Chapter 268: Intensely compassionate

Xiao Yi was startled, and her expression became very disheartened, could it be that she was unsuccessful to transfer those revelations into the consciousness of Long Yi, she pouted: “Performing the magic yesterday, I got some revelations, but I wasn’t able to integrate them into the consciousness of Young Master, it seems my effort was in vain.”

Long Yi smiled, and tightly hugging Xiao Yi, he said: “What is yours will be yours eventually, what is not yours, there’s no use forcing it to be yours, even without those revelations, the end fate isn’t certain, fate is continuously changing all the time, I can choose to look for the fate rather than letting fate come searching for me, isn’t that so?”

Having heard what was said, Xiao Yi began to feel well. From this talk of her sweetheart, she could see his broad aspiration and formidable self-confidence. These two points were precisely the most attractive aspects for girls. With the intoxicated state of mind, she squeezed inside the bosom of Long Yi, loving such man, what else was there in this life for her to be dissatisfied?

At that time, Long Yi suddenly recalled those confusing blurred images that appeared in his mind yesterday, could it be that those fragments were the revelations of prophecy? He wanted to ask about those, but seeing Xiao Yi’s contended smiling expression, he swallowed those words. In any case, he was unable to recall clearly, moreover, even if they were the revelations of prophecy, they were useless.

Long Yi gently caressed Xiao Yi’s nearly transparent white eyes, and suddenly felt this white was beautiful because there condensed a love without complaint and regret between a woman and a man.

“Young Master, are you not going to military camp today?” Xiao Yi as if kitten rubbed against the chest of Long Yi and asked softly.

“I am not going today, today, your Young Master will accompany my Xiao Yi.” Long Yi replied with a smile, then he lightly nibbled the spotlessly white as if a jade neck of Xiao Yi, while his wolf claws began to move restlessly all over the body of Xiao Yi.

“Young…Young Master, don’t……” Xiao Yi swayed being unable to endure, and her sensitive body involuntarily quivered lightly, still, although her mouth said don’t, but her hands however stretched inside the clothing of Long Yi and began caressing him.

Long Yi pulled open the lapel of Xiao Yi, and a pair of snow-white ** jumped out. And those bright red pearls on the top of her breasts were enchanting to the extreme. Long Yi lightly sucked the left one while his wolf claw teased the right one. Those extremely fine and elastic feeling made him fondle admiringly.

Long Yi left a rosy lip print on Xiao Yi’s those extremely beautiful **, that was a mark indicating those especially belong to Long Yi.

Feeling the private place of Xiao Yi was moist, Long Yi took off all the clothing of Xiao Yi, then he scanned Xiao Yi’s delicate and lovely ** with burning hot gaze, and when his eyes stared at Xiao Yi’s smooth pink ravine, he could clearly see the outflow of a gurgling stream.

“Young Master……!” Xiao Yi ** both legs, merely feeling ** under her lower abdomen. In her heart, she felt as if a cat was scratching, instantly changing her skin into alluring pink.

Long Yi mischievously lowered his head towards the secret place between the legs of Xiao Yi, then blew a mouthful of breath, and feeling the entire body of Xiao Yi shiver, he laughed mischievously.

Xiao Yi opened her hazy eyes, then gritting her teeth, she overturned Long Yi and began crazily kissing Long Yi’s lips. Her little tongue impatiently entered his mouth and entangled with his tongue.

After that, firmly holding little Long Yi, Xiao Yi lowered her hips. Suddenly, a wave of moaning sounds resounded, and her charming body as if a small boat in the sea, moved up and down.

Pa pa, ** colliding sound resounded loudly. And after an unknown period of time, Xiao Yi collapsed with her charming body trembling violently.

Suddenly, Long Yi felt wet beside his ear, and he was startled. He immediately hugged Xiao Yi and laid her down beside him, then using his hand, he lifted up the chin of Xiao Yi, only to see the entire face of Xiao Yi was red and her eyes were tightly closed nevertheless there were no tears. He reached out his hand beside his ear, and after touching it, he lightly licked his hand. It was salty, clearly was a tear.

Long Yi didn’t say anything, just hugged her tightly, he vowed, he will never let her leave, even if Death God himself come in person, don’t imagine that it would be possible for him to take away Xiao Yi.


Nangong Residence at dusk.

“Third big sister, why are you walking back and forth inside the courtyard? If you want to look for brother-in-law, then just go to look.” Nangong Nu who had just returned for the military camp came to the courtyard of Nangong Xiangyun, and he saw his third big sister was restlessly moving back and forth, moreover, she would smile for a moment and gnash her teeth in another moment.

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“What nonsense are you talking, who want to go look for that hoodlum?” Nangong Xiangyun turned around and angrily looked at her younger brother.

“Not want then now want, why are you so ferocious? If you don’t want to go, then I will go, I heard the house of brother-in-law seemed to have an accident yesterday, and today, he didn’t come to military camp too.” Nangong Nu carelessly said and turned around to leave.

“Stop……” When Nangong Nu was about the leave the courtyard, the expected shout came from behind.

Nangong Xiangyun somewhat tensely rushed over to the front of Nangong Nu and urgently asked: “What happened to him? Is it serious?”

“I also don’t know about that, I merely know that yesterday some people attacked Ximen residence……!” Before Nangong Nu finished speaking, he saw Nangong Xiangyun run out as if a gust of the wind.

“Third big sister is stubbornly refusing to admit defeat, but her face clearly has ‘I love Ximen Yu’ written on it, so what’s the point of pretending?” Nangong Nu said with a smile. He was tired for the day, it seems he had to go look for his little wife to play.

Nangong Xiangyun ran to Ximen residence at lightning speed, and saw many workers were repairing walls, floors and so on, moreover, there was an indistinct remnant smell of blood in the air. Her heart instantly panicked, and completely ignoring the greeting of the servants, she ran straight towards the courtyard of Long Yi. The guards of Ximen clan recognized her, so no one blocked her way.

And when Nangong Xiangyun reached the courtyard of Long Yi, she saw that rows of collapsed houses and her eyes turned red.

“Ximen Yu, Ximen Yu, you bastard.” Nangong Xiangyun charged into the room where Long Yi lived while shouting loudly.

At this moment, Long Yi and Xiao Yi were still nestled in the bed. After a large scale battle, Xiao Yi had already sunk into sleep at this moment, and he was inclining halfway, gently caressing Xiao Yi. Suddenly, he heard the sad wailing of Nangong Xiangyun, and just when he was thinking why this girl was making a big fuss, the door was pushed open with a bang, and seeing the scene inside, Nangong Xiangyun with tears on her face was dumbfounded at the door.

Eh…I forget to lay out the barrier, only at this time, Long Yi recalled that when he had went out to get something to eat at noon, he had forgotten to lay out the barrier again.

Nangong Xiangyun blankly stared at embracing two people in the bed, and she suddenly felt boundless grievances in her heart. She was so worried about him thinking he might have met with a mishap, but the result was, he didn’t go to military camp so that he could have a merry romance with another girl on the bed.

“You hoodlum, smelly bastard.” Nangong Xiangyun cursed and firmly closing the door, she ran away.

“What a strange woman.” Long Yi was stunned, he was unable to understand the nerve of this girl.

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Xiao Yi was awakened by Nangong Xiangyun. As a woman, she naturally understood the thoughts of a woman, she sat up and pushing Long Yi, she said: “Young Master, go and console her, when all is said and done, in few days, you two are going to get married.”

Long Yi thought for a bit and recalling she seemed to be worried about him just a moment ago, although he didn’t know why she was worried, but going to console her was the right choice. Men, sometimes had to give in a little for women.

Long Yi got up and wore his clothing, then lightly kissing on the forehead of Xiao Yi, he left, leaving behind Xiao Yi who was looking at his back view in a trance. As a Prophecy Master, she was very clear about her own situation, and she knew that she had a very little time to accompany her sweetheart.

Nangong Xiangyun ran to the big flower garden of Ximen residence, and finding a place with no one around, she squatted down and cried covering her face with her thin shoulders shrugging. at this moment, she appeared very pitiful.

“Smelly bastard, dirty bastard, I don’t like you, I hate you.” Nangong Xiangyun cursed while crying. She felt that her current self was not like her formerly self. Formerly she was carefree, but now every day she kept thinking about that smelly man, making her heart grieved and also astringent, was it truly worth the trouble? But Nangong Xiangyun herself knew that she was basically unable to control her heart, she couldn’t control her heart to not think about him and not worry about him, her heart was already beyond redemption.

The more Nangong Xiangyun thought, the more sorrowful she became, therefore, the more she cried the more heart-broken she felt.

“Don’t cry, the flowers and plants of my family will drown form your tears.” The voice of Long Yi suddenly came from behind, frightening Nangong Xiangyun so much that she jumped. Then with glistening teardrops on her face, she turned around and saw Long Yi standing not far away looking at her with a gentle gaze. This nearly made her lost inside them.

“You hypocrite, I don’t want you to look after me, I want to cry so I will cry.” Nangong Xiangyun glared at Long Yi and said while still sobbing.

“I am not looking after you, I feared that your snots and tears will poison my family’s flowers and plants.” Long Yi said with a mischievous smile.

“You…damned villain, making me angry, I will kick you to death.” Nangong Xiangyun was so angry that she stood up and gritting her teeth, she pounced on to Long Yi.

Long Yi dodged the kick of Nangong Xiangyun, and used his hand to embrace the slender waist of Nangong Xiangyun and pulled her into his bosom, and the chest of two people tightly pressed up against each other.

A blush emerged on the beautiful face of Nangong Xiangyun, and her heart disappointingly bounced quickly. She wanted to struggle, but the remaining big hand of Long Yi gently wiped the tears from her face, stunning Nangong Xiangyun. She again fell into the big net of the gentleness of Long Yi, and she only stared at his eyes in a trance.

“Don’t look at me like that, I might make a mistake.” Seeing the infatuated gaze of Nangong Xiangyun, Long Yi couldn’t help but tease.

“M-hm……” Nangong Xiangyun basically didn’t know what Long Yi had said, but merely replied subconsciously.

“I said I will eat you.” Long Yi repeated once again, and his eyes flashed with a dangerous glint.

“Ah…wu…villain…” When Nangong Xiangyun sensed the change in the expression of Long Yi, she woke up, but the big mouth of Long Yi had already sealed her pink lips.

Under the setting sun, two people firmly kissed, completely ignoring secretly laughing many maids and retainers far away.

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