Chapter 264: Extreme Yin Day (3)

Long Yi looked at Xiao Yi who was on the verge of death in his bosom. From her lips to her chin, there was bloodstain, her transparent eyes were increasingly getting dim, but she was still in trance looking at him with yearning, regret furthermore a little bit of satisfaction.

Long Yi went insane, the violent anger and heartache made him lose his reason. He only had one thought in this moment, kill this bastard, chop him into pieces and feed to a dog.

“Go to hell.” Long Yi roared loudly, he rose to the sky, and a palm shadow unexpectedly appeared filling the entire sky, chopping towards the shadow, moreover, several spirit power compressed magic balls silently blocked the route of retreat of this shadow. Even if he had lost his reason, he still possessed perfect battle intelligence, because it had already become one kind of instinct in his blood.

The shadow strangely laughed and dodged the palm of Long Yi, and used ear-piercing voice: “Ximen Yu, with just this, do you think you can kill me?”

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The words of shadow had just finished, and he suddenly sensed strong magic fluctuation. He exclaimed, and suddenly a strange black light sprang out from his body. At this moment, the compressed magic balls of Long Yi also happened to detonate. Suddenly, earth-shaking explosion occurred, and the barrier laid out by Xiao Yi which was already weakened due to her injury directly shattered.

Barbarian Bull who was guarding outside suddenly heard a muffled explosion sound, and then the entire courtyard began to shake. Under struck dumb with amazement, Barbarian Bull hastily rushed in, but the neatly arranged houses, as if a balloon which was filled with an excessive amount of gas, exploded, changing into a pile of debris.

This heaven shaking sound immediately strained the nerve of guards who had just ended the battle in front of Ximen residence. And when Ximen Nu saw that the place where this explosion had occurred was the courtyard of Ximen Yu, he immediately rushed over. Currently, all his hopes were practically pinned on this son of his. If something were to happen to him, perhaps more than half of Ximen Nu’s lofty aspirations and high ideals would be obliterated on the spot.

When Ximen Nu together with other experts arrived, they saw that the entire courtyard had already changed into the ruins. Ximen Nu immediately got panic-stricken, and seeing Barbarian Bull holding Greenstone Rule was insanely digging inside the ruins, he hastily grabbed his shoulder and said with a trembling voice: “What happened here? What about Yu’er?”

“Boss and Xiao Yi are buried underneath.” Barbarian Bull anxiously replied, then shaking off Ximen Nu’s hands, he continued to dig.

“Why are you all still in a daze, still not digging quickly?” Ximen Nu shouted impatiently.

Just when the guards behind Ximen Nu were about to step forward and dig, suddenly bang sound resounded, a silhouette escaped from inside the ruins. When this silhouette slowly floated down, they saw that he was Ximen Yu, moreover, on his bosom, he was hugging a girl wearing a robe. It seems she had already lost her consciousness, but the most strange things were, this girl was drooping and her complexion was almost transparent white, moreover, from her mouth to chin, there was a dried bloodstain.

Long Yi was somewhat blankly hugging Xiao Yi, his eyes were frighteningly bloodshot, and his body was also emitting ice-cold bloody killing intent, making everything not dare to approach him.

“Boss, what exactly happened here, how did Xiao Yi become like that?” Barbarian Bull nevertheless didn’t care and rushed over to the front of Long Yi and worriedly asked.

Long Yi didn’t answer, hugging Xiao Yi, he rushed to the room he was staying. That row of housing wasn’t affected.

He gently laid Xiao Yi on the bed, and Long Yi sat on the edge of the bed with his big hands tightly holding the ice-cold hands of Xiao Yi. Xiao Yi hadn’t died, Long Yi knew this, but the life force that Xiao Yi had exhausted hadn’t return back to her, so at this moment, she was already a nearly extinguished oil lamp short of oil.

At this moment, Long Yi was already slightly clear-headed, and he was sure that, this shadow and the shadow who had intruded the room of sister-in-law Liu Shi last time was the same person. He secretly came wanting to kill Xiao Yi, but what was his purpose? Very obviously, the presence of Xiao Yi hindered him. But why did he want to make the deep water of Soaring Dragon City even muddier? Could it be that he was the people of Long Zhan? But his intuition told him that the matters were definitely not that simple.

“Liu Shi, don’t let me find any evidence that proves that you are in collusion with that shadow, otherwise, I, Long Yi will definitely make you know death is better than life.” Long Yi gnashed his teeth and said.

Ximen Nu walked in and happened to hear Long Yi’s words full of hatred. He closed the door and sat on the chair in one side.

“Yu’er, what exactly is going on here?” Ximen Nu asked.

Long Yi came back to senses, and calming his state of mind, he said: “That shadow who had gone to the room of sister-in-law last time secretly came in and attacked Xiao Yi. At that time, I was at the crucial moment of my cultivation, therefore Xiao Yi was injured. And when I woke up, he used several all-out attacks and fled, and the house also collapsed.”

Ximen Nu frowned, hearing the words of his son, that shadow had secretly come for Xiao Yi, what exactly was the identity of this mysterious girl? Perhaps those dark warriors and dark magicians in the front courtyard were also sent specially for the purpose of only attracting their attention, but the true target was the maid beside his son.

“Be sure to not act rashly now, wait until the entire things come to the light, then Liu Shi, that sl*t, I will personally send her to you for disposal. But tell me honestly, why are they so interested in your maid?” Ximen Nu’s eyes shone looking straight into the eyes of Long Yi.

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Originally the matter of Xiao Yi being the Prophecy Master, Long Yi wanted to keep this a secret. But the current surprise attack clearly showed that the identity of Xiao was already exposed, so it was not necessary to hide to Ximen Nu.

“Because she is Prophecy Master.” Long Yi caressed Xiao Yi and said faintly.

“Prophecy Master! You are saying she is a Prophecy Master?” Ximen Nu suddenly stood up and somewhat agitatedly asked while pointing at Xiao Yi.

“Yes, she is the legendary Prophecy Master. This time, coinciding with Extreme Yin Day, she wanted to make a prophecy about the future direction of Violent Dragon Empire, but I have never thought that someone would attack her when she was in the process of casting the magic.” Long Yi faintly said, and suddenly his expression changed as suddenly inside his brain, several chaotic strange images appeared and very quickly they disappeared again. This puzzled him very much.

“Then how is she now? Is she fine?” Ximen Nu somewhat nervously asked. If Xiao Yi was anybody else, he would have cared less about her life or death, but she was Prophecy Master, Prophecy Master truly was too useful. If you can calculate the progress of the war, then the chance of his Ximen clan winning the war would increase greatly.

Long Yi sadly sighed and said: “Her life-force is seriously exhausted, I am waiting for her to wake up, then I will ask her if there is a means to cure her.”

“Quickly go and look for the Light Bishop of Soaring Dragon City, perhaps he has a way.” Ximen Nu urgently said, but he immediately frowned and said: “But, this moment, Light Church is being attacked by tens of thousands of undead, I wonder if they can persist until tomorrow dawn?”

Long Yi immediately stood up, perhaps Light Church truly had a way, so he absolutely couldn’t let undead legion slaughter Light Church, otherwise if Light Bishop died then who would give him the cure for Xiao Yi.

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