Chapter 266: Extreme Yin Day (End)

But Long Yi’s estimation was somewhat optimistic, as the supplement of undead was contrary to his expectation, making his advance extremely slow. And he could see that the layer of the milky white barrier of Light Church far away was already fluctuating faster and faster, presumably wouldn’t be able to sustain much longer. This made him burn with impatience, as he was looking forward to Light Bishop saving Xiao Yi.

At this time, Long Yi suddenly recalled the shadow who was hidden inside his body. This old fart had lived for many years, so he should be the old-timer of dark domain, and perhaps he had a way to deal with these wicked specters.

“Smelly brat, who are you calling old fart?” Long Yi had just thought and that voice of the shadow that could send cold shivers down people’s spine came from his sea of consciousness.

“Hello, buddy, you are eavesdropping my thoughts again, it’s too immoral.” Long Yi immediately ignored the anger of the shadow and said with dissatisfaction.

“Do you think I am filthy like you, I only saw you were surrounded by undead, so I came out with good intention to give you few bits of advice, but since you cannot tell good from bad like this, I am returning.” The shadow smirked and said, then truly disappeared from his sea of consciousness.

Long Yi saw that the barrier of distant Light Church was fluctuating more and more violently, so he had no other choice but to admit defeat: “Hello, buddy, I was wrong, you, who have lived for such a long period of time, arguing with me, this younger generation, wouldn’t that only lose your face?”

After he shouted few words, the shadow reappeared in the sea of consciousness of Long Yi and said with a smile: “Seeing you are sincerely admitting your mistake, I, this elderly person is also too lazy to argue with you, this wimpy kid.”

“Then, what means do you have? Tell me quickly.” Long Yi smiled and asked.

“I can tell you, but you have to agree to my one condition.” The shadow smiled wickedly and said.

“What condition? Just say it.” Long Yi was not stupid, so he immediately asked for clearance.

“It’s not that hard for you, just go to Lost City and return to that dark space again when you have a free time.” When the shadow mentioned dark space, its tone appeared to be somewhat agitated.

“How do you know that that place has a dark space?” Long Yi asked in surprise.

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“Don’t talk nonsense, just answer whether you agree or not.” The shadow coldly said.

“No problem, but the entire Lost City was completely destroyed after a mechanism was touched, so even I don’t know where the entrance to enter that dark space is.” Long Yi said.

“You don’t need to worry about this. I have my means.” Shadow answered.

“Then, can you tell me how to pass through this undead legion?” Long Yi asked.

“Remember that Underworld God Magic Staff inside your space ring, take it out, then drip three drops of your blood on it, and then silently chant the incantation I will teach you. You will be able to control all the undead creatures within the radius of 100 or so meters around you. Of course, with your current ability, you are unable to control Golden Skeletons leveled undead creatures.” The shadow said.

“Underworld God Magic Staff?” Long Yi was somewhat confused, when did he own Underworld God Magic Staff, even the name sounded sufficiently imposing. He thought for a bit, then suddenly saw the light, could it be that this Underworld God Magic Staff was that tree roots like magic staff he had obtained together with Undead Magic Book at that time? Moreover, at that time, he was able to use that magic staff in the dark space of Lost City, but merely after a long time, he had already forgotten about it.

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Long Yi took out that Underworld God Magic Staff from his space ring, then snicked his finger without hesitation, dripping three drops of blood on it. After that, he began to repeat the obscure incantation the shadow was chanting in his sea of consciousness.

This tree root like magic staff suddenly emitted black light, and its appearance also changed gradually. The original, as if bark, ugly staff became a dark light, and traces of blood like veins spread all over it, moreover, tree root like head changed into a skull. And even its two eyes were unexpectedly blood red, appearing very abnormal.

Long Yi felt strange aura spilling out from this Underworld God Magic Staff. It was a bit like dark but also was like a light, appearing as if there were two kinds of aura in it, truly was too strange.

According to the instruction of the shadow, Long Yi poured his spirit power into the Underworld God Magic Staff, and instantly, all the undead creatures attacking them stopped attacking, rather started to kill other undead creatures blocking the path of Long Yi under his control. Like this, Long Yi advanced step by step. In one step, he controlled the undead creatures in front of him, and in another step, he released the control of the undead creatures behind him. In this way, the speed of Long Yi naturally increased. In any case, whatever happens, he could control all the undead creatures within the radius of 100 meters with himself as the center, which means, Long Yi could advance forward with no obstruction on his path.

And just when Long Yi was about to arrive, Light Church’s protection barrier was shattered under the attacks of countless undead creatures, and with nothing to hinder their path, the undead legion chaotically flocked into Light Church. And the death aura accompanied with the stinking smell of zombies nearly made all the people feel like vomiting.

Instantly, a snow-white human barricade made up of a group of light warriors began massacring undead, while the priests used Purify Magic and Holy Light Magic to illuminate the entire sky, turning specters that were rushing from the sky into ashes.

In order to protect his beloved, Li Qing rushed to the frontline without fearing for his life and began resisting the continuous attack of undead with other light warriors. He only had one purpose, which was to win a slim chance of survival for his beloved. Like this, even if he died, he wouldn’t have any regret.

Although the light magic of priests was very effective against the specters, but even though they had a high amount of spirit power, they weren’t able to sustain for a long time. Some low leveled priests were already exhausted and were of no use now.

And making the matters worse in a bad situation were those Golden Skeletons, Dark Specters and Evil Zombies. They began attacking the human barricade made up of light warriors, and with their strength rivaling S-ranked magical beasts, they easily break through this human barricade, then they rushed towards priests who had no close combat ability and killed them. Dozens of priests in the front were severed in an instant, dying very tragically.

“Holy Light Impact, Holy Light Illuminating Heaven.” The bearded old man and the remaining high leveled priests were greatly shocked but hastily used light magic to resist. And they were able to force these high leveled undead creatures to retreat with great difficulty, and a holy light as if a sturdy light wall, blocked them.

“Don’t worry about the periphery, quickly attack them.” The bearded old man shouted with his face streaming with sweat. If these high leveled undead creatures weren’t eliminated, then after their spirit power was exhausted, all of these more than 1000 people would certainly die without leaving even a bone.

Numerous light magic attacks shot towards these high-level undead creatures, crack crack, several Golden Skeletons fell apart under the bombardment of these powerful light magic attack. Some Evil Zombies and Dark Specters also died. But the bearded old man had already given up all his hopes in his heart because he knew that such powerful light magic consumes an astonishing amount of spirit and magical power. Like this, let along stalling till dawn, they would not even be able to stall for additional half an hour.

At this moment, a simple and vigorous continuous whistling sound came, and in the vast sea of undead creatures, a human figure was rising and falling, appearing very eye-catching.

“Long Yi!” That woman beside the bearded old man trembled violently as she murmured. Her pair of beautiful eyes continuously looked at this figure in a daze. Could it be that Great Light God heard her prayers?

Zila, hong hong hong, powerful lightning forbidden magic shot out from the horn of Violent Lightning Beast, and suddenly lightning as thick as arm interweaved in the sky, then struck towards the undead legion, scorching them to coke, and burnt smell spread all around. And god beast Fire Qilin spat out numerous true fire which evaporated everything in this place without leaving behind even a blade of grass.

With such powerful power, coupled with Long Yi using Underworld God Magic Staff to control undead within the radius of 100 meters, Long Yi quickly arrived above Light Church. And as for 18 super skeletons of Long Yi, he mixed them inside the undead legion, crazily absorbing dark energy.

Long Yi arrived in the brink of time, just when the bearded old man was no longer able to hold on, he used a series of Holy Light Douqi’s Hell Interlink Slashes, forcing those high leveled undead creatures to retreat, next he sent his pets to deal with them. And as for other crazily attacking low leveled undead creatures, because of the arrival of Long Yi, they ceased their attacks and foolishly stood still, as a result, they were cut down by the light warriors.

At that time, light warriors became aware of this abnormal situation, and they stopped attacking one after another, confusedly looking at the undead creatures standing still in front of them. Even specters and flying magical beasts’ skeletons fluttering in the sky were motionless at this moment.

“You all, why the hell are you all in a daze? Still not attacking quickly, could it be that you want my babies to deal with all of these fellows by themselves?” Seeing both light warriors and priests were foolishly standing motionless without attacking, he couldn’t help but shout in dissatisfaction.

“Yes, still not attacking quickly.” The bearded old man woke up with a start and shouted. Then somewhat confusedly looking at Long Yi, he recognized that this person was the sex fiend who formerly acted tyrannically, was neither learning nor skill, and had even ** little princess. But recently he however had a great reputation and seemed to be a passionate young master.

So as to avoid trouble, when Long Yi few over, he stuffed in Underworld God Magic Staff inside his trouser, lest these old diehards of Light Church would consider him a heretic, and at that time, it would be strenuous and also unpleasing.

The bearded old man was greatly excited to see powerful Violent Lightning Beast and Fire Qilin. As for Little Three with a dark attribute, Long Yi had already put it away.

“SS-ranked Violent Lightning Beast, and legendary Fire god beast Fire Qilin, this bishop is fortunate for a lifetime to be able to see them. Truly is the blessing of Light God.” The bearded old man muttered and looked without even blinking his eyes. For the moment, he forgot to ask why undead suddenly stopped attacking.

At that time, Long Yi suddenly sensed a familiar gaze looking at him, and his heart suddenly jumped. He turned around and looked towards the rows of priests wearing priest robe, looking for the source of the familiar gaze he had felt just a moment ago. But even after looking two times, he didn’t see any familiar face.

“Young Master.” Li Qing walked over to Long Yi and greeted respectfully.

“Li Qing, I was thinking why you didn’t return, but it turned out you were staying here to help. It seems, although you are grim on the surface, but your heart is still burning hot.” Long Yi patted the shoulder of Li Qing and said with a smile. In his heart, he thought that the familiar gaze he felt just now was the gaze of Li Qing, after all, he only knew Li Qing here.

Li Qing opened his mouth to say something but he stopped. He also looked towards the group of priests but didn’t see the figure of his beloved. He clearly recalled that she was here just a moment ago.

“Ai, forget it, since my existence is tormenting her, is there a need to go and bother her again?” Li Qing thought and became silent.

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