Chapter 263: Extreme Yin Day (2)

At mid-night, fierce evil wild suddenly became violent, and a layer of thin haze covered the starry sky.

At this time, in the middle of the sky, the disk-like silver moon was suddenly torn open just like people’s mouth. Slowly, this tear became bigger and bigger, and the silver moon seemed to be slowly swallowed by something.

In the Light Church of Soaring Dragon City, bearded old man’s expression became solemn, looking towards the sky. He knew that when the moon in the sky was completely swallowed by the darkness, the calamity of Light Church would begin.

Finally, the silver moon completely disappeared, and the entire world suddenly became gloomy. Crack crack, the sound of grinding teeth resounded in all places, and ghastly skeletons and zombies bored out from the ground. There were humans, beast-men and magical beasts’ undead. Shortly afterward, evil wind broke out, and numerous shadows suddenly appeared. Furthermore, with sharp ear-piercing whistling sound, specters also began to set out.

These undead creatures assembled into a huge undead legion, rushing towards Soaring Dragon City’s Light Church. Strangely, these undead creatures didn’t attack and destroy the life and buildings en route. Their only objective was Light Church that was emitting a light aura.

Incoming! All the light warriors and priests of Light Church altogether were only more than one thousand people, all of them looked nervous now, and they were sweating profusely. Although Light God Protection Barrier was already active, but this didn’t give them much sense of security. All throughout the ages, in Extreme Yin Day, Light Church always had heavy casualties. There were truly too many undead creatures in this undead legion, no matter how much they kill, they were endless, so they could only hope for the dawn to come soon.

And at this moment in Ximen residence, inside the starry sky barrier of Xiao Yi, when the silver moon of the outside was completely swallowed, the silver moon inside the barrier also disappeared completely. Immediately after that, Xiao Yi suddenly opened her those nearly transparent strange eyes, then soft milky white radiance came out from her eyes and spread all over. Her body suddenly floated, and her mouth chanted obscure incantation faster and faster. The entire world appeared as if to be flooded with her ancient incantation, and her ** delicate body’s purple runes also became increasingly brighter, until it made people unable to open their eyes.

“Thousand dust generation after generation, purple ray come from the east, true dragon qi, life form change.” Xiao Yi spread open her both hands. and the milky white radiance flashed and flew, suddenly changing into to white, and white to nearly transparent.

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The starry sky circulated faster and faster, and slowly formed a vortex. Along with the chanting sound of Xiao Yi, a golden radiance shot towards the raised right hand of Xiao Yi from the middle of this vortex, changing into a gold color light ball.

The purple light of Xiao Yi became dim and her complexion also became pale, nearly becoming transparent, moreover, adding her pair of transparent pupils, she unexpectedly appeared as if she was not a person from this mortal world. She slowly descended from the sky, then fixedly looking at her sweetheart who was still stuck in the thoughts of profound mysteries of the universe, a trace of a beautiful smile appeared on her face.

She raised her right hand’s golden light ball and slowly reached out towards the forehead of Long Yi.

And at this moment, Ximen residence had already plunged into the glint and flash of daggers and swords. Several hundreds of dark warriors and dark magicians had come to attack, and now they were having an intense battle with the guards of Ximen residence.

The complexion of Ximen Nu was ghastly pale while giving the command to his troops. The surprise attack of these dark warriors caused Ximen residence to have heavy casualties in the very beginning, and he was somewhat alarmed facing against these warriors who basically didn’t die like a cockroach. Not only their strength was surprisingly high, but they didn’t even fear pain nor do they bleed. People always feared unknown things, because of this, the moral of Ximen residence’s guards increasingly decreased. And especially after the dark magic attack of dark magicians, the Ximen residence changed into a hell on earth. Because light magicians had rushed over to Light Church to defend against undead legion, now there were only ten light magicians in Ximen residence, so how could they be able to fight against more than hundred dark magicians.

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Fortunately, reinforcements continuously arrived and gradually he was able to control the situation, otherwise, the vitality of Ximen residence would have suffered damage.

Ximen Nu wiped the cold sweat and coldly shouted: “Mince the evil things for me.”

Without the protection of dark warriors, dark magicians began to scatter and flee. And in a short time, the battle was ended, leaving behind completely overrun corpses and the dense smell of blood.

And what everyone didn’t notice was, a shadow appeared inside the courtyard of Long Yi. He seemed to be fused together with darkness, and even Barbarian Bull who was guarding the entrance unexpectedly didn’t notice the slightest.

Xiao Yi placed the golden light ball on the forehead of Long Yi, and seeing the light ball was slowly seeping on the body of her sweetheart, the smile on her face became more and more brilliant.

But when merely less than half of the golden light ball was left to enter, the smile of Xiao Yi suddenly stopped and slowly disappeared. Moreover, her complexion became cold, showing a hint of anxiety.

“Jie jie jie, the legendary Prophecy Master, really isn’t something I had expected.” A burst of ear-piercing laughter resounded inside this starry sky barrier, and a shadow slowly revealed a figure.

“Who are you?” Xiao Yi coldly asked, but she was trying her best to speed up letting this golden light ball seep into Long Yi.

“You don’t need to know this, you only need to know that your appearance destroys the balance of the entire game, so you must die.” After the shadow finished speaking, a black light appeared in his hand and he attacked towards the back of Xiao Yi.

The entire body of Xiao Yi shook, and blood seeped out from the corner of her mouth. She gritted her teeth and a milky-white energy protection appeared on her back, resisting the attack of the shadow.

“Humph, mantis trying to block the carriage, I will see how you will block my dark magic.” Shadow coldly snorted, then waving his hand, several huge shadows reeking with blood rushed towards Xiao Yi from different directions.

Xiao Yi looked at her sweetheart who was still closing his eyes with dense sentimental, and suddenly recalled the milky white energy, then used her entire energy towards the golden light ball which had almost seeped into the forehead of Long Yi, but her body however was simultaneously hit by the attacks of that shadows, and she coughed out mouthful of blood, which spilled on Long Yi’s bare chest.

The forehead of Long Yi overflowed with golden light, and his entire body quivered. He had already felt that Xiao Yi was in danger, so he was doing his utmost to awake.

A powerful dark energy assembled into sword out of thin air, and changing into a black light, it stabbed towards the chest of Xiao Yi.

Xiao Yi however appeared as if she didn’t sense this, she merely watch Long Yi in front of her in a trance. Being able to see her beloved on her deathbed, she had neither complaint nor regret.

Clack, a hand as if ghost caught the dark energy sword that was about to pierce the heart of Xiao Yi at the crucial moment.

Long Yi slowly opened his eyes, and with bloodthirsty red eyes, his big hand exerted his strength, and the dark energy sword instantly disintegrated.

“You wretch.” Long Yi’s voice as if from the 9th floor of the underworld came through, emitting bone-chilling cold qi.

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