Chapter 270: The feelings of Beitang Yu

Long Yi sat on a high place of the military camp, and looking at the soldiers of Unparalleled Battalion who were carrying out inhuman training below, a glimmer of a proud smile appeared on his face. After undergoing a period of brutal training, Unparalleled Battalion had already begun to possess power and momentum. Basically, all of them could pass the original set of eligibility criteria. It seems he needs to revise the training schedule.

And as for Nangong Nu, now he was no longer that crying wimpy kid, this brutal training sharpened his deposition and temperament. At this moment, he was fighting against two soldiers of Unparalleled Battalion. He avoided the iron fist of one soldier and used his one hand to lock his elbow joint and another hand caught the hold of his throat, then put forth the strength to topple this solder, making this solder lose his ability to resist. Immediately afterward, he kicked another soldier who was rushing towards him, and an ice arrow nailed beside the neck of this soldier. All of these moves were like floating clouds and flowing water, and merely in an instant, two as ferocious as wolves and tigers soldiers were defeated. Now he was very proficient in combining fist fight skill and magic, although Long Yi had given him a special attention, but his talent and hard-work were also inseparable.

Long Yi smiled with satisfaction, with time, this kid was sure to be able to assume personal responsibility. As for Beitang Yu, he was even more pleased with her. After breaking through the binding of conservative thoughts, as if a fish entering the sea, in the aspects of military tactics and deploying troops, she brought forth new ideas, making Long Yi praise her again and again. Now Long Yi had already promoted her to the captain of 1000 men squad.

After the end of the training of today, Long Yi and Beitang Yu returned home. This evening, there was a drinking party, which was the party held by Crown Prince Long Ying. Long Yi and other noble young masters and young ladies of Soaring Dragon City were invited. If it was anyone else that was holding the party, Long Yi could have declined, but because it was Crown Prince, he had no choice but to attend so as to give him a face.

Long Yi lied inside the steaming bathing pool, and he suddenly felt somewhat empty. He was already accustomed to Xiao Yi scrubbing his back and accompanying him to take a bath, but now that she was not here, he truly wasn’t used to it.

Long Yi rubbed Prophecy Pearl hanging on his chest and muttered: “Xiao Yi, quickly come out, your Young Master, I truly cannot do without you.”

“Hey, Ximen Yu, it’s almost time.” Just then, the voice of Beitang Yu came from outside the door. In the drinking party held by Long Ying, she was also invited.

Long Yi came back to his sense, and getting up from the bathing pool, he replied: “I am coming right away, wait a minute.”

Long Yi walked out with only a piece of bath towel wrapped around his waist. Coming out of the bathroom, he saw Beitang Yu in splendid attire standing in his room. Her pitch-black hair was tied into a beautiful hair bun with many sparkling ornaments above it. Her face had light makeup, which accompanied with bright eyes and pearly teeth appeared lovely, making Long Yi who was used to seeing her in military uniform find her extremely attractive.

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And as for Beitang Yu, seeing the bare upper body of Long Yi, she blushed, and her heartbeat ‘peng peng’ jumped as if a little deer. Despite her shyness, her gaze however still was firmly attached to his body. At this moment, Long Yi indeed scattered alarming manly smell, and with sparkling and crystal clear drops of water decorating his sturdy muscles, under the illumination of the magic lamp, he looked even more charming, which was enough to make Beitang Yu, this maiden oblivious in the facts of life, had a dry tongue.

“Seen enough? I have to put on the clothes.” Seeing Beitang Yu was staring at him without blinking her eyes, Long Yi couldn’t help but jokingly said.

Beitang Yu came back to her senses, and her beautiful face suddenly burned up, she had never thought that she would lose control of herself like this. She wondered how Long Yi saw herself, seeing her appearance of just now.

“Who…who is looking at you, don’t be a narcissist, I just came to bring your clothing, it’s on the bed, wear it.” Beitang Yu rushed out with a red face.

Long Yi smiled and shrugged his shoulders. It seems his figure was still attractive. He looked on the bed and saw neatly folded silk gown and pants. Seeing these clothing, he couldn’t help but was somewhat surprised, were these clothing bought personally by Beitang Yu?

Long Yi picked up this clothing and gave it a shake, precisely was the style he liked to wear the most, but he didn’t find any tags anywhere on this clothing. On the chest area, a word ‘Yu[宇]’ was embroidered using gold thread, and below the world ‘Yu’, a spotlessly white feather was embroidered using silver thread. [T.L: the word Yu [宇] is of Ximen Yu, and the feather is called ‘Yumao’ in Chinese and the Yu of Yumao is of Beitang Yu]

“Did that girl personally sew this clothing?” Long Yi somewhat didn’t dare to believe, but looking at the embroidered word ‘Yu’ and that feather on the chest area, even a fool would know what it meant. This moved the heart of Long Yi.

Long Yi wore this gown, and standing in front of a magic mirror, he saw that it fitted him perfectly, and its workmanship was also pretty good. After that, he walked out of the room and saw Beitang Yu who still had red face was absent-mindedly standing inside the courtyard.

“Thank you for this clothing, where did you order it?” Long Yi smiled and patted the fragrant shoulder of Beitang Yu.

Beitang Yu woke up with a start, and she was pleasantly surprised seeing Long Yi after turning around. She looked up and down and her face brightened, then she said with a giggle: “Ximen Yu, this clothing is pretty good, it made you look more pleasing to the eye.”

“Yes, it is pretty good, you still haven’t told me where you ordered this?” Long Yi asked with a smile.

“Make a guess.” The corner of Beitang Yu’s mouth rose, and she playfully winked towards Long Yi.

“This…it’s really a bit difficult.” Long Yi rubbed his chin and pretend to ponder.

And seeing Long Yi was not making a guess even after a long time, the fine beautiful face of Beitang Yu began to turn cloudy, and she said in annoyance: “When you are coaxing other girls, you are very clever, but at this time, why are you so stupid like a pig.”

“I can’t help it, I truly am unable to guess, oh, time is running out, we should leave.” Seeing Beitang Yu was annoyed, Long Yi said with a smile.

Beitang Yu suddenly took a big stride and caught the sleeve of Long Yi and said feeling wronged: “How can you not guess, that won’t do, if you are unable to guess, then you are not allowed to go.”

Long Yi was stunned, seeing Beitang Yu who was usually calm and cool-headed in the military camp unexpectedly showing childlike temperament and fuming with anger, he truly found this cute.

Long Yi lightly smiled and pinching the cheeks of Beitang Yu with his hands, he said with a smile: “Okay, don’t be angry, I already know at an earlier time that these clothes are sewn with your own hands.”

Beitang Yu slapped off the wolf claws of Long Yi, and looking at Long Yi, a charming smile appeared on her face and she asked: “How do you know?”

Long Yi pulled up the sleeve and said: “Look at this workmanship, it’s crooked, how can the workmanship of outside be bad like this?”

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Now, Beitang Yu was truly angry, she snorted and rushing forward, she pulled the clothing of Long Yi and said angrily: “Don’t wear this cloth, take off.”

At this moment, Dongfang Wan came in with two maids and seeing this scene, she was stunned and speechless. It seems her son was excessively popular, at that time, Nangong family’s girl was also very impatient like this, merely that girl of Nangong family was only leaning on her son, but this girl of Beitang family was straightforwardly forcing herself on her son in the courtyard, children nowadays ah, Dongfang Wang sighed in her heart, but her face however had smiled like a bloomed flower.

“Mother, why did you come here?” Long Yi somewhat unnaturally asked.

Having heard what was said, Beitang Yu turned her head, and seeing Dongfang Wan and two maids behind her were looking at her with an ambiguous gaze, she retreated two steps back, wanting to find a hole in the ground to get into it.

“Mother just wanted to remind you that time is running out, but it doesn’t matter. Mother is leaving now, you two, just don’t be too late.” Dongfang Wan smiled and walked away.

Beitang Yu used her hands to cover her face, unexpectedly was sobbing in a soft voice.

“What’s wrong? I was merely joking just now. Your workmanship is truly good, even compared to the workmanship of imperial palace, yours is still better.” Long Yi smiled and pulled down the hands of Beitang Yu, and truly saw tears in her eyes.

“You hoodlum, because of you, now Madame definitely thinks I am a cheap woman, everything is your fault, everything is your fault.” Beitang Yu ferociously pounded the chest of Long Yi.

“So you are worried about this, rest assured, my mother is just happy because this proves that her son is attractive.” Long Yi smirked and said. He could see through the thoughts of Dongfang Wan.

“You have a fart charm, only those idiots will like you.” Beitang Yu wiped her tears and snorted. In her heart, she still had some grievance.

“Yes, only you, this kind of idiot will like me.” Long Yi tenderly looked at Beitang Yu and said. He naturally knew the affection of this girl towards him, and he was also very touched by what she had done for him.

“Who……who likes you, you…don’t talk nonsense.” The heart of Beitang Yu jumped. Seeing Long Yi was no longer acting dumb, she instead was at her wits’ end.

Long Yi just grabbed the little hand of Beitang Yu, then turning it over, he saw several pinholes on her fingers, then bringing her hand in front of his mouth, he lightly blew and said softly: “I know your heart, thank you.”

The heart of Beitang Yu suddenly jumped even more violently, she somewhat shyly retracted her hand and lowered her head, not daring to look straight at Long Yi’s that gentle eyes that seemed to be capable of melting her. Then she loudly said with a smile: “Aiya, we are going to be late, let go quickly.” Finished speaking, as if a startled rabbit, she ran forward, but she nevertheless had a sweet smile on her face.

Long Yi smiled, this girl who usually dared to exchange flirting glances with him, now at the critical moment however was shy. Long Yi instantly held Beitang Yu into his bosom, then soaring into the sky, he flew towards the Crown Prince residence of Long Ying.

After the prince grew up, they could select to build a residence for themselves. It was not necessary for them to live in the imperial palace. And as for Long Ying, he moved out quite early after his coming of age ceremony was held. At that time, Ximen Yu believed that it was for making things convenient for fooling around with young girls, but thinking back now, Long Yi knew that it was not that simple. At that time, Long Ying was still striving to obtain the position of crown prince, and lingering around flowers all day long might merely be for the sake of hiding his capacities and biding his time, inwardly however was scheming. He seriously couldn’t underestimate his scheming.

Very quickly, Long Yi with Beitang Yu arrived at the destination. Outside the entrance of crown prince residence, there were various kinds of luxurious carriages, and many young masters and young ladies in bright clothing were entering the residence, making this place boisterous.

“Ximen Yu, you came, I thought you despise me, this big brother of yours.” Crown Prince Long Ying personally came to welcome, and he patted the shoulder of Long Yi with a smile.

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