Chapter 269: Prophecy Pearl

The day passed like this, and among common people, they no longer talk about Extreme Yin Day, and the one who was most vexed was Light Pope LiFaer. Facing Dark Church’s pushing, Light Church whose vitality was injured however had mind but lacked the strength to do anything. Nothing was more depressing than this to them.

The matter of Long Yi possessing SS-ranked magical beast Violent Lightning Beast and fire god beast Fire Qilin wasn’t publicized because Long Yi asked the bearded old man to keep this matter a secret. As for Long Yi’s those super skeletons who had absorbed an infinite amount of dark energy, this moment, they were wrapped in dense dark energy. Even when Long Yi summoned them, they show no reaction, presumably were in the process of evolving.

And after this incident, the life of Long Yi also become normal, during the daytime, he trained inside the military camp, and during the night, he accompanied Xiao Yi and Nangong Xiangyun. Occasionally Beitang Yu would also come to join in the fun, and without worrying that she would serve as the role of the light bulb, her visit became more and more frequent. Now, Beitang Yu no longer pull a long face every day, and especially when she faced Long Yi, her eyes would shine. Even an idiot could also tell what this meant.

As for Long Yi, it was not that he didn’t have any thoughts on Beitang Yu, this girl was a bewitchingly charming and stubborn girl, merely, it was unclear whether Beitang clan was friend or foe at this moment, and Long Yi didn’t dare to rashly put his hand on her, therefore facing the hidden bitterness of Beitang Yu, he acted dumb.

Late at night, Long Yi with Xiao Yi in his bosom was sitting on the roof watching the moon, and Barbarian Bull and Li Qing were in the process of fighting in the darkness with each other. Under the pointers of Long Yi, the skills of these two people had advanced by leaps and bounds, and especially Li Qing, after Extreme Yin Day, he trained like crazy. And seeing he was training without fearing for his life, Barbarian Bull was also stimulated to train crazily. Like this, both of them breakthrough their limits again and again.

“Eh, strange, how come that pestering girl not come today?” Long Yi was referring to Nangong Xiangyun. In these past several days, every day, she would always come to Ximen residence, but today, there was no trace of her, making Long Yi rather surprised.

“Young Master, do you truly don’t know or are you pretending to not know? After two days, you are marrying Nangong Xiangyun, according to the custom of the continent, the two days before the marriage, man and woman cannot meet each other.” Xiao Yi lightly smiled and said. Under the white moonlight, she truly looked like the Lady of the Moon.

“Is that so?” Long Yi shrugged his shoulders and took Xiao Yi into his bosom, now, when sleeping, if he didn’t hold a woman, he truly couldn’t fall asleep.

Xiao Yi obediently nestled in the bosom of her sweetheart, but suddenly a struggling expression appeared on her face, and she caught the lower hem of Long Yi’s clothing tightly.

“What happened, Xiao Yi? Where are you feeling uncomfortable?” Long immediately sensed the abnormal condition of Xiao Yi, so he asked in concern.

Xiao Yi shook her head and buried her head in the bosom of Long Yi.

Long Yi was anxious, he used some force to raise the chin and asked worriedly: “Tell me, what’s wrong? If you don’t speak, then I will smack **.”

Xiao Yi pursed her lips, and grabbing the hand of Long Yi, she remained silent for a long while. And when Long Yi was about to go out of control, she suddenly opened her mouth and faintly said: “Young Master, I don’t want to leave you.”

Long Yi was startled, then half-squinting his eyes, he angrily said: “Do you want to leave?”

“No, no, merely……!” Xiao Yi seemed to find it hard to speak about something.

“Don’t merely, if you dare to leave, see how I will break your legs.” Long Yi ferociously said.

Xiao Yi as if a wronged little wife said faintly: “Young Master, Xiao Yi knows everything, the Radiance Holy Water can only maintain my life for one year, and after one year, I will disappear from this world, just like my Master at that time.”

Long Yi’s heart ached, he gently embraced Xiao Yi and said gently and firmly: “No, Young Master will not let you die.”

Xiao Yi with tears in her eyes nodded her head and said: “I know, in fact, what I want to say is, my Master also left me similar thing at that time, and perhaps I can regain my life-force using it.”

“What? Why didn’t you say that earlier, since that thing can restore your life-force, then what are you waiting for.” Long Yi was wild with joy. Although he said he will not let Xiao Yi die, but in fact, he was uncertain in his heart. It was unknown whether he could find a way to resolve Xiao Yi’s matter within one year or not.

“Because Xiao Yi is also not sure, if unsuccessful, then Xiao Yi……” Xiao Yi said with tears in her eyes.

“So are you considering whether to stay by my side for a year or use the thing your master has left behind to gamble your fate?” Long Yi said listening to Xiao Yi. Long Yi also greatly struggled in his heart to make a choice.

Xiao Yi nodded her head and said: “Young Master, Xiao Yi is determined, no matter what Young Master select, Xiao Yi will not regret.”

Long Yi frowned, now, he realized the struggle in the heart of Xiao Yi. And after pondering for a while, he said: “Can we wait first? If I cannot find the means within one year, then will it be late to use that thing?”

Xiao Yi shook her head and said: “No, because to recover life-force, at least half a month or longer is required, and if we wait, then it will be too late by then.”

Long Yi pressed his temple and recalled the bearded old man’s definite words, which stated that in this circumstance of Xiao Yi, unless Light God himself come in person, it was impossible to restore Xiao Yi’s life-force.

Although this choice was very difficult, but Long Yi was a man, was Xiao Yi’s man, so he must make a choice. After considering carefully for a long time, Long Yi made a decision in his heart. He looked straight to the transparent eyes of Xiao Yi, and said with determination: “Use that thing left behind by your Master, I believe that my wife will not disappear so easily, I believe in you.”

Xiao Yi slightly smiled, smiled beautifully, but her eyes looked at Long Yi with reluctantly to part expression. She was afraid that if she failed, she could no longer reach him.

“When is the best time?” Long Yi asked.

“The sooner the better.” Xiao Yi replied softly, but her eyes were still staring at Long Yi’s handsome face without even blinking her eyes.

The heart of Long Yi trembled, since now is the best time, he gritted his teeth and said: “Then, right now, tell me what I need to pay attention to.”

Xiao Yi’s frail body also involuntarily trembled slightly. She pulled Long Yi back to their room, then laid out the barrier.

After that, Xiao Yi slowly opened her mouth and a milky white pearl suddenly flew out from her mouth, floating in the midair while scattering soft radiance.

This was a Prophecy Pearl, was the crystallization of the energy of numerous generations’ Prophecy Masters, passed down from generation to generation, unfortunately, the energy inside was too condensed, making it very hard to absorb. In fact, with only the level of Xiao Yi, even in Extreme Yin Day, it was impossible for her to carry out Constellation Celestial Body Incantation Magic under the circumstance when the target was not in front of her, but she used Long Yi’s essence to forcibly stimulate the energy of Prophecy Pearl, and used her own life-force as a cost to cast this magic. At that time, she knew that there was only 50% chance that her life-force would return, but she still didn’t hesitate, however, at that time, she encountered the surprise attack of that mysterious Military Advisor, this greatly decreased the chances of her life-force returning.

“Is this the thing you Master left behind? What a pure energy.” Long Yi exclaimed in admiration. He couldn’t feel any energy attribute inside this pearl, but knew that this energy was unusually pure, making people feel very comfortable.

“Young Master, in a moment, I will use a secret magic to seal myself inside the space of this Prophecy Pearl. Young Master should always put on this Prophecy Pearl on your body, if you lose it, then Xiao Yi will no longer be able to return back.” Xiao Yi held Prophecy Pearl in her hand and lightly said to Long Yi.

“What? Seal yourself inside this Prophecy Pearl?” Long Yi said in shock. Like this, wouldn’t he be unable to see Xiao Yi?

“Yes, Young Master and I have the relation of blood contract, so you can feel my presence even if I am within this pearl, if one day, you can no longer sense me, then that means Xiao Yi has disappeared.” Xiao Yi slowly said.

Long Yi’s heart was in chaos, in the end, will Xiao Yi be fine inside of this pearl?

“Young Master.” Xiao Yi rushed into the arms of Long Yi, and firmly hugging him, she said in a trembling voice: “Love Xiao Yi again.”

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Long Yi held Xiao Yi and smelling her body’s unique fragrance, he kissed her. In this moment when they might part forever, he was powerless to reject and also didn’t want to reject the request of Xiao Yi.

Two people insanely kissed each other, while tearing apart each other’s clothing, and two people entangled together. When Long Yi’s little brother filled the emptiness of Xiao Yi, Long Yi surprisingly shed tears. This moment, he knew that he was not strong at all, in the softest place in the bottom of his heart, he was unable to tolerate any harm.

After crazily entangling with each other, the first glimmer of dawn appeared in the sky without their knowledge. Now, Long Yi was in a trance, and he suddenly felt the dispersing of white light. After that, he suddenly got up and saw that Xiao Yi beside him had already disappeared without a trace, and in the midair, only a rotating milky white pearl was floating.

Long Yi suddenly felt empty in his heart and extending his hand, the pearl in the sky automatically floated down to his palm.

“Xiao Yi, you must come back.” Long Yi murmured, tightly holding the pearl in his hand. He knew that Xiao Yi was inside because he could sense her aura inside it.

He stayed in the room for a long time thinking about every aspect of the time he had spent with Xiao Yi. Only when the sunlight sprinkled inside the room via the window, Long Yi slowly got up and spat out chaotic qi. He believed that one day Xiao Yi will definitely come out from inside this pearl.

After that, stretching himself, the listless of his face had already disappeared, reverting back to a bad smile hanging on his face. He kissed that milky white Prophecy Pearl and used RuYi ice silk to hang it from his neck. Like this, Xiao Yi can always feel his warmth and heartbeat.

“Ximen Yu, get up, we should go to military camp.” Beitang Yu shouted from the outside.

“Why are you shouting early in the morning?” Long Yi opened the door and walked out. Then he saw Beitang Yu in military uniform standing outside. After undergoing the training of Unparalleled Battalion for a period of time, her temperament had clearly changed.

Beitang Yu glanced inside the room and suddenly asked in surprise: “Didn’t Xiao Yi accompany you to sleep yesterday?”

“Of course, she did.” Long Yi answered with a smile.

“Then where is she?” Beitang Yu asked.

“Here.” Long Yi said pointing at his chest, then walked towards the military camp while laughing heartily.

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Beitang Yu was confused and dumbfounded for a long time, and seeing Long Yi was already far away, she shouted: “Ximen Yu, wait for me.”

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