Chapter 271: Sever at one stroke

“With crown prince personally inviting, how could this younger brother dare to not come.” Long Yi faintly laughed and said. From the time he had seen the spring scenery of crown prince and Madame Ye, he knew that this crown prince was absolutely a kind of people who would use fair means or foul to achieve his goals.

Long Ying nodded his head with a smile, and after greeting Beitang Yu, he led them inside. The arrival of Long Yi created a commotion among noble young masters and young ladies inside. Many people came to greet him in succession, of course, there were also some people giving him a cold shoulder.

Long Yi looked around this drinking party hall which had an elegant atmosphere. He saw many familiar people here. Among them, there were a number of silkpants brothers who formerly used to follow Ximen Yu to act wildly, but now, it was different from the past, everyone could see the change of Long Yi, therefore these silkpants brothers didn’t dare to take the initiative to look for Long Yi.

Because Long Ying was the host, he chatted with Long Yi for a little while, then he left to greet other guests. After that, Long Yi conveniently took two cups of wine, and handing one cup over to Beitang Yu, he said: “You don’t need to accompany me, go and look for your acquaintances.”

“Not going, I want to accompany you today.” Beitang Yu sipped a mouthful of wine and said with a smile. As a matter of fact, she was afraid that if she left, Long Yi would be surrounded by a bevy of young girls.

Long Yi didn’t speak again, he found this kind of drinking party somewhat boring. With his current vision and taste, previous Ximen Yu was basically nothing. In his view, these noble young masters and young ladies mostly were a pillow with an embroidered case and just a pretty face. Although they dressed well, in fact not many had the true ability, so he wasn’t interested to associate with them. [T.N: a pillow with an embroidered case= outwardly attractive but worthless person]

Drinking party was simply like this, even if you don’t want to seek connection with people with higher status, but other people will come to make a connection to clung to you. With the position and strength of Long Yi, perhaps those young masters and young ladies who were associated with royal family, under the instruction of their elders, wouldn’t come to make a contact with Long Yi, but those young masters and young ladies who were from the family who was tied together with Ximen clan were unlikely to miss such a big chance. They came to chat with Long Yi in succession, thinking if luckily this Second Young Master Ximen recognized their worth, then hereafter they would have a smooth path ahead. With Second Young Master Ximen as their backer, who would dare bully them?

Concerning these people, Long Yi merely smiled lightly and replied once in a while with few words, but his eyes were scanning the crowds, thinking to see whether Nangong Xiangyun, this girl had come or not.

“No need to look, the girl who is marrying soon is not allowed to go out to participate in such drinking party.” As if seeing through the thoughts of Long Yi, Beitang Yu enviously whispered beside his ear.

Other people had ambitious thoughts seeing this intimacy of Beitang Yu and Long Yi, and many people began to make fun of her too, but contrary to expectation, Beitang Yu didn’t refute instead showed bashful expression, moreover, leaned on Long Yi, using action to show her relationship with Long Yi.

“Humph, merely is a trash who depends upon the power of his clan to oppress the people, nothing else.” Suddenly a cold voice came from the surrounding, and the hall instantly became quiet all of a sudden, then everybody uniformly looked towards the speaker. That person was a youngster in a gorgeous dress, he was also handsome, and at this time, he was sarcastically staring at Long Yi.

Long Yi frowned, he didn’t have any impression on this fellow in his memory, but did this fellow who cannot tell good from bad dared to challenge him?

“Gongsun Chengren, who did you cursed?” Before Long Yi could speak, Beitang Yu stepped forward and coldly stared at that fellow.

Hearing that fellow’s surname was Gongsun, Long Yi guessed that this youngster was the young master of Gongsun clan. Gongsun clan had always been the people of imperial clan, and previously, he seemed to have heard that Beitang clan and Gongsun clan wanted to have a relation by marriage, but later this matter ended with nothing definite because of unknown reason, so this fellow might have been jealous. Thinking this, Long Yi smiled.

“All those that have ears knows who I cursed. Other people fear this Second Young Master Ximen, but I, Gongsun Chengren is not afraid of him.” Gongsun Chengren angrily said, but his eyes were looking at Beitang Yu with complex emotion. Even a blind people could see his feelings.

“If you talk nonsense again, don’t blame me for being impolite.” Beitang Yu coldly said. She had just savored the gentleness of Long Yi, how could she be able to bear other people making malicious remarks about him?

The corner of Gongsun Chengren’s mouth twitched, and sadly looking at Beitang Yu, he said: “Yu’er, I have always thought that you are different from other girls, never expected you are also a girl who coveted a vainglory. If not for the interference of this fellow, we would have already gotten married long ago.”

The eyes of Long Yi flashed with cold light, and his handsome face also became cold. And young masters and young ladies around kept silence as they knew that a good show was about to begin here.

“Gongsun Chengren, you shut up, don’t call me Yu’er, I have never liked you, and I have also never agreed to the marriage of that time.” Beitang Yu urgently said and turning around towards Long Yi, she saw his cold face, causing her to panic in her heart, and she immediately said: “Ximen Yu, believe in me, I don’t have even a little bit of relationship with him.”

“I truly have never expected you to change like this, this fellow however is just a profligate son who depends on the power of his clan, at that time, how many women were persecuted by him? Even Little Princess Long Ling’er was audaciously raped by him……” Before Gongsun Chengren could finish speaking, Beitang Yu angrily kicked, sending him flying.

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“Who dares to say bad things about my sweetheart, don’t blame me, Beitang Yu to raise my hand against them who had no sense of priorities.” Beitang Yu coldly retracted her leg, then looking around, she returned to the side of Long Yi.

“This unable to accomplish anything but liable to spoil everything fellow.” In one corner, killing intent flashed in the eyes of Crown Prince Long Ying. Although Gongsun clan was people of his camp, but publicly creating disturbance in the drinking party he was holding, moreover, actually mentioning his little sister Long Ling’er whom he doted the most, made him angry.

“Flatten this brat, actually dares to slander Second Young Master Ximen.” Just when Long Ying was about to step forward to settle this matter, a person from the middle of the crowd rushed towards Gongsun Chengren who had yet to stand on the ground and kicked him, and now that someone took the lead, all of a sudden, a large group of people rushed over and surrounding Gongsun Chengren, he was beaten up.

Long Yi didn’t say anything, he was just waiting for Long Ying. He knew this Crown Prince was looking from a certain corner.

And a few minutes after, Long Ying with several imperial guards came, and the crowd surrounding Gongsun Chengren hastily dispersed, leaving behind bloody-faced Gongsun Chengren with dirty and messy clothing.

“Drag him out and pulled out his tendons of hands and legs.” Long Ying coldly said and switching to an apologetic look, he looked at Long Yi: “Ximen Yu, big brother is truly sorry, I had just went out for a matter, I hope you will not be so petty, how about we find a place and drink few cups?”

“This little brother is satisfied with Your Highness Crown Prince’s treatment.” Long Yi smiled.

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Just then, musicians began to play music in the drinking party hall, then men and women in the crowd began to dance lightly and gracefully in pairs as if nothing had happened.

Long Ying took Long Yi to a corner, leaving behind Beitang Yu in the same place. She tensely looked at the back view of Long Yi, fearing he had misunderstood her.

“Little sister, do not worry, do you think an intelligent person like Ximen Yu will not understand?” Don’t know when but Beitang Duo had already appeared behind Beitang Yu, and with a smile, he consoled his little sister who was at her wits’ end.

“Big brother, you also came.” Beitang Yu said feeling pleasantly surprised.

“Originally I don’t want to come, but mother guessed that you will definitely come, so she asked me to bring something to you.” Beitang Duo smiled and patted the head of his little sister.

“What thing?” Beitang Yu asked.

“This thing, but I also don’t know what is inside, mother asked you to look inside when there is no-one around you.” Beitang Duo handed a little cotton pouch to Beitang Yu.

Beitang Yu agreed and took it.

“Little sister, aren’t you a bit bias? Big brother wanted you to help sew a clothing for me at an earlier time, but you drag on to date without sewing any, but Ximen Yu didn’t even ask you and you excitedly sew one for him, isn’t the difference in treatment too big?” Beitang Duo jokingly said with a smile.

“Big brother, how come you are so hateful now?” Beitang Yu with red face stamped her foot.

And on the other side, Crown Prince Long Ying called out a person to bring a small bottle. Opening the plug of this bottle, a sweet-smelling wine smell assailed the nostrils. With just the smell, Long Yi knew that it was not inferior to the Hundred Flowers Wine of Elf Clan.

Long Ying put out two crystal cups and poured the wine from that small bottle. A seven colored liquid flowed out from the wine bottle, which appeared alluring inside the crystal cup.

“Rainbow Fruit?” Long Yi asked with misgivings. At that time, those flirty foxes had also served poisoned Rainbow Fruit Juice to him, merely he was able to see through it.

“Correct, this is the Rainbow Wine created using Rainbow Fruit Juice. I racked my brain to obtain a bottle of this from my imperial father. Even he was reluctant to drink this all along, but today we brothers will enjoy it.” Long Ying laughed and hand over a cup to Long Yi.

Long Yi and Long Ying bumped the wine cup and slightly sipped it. Sure enough, was the best quality wine, even compared to Hundred Flowers Wine, it was a notch above.

“After two days, you will marry third Miss Nangong, this big brother, I will congratulate you in advance.” Long Ying lifted the cup and empty the cup in one gulp.

“Thanks.” Long Yi also emptied the cup in one gulp, but he instinctively felt the mood of Long Ying was not too right. It seemed as if he was sparing no effort to suppress something.

After a long silence, Long Ying looked at Long Yi and suddenly said faintly: “Today, I will ask you again, will you truly not leave Soaring Dragon City?”

“I said earlier, it’s not the time yet.” Long Yi also replied faintly.

Long Ying gritted his teeth and stepping forward, he caught the collar of Long Yi and said somewhat agitatedly: “Why are you unwilling to leave? Could it be that you don’t care about Ling’er? Or could it be that you want to force me to become enemy with you? Or are you giving up on Ling’er?”

Seeing this was the true feeling of Long Ying, Long Yi couldn’t help but was somewhat moved, he didn’t struggle, only looking at Long Ying, he said: “I also don’t want to become enemy with you, in this life, having a brother like you, I feel very fortunate, but I cannot leave, because just like you, my roots are here.”

The eyes of Long Ying flashed for a little while, then releasing Long Yi, he filled the empty cup of Long Yi, and then he directly drank all the wine from the bottle and threw the empty wine bottle to the flower garden from the window. With a bang, the wine bottle fell apart, and his expression reverted back to his usual expression and said indifferently: “Ximen Yu, today, after you leave from this Crown Prince residence, our ties of brotherhood will be severed at one stroke. In the future, do not blame this big brother for being cruel and ruthless.” Finished speaking, he turned away.

Long Yi didn’t look towards Long Ying, merely stared indifferently at the alluring Rainbow Wine in his hand, and don’t know why he felt somewhat sour in his heart.

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