Chapter 230: Robbing people or robbing heart

A thought suddenly flashed through the heart of Long Yi, if Li Qing really was the successor of Moxi clan, then wouldn’t the matter between him and Si Bi be much easier to handle? No matter what one said, Li Qing was calling him Young Master, so according to the big situation, in the future, wouldn’t the entire Moxi clan be under his sole command?

Just when Long Yi was beaming with joy while daydreaming, he heard the loud roar of both Barbarian Bull and Li Qing, then the small mountain of the sky was pushed to one side by the strength of two people. After that, a loud sound of explosion resounded, and smoke and dust rose up. A lot of trees were smashed and half the number of buildings were also smashed into fragments by this small mountain.

Barbarian Bull and Li Qing had completely used every ounce of their strength, so sitting on the ground, they continuously gasped for breath. And as for that Earth Mage, he had also completely used up his magical power, so now he wasn’t even able to maintain Earth Shield Magic.

Dongfang Qiming came back to his senses and looking at the half-destroyed courtyard, he had a distress expression. He however had spent countless money to build this courtyard.

“Grandfather, my brothers seemed to have gone overboard, really sorry.” Long Yi said with a smile. His mouth said he was sorry, but his face however didn’t have even a bit of sorry expression.

“What’s the sorry for, we grandfather and grandson can simply change the location to drink the wine, hahaha.” Dongfang Qiming didn’t mind at all, then said with a smile. After that, he instructed servants to take his wounded bodyguards away for treatment.

Long Yi looked at the exhausted Barbarian Bull and Li Qing, then walking over to them, he pressed his hands against their back, then he slowly transmitted true qi into their body to help them recover their qi and blood. Soon, Barbarian Bull and Li Qing jumped up and were no longer weary.

“Cousin, what technique is this? It seemed to have a better effect even compared to our Hui Recover Magic of a priest.” Dongfang Kexin asked in surprise.

“This is True Qi Therapy, you will not understand even if I explain.” Long Yi said with a smile and didn’t bother to explain much.

“If you don’t want to tell, then never mind. I also don’t want to know.” Dongfang Kexin pouted.

They found a pavilion nearby and called out servants to deliver food and drinks. And they began to talk leisurely while eating and drinking.

Dongfang Qiming was extremely happy, he continuously pulled Long Yi into a talk, and the subject of conversation naturally couldn’t leave the situation of the army and so on. Hearing these, Dongfang Kexin continuously yawned.

“Grandpa, you are too boring, only speaking about these matters with the cousin. Also, I have a small matter to talk with the cousin.” Dongfang Kexin pulled the sleeve of Dongfang Qiming and said coquettishly.

Dongfang Qiming laughed and said: “Alright, I am done. Now I seemed to have grown old, only drank such a little amount of wine but I am already feeling dizzy. Yu’er, accompany your cousin to play, grandfather is leaving first to sleep.”

Long Yi smiled and agreed. He naturally knew that Dongfang Qiming wasn’t tipsy at all, he clearly just wanted to create an opportunity for him and Dongfang Kexin.

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“Cousin, wait for me here, I will come after changing my clothes.” Dongfang Kexin smiled and said, then flew away.

Long Yi raised his eyebrows, change her clothes? Didn’t she just change her clothes?

Dongfang Qiming also stood up, then carefully staring at Long Yi for a little while, he smiled, then patting his shoulder, he turned around and left.

“Young Master, Miss Dongfang isn’t so pure like her outer appearance, Xiao Yi can tell that she is shrewd and deep. You have to be a little more careful when you are getting along with your grandfather and her.” Only after seeing Dongfang Qiming had walked far away, Xiao Yi softly said to Long Yi.

“I know, although she is a little shrewd and deep, but in essence, she is kind-hearted, she will not harm me.” Long Yi smiled and said, but his heart was somewhat on the alert, as that gloominess in the depth of the eyes of Dongfang Kexin made him somewhat panic-stricken.

Having heard what was said, Xiao Yi relaxed, in that moment, she feared that Long Yi might blame her for speaking such words.

Just then, Li Qing who was hesitating to speak finally couldn’t endure and asked: “Young Master, don’t you have any question to ask me?”

“Ask you what? Ask you why you can use God Beast Possession, or ask you why you possess Divine Bloodline?” Long Yi said with a smile.

“So Young Master already knows all, then Young Master might have already guessed my identity, isn’t that so?” Li Qing said.

“If my guess isn’t wrong, then you should be the son of the patriarch of Moxi clan, moreover, is the only inheritor of Divine Bloodline and the successor to the patriarch position.” Long Yi smiled and said as if he didn’t have any particular thoughts.

“Yes, I am the successor of Moxi clan, but now, I am just a servant of Young Master.” Li Qing faintly said.

“As long as you want, you can have your freedom at any time, moreover, I have never regarded you as a servant, rather as my friend.” Long Yi said with a smile.

A little bit of gratefulness flashed through the eyes of Li Qing, then shaking his head, he said: “No, I, Li Qing has always done as promised. If you agree to bet you must accept to lose.”

“Then what about your clansmen? As far as I know, in every generation, there is only one person that possess Divine Bloodline, could it be that you have the heart to see your Moxi clan being destroyed?” Long Yi stared straight into the eyes of Li Qing and said.

That grim expression of Li Qing slightly changed, then he resolutely said: “I don’t have the heart to see that, so one day I will return back to inherit the patriarch position, but whatever happens, Li Qing will forever be the servant of Young Master.”

Long Yi smiled with satisfaction, he wanted this outcome.

“Li Qing, since you are the successor of Moxi clan, why are you running about everywhere like this?” Long Yi curiously asked.

Li Qing remained silent for a long time, then said slowly: “I left the territory of Moxi clan to look for someone. I heard she was seen in Violent Dragon Empire for the last time, so I came here.”

Long Yi was startled, then probed: “Is that someone your sweetheart?”

Li Qing nodded his head and again shook his head, then his grim handsome face became exceedingly complex, and said in a low voice: “She is the person I love, but not sweetheart, because she loves another person.”

Hearing the depressed voice of Li Qing, Long Yi could completely feel his inner pain. The people like Li Qing, once fall in love, their love would never change throughout their life, so if the person they fall in love with didn’t love them back, then the pain they feel would be unspeakable. Long Yi was somewhat curious in his heart, in the end, who could reject such outstanding man. He was handsome, and no need to mention about his status which was also pretty good, moreover, such infatuated man was truly rare in this world.

“Li Qing, the matters of feelings couldn’t be forced. Since she loves someone else, is it worth the trouble to impose?” Long Yi patted the shoulder of Li Qing and said.

“I am not imposing, I don’t have any extravagant hopes for her to fall in love with me, I just want to find her, then see how is the person she loved and merely see whether she is happy or not…as long as she is happy, I…I am perfectly satisfied.” Li Qing somewhat agitatedly said and his voice involuntarily trembled a little. Although the words were simple, but they bore as deep as ocean affection and…extreme depth of sorrow.

Hearing that filled with deep love words of Li Qing, Long Yi and others couldn’t help but were emotionally moved. This is the true love, detached from any selfish desires of love. As long as she is happy, I am satisfied, this sentence was a sentence that not anyone could say.

“Since you love her so much, then you should just snatch her.” Just then, the voice of Dongfang Kexin came from a not distant place.

Long Yi already knew that she was hiding while eavesdropping, but he didn’t point that out at that moment, because he wanted to borrow the story of Li Qing to enlighten her. But hearing her say such swords, he said without getting angry: “I say, cousin, do you think love is an item which could be snatched if one wants to? Snatching can obtain her body, but can you obtain her heart by snatching?”

“I’m talking about making her change her mind.” Dongfang Kexin walked over and looked towards Long Yi with a profound gaze.

“But let’s say, even if you can obtain love by pestering, have you ever thought that your pestering might have caused great agony to your loved one?” Long Yi faintly said.

“But if you cannot obtain the heart of your loved one, then who will pay for your agony?” Dongfang Kexin refused to yield an inch and said looking straight to Long Yi.

Long Yi helplessly smiled and suddenly asked: “Cousin, do you have a loved person?”

Hearing the sudden words of Long Yi, Dongfang Kexin’s beautiful face couldn’t help but turned red and said angrily: “Even if I have I won’t tell you, you bad cousin.”

“Then suppose, what I mean is suppose, suppose you are in love with a boy, then another boy also come to pursue you, will you change your heart?” Long Yi asked with a smile.

“Of course, not. I love…if I love the previous boy, then I will love him throughout my life, my heart will never change.” Dongfang Kexin quickly answered resolutely, but very soon, she realized that she had fallen into the trap of Long Yi.

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“Hehe, that’s right, isn’t it?” Long Yi smirked and said.

“Wrong, wrong, that is because of my firm willpower, if it is another person, then they might not necessarily be so.” Dongfang Kexin argued against all reasons.

“Then will you still love a person without firm willpower like that?” Long Yi asked.

Dongfang Kexin was dumbfounded and wasn’t able to answer for a long time, the stomping her foot, she grumbled in a flirty manner: “I am done talking, I cannot out-speak you. Let’s go for a walk, after returning, I still haven’t gone out for a window shopping.”

Very quickly all of them arrived at Soaring Dragon City. Dongfang Kexin was holding the arm of Long Yi with his arm pressing against her breasts, but Dongfang Kexin was simply looking left and right with interest without caring about that.

“Cousin, don’t hold me so tightly, if people see this, it will affect your good name.” Long Yi endured the feeling coming from his arm and said.

“I don’t care, besides how would I know what other people love and what other people think? Wow, the clothes of that clothing shop are so beautiful.” Dongfang Kexin found a target and pulled Long Yi inside the store.

Dongfang Kexin was in high spirits roving around the clothing racks. Women never had immunity towards beautiful clothing and jewelry.

Dongfang Kexin picked up some clothing, and said to Long Yi: “Cousin, I will go and try these, you are not allowed to sneak away.”

“Ximen Yu, why are you here?” Just after Dongfang Kexin went inside the fitting room to try on those clothes, a familiar figure suddenly entered the shop and was startled to see Long Yi so she asked in surprise.

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