Chapter 262: Extreme Yin Day (1)

Long Yi urgently flew towards Ximen residence with all his might, just a moment ago, he suddenly felt the life force of Xiao Yi had become chaotic. And under great alarm, he immediately left Nangong Xiangyun. He and Xiao Yi had the relation of blood contract, so if something happened to her, then he would naturally feel it.

Long Yi quickly arrived at his courtyard of Ximen residence and saw that Barbarian Bull and Li Qing, as if were facing with a formidable foe, guarded the doorway of Xiao Yi. And after seeing Long Yi, they relaxed.

Long Yi could sense Xiao Yi inside the room, but surprisingly inside the room, there weren’t any abnormalities, this made him doubtful, but he didn’t dare to rashly burst in.

“What happened here?” Long Yi walked over and asked, his mood was clearly not very good.

“Young Master, it’s like this, just a moment ago, Xiao Yi suddenly came looking for us, and made us her protector. She said that beside Young Master, no one is allowed to enter, otherwise, the consequence will be too dreadful to contemplate.” Li Qing indifferently replied. He clearly recalled that solemn expression of Xiao Yi.

“This girl, what is she doing? But according to what she had said, I can enter, right?” Long Yi somewhat impatiently said.

“It should be the case.” Li Qing replied.

Long Yi pushed open the door and he felt an unusually strong barrier inside the room which cut off the connection to the outside. But this barrier didn’t seem to have any effect on him, he easily passed through it and entered the room. This was probably because of the relation of blood contract between Xiao Yi and Long Yi.

Entering the barrier, Long Yi was stunned, he only saw that the room was pitch-black, and the sky however was filled with many stars and a bright moon, exactly as if he was placed in the universe. This place was so vast that he couldn’t see the boundary, it no longer resembles the small room from any angle. Moreover, naked Xiao Yi was sitting cross-legged on the center. Her entire body was flashing with indistinctly visible purple runes, and they were fluttering even without the wind, appearing free and natural.

Long Yi looked at Xiao Yi, but for a moment, he didn’t know what to do. But he knew that Xiao Yi was using her ability, if he guessed correctly, then she must be making a prophecy, what kind of prophecy consume so much life force of Xiao Yi so quickly?

“Young Master, you came.” The voice of Xiao Yi suddenly resounded in the heart of Long Yi. It was light as if sighing.

“Xiao Yi, what are you doing, quickly stop, could it be that you don’t know your life force is quickly exhausting?” Long Yi anxiously said in his heart.

“Young Master, please don’t worry about me, this exhaustion of life force is just temporary, after this magic is ended, my life force will automatically return to me.” The voice of Xiao Yi resounded. And not waiting for Long Yi to speak, she went on: “Today is rare Extreme Yin Day which is hard to encounter even in hundred years, the yang qi between the heaven and earth is weakened to the extreme, and the dragon qi protecting Emperor Long Zhan is also weakest at this time, so perhaps I can calculate the future fate of Violent Dragon Empire.”

“So that is the case, but will there be any problem for you?” Long Yi worriedly asked,

“Hearing Young Master’s such words, Xiao Yi will not regret even if I have to die.” The excited voice of Xiao Yi resounded in the heart of Long Yi.

“Stupid……” Long Yi somewhat said.

“Young Master, there is not much time, listen to me, in Extreme Yin Day, undeads will certainly come out, you should send someone to notify the Light Church of Soaring Dragon City.” Xiao Yi somewhat hurriedly said.

Long Yi nodded his head, then going out, he told Li Qing to rush over to Light Church and also send someone to notify his father Ximen Nu and ask him to be on guard, but he actually didn’t know anything about Extreme Yin Day. Usually, in this day, some skeletons and zombies as well as specters will take the initiative to attack the Light Church, and they really didn’t attack other places.

When Long Yi returned inside the barrier Xiao Yi had set up, somewhat trembling voice of Xiao Yi resounded: “Young Master, do you believe in Xiao Yi?”

“Of course, you are my wife, if I don’t believe in you, then who would I believe?” Long Yi resolutely said.

“Then take off all your clothing and sit in front of Xiao Yi, will you do it?” Xiao Yi somewhat happily said.

Long Yi didn’t hesitate to do this. He had the blood contract relation with Xiao Yi, and it was impossible for Xiao Yi to hurt him, such being the case, why hesitate just to hurt her.

Under the starry sky, two people were ** opposite to each other, but the tightly closed eyes of Xiao Yi had never opened from the very beginning. Moreover, she was rapidly chanting an obscure ancient incantation.

Gradually, the starry sky suddenly wandered about as if an illusion and weak starlight gathered together and illuminated on Long Yi and Xiao Yi.

The time slowly passed, Long Yi unconsciously fell into this hazy sea of stars, and he was only exclaiming in admiration towards this vast universe in his heart. He closed his eyes and felt as if his soul was drifting in this endless starry sky.

Li Qing ran towards the Light Church of Soaring Dragon City with all his might. He knew only a little about Extreme Yin Day. Every Extreme Yin Day was a great calamity to Light Church, from the period of the night from 11 p.m. to 1 a.m., countless specters and similar things would take the initiative to attack Light Churches of all parts until the appearance of the first ray of sunshine of the next day.

Extreme Yin Day was extremely hard to predict, the last Extreme Yin Day was already the matter of few hundred years, and with the passage of such a long time, people had already forgotten its existence.

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The reason why Li Qing was so desperate was because that woman he loved so dearly might be in the Light Church of Soaring Dragon City, and he couldn’t bear to let her receive even a little injury.

Bang, Li Qing used his strength to break open the already closed entrance door of Light Church, immediately attracting the attention of dozens of light warriors and priests. They immediately encircled this intruder.

“Your bishop? I want to see your bishop.” Li Qing looked around and said coldly.

“First tell us, what matter do you have? Then I will send someone to report to the bishop.” After seeing the dark green hair of Li Qing, a priest was somewhat surprised as he answered.

“My Young Master sent me to notify an important matter to your bishop, and I have to explain this face to face.” Li Qing indifferently said but he hoped to be able to see his beloved in his heart.

“Who is your Young Master?” That priest of just now asked. He had already realized that this youth wasn’t simple, should be the younger generation expert of Moxi clan. So his Young Master must be an important figure of Moxi clan.

“Second Young Master Ximen.” Li Qing indifferently replied.

These dozens of warriors and priests of Light Church were surprised and bewildered. They naturally knew what kind of figure Second Young Master Ximen was, and they also knew that after he had returned, he showed astonishing strength. For what matter was he looking for their bishop?

At that time, the bishop with a grey beard and wearing snow-white priest clothing as well as a hooded woman wearing a white dress with golden on the border flew down from the upstairs of the church.

Li Qing looked up and his body suddenly trembled, his grim expression instantly melted without a trace, and now, he was a little nervous, infatuated and also suffering. But he blankly stared at this woman with a broken heart.

That woman was obviously surprised seeing Li Qing, her steps slightly stagnated, but immediately afterward, reverted back to normal.

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“Youngster, why were you looking for me, the bishop?” The bearded old man narrowed his eyes and asked. His body emitted dense light aura making people feel very comfortable.

Li Qing came back to his senses, and once again looking at the woman without any reaction, he gritted his teeth and said: “My Young Master told me to come over and notify you all that tonight from 11 p.m., its Extreme Yin Day, he told you all to make the early preparation.”

Practically all people exclaimed ‘Extreme Yin Day’. As the light warriors and priest of Light Church, who else knew what Extreme Yin Day represents better than them?

The bearded old man looked at the sky, the time mentioned was not far.

“Who is your Young Master?” The bearded old man lowered his voice.

“Replying to the bishop, he said that his Young Master is Ximen clan’s Second Young Master Ximen Yu.” Before Li Qing could reply, that priest of just now immediately answered first.

Hearing the name of Ximen Yu, the frail body of that hooded priest shook. Then she whispered something in the ear of bearded old man. The complexion of bearded old man changed and commanded loudly: “Ring the first degree light alarm, activate the Light God Protection Barrier.”

The first degree light alarm, that represents the extreme crisis in Light Church, and shows that all the Light Churches of entire Blue Waves Continent would encounter destructive attack.

Every one of Light Church of Soaring Dragon City tensely began to prepare for war, and in a moment, extremely powerful white light shot out from the top of Soaring Dragon City’s Light Church towards the sky. This kind of warning light beam could spread widely in the entire Blue Waves Continent within a brief period of time.

The warning light beam instantly created the chaos in the entire Soaring Dragon City. All the people outside panicked and quickly rushing to their home, they securely locked all their doors and windows. All people knew that the first degree light alarm of Light Church represent something.

The Light God Protection Barrier was activated, and a layer of milky white barrier surrounded the entire Light Church.

Li Qing didn’t leave, just followed behind that hooded woman with a certain distance between them, wherever she went, he would go there.

Suddenly, this woman stopped her step, then turning around, she walked to the front of Li Qing.

“Go back, you don’t need to stay.” The crisp voice of this woman resounded flatly as if water. One couldn’t tell the emotion fluctuation in this voice.

“I will not go, no matter what you say, I will not go. Tonight, I will stay here.” Li Qing clenched his hand and said. The person was close at hand but her heart was far away on the horizon, this was the most painful matter in this world.

The woman didn’t speak, and after a good while, she somewhat unusually asked: “Why are you addressing Long…Ximen Yu as Young Master? Could it be that you don’t plan to return to the clan?”

Li Qing somewhat excitedly raised his head, could it be that she was concerned about him? Even if this was only a friendly concern, he was willing to die.

“Because I lost the bet, I became the servant of Young Master, but Young Master doesn’t limit my actions, so when clan needs me, I can return.” Li Qing answered.

That woman became absentminded, and under the hood, a bitter smile appeared. He truly hasn’t changed at all.

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