Chapter 272: Enveloping under the quilt

Long Yi drank this cup of Rainbow Wine in a single gulp, but he no longer felt its mellowness of before, and laughing at himself, he discarded that anonymous bitterness in his heart. Long Ying was the brother of Ximen Yu, but not the brother of him, Long Yi, nevertheless why was he feeling so unhappy? Could it be that the memory of Ximen Yu was acting up?

“Second Young Master Ximen, do you remember me?” At that time, a youngster with the air of silkpants walked over to the front of Long Yi and said with somewhat nervous expression.

Long Yi came back to his sense and looked at this youth. He saw that this youth was the same fellow who had taken the initiative to beat up Gongsun Chengren, and he looked very familiar, merely he was unable to remember where he had seen him.

“Two and half years ago, we met once in Light City.” Seeing Long Yi was lost in thought, the youth reminded.

Light City? Looking at this youth, Long Yi suddenly said with a smile: “It’s you, aren’t you **, the son of Light City’s city lord?” Long Yi still had some impression on this fellow who had pestered Yu Feng in those years, and also because his name was Yin Jian (Silver Sword), it really was hard to forget.

“Yes, yes, I never expect even after so long, Second Young Master Ximen would remember me, it’s a great honor for me.” Yin Jian excitedly said. At that time, he had only guessed that the identity of Long Yi wasn’t ordinary, and today his insight was proved correct.

Long Yi smiled and said: “Never thought that we were predestined, I wonder why young master Yin came to Soaring Dragon City?”

“Predestined, naturally predestined, this time I came to Soaring Dragon City with my father to pay a visit to his colleagues and also trade some goods in passing.” Yin Jian respectfully answered. Now he really wasn’t the thoughtless profligate son of before. His father was clearly on the side of Ximen clan, so integrating himself with this Second Young Master Ximen was good for him.

“You do business?” Long Yi amazedly asked.

“Yes, two years ago, I set up a group of trade caravan to enter Hengduan Mountains, and we opened up a relation with BiMeng clan, the royal clan of Beast-men clan, so moving back and forth can make a bit of money.” The tone of Yin Jian had a sense of pride.

Long Yi was surprised in his heart, he really was unable to see that this kid had the talent to engage in trade, but now he saw that he also had talent in diplomacy. One should know that it was not easy to do business with Beast-men clan, as many beast-men didn’t believe in human race, but Yin Jian was unexpectedly able to form a relationship with BiMeng clan, this was absolutely not simple.

“In that case, young master Yin should be extremely familiar with the circumstance of Beast-men clan.” Long Yi casually asked and his eyes had an inexplicable smile while staring at Yin Jian.

“Of course, for these past two years, I have practically met with all the Beast-men clans of Hengduan Mountains.” Yin Jian replied.

The eyes of Long Yi shone as he smiled, then he placed his hand over the shoulder of Yin Jian, and whispered something in his ear, and then with a smile, he walked towards Beitang Yu.

Yin Jian standing in the same place gradually became excited. He knew that his chance was right in front of him, and as long as he could seize it, he could make himself and even his family have a meteoric rise.

Beitang Yu was still somewhat restless, she feared that Long Yi had taken the offense to some extent due to the matter of Gongsun Chengren. And only after seeing Long Yi was coming towards her with a cheerful expression, her heart was at ease.

“Ximen Yu, please dance with me.” Looking at those couples dancing while hugging each other under the dim magic light in the hall, the beautiful face of Baitang Yu slightly reddened as she said to Long Yi.

Long Yi tied his black hair on the back of his head, straighten his clothing and used standard noble style steps to walk over to the front of Beitang Yu, then slightly bowing, he extended his right hand gracefully. This was a standard way to request a dance.

A sweet smile couldn’t help but appear on the face of Beitang Yu, and she placed her jade hand on the hand of her sweetheart, then holding hands, they walked to the middle of the hall and hugging each other, began dancing.

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Generally speaking, this kind of drinking party was purely a chance for young masters and young ladies. Therefore, they didn’t dance like the dance of the regular banquet, they basically did intimate cheek-to-cheek dancing while their heads rubbing together with a very ambiguous atmosphere.

Long Yi held onto the slender waist of Beitang Yu, and his lips restlessly kissed her small earlobe. And feeling her body tremble slightly, he couldn’t help but a little sense of pride well up in his heart. Regardless of whether Beitang clan was really willing to pledge their allegiance to them or not, he could tell for sure that Miss Beitang in his bosom truly had true feelings for him.

Beitang Yu was in dazed with happiness feeling her entire body was surrounded by Long Yi’s pleasant to smell manly fragrance. And sensing the big hands of Long Yi restlessly moving about on her pert buttocks, moreover, pinching frequently, this made her maiden heart unable to endure.

Suddenly, the charming body of Beitang Yu stiffened, then trembled, and then unexpectedly collapsed limply as if she was boneless on the bosom of Long Yi, because she unexpectedly felt a burning hot hard thing pressing against her lower abdomen. She, who had mixed in the military camp from childhood hiding her identity all year around, how could she don’t know what this was, ** slowly welled up in her heart, and she lost all the strength of her body.

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“Yu, I…let’s return home.” Now the charming body of Beitang Yu was burning hot, and she murmured in the ear of Long Yi.

“Why should we return home?” Long Yi teasingly asked, and lightly pressed forward the lower part of his body, furthermore, his big hands were also pressing her buttocks, making her tremble all of a sudden.

Beitang Yu moaned, and shyly she nibbled on the shoulder of Long Yi with her eyes gleaming, then emitting faint fragrance, she softly said: “Bad person, you are not allowed to tease me.”

The heart of Long Yi swayed, this girl was truly asking for people’s life. Without demur, Long Yi and Beitang Yu quietly disappeared from the Crown Prince residence, and hastily flying back, Long Yi held Beitang Yu in his arms and rushed into his bedroom, directly jumping into the big soft bed.

Long Yi hugging Beitang Yu rolled around on the bed few times, then lowering his head, his big mouth sucked the pink lips of Beitang Yu.

“So sweet, white kind of lipstick did you use?” Long Yi raised his head and licking his lips, he asked. He had never tasted lipstick with such flavor.

Beitang Yu was already in a daze, how could she understand what Long Yi was asking, seeing the lips of Long Yi had separated, she raised her head chasing after his lips.

Two people kept on kissing while stripping their clothing. In an instant, Beitang Yu was merely in her underwear, and her shining white jade body as well as her maiden body fragrance made Long Yi feel dizzy.

A trace of evil fire rose from the dantian of Long Yi, and soon afterward, it burned violently. Then, Long Yi instantly became unusually impulsive, and he somewhat violently tore the final cover-up of Beitang Yu, but when he aimed his erect spear at her jade gate wanting to attack, his remaining bits of reason stopped him.

Long Yi gritted his teeth, and his eyes became frighteningly red. He knew his body well, even if the fire of lust was flourishing, it was also impossible for him to become like this. He used a large amount of spirit power to forcibly suppress that burning evil fire which was about to make him lose his reason, then Long Yi used his big hand to firmly strangle the neck of Beitang Yu.

“Yu, what are you doing?” Beitang Yu breathe with difficulty and woke up from her dazed state, only to see the ferocious expression of Ximen Yu.

Long Yi with his twisted handsome face increased strength on his big hand, then looking at Beitang Yu whose complexion was becoming pale due to suffocation, he asked in a hoarse voice: “Say, what is the thing you smeared on your lips?”

The little hands of Beitang Yu spared no effort wanting to move away the big hand of Long Yi from her neck. Now her lungs were already painful and she was having difficulty to breath. But hearing the question of Long Yi, she was startled, and as if a ruthless punch, a thought appeared in her mind, could it be that her mother deceived her?

A shadow slowly appeared in the mind of Long Yi, and after he made an unknown move, that fire of lust which Long Yi was forcibly suppressing with his spirit power was suddenly let loose, and the fire of lust instantly swallowed that bits of the reason of Long Yi.

Long Yi roared and pounced on absolutely naked Beitang Yu, then the ferocious lower part of his body which was in high-spirit stabbed into a warm and moist passage, tearing a layer of a membrane which represent chastity, then a bright red plum blossom bloomed on the plain white bed-sheet.

Beitang Yu screamed and said weeping with grief: “It’s very painful, be a little gentle.”

But how could Long Yi who had already lost his reason understand her request, his lower part of the body as if a machine continuously moved up and down, violently attacking her without any compassion.

Beitang Yu bit her lower lip and with tears rolling down from the corner of her eyes, she silently endured the insane attack of her sweetheart, but in her heart, she was very sorrowful. Why did mother deceive her, she clearly said that this lipstick would only increase the appeal, but not make Long Yi lose his reason. Seeing his current appearance, her body was painful, but it was inferior to the heart-piercing pain she was feeling in her heart.

After the violent pounding of Long Yi, now the pain on the lower part of her body was already numb, and her consciousness was also already in a semi-coma state, therefore, she didn’t notice a wisp of pitch-black mist shooting out from the space between her eyes. This wisp of pitch-black mist directly rushed towards the space between Long Yi’s eyes, instantly sinking into his skin.

Crown Prince residence, in an underground secret room, Crown Prince Long Ying was expressionlessly sitting on the sofa, and the people sitting opposite to him was impressively Beitang Duo and unexpectedly also that mysterious Military Advisor with his entire body wrapped in black clothing. The three of them were looking at a transparent magic glass bottle on the table, and inside this glass bottle, a white colored mist like gas was circulating.

“How is the reaction, is it done?” Beitang Duo asked.

Military Advisor used cold and gloomy gaze to look at him and said: “Why are you so impatient, it is a surefire plan this time, Ximen Yu is already in the bag.”

Beitang Duo shuddered and didn’t dare to speak again.

At that time, the gas inside the glass bottle suddenly shook, and the pure white color unexpectedly began to change into deep black, and the deep black gas violently seethed inside the glass bottle, and finally, unexpectedly form a strange skull.

“Jie jie jie, success.” Military Advisor sinisterly laughed and his eyes emitted viciousness.

Crown Prince Long Ying struggled for a moment, then instantly reverting back to his indifferent state, he said in his heart: “Ximen Yu, this big brother already gave you a chance, but you were stubborn, now you cannot blame me.”

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