Chapter 229: Divine bloodline

Seeing Dongfang Kexin was happy as if nothing had happened, Long Yi was not happy, instead was worried. An 18 years old young girl having such ability to change expression so quickly without revealing a trace, could such girl be a simple person?

“Young Master?” At this time, the voice of Xiao Yi suddenly came.

Long Yi turned around, and saw Xiao Yi slowly coming towards him, then silently stood behind him.

“What about Barbarian Bull and Li Qing?” Long Yi asked, seeing Xiao Yi was able to free herself, he wasn’t surprised at all. Xiao Yi as a Prophet Master, she was well versed in divination with the configurations of the stars. Moreover, she should have dabbled in military formations to some extent too.

“They are still inside, Xiao Yi was worried about Young Master, so……” Xiao Yi lightly said, while her transparent eyes firmly stared at Dongfang Kexin.

Looking straight at those transparent eyes of Xiao Yi, the fine hairs on the entire body of Dongfang Kexin suddenly stood erect, and her heart became ice-cold, so she immediately avoided the gaze of Xiao Yi, then waving her hand, she created a spirit barrier around her. Only then, she was able to calm down.

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“Cousin, make her stop looking at me. Her eyes are making me uneasy.” Dongfang Kexin moved to the other side of Long Yi and said in horror.

“Xiao Yi was born with these eyes, you don’t need to be afraid, she has no malice. Oh, that’s right, my other two friends are trapped in that magic formation, can you go and let them out.” Long Yi smiled and said.

Just when Dongfang Kexin agreed, a green light flashed in the direction of that magic formation, then a series of rumbling explosion sound suddenly resounded and smoke and dust rose, covering the sky.

Long Yi immediately pulled the hand of Xiao Yi then rushed out. That green light was obviously Barbarian Bull trying to break this magic formation using force.

Seeing Long Yi held the hand of Xiao Yi, Dongfang Kexin’s eyes flashed with coldness. Originally Si Bi had occupied his heart first, so she was already very upset, and now there was actually a strange maid beside him, moreover, her those transparent eyes actually made her trembled from the bottom of her heart.

When Long Yi reached there, the magic formation was already broken by Barbarian Bull using Evil Vanquishing Rod. Several piles of magic cores were broken into pieces, and with magic formation losing its energy supply, the magic formation no longer functioned.

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“Boss, are you all right?” Seeing Long Yi and Xiao Yi appearing simultaneously, Barbarian Bull and Li Qing asked.

“If you two are fine, then how could I not be fine?” Long Yi said with a smile.

Barbarian Bull grabbed his ox horn and said with a foolish smile: “That’s right, Boss is an undying cockroach, even if the sky collapsed, you will be fine.”

Long Yi kicked Barbarian Bull in his butt and scolded in jest: “You brat, are you flattering me or speaking sarcastically?”

Barbarian Bull smiled as before and Li Qing was still like a thousand-year-old ice. His expression seemed to be already solidified, but Long Yi wondered whether he had such cool expression when he was in love.

At that moment, several figures rushed in and simultaneously stopped inside the courtyard. They were precisely the grandfather of Long Yi, Dongfang Qiming and his personal bodyguards.

“Good grandson, do you want to tear down my holiday villa?” Dongfang Qiming already knew the arrival of Long Yi, and he also knew that Long Yi would definitely come to this place to look for him. But he intentionally didn’t send anyone to remind Long Yi and was looking forward to seeing the result of the reunion between his grandson and granddaughter.

“I just looked at this courtyard, and saw that the arrangement here doesn’t seem to be too appropriate, so I slightly modified it, heh heh.” Long Yi cheekily said with a smile.

“Less nonsense, have you met your cousin?” Dongfang Qiming asked with a smile.

“Grandpa, I have just met my cousin.” Just then, Dongfang Kexin appeared timely, and with a sweet smile, she ran into the bosom of Dongfang Qiming.

“Oh, is that so? Yesterday, didn’t you blame grandpa for not taking you with me to see your cousin, today, you finally meet him, still why is your mouth crooked?” With grandson and granddaughter in one side, Dongfang Qiming really was relieved in his heart.

“Hateful, why are you saying this?” Dongfang Kexin left the bosom of her grandfather and said.

Dongfang Qiming laughed heartily, then said: “Yu’er, go in, today, accompany grandfather to drink.”

Long Yi and Dongfang Qiming walked forward side by side, but before they walked two steps, Barbarian Bull and Li Qing seemed to have a conflict with the personal bodyguards of Dongfang Qiming.

As it turned out, Barbarian Bull and Li Qing wished to follow after Long Yi, but the personal bodyguards of Dongfang Qiming however blocked them, forbidding them to approach Dongfang Qiming. And Barbarian Bull being a bad-tempered person, naturally took action at once. And Li Qing being proud to his bones, how could he tolerate such behavior of other people. Both sides, without talking out of the matter had already resorted to fighting.

“Yu’er, your servants are pretty good.” Dongfang Qiming stopped smiling and said. But he clearly didn’t have any intention to stop this fight, as he wanted to see how Barbarian Bull and Li Qing measures against his personal bodyguards.

“They are not my servants, they are my friends.” Long Yi indifferently said. From the very beginning, he had never treated nor seen Barbarian Bull and Li Qing as a servant.

“Oh, it’s grandfather’s misunderstanding, Yu’er don’t take it to heart.” Seeing Long Yi was somewhat unhappy, Dongfang Qiming immediately said without the haughty manner of the elder.

At this time, seeing their master wasn’t shouting to stop, the four personal bodyguards of Dongfang Qiming understood their master’s intent, then spreading out, they surrounded Li Qing and Barbarian Bull.

Barbarian Bull however threw all caution to the winds, then taking out Greenstone Rule, he used Evil Vanquishing Rod to attack. The soaring aura of divine artifact suddenly made the surrounding atmospheric pressure to fall, and a fierce momentum made everyone anxious.

“Divine artifact!?” Dongfang Qiming exclaimed in shock, and seeing that fierce, powerful and peculiar technique of Barbarian Bull, he was even more surprised in his heart. Now he didn’t understand, why does a follower of his grandson possess a divine artifact level weapon?

And at that time, Li Qing also send out his extremely cold qi, then light blue sword light followed closely behind. He combined magic and douqi very skillfully.

But how could the personal bodyguards of Dongfang Qiming be ordinary people, among four, three were Peak Swords Masters, and the remaining one was Mage. And these four people were specially trained to attack jointly. The three Sword Masters tie up the enemy, and the magician cast a magic spell from distant.

Looking at this fight from outside, Long Yi knew that Barbarian Bull and Li Qing were very likely to lose, as they two were fighting separately, whereas those four people were seamlessly cooperating with each other.

That magician was Earth Mage, first, he used several gravitational magic to restrict the movement of Barbarian Bull and Li Qing, then began to chant a long incantation. Hearing the incantation, Long Yi knew that this was rank 9 Earth magic, Great Mountain Descend. This magic would summon a mountain out of the thin air, then crush the enemy to death. Great Mountain Descend, this magic was divided into two level, one was rank 9 and another one was nevertheless rank 11 forbidden magic spell, those two simply couldn’t be compared. Rank 9 Great Mountain Descend summons only a small mountain. Unlike rank 11 which summons a real big mountain.

At this moment, Barbarian Bull was already in the bad situation, although his Golden Bell Canopy had already reached small success, however he hadn’t reached the golden body, at best he was only at the copper skin and iron bones state. As long as the attacks reached a certain intensity, he would receive injuries. Barbarian Bull stimulated the wild nature within his body, and his bloody aura which had already disappeared suddenly rose once again. He roared, and he unexpectedly caught the sword slash of one Swords Master with his hand, getting his hand injured, then he brandished Greenstone Rule with his other hand, smashing this Sword Master. Although this Sword Master was fast, but he had never thought that Barbarian Bull would catch his sword with his bare hand. After that getting hit by the Greenstone Rule of Barbarian Bull, he lost his consciousness on the spot.

And at this time, Li Qing also fired a burst of hailstone, and receiving injury on his back as a price, he cut open the stomach of another Swords Master.

And while Barbarian Bull and Li Qing were in the most difficult situation, the incantation of Earth Mage was completed, then a mountain made up of rocks appeared in the sky, and that mountain fell towards Barbarian Bull and Li Qing.

The eyes of Long Yi flashed, seeing Barbarian Bull and Li Qing were already an arrow at the end of its flight, he feared that they would not be able to escape this fatal move.

And just when Long Yi was about to step in, Barbarian Bull tightly held Greenstone Rule with his hands, then Greenstone Rule suddenly emitted dazzling green light. After that, roaring like a wild beast, he brandished Greenstone Rule towards that big mountain above their head. The green light that was suddenly emitted by Greenstone Rule shook the big mountain all of a sudden, and actually stopped the big mountain in midair.

Long Yi relaxed, and smiled slightly. Unexpectedly, at this critical moment, Barbarian Bull, this burly was actually able to unlock the power of Greenstone Rule. Before he could wield only three-tenths of the power of the divine artifact, one could say that there was still a huge amount of potential left to excavate.

And seeing the current situation, Earth Mage began to use all his strength. He urgently chanted an incantation to increase the pressure of big mountain. And Barbarian Bull slowly couldn’t bear this, blue veins appeared on his forehead and his face became red. Now, due to the pressure of this mountain, he was forced to slowly squat down.

“Barbarian Bull, I’ll help you.” At that time, Li Qing also roared, then frost began to dance in his sword, and his dark green hair fluttered in the air.

After that, the eyes of Li Qing suddenly changed into dark green in color, and an indistinct phantom of strange animal appeared in front of him. One could vaguely see its head had two horns, and it had a bloody mouth. Its body shape was like a lion and its entire body was covered with scales like things.

Roar, Li Qing suddenly roared like a thunder, and that phantom in front of him suddenly moved up, then changing into aurora, it rushed towards that big mountain in the sky.

“God Beast Possession, this kid possess Moxi clan’s divine bloodline!” Dongfang Qiming exclaimed once again. He was shocked again. These two attendants of his grandson had truly surprised him again and again.

“Divine bloodline?” Long Yi curiously asked.

“Moxi clan is the descendant of the god, and on each generation, among the sons of a patriarch, only one would inherit this bloodline, and that person can use God Beast Possession, this strange skill.” Dongfang Qiming said.

“Could it be that Li Qing is the son of the patriarch?” Long Yi was startled. To his surprise, he had unexpectedly obtained a big connection with a single fight.

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