaction was slightly strange. He had hugged and touched her body, but other than some embarrassment and anger, she didn’t have any big reaction.

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“Kexin?” Long Yi raised his eyebrows and asked.

Dongfang Kexin rolled her eyes and grumbled in a flirty manner: “Cousin is a big bad egg, you thought I am another woman two times.”

“You recognized me from the very beginning? Then why did you tell me last time?” Long Yi stared at Dongfang Kexin and asked.

“I didn’t say, who told you to not recognize me.” Dongfang Kexin somewhat angrily said.

Long Yi helplessly smiled and said: “A girl changes eighteen times between childhood and womanhood, now you are not childhood’s silly little girl, so how can I recognize you?”

“Humph, you clearly forget about me, but I recognized you in a single glance.” Dongfang Kexin pouted.

Long Yi shrugged his shoulders, under his state of mind rising and falling sharply, he became somewhat depressed.

Dongfang Kexin looked at Long Yi in a complex manner and asked: “Cousin, do you still like Sister Si Bi?”

Long Yi nodded his head and sighed: “Yes, in my heart, Si Bi occupies an extremely important position forever, no one can replace her.”

Dongfang Kexin secretly clenched her hand, suppressing the uncomfortableness she felt in her heart. She had loved this cousin for entire 13 years, and her biggest wish in this life was to become his wife, the only wife.

“I’m sorry for just now, I didn’t know it was you, I mistakenly thought it was……ai.” Long Yi apologized to Dongfang Kexin.

The body of Dongfang Kexin shook, and teardrops involuntarily slide down. In her heart she said, don’t say sorry to me, you don’t have to apologize to me, my body already belongs to you since 13 years ago. But she was unable to say this aloud.

“Cousin, do you still remember the promise you made to me in childhood?” Dongfang Kexin asked in a low voice.

Eh………, Long Yi made a wry smile and shaking his head, he replied honestly that he basically didn’t even remember the matter of him meeting with Dongfang Kexin, let alone a promise.

“You said you……, it’s fine since you don’t remember even that.” Dongfang Kexin bit her lower lip and said.

Seeing as if heartbroken Dongfang Kexin, he subconsciously felt somewhat peculiar, and also felt indescribable sympathy and guilty. But, why should he feel guilty? The one that promised Dongfang Kexin was not him, Long Yi, moreover, does the matters of childhood counts?

Long Yi stretched out his big hand, then lightly wiping the tears on the corner of the eyes of Dongfang Kexin, he lightly smiled and said: “Why are you crying? Are you blaming cousin for forgetting the promise? How about you tell me the promise, if I can fulfill it, then I will fulfill it, okay?”

Dongfang Kexin suddenly chuckled with teardrops still in her eyes, then said: “Cousin, am I very stupid? Why on earth are we taking the matters of childhood so seriously? We understood nothing at that time.”

Seeing Dongfang Kexin’s bitter smile she showed pretending to be strong, the heart of Long Yi tightened. He was somewhat suspicious, but this moment, the expression of Dongfang Kexin was absolutely not false.

“Hee hee, in fact, cousin didn’t promise me anything, merely said that when you grow up, you will become my bodyguard, and will not let anyone bully me, that’s all. Seeing you have forgotten about it, I merely felt sad, nothing more. Cousin, you don’t need to have any psychology burden.” Dongfang Kexin pretended to be satisfied and said with a smile.

“So it was like that, hereafter if someone bullies you, just come to find me, I will definitely help you vent your anger.” Long Yi smiled and patted the shoulder of Dongfang Kexin.

“That’s what you have said, you are not allowed to back out.” Dongfang Kexin said with a smile, but her hands were tightly clenched, and it appeared as if an obscure thing wants to flow out from her eyes. She always had a single wish in her heart, which was, she wished Ximen Yu belong to only her, even when his bad name spread afar, this feeling had never changed even once.

“Oh, that’s right, what about grandfather?” Long Yi asked with a smile. He didn’t want the subject of the talk to remain on the childhood promise, so he changed the topic. The love of Dongfang Kexin was Ximen Yu of before, but not the current Long Yi.

“Grandpa doesn’t live here, I live in this courtyard, and grandpa lives in west courtyard.” Dongfang Kexin said.

Long Yi was startled, could it be that a deviation appeared in his memory?

“Grandpa used to live here before, but after I return here, I like this courtyard very much, so after pestering him, grandpa and I changed our courtyard.” Dongfang Kexin happily smiled and said. Now her expression was just like that of a normal girl. Those apprehensive complex feeling had already disappeared with a trace.

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