Chapter 267: Radiance Holy Water

Because Long Yi had used his thought to instruct Violent Lightning Beast and Fire Qilin, they forced those high leveled undead creatures towards 18 super skeletons. Like this, before those high leveled undead creatures perished, the super skeletons would be able to absorb the dark energy spilled out the instant they were killed, so that these super skeletons would evolve, but he didn’t know to what degree these super skeletons would evolve.

There was an endless amount of low leveled undead creatures creating the disturbance, but all of those high leveled undead creatures fell one after another under the attacks of Violent Lighting Beast and numerous light priest. Very quickly, the battle was over, and now, they could only wait for the dawn.

Immediately upon the ending of the battle, Long Yi took in Violent Lightning Beast, Fire Qilin as well as those 18 super skeletons that were mixed with low leveled undead creatures into his dark dimension space, ignoring the yearning expression on the face of the bearded old man.

“Young Master Ximen, are Violent Lightning Beast and god beast Fire Qilin truly your pets?” The bearded old man still didn’t dare to believe. Perhaps, he was able to subdue SS ranked Violent Lightning Beast due to his good luck, but god beast Fire Qilin was the magic pet of Fire God in the legend, how could it be subdued so easily?

Long Yi pricked his eyebrows, and said with a smile: “Didn’t you see just now? Moreover, even though I risked my life to come and rescue you all Light Church, but there is not even a word of thanks?”

The bearded old man laughed hollowly seeing the appearance of Long Yi clearly stating that he didn’t want him to ask more. Then, looking around at that still motionless undead legion, he said: “I truly thank you, Second Young Master Ximen, for your grace of saving us, if it was not for you, I’m afraid none of us would have survived till dawn.”

“However, why is this undead legion suddenly motionless, is it possible to tell a thing or two?” The bearded old man carried on with a look of confusion.

“That’s a secret. As long as we can wait till dawn at ease, that’s enough. After dawn, I have a small matter to request bishop to help me.” Long Yi recalled Xiao Yi and his bright starry eyes suddenly dimmed.

“What matter? If this bishop can accomplish, then I will not shrink from it.” The bearded old man also didn’t pursue it anymore, and since they had received such favor of Ximen clan, as long as he could help, he would do his best.

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“If a person’s life-force is seriously exhausted, then is there a way to recover?” Long Yi asked with expectation.

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The bearded old man was dumbfounded, then he lowered his head and frowned, and then he shook his head and said: “Light Magic can cure the people who had their vitality damaged, but the exhaustion of life force represents the passage of life, so only using God ranked light magic ‘Spring Returns to the Earth’ might cure it, but looking all over the entire Blue Waves Continent, only Pope LaFaer had reached Light Master Archmagician realm, and he also can only use Rank 11 light forbidden magic, so forgive me for being powerless in this matter.”

Long Yi trembled and gritting his teeth, he asked: “Could it be that there is no other way?”

Seeing the suffering expression of Long Yi, the bearded old man inwardly sighed and said: “Second Young Master Ximen, our Light God teaches us to have great kindness, this bishop is willing to arbitrarily use Light Church’s Radiance Holy Water to maintain the life of that person, as for the matter afterwards, we can only leave it to his good fortune.”

Long Yi became silent and looked up at the gloomy sky. Now his back view looked very lonely and grieved.

A figure quietly appeared on the top floor of Light Church and looked at that sad figure below in trance from behind the magic mirror. Although that back was still straight as if the high mountain, but she however could still feel heavy sadness from him.

“Long Yi, don’t feel sad, the you in my heart is always happy, forever is smiling, don’t feel sad, okay?” This hooded figure wearing golden edged priest clothing caressed the magic mirror with her hand as if she wanted to go and console Long Yi.

A drop of tear rolled down from the corner of her eyes. ‘Pa’, that drop of tear spattered on the ground. After that, that figure slowly reached out her pure white fine and smooth little hands towards the hood on her head and took it off. Immediately, dark green hair as if waterfall slid down to her waist. Her left side face was beautiful as an angel, but her right side face however had a big blood-red birthmark, making her look very strange. She unexpectedly was the illustrious Saintess Si Bi of Blue Waves Continent’s Proud Moon Empire, that girl who was making Long Yi worried for more than two years.

Si Bi burst into floods of tears, she thanked Light God for making her realize her cherished desire to see her beloved again when she had given up all her hopes, but in the crucial moment, she was timid, she didn’t know how she should face him and with what status, she should face him. Because she knew that at this time, Long Yi was surrounded by many beauties, and each one of them was as beautiful as an angel. She had never had any sense of inferiority for her appearance before, but after falling in love with Long Yi, she felt like that for the first time. But, this appearance really wasn’t the largest chasm between Long Yi and her, the rule of Moxi clan was the greatest problem lied between them two.

Si Bi was so in a trance watching her beloved from behind the magic mirror that her line of sight didn’t divert even for an instant. She wanted to take a good look at him to make up for all the black space of before.

“Long Yi, I miss you very much, truly miss you very much.” Si Bi muttered. She shed so many tears that the clothing of her chest was already damped.

When the first ray of light shone down from the horizon via dense cloud layer, all undead creatures whimpered and disappeared turning into a white light without leaving even a residue. The dense death qi in the air also slowly began to disperse. When the sun completely rose from the horizon, the entire world turned into heaven from hell. If it was not for the corpses of more than 100 light warriors and light priests in front of Light Church, no one would think that the terrifying matter of yesterday was real.

Common people poked out their head through their windows and door in succession, and seeing everything was calm now, they excitedly rushed out from their house. Soaring Dragon City reverted back to prior bustling and lively city one again.

According to the statistics of Light Church, altogether several thousand Light Churches were destroyed in Extreme Yin Day of this time. Nearly hundred thousand light warriors and priests were killed or injured, this was the most serious blow Light Church had suffered in these past few centuries. Moreover, taking advantage of this Extreme Yin Day, Dark Church expanded rapidly, furthermore, they openly advocated Dark God to the masses, but Light Church was powerless to prevent this even though they had the heart to do. Naturally, all of this is part of the story that is to come.

The bishop of Soaring Dragon City’s Light Church arrived at Ximen residence with Long Yi and Li Qing, and seeing still unconscious Xiao Yi on bed, he used light magic to inspect, then shaking his head, he said: “The life-force of this girl is almost entirely exhausted, Radiance Holy Water can ensure her safety for one year. Forgive me for saying this, unless Light God himself come, no one is capable of preventing her death.”

Long Yi glared and snorted: “With me here, no one can take her life including Death God himself. Within one year, I will definitely find a way to save her.”

The bearded old man made a wry smile and muttering an incantation, a soft white light surrounded the body of Xiao Yi, and then he carefully took out a small jade bottle from his space ring. Opening the stopper, a fragrant scent immediately filled the entire room. Without a guess, Long Yi knew that this was definitely a good thing. The bearded old man tilted this jade bottle, and two drops of milky white liquid dripped on the lips of Xiao Yi, and then quickly entered her mouth.

And seeing this bearded old man wanted to withdraw that jade bottle, Long Yi caught his withered hand and said: “Wait, I say, in any case, you are a bishop, how can you be so stingy, feeding her more, wouldn’t it have a better effect?”

“Aiyo.” The bearded old man hissed and urgently said: “Second Young Master Ximen, let go, my old bones are going to break.”

Long Yi apologized awkwardly and released his hand, but his eyes were staring at the jade bottle on the hand of the bearded old man like a wolf.

“Second Young Master Ximen, it’s not like I am unwilling to feed her more, merely although Radiance Holy Water’s effect is powerful, but it’s really not the more you take the better. Two drops are enough for this girl, feeding more doesn’t lengthen her life, instead will be harmful to her.” The bearded old man explained.

Long Yi saw the sincere expression of this bearded old man, and also knew that he was not lying, so he sighed and said: “It’s my fault, thank you for your Radiance Holy Water. You must have many affairs that need to be dealt with in Light Church, I will not waste any more of your time here.”

Sending off bearded old man, Long Yi silently sat on the edge of the bed looking at Xiao Yi whose complexion was gradually becoming rosy. Seeing this, he was somewhat happy and also sad.

Suddenly, the eyelashes of Xiao Yi lightly quivered, and slowly opening her eyes, she saw the worried handsome face of Long Yi.

“Young Master……!” Xiao Yi struggled to sit up.

Long Yi immediately settled Xiao Yi and said with calm face: “Keep lying, don’t move, now you are a patient, and a patient should have the appearance of a patient.”

Xiao Yi looked at her sweetheart, and a beautiful smile appeared on her face, then obediently lied down without moving.

“Now tell me, are you feeling uncomfortable?” Long Yi discarded heavy mood, and pinching the cheek of Xiao Yi with a smile, he asked.

“Yes……but if Young Master hugs me, I will be fine.” Seeing the tense expression of Long Yi, Xiao Yi suddenly said playfully.

Long Yi smiled and entering into the quilt of Xiao Yi, he gently hugged her into his bosom.

“Young Master, Xiao Yi feels very happy, even if I die at this moment…I…wu…” Xiao Yi rubbed her head on the sturdy bosom of Long Yi, but before she finished speaking, the big hand of Long Yi directly pressed inside from her buttocks crack, teasing her soft and warm secret garden.

“You are not allowed to talk nonsense, with Young Master here, how can you die?” Long Yi looked for the love bean of Xiao Yi’s secret place and pressed it as a punishment.

“Young Master…you bad……” Xiao Yi with incomparably red face coyly said while lightly hammering the chest of Long Yi with her little fist.

Xiao Yi caught the wolf claw of Long Yi that was teasing in the place between her legs, then carefully looking at that handsome face of Long Yi, she showed a happy smile and said: “Young Master, I have already transferred a section of Long Zhan’s true dragon fate into your body, moreover, the prophecy of Violent Dragon Empire, I have already integrated those revelations into your consciousness, merely that fellow interfered at midway, so I don’t know whether that interference has an affected or not?” When speaking the last sentence, Xiao Yi was somewhat upset.

“Revelations, what revelations?” Long Yi asked in confusion.

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