Chapter 265: Extreme Yin Day (4)

Somewhere in the remote corner of imperial capital of Soaring Dragon City, a shadow silently appeared inside one of the studies. The entire body of this shadow was wrapped in black robe merely showing two sinister eyes.

The shadow was covering his chest and a trace of dark red colored bloodstain was visible on the black cloth covering his mouth.

“Beat the wild goose all day long, but was pecked to blindness by this wild goose[1], Ximen Yu, truly must not be allowed to stay.” This shadow took off the hood, revealing his deathly pale ferocious face. His original intention was not to take the life of Ximen Yu, but demonstrate his strength to frighten Ximen Yu. But now, if he was not eliminated, then he feared the situation would deviate from his expectation.

This man picked up a medicine bottle from inside the room, and took out several small black pills from inside the bottle, then closing his eyes, he sat on the chair with indistinct black light circulating around his body.

At this time, the body of the shadow shook, and he immediately got up, then taking out a clean hood, he wore it.

“The Emperor has arrived.” A loud voice came from outside.

The shadow had just went to welcome and he saw Long Zhan walking in in large strides.

“Emperor, what important matter brought you here at this time?” The shadow unexpectedly didn’t greet like other people, on the contrary, standing on one side, he used sinister voice to ask.

Long Zhan also seemed to not mind this, instead, he looked very respectful towards this shadow and said: “Military Advisor, did I disturb your (polite) cultivation?”

“There’s no harm, what’s the matter?” The shadow asked.

“Military Advisor, this moment Light Church is suffering from the attack of the undead legion, I don’t know whether we should reinforce them or not. When all is said and done, Light Church is one of the important force that plays an important role in the stability of the country.” Long Zhan said.

“Your Majesty, absolutely must not, moving soldiers at this time to help would definitely decrease your military strength. And while Ximen clan is glaring like a tiger eyeing its prey, just in case, the troops of Your Majesty meet with an accident in the midway when entangled with the undead legion, then wouldn’t that be a tragedy.” The shadow indifferently said.

“Military Advisor is reasonable, merely if we don’t go to help, then I fear false rumors will spread which might be unfavorable to the imperial family.” Long Zhan already knew that sending troops was not feasible, but Light Church possessed sky-high influence in entire Blue Waves Continent, in the event that the Pope of Light Church, Pope LaFaer, accused Violent Dragon Empire, then it would naturally be one disaster after another for Long Zhan.

“Your Majesty doesn’t need to worry, Extreme Yin Night, in this extremely sensitive time, I believe no matter if it is Nalan Empire or Proud Moon Empire, both of them will also not send troops to help Light Church, at most, only put on a show of doing something without doing it.” Shadow smiled wickedly and said.

“Then Military Advisor means……” Long Zhan somewhat indeterminately asked.

“The undead of Extreme Yin Day will not take the initiative to attack other life other than the life with the light attribute. Your Majesty can send a part of imperial guards to wave flags and shout battle cries on the edge of the undead legion, putting on an act. And when the times come you can shrink responsibilities saying there was too many undead to charge in, so your troops weren’t able to enter, like that, in the future, who will still dare to accuse Your Majesty?” Military Advisor smiled sinisterly and said.

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Long Zhan suddenly saw the light and a similar sinister smile appeared on his face and said: “Military Advisor is truly a great talent, having Military Advisor on my side is truly I, Long Zhan’s good fortune.”

“Your Majesty doesn’t need to be too polite. With your kindness of saving my life at that time, I will certainly do all I can to seek fortune for Your Majesty.” Military Advisor faintly said, there was an inexplicable bittersweet in his tone.

“Well, I am going to arrange this, I will no longer hinder Military Advisor’s cultivation.” Long Zhan urgently left to make an arrangement to pretend.

Seeing the disappearing back view of Long Zhan, Military Advisor sinisterly laughed. And after a long while, he stopped smiling and said sinisterly: “Long Zhan ah Long Zhan, you are destined to be only one of my pawns. Even though you are on the chessboard but you don’t realize it, truly pitiful, so pitiful.”

And at this time, the Light God Protecting Barrier of Soaring Dragon City’s Light Church was already beginning to fluctuate. All of them knew that this barrier wouldn’t be able to hold on for long before it was broken. When that time comes, there truly would be a bloody battle, and no one knew how long these merely more than one thousand people would be able last.

“Great Light God, please lend your sacred power to your faithful believer and cleanse all evil of this world. Holy Light Illumination.” A woman wearing a cloak raised her hand with a light magic staff, directly shooting out rays of light towards the undead legion in the periphery. And wherever this holy light shone, all the undead of that place screamed and became nothing.

After this woman used Rank 10 light magic, her sea of consciousness became empty, it seems that her spirit power was also exhausted. But in the place that had just become empty after she had killed all the undead of that place, instantly numerous other undead poured in, filling that place. Seeing this, she couldn’t help feeling helpless. Usually, undead creatures were very scared of light aura, but the undead creatures in Extreme Yin Day nevertheless as if eaten stimulants, regardless of anything, rushed forward without any fear. Blocking them was impossible and they were endless to kill, making people feel despair.

Not too far away, Li Qing who was continuously playing close attention to his beloved rushed over wanting to support her, but she lightly avoided him. She looked at wounded Li Qing and lightly sighed: “Li Qing, my body and heart only belong to that person, do you understand?” Finished speaking, she walked towards Light Bishop of Soaring Dragon City in heavy steps.

“Bishop, the protection barrier looks as if it will break very soon, could it be that there is no other mean?” The woman lightly asked.

The bearded old man stroked his grey beard and shaking his head, he sighed: “Now, I finally know why Light Church always has so heavy causalities in Extreme Yin Day. There are even Golden Skeleton, Dark Specter, and Profound Evil King, this kind of undead creatures which are comparable to S ranked demonic monsters, moreover, with the endless low-level undead, protection barrier is basically unable to resist their attack.”

The woman counted time in her heart, at this time, there was still more than four hours left before dawn, this however was a very long period of time. By that time, she feared the undead Legion would have already entered this Light Church. Will she die in this place? Her heart couldn’t help but tremble lightly, not because of the fear of death, rather because she would no longer be able to see him. If she could see him for the last time, then she would have told him how much she loved him and how much she missed him after separating with him for two years.

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A drop of tear rolled down from the corner of this woman’s eyes, and the scenes she had forcibly buried in the bottom of her heart as if a movie appeared inside her mind, and finally, she lightly sighed: “Long Yi, I miss you very much.”

Ximen Residence, Long Yi commanded Barbarian Bull to properly look after Xiao Yi who was in a coma, then he rushed out.

“F***, is this the rally of undead?” Long Yi rushed out of Ximen Residence, and he saw undead everywhere, unexpectedly including even the sky. But that sea tide like dark aura made Long Yi feel very comfortable.

Long Yi didn’t waste time, immediately flew towards Light Church, but while flying, he inevitably encountered a number of specters and such things. These things who didn’t have eyes unexpectedly began to attack him. This attack was nothing serious, but practically all specter rushed towards him. They were so densely packed that, there was not even a small gap.

Long Yi easily sent out Holy Light Ball, and the specters all around him disappeared, but the holy light stimulated other specters’ ferocious nature, so Long Yi had to continuously use light magic, but he saw that these specters were basically endless, moreover, more and more specters rushed towards him.

Long Yi saw this was not a good method, if he continued to fight like this, then he feared that he wouldn’t be able to get away until dawn. He took a deep breath, and his belly as if balloon expanded, then he roared extremely loudly. A halo of golden light expanded from his mouth, causing all the undead around him to die. This was genuine Shaolin Lion’s Roar, which had extraordinary effect against specters in Lost City.

But this time, Long Yi was destined to be disappointed, the remaining specters ignored the golden light of Lion’s roar around him and still rushed over without dying. The effect of deterrence unexpectedly became negligible, this made Long Yi very puzzled.

And what was even worse was Long Yi’s attack unexpectedly attracted the Big Bosses of Undead World. Several Golden Skeletons and Dark Specters unexpectedly surrounded him. Long Yi used magic douqi and engaged in the battle with them, then when he kicked, unexpectedly several mouths opened on the body of Golden Skeleton.

At this moment, Long Yi truly understood the terror of Extreme Yin Day and truly felt sad for Light Church. But at this moment, he was unable to protect himself and he was somewhat unable to resist the attack of these undead creatures.

“F***, come out all of you.” Long Yi no longer cared and summoned Little Three, Fire Qilin as well as Violent Lightning Beast from his dark space dimension. As for using spirit tablets to strengthen the attack power of god beasts, Long Yi hesitated for a moment and didn’t take them out, because if people saw them, he would become the biggest public enemy in the continent. Three spirit tablets, who wouldn’t be covetous.

With god beasts out, it really was different, several Bosses of Undead World were instantly forced to the passive state. Long Yi thought for a bit, then he summoned 18 super skeletons too. Tonight however was the best time to increase their strength.

Long Yi’s gain was pretty good. Under the lead of Long Two, other 17 super skeletons frantically absorbed other specters’ dark aura. And Long Yi saw that Long Two would often approach the Bosses who were being attacked by god beasts, but it selected to raise hand only against low-level specters.

And at the time when several Golden Skeletons fell apart, Long Two unexpectedly changed into black light and rushed forward, completely absorbing the dark aura of Golden Skeletons. And when the Dark Specters were destroyed, it again adopted same means. After absorbing several undead Bosses’ dark aura, Long Two’s dark torso unexpectedly enlarged a bit, and its momentum became different, moreover, a red light flashed in its dark eyesockets, appearing very strange.

Now Long Yi was completely certain, Long Two definitely gave rise to consciousness, otherwise, it wouldn’t be so smart. Thinking this, Long Yi had somewhat inexplicable worry in his heart, he feared that after Long Two gave rise to consciousness, it wouldn’t be under his control.

“Long Two, come.” Long Yi used his thought to order. Long Two instantly flew over. Its current speed was many times faster than before.

“Long Two, be sure to never make this Young Master disappointed, okay?” Long Yi muttered and patted the hard skeleton shoulder of Long Two.

The eyes of Long Two flashed with red light, seemed to respond to Long Yi.

“Good, I know you will never betray me, now kill along with me, Extreme Yin Day however is difficult to encounter even in hundred years.” Long Yi strangely felt a spirit fluctuation of Long Two, so he couldn’t help but feel very good, then laughing heartily, he went towards Light Church along with god beasts killing all along the path.

[1] metaphor for making a mistake due to the negligence being overconfident

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